tagTransgender & CrossdressersEmbala - The Last Futa Empress Ch. 01

Embala - The Last Futa Empress Ch. 01


"There he is." The not-quite elderly (yet haggard) woman jumped at the pounding on the door. "Get'n the bed and lose those bloomers." From the force of his fist, she wagered there was pent-up pipes in need of cleansing. The knock was hard enough to rattle the flimsy wood door and the cheap wattle that made the walls of one-room shack.

"Whatever y'need, mum." Marin smiled. From her cross-legged position on the dirt floor, she puckered her smudged ruby lips and dribbled spittle into her palm to clean her filthy face. She used another wad to stick her frizzled golden bangs to her forehead. "Anything you need."

But Marin Gallahan hated her mother for as long as she could remember and had even gone so far as plotting to kill the hag. But her duty to family and (more importantly) survival compelled her off the floor and onto the sagging bed at the far corner of the house. Her heart plummeted with disappointment as he hobbled through the door, an oily rodent topped with thinning grey hair. Marin hated balding men more than her mother—such insecure creatures consumed with their fading youth. They all fucked Marin rough as if they have something to prove.

He came in rubbing himself between his stubby legs with in one hand and easing his dirty brown trousers around his rotund bottom. Marin's hips ached just thinking about him.

"Right." His voice graveled as he hovered over the young woman. "Open 'em wide, sweety"

"Five silver." Marin's mother bellowed with authority from her seat at the wobbly wooden table. "Or else you keep yer cock in yer pants."

The lecherous toad turned around in horror. "A bit too proud for you own good, Jules. I'm already fronting your mortgage." He spat.

"This isn't some seasoned whore, sir." She reasoned. "My youngest daughter just passed her 20th birthday. She's never been with child and you'll only be her tenth man. Sweet young Marin is still eligible fer Sainthood! Premium price, sir."

Marin suppress a smile when he pulled away, taking his sweaty stench with him. She stole a few sucks of precious clean air before he hoveled back.

"TERRA! GET IN HERE!" He barked before climbing back on the bed. His slick yet rough hands spread Marin tender pink thighs. "That's right, lass. Keep that dress pulled up nice n' high."

Marin turned her head to the door as the pressure built between her legs. She winced and shivered at once. Why was his snake already so wet and slippery? Not that it mattered as it now burrowed inside her young wetness. Inch by pulsing inch. Marin's eyes watered. The oniony funk of her John lay heavy in the air. She barely made out the timid figure that crept inside the room. The rags she wore couldn't hide the gentle curves of her hips, so Marin was certain the new guest was a female about her own age.

"Terra, pay the woman. Five silver." He grunted, letting his balls slap against Marin's puckered pink ass as he plunged deeper.

"AH! NGH! AH!" Marin squealed in her most passionate damsel voice, thrashing her head back and forth. For some unholy reason, this always brought her clients to a timely climax—her discomfort from their 'girth' pleasured them so. Marin bucked her young hips at the aged cock inside her. Her pink folds dripped with enough natural dew to milk her client regardless of how unattractive he was. Just another day's work.

Marin's heart seemed to stop when their eyes at last met. The girl she knew as Terra sat on a wobbling stool across from her mother. The girl's emerald eyes were a tranquil yet striking contrast from her grubby face. They pierced Marin's heart and tugged at the emotions she worked so hard to dull. Her lips formed an awkward smile—her form of gratitude for the waif for reminding her beauty still existed in this wretched life.

Terra returned the smile, then hastily tried to fix her hair and wipe the excess dirt from her face. Then she shifted with discomfort on the hardness between her thighs and crossed her legs, fidgeting with her burlap cloak whilst doing so. Whether or not accidental, Marin would never know. But as Terra settled back down, she exposed herself to Marin—and to the prostitute's shock, she saw the girl carried a boy's prod of her own!

Marin's eyes grew bigger if that were possible. She reexamined Terra's face to confirm its feminine features and saw flashes of lust reflected in those deep green eyes. Terra was a girl all right, but with an addition that sparked a queer feeling in her stomach.

Or was that her client's seed?

The man arched his back as he grunted with finality. His hips bucked when he came a few pitiful spurts of slime inside his young hire. He relaxed his fat belly on Marin as he panted, dripping random patterns of sweat on her flat stomach. His wilted shaft slithered from her tightness followed by a modest watery rivine of white mixed with yellow.

"Not bad, Jules. Not bad." He huffed, leaning all his weight on one arm as he wiped his brow. "Well worth the extra five.

"Pa! Beggin' your pardon, Pa." The green-eyed girl stood as her father staggered for balance off the bed. "May I clean her?"

A silence swept through the room, the bed's crusty crackle the only sound. "No free pleasure." Jules spat. "And you're gonna pay extra to act out such an unnatural desire."

The man cleared smoke-stained phlegm from his throat as he chortled. "Terra is an unnatural creature. A young girl laying her tongue on another young girl is the least of this devil's sins. How much, then?"

"Five more silver." She declared after a ponder.

"RAVENOUS WHORES!" He bellowed, buckling his pants. "No thrill is worth that. Come, Terra." He stormed for the door.

"WAIT! Mum, I'll pay it!" Marin sat up and yelled before she even thought. They all turned and gawked, their glares warmed her skin with embarrassment. She pointed with an outstretched trembling index. "U—under the oven, Mum. There's a small purse of silver."

"What?!?" Jules scrambled for the pot belly oven next to her, faster than Marin can ever remember her moving. She fished underneath of bulging black stove until she palmed a tiny burlap pouch powdered in soot. She counted the coins in silence as her eyes filled with rage. "15 pieces of silver, you greedy slag." She hissed. "You've been holding out on me this whole time."

"I've just kept a little from each man I see." She mewed back. "I give most to you, Mum. Honest!"

"ENOUGH!" She snapped.

"Ma'am." Terra stepped forward, bowing her head. "Is it okay? May I clean her?"

Jules stormed back to her seat and slammed the pouch on the table. Marin jumped at the crashing sound. "I'll just take the whole pouch. Just in case we're short on the mortgage next month. Go'head, then." She threw her hand at the girl.

Marin sighed in relief. Her mother seems to get over the betrayal quickly. She returned her thoughts and sights on the mysterious girl that crept on the bed next to her.

"Morning, m'lady." She whispered once she was close enough. "I'm Terra. Sorry that yer the first girl to ever pay for me to do this. Your Mum is the first one to charge."

Marin's nerves were in her throat. Her heart pounded so fast it hurt. "I—it's okay." She stammered, reclining and yawning her thighs. "I reckon I might enjoy this." Then her lips straightened. "But tell me this. Do you have a boy's prod? What are you?"

"Just a special lass with a special twig, m'lady." She smiled humbly. Terra lowered herself without another word, narrowing her sights on Marin's dripping blonde slit. At first she switched between sniffs and nibbles like a rodent, revelling in the girl's peaty musk and tangy, salty taste on the tip of her tongue. Terra played this game for a full minute as Marin gasped and sighed at her touch.

Then Terra slowly sank her tongue between Marin's dirty pink folds. She held her position fast, allowing her father's remnants to drool onto her tongue. She curled the tip inside her, pulling out once she reached Marin's poor neglected clit.

With one motion, Terra swallowed her fathers come. The salty mess remained warm and now burned in her belly as she lapped Marin's treasure for more. Terra's licks became less cerebral as a lust consumed her. Despite her thirst, she enjoyed all of Marin's distinct flavors: Her liquid excitement, a mixture of lady come and piss. The powerful stench of Marin's sweat and body order. She could have bathed more often, but Terra was glad she didn't. She squeezed her cock between her thighs as her pre-cum stained the blankets.

Marin moaned and cried as Terra worked between her pussy and clit. She arched her young back to let Terra explore the full length of her slit. Faster. Harder. Deeper. She gasped for air, flirting with hyperventilation as she coughed and wheezed. Her sensations puzzled her. How did Terra know where to lick? Where to suck? Marin gathered two fists full of Terra's hair and mashed her soaking pussy in the girl's face. She released a low groan—throaty, long, and lustful. It was the first time Marin remembered acting and sounding like a whore.

She loved it.

Marin continued her assault on Terra's face. The sounds of wet slaps echoed in the room. Over Marin's soaring cries. Her head turned, and she bit her pillow as her hips bucked. A mighty orgasm racked her body as she screamed before crashing back to the bed, rolling toward the mattresses slumping center.

"THAT'S ENOUGH, YOU SHOW-OFF!" Terra's father grabbed her by the collar and dragged her off the bed. She stumbled and scraped her knees on the ground before finding her balance. Still under her father's rough control, Terra turned back for a glimpse of Marin's skinny body writhe in ecstasy. She watched the grin of satisfaction wash across her face as she focused on the fleeing pair.

"You're welcome, m'lady." Terra whispered as the slammed behind them.


"Traitorous whore!" Jules screamed, ripping her oldest child from the bed.

Marin hit the floor against her shoulder, the wind knocked out of her. She curled herself in a ball and braced herself—her usual stance of protection from her mother's routine assaults. But Jules didn't continue her attack. Instead she muttered with disdain as she palmed Marin's dirty sack.

"If I didn't have this 20 pieces of silver and rent all paid up, I'd be in a mood more sour. You'd be sleeping outside with the pigs!" She settled down in the bed herself.

"I already do sleep with pigs." Marin retorted. "Every day in that wretched bed." She pouted.

"Maybe I'll have to sleep with real ones and charge 15 silver a'head to see those boars turn you into their new sow. Yes, indeed. That'll teach you to hold on your poor mum." Jules continued to mumble to herself until slumber came. Even in her sleep however, she blurted obscenities aimed at her daughter.

Marin gathered an armful of floor and rags and tried to make herself comfortable. Her body still tingled from Terra's touch, feminine yet masculine. The memory ignited something in her she feared long dead. She didn't loathe Terra's body as she did the rest of her clients. She wanted more—needed more.

Getting to sleep was difficult indeed.

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Come on FourDodos, I know you could've done something more with that first chapter. You better continue to work on this story. It's got an amazing premise and I feel this could be taken down so many differentmore...

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Exciting story!

This story starts with a very interesting premise. 5 Stars!
I was hoping that someday you would continue with Dory Drake: Dickgirl Detective but I'm actually liking the introduction of Marin and Terra.more...

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