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Embarrassed Girlfriend


Embarrassed 1 -- Embarrassed Girlfriend

"You want to go already?" Wendy asked with a surprised look on her face.

Her mother chimed in, "Yeah, why don't the two of you stay for supper?"

But Wendy saw the twinkle in Peter's eye that told her maybe it was time to leave. "You know what Ma, we might as well go. I'd like to just have a quiet evening at home."

Peter and Wendy had driven out to her parent's place early that Saturday morning. They had only been together for six months, but he got along really well with her parents. They already regarded him as a son-in-law and had started encouraging their daughter to make it permanent. Her parent's didn't know anything about the secret bond her daughter had formed with her new boyfriend.

After going out to the backyard to say goodbye to her dad, they drove off. It was one of those perfect July Saturdays. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was hot out, but not blisteringly so. Just one of those days where you wanted to spend the day out on your deck with a nice cold beer.

They had only driven a couple of block from her parent's house when Peter pulled the car over. He had that silly little grin.

"I think it's time for you to get naked, don't you?" he said with a smirk.

"Here? I can't do that," she said." I grew in this neighborhood. Someone might recognize me."

She was smiling though, so Peter knew she wouldn't need too much convincing.

"I think we both know you want to do it."

Wendy did want to do it. This is what excited her. They had already been on a quite a few adventures together. The thought of driving through her parent's neighborhood naked has making her horny. She was already thinking of the fucking she was going to give him when they got home.

She pulled her T-shirt over her head revealing a black bra. She always wore sexy underwear. You never know who might get to see it. She then unzipped her jean skirt and slid it down her legs to reveal the matching thong. Looking around nervously, she continued her striptease. Her breath had quickened. She looked him right in the eyes as she took off the bra and slid her panties down her legs.

"The shoes and socks too," Peter said, now unable to contain his zeal.

She was a little surprised at this request, but again, the thought of being completely naked in her own neighborhood was exciting. Peter had made her go naked in a park once and she had masturbated in a McDonalds, but the possibility of being seen by someone she knew was a whole new level of excitement.

Wendy was more than a little shocked when Peter picked up of her discarded clothes and walked out of the car.

"There's something in the trunk for you," he said with a huge grin.

As he took the car keys and left the car with her clothes under his arm, Wendy looked both nervous and horny. She was watching him intently but it still took a few seconds for his next move to register in her mind. As Peter walked to the back of the car, he just put the car keys on top of the trunk and kept walking away. She could see him walking down the street. She could still see her clothes in his arms, but she couldn't understand what he was doing. She just watched in a daze until he turned the corner on the first street and disappeared. She didn't even move for 2 full minutes, expecting him to come back, but he didn't.

As she lifted herself up in the car, she could see the car keys sitting on the car trunk. Then, her face changed from puzzlement to realization and then to terror. She had fully expected Peter to put her clothes in the trunk and come back with some sexy outfit she would have to wear for the hour long trip home. She had even let herself think that maybe he would make her ride all the way home naked; this thought really got her juices flowing. It had never occurred to her that he would leave her, naked, in the car, by the side of the road. Now, she just wanted to rub her clit and make herself cum. This was beyond all of her "naked in public" fantasies. Her pussy was dripping on the seat and she could smell her own arousal in the car. Really, she needed to cum badly but the thought of being caught naked in her neighborhood where she grew up wasn't as bad as the thought of being caught naked and masturbating.

After sitting in the car for five another minutes, she decided she couldn't just sit here all day and wait for one of her parent's neighbors to come along and find her. She needed to get out of there. Unfortunately, the keys were still sitting on top of the trunk and the only way to get them was to step out into the bright sunlight. She knew Peter well enough to know that he wouldn't make her drive for an hour by herself with any way of covering up so there probably were actually some clothes in the trunk. After screwing up her courage and making sure she couldn't see anyone, she opened her door and ran to the back of the car. Grabbing the keys, she found the right one and opened the trunk. What she found was a big cooler and her pair of thigh high leather boots. As she was trying to open the container and feeling the hot sun on her ass, she heard a truck driving up on her. She managed to get her head out of the trunk long enough to see Peter and his friend Rob drive by. Their windows were rolled down and they were both hollering and whistling at her. Rob started beeping his horn as they drove by. They were in a quiet neighborhood and the beeping horn was bound to draw some attention.

Wendy wanted to yell back at them but her instinct to get covered up superseded everything and she started at the cooler again. When she finally got it opened, it was full of ice water. She stuck her hand in the freezing water and found the wet pieces of clothing that were in there. She hurriedly grabbed the boots, slammed the trunk closed and ran back to the driver side door. Of course, Peter had locked the door on his way out. As she was fumbling with the keys, she spotted a teenage boy coming down the street.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," she kept repeating.

Despite her panic, Wendy managed to get her door opened. She jumped in her car and then struggled to get into the scraps of clothing she had. The top was a white crop T-shirt that was obviously way too small. It was freezing cold and soaking wet. When she finally pulled it down over her tits, her nipple stuck out like bullets. The shirt was thin and completely see-through when wet. It didn't even cover all of her tits so the bottoms were hanging underneath the shirt. The kid was now less than ten feet from the car and still walking straight towards her.

She slipped the wet skirt up her legs. It was a black spandex mini skirt that was only about 9 inches from top to bottom. The only way for her to avoid having her pussy on constant display, especially while sitting in a car, was to wear it low on her hips. It was a good thing she had shaved her pussy because her hair would probably have peeked over top of her skirt.

Since the skirt was low on her hips and the shirt just barely wrapped over her tits, her flat stomach was completely bare. The look was even sluttier than a cheap street hooker but, in fact, no one would have mistaken her for a hooker. She certainly had a body that any hooker would have been proud of; Wendy had a nice size pair of tits and she constantly exercised. The reason she wouldn't be taken for a hooker is because she had the most innocent looking face you have ever seen. Wendy is the kind of girl any guy would be happy taking home to mom. No one would ever be able to imagine her with a big cock in her mouth. And now, with these clothes on, her face and body just didn't fit together.

Wendy didn't get a chance to put the boots on before the kid arrived at her car window. Her hope of it being a stranger evaporated immediately as she recognized him right away. As a teenager, Wendy used to babysit this kid named Eddie Cameron who lived a few houses down the street from her parents. Eddie had even had a boyhood crush on Wendy. Now, Eddie was 18 and he was looking at her and she knew she was in trouble. Reluctantly, Wendy rolled down her window. Her slim hope that Eddie wouldn't recognize her was dashed with a simple "Hi Wendy" from Eddie. His eyes took in every inch of her body. She felt humiliated and it was turning her on. Again, she just wanted to reach between her legs and start playing with her pussy. Instead, she started rambling on about just visiting her parents and not being up to anything. The more she talked, the bigger Eddie's grin grew. When she finally stopped, Eddie just said that he was glad to have seen her and that he would have to tell his dad that she had been around to the old neighborhood.

This was more than an idle threat. Eddie's dad was a high school teacher who had taught Wendy in her senior year. He was a handsome man that all the young school girls always lusted over. Wendy had done a little more than lust over him though. The last week of her senior year, she went to school wearing a short skirt. When she got to Mr. Cameron's class, she sat in the front row. As he was teaching, she let her legs open until they were 6 inches apart. She was sure that Mr. Cameron could see her panties and the thought was making her so horny that she thought he might be able to see the wet spot too. At the end of the class, Mr. Cameron had asked her to stay behind. She thought that maybe her invitation was going to be accepted. Mr. Cameron, however, just explained to her that, although she was a very attractive young lady, he was a teacher and there could never be anything between them. As he was talking, he let his eyes roam over her body and she knew that, if circumstances had been different, he would have taken advantage of the situation. Mr. Cameron also added that he wouldn't tell her parents about her advances but that, if they persisted, he would have to do so in order to protect himself. Wendy had been extremely embarrassed by the whole thing but she had masturbated over the episode many times.

So, here was Eddie Cameron, who looked surprisingly like his dad, implying that he was going to tell his him about seeing her naked and then dressed like a common hooker. She couldn't be sure that Mr. Cameron wouldn't just go talk to her parents -- which she couldn't have happen. Wendy figured the only way out was to make a deal with Eddie.

She said, "Eddie, I would really prefer if you didn't tell your dad you saw me today."

"Why not?"

Wendy needed to think of something quickly. "Well .... your dad didn't always have the highest opinion of me in high school .... and .... I don't want him to think any less of me."

Eddie knew exactly what Wendy was referring to but he thought he would make her squirm.

"Why would he think any less of you? Oh, you would be referring to the way you are dressed would you? Why are you dressed this way anyhow?"

Wendy's face was beat red. She didn't say anything

"Well, maybe we can make a deal," Eddie volunteered as he came around the car and sat in the passenger seat.

Knowing this wouldn't be good, she replied, "What do you want?"

Eddie confirmed her fears, "Well, I've always wanted to see those beautiful tits of yours."

That didn't take very long. With Eddie coming to the point so quickly, Wendy knew she wasn't going to get off cheap but what choice did she have. She quickly resigned herself to her fate and pulled her shirt over her head revealing her pert tits to the lusting teen.

Eddie continued, "Now that we've got that settled, the price for my silence is a blowjob."

Here she was sitting topless in her car in the neighborhood she grew up in about to give little Eddie Cameron, who she used to babysit, a blowjob. She reached over to him and unzipped his pants. Well he wasn't "little Eddie" anymore. Wendy was surprised to see a thick 7 inch cock pointing up at her and she didn't waste any time before wrapping her lips around it. She'd had lots of experience sucking cock so Eddie got to experience his cock sliding down someone's throat for the first time. She alternated between pumping his cock down her throat and licking his balls while jerking him off. With this intense treatment, it only took 5 minutes for him to approach orgasm. Eddie never forgot the embarrassment he felt when Wendy spanked him and he thought a little payback was overdue. As he started cumming, Eddie grabbed Wendy hair and pulled her off his cock. The result was that he shot three thick blasts of cum all over her face.

Eddie stuffed his cock back into his pants and as quickly as he'd appeared, he was gone. Wendy was left topless with cum stinging her eyes and dripping off her chin onto her tits. As she looked at herself in the car's mirror, she felt the deepest embarrassment she'd ever felt. In her mind, she was right back to the incident which linked embarrassment to horniness in her mind forever. A few years back, she had stayed up late watching a movie. The movie turned out to have an outdoor sex scene in it and she started getting turned on. Feeling somewhat inspired by the movie and horny, she had stripped out of her PJs and started happily rubbing her clit. She got carried away and she never heard her father unexpectedly walk into the room. He couldn't sleep and had come down for a glass of water and ended up walking in just as his daughter's climax started.

"Oh my God," Wendy heard her father gasp. Her eyes flew open and she looked right into his face. Unfortunately, her climax had already started and she couldn't do anything to stop it. Her father was apparently completely stunned and he just stood there, watching her for 20 seconds as she came. They never spoke about the incident, but as she relived it in her mind, her obsession with embarrassment grew. Now, sitting only 2 blocks away from home, what she really wanted to do was walk back to her parent's place with the cum dripping from her face, plop herself on the couch next to her dad, and masturbate until she came repeatedly. Of course, she didn't do that. What she did instead was to stick one hand in her pussy and rub her clit furiously while she scooped the cum off her face and ate it. It took less than a minute for her get reach her orgasm. She still needed to clean up her face, so she used the only thing she had -- her still wet top.

With the tingling in her pussy temporarily quieted, she got ready to begin the drive home. Her top was still wet and now it smelled like cum. Putting on the leather boots was a challenge while sitting in the driver seat, but it was better than getting out of the car. When she was finally as decent as she could be, she started her car. The first thing she saw was the "low fuel" light blinking at her.

"Fuck you Peter," she mumbled out loud.

Her anxiety rose again as she realized more people were going to see her in this slutty outfit. She couldn't wait to get home where she was already making plans to kick Peter in the balls several times and then fuck his brains out. Wendy also hadn't brought her purse with her so she had no money, no credit cards and no driver's license. A new wave of panic struck her as she considered her options. She could try to make it home and risk getting stranded, almost naked, by the side of the road (no way would she make it); she could go back home and ask her parents for money (not a chance); she could try to catch up to Eddie and ask him for some money (what would he want for that?). She made up her mind quickly and drove off in the direction Eddie went. After 10 minutes of driving through her old neighborhood and wasting gas without any luck, she decided to try to make it home. If she ran out of gas, she would just have to hope that whoever stopped to help her wasn't a rapist.

After making it back to the highway, she managed to relax a bit and reflect on what she had been through. She knew this adventure would keep her fantasies going for years. One of her hands automatically went to her pussy and she started to rub her clit. She wanted to cum again but she couldn't do that going at highway speeds. So she just kept making herself hornier and hornier.

She had been on the highway about 10 minutes when she saw the flashing lights in her rear view mirror. This couldn't be happening. The cop was in an unmarked car. She didn't think she had been speeding but with 3 fingers shoved inside her pussy, she had been a little distracted. They were on a relatively deserted stretch of highway and there wasn't much traffic here on weekends. She turned onto a small side road, pulled over and immediately turned off her car. Wendy didn't have her purse to she didn't even have her driver's license. She started sweating as she tried to think of what she would tell the cop. When she saw him get out of his car though, her stress turned to fear. He was a black cop and he had to be at least 6'4".

"License and registration," he said coldly.

She leaned over to the glove compartment to grab the car ownership, allowing the cop the chance to look her over. Her black leather boots came mid-thigh but that still left a good 4 inches of thigh visible between the top of her boots and the bottom of her skirt. As she reached over, her short top came up enough for him to see the bottom half of her nipples. It would have been impossible for any heterosexual male not to be affected by the sight of her.

As she handed the registration to him, she meekly told him, "I don't have my license."

"Step out of the car," he immediately bellowed.

Wendy knew that there was no way she could get out without showing him her shaved pussy. He stood there and watched her try to keep her legs together as she swung them out of the car but he still managed to get a good view of her cunt. When she stood up, he was at least 8 inches taller than her, even with the 3 inch heals on her boots. The cop unceremoniously brought her to the back of her car and told her to "assume the position". Of course, it was ridiculous for him to search her. He had no reason to do so and it's not as if there was any place she could hide a weapon. On the other hand, she was in no position to argue.

Wendy faced her car, put her hands on her trunk and spread her legs out a foot apart. The cop stepped in behind her and knocked her feet out another foot causing her tight skirt to ride up and show off her butt cheeks. He then proceeded to search her. He started with her shirt by feeling her back and then feeling around to her tits. His black hands felt huge as he grabbed and mauled her tits. He wasn't satisfied with feeling the material though so he reached underneath her top and started pinching her nipples. Her nipples were aching and she felt like a bitch in heat. With the state she was already in, her crotch started heating up all over again. Wendy actually yelped when the cop took hold of her top and ripped it in two.

"What the fuck," she started to protest, but then thought she had better just shut up. Now she was topless again by the side of the road and her only cover up was destroyed.

The cop reached down to her feet and felt up each of her legs. As he did this, he could easily see Wendy's open pantiless cunt. He took the time to unzip each of her boots and asked her to step on of them. The boots then joined her top by the side of the road. By this point, Wendy was shaking uncontrollably. There was no way she wasn't going to be fucked by this SOB. He moved on to her skirt. Rather than feel all around the short skirt, he just grabbed the bottom and pulled it right off of her leaving her naked. She was still standing with her hands on the trunk of her car. He then started what he called "his search for concealed weapons". He reached around her front and massaged her clit with one hand while pumping her pussy with 2 fingers in his other hand. He kept this up for a few minutes letting her orgasm build. Unbelievably, even though she was technically being raped, she thought she would actually cum from this mauling. He removed his fingers from her cunt and shoved them into her ass. He continued fingering her clit and pumping her ass until Wendy was moaning. She didn't care anymore that she was showing herself on the side of a highway and being finger fucked by this big black cop. She just needed to cum. The cop kept this up until he knew she would cum and then he stopped. She was so close, she instinctively took her hands off the trunk of the car to finish herself off but he caught her wrists and held them in place.

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