tagBDSMEmber & Ashe Ch. 7

Ember & Ashe Ch. 7


I'd spent three days in Paradise surrounded by twenty of the world's most beautiful women. I'd controlled them all, dictating what they'd worn, how they'd moved, how they'd dressed - or hadn't dressed - for the entire weekend. I'd ruled fairly, with an iron fist sheathed in the softest velvet gauntlet.

By the end of the shoot I'd wanted to throttle every last one of those uncooperative bitches and piss on their fucking corpses. Damn, those models had bad attitudes! My days in Hogtown saw me logging over sixty hours of work and under eight hours of rest. Believe me when I say that leaving Toronto behind for Vancouver's beautiful coastline pleased me greatly.

Vancouver, home, and Ember. I desperately craved to return to all three.

Funny to think that I'd only encountered her for the first time a year ago, hustling for tricks in the back alley of a coffee shop off East Hastings. Now Ember occupied a special place in my heart. I'd never imagined I'd fall in love. Now that it had happened, I couldn't imagine life without her. Eimi Yoshikawa made me complete. That thought had scared me once but no longer. The little love I gave her I received back tenfold.

Right now I needed more than Ember's love. I needed some downtime in my bed. Sleep deprivation had me feeling nauseous. Not long after entering my home and crawling upstairs exhaustion piled upon me, almost knocking me to the floor. I didn't even bother to undress. My face smacked into the pile of bedding, soon followed by the rest of my utterly spent body. My entire frame relaxed as tension rushed out of my gellified limbs like blood from a slit wrist. Gratefully, I let my consciousness waiver on the brink before plummeting into the dark chasm of blissful unawareness.

The morning's unwanted light percolated through the drawn blinds of my bedroom, seeping through even my tightly shut eyelids. I armoured myself with the extra thick eiderdown comforter on my bed, cocooning within its fluffy folds. Sleep wouldn't be long in coming, I reasoned. No light, no sound, no cold - just peace.

And an overenthusiastic Ember.

My woman whipped back my cover and pried open my eyes, using her thumbs to pin my eyelids to the upper ridges of my eye sockets. Her bright, beaming face glowed like the fires from a thousand odious suns. One sun had been problem enough.

"What the ..." I groaned.

"You are home! I am happy!"

She stood by my bedside, patiently waiting for me to say something. What, I couldn't tell you. My mind, tired as it was, still functioned in photographer/videographer mode. I took in my petite Japanese girlfriend from the top of her long tressed, black haired head to her high heeled, golden sandalled feet.

My dear Ember wore amber like a fly encased in petrified pine sap. Metallic lamé panels shimmered on her body-hugging cocktail dress. The golden second skin barely covered her firm ass. As she leaned over me her palm size breasts stretched downwards, the mounds almost totally revealed by the thin cloth. The deep vee plunge of her dress reached her waistline. A yellow topaz glinted in her navel, winking like a third eye. The halter-like top left her arms and shoulders wonderfully bare. The delicate slipknot on the back of her neck would allow me to strip her instantly. One sharp tug and the bow would come undone. Believe me, even in my weakened state I considered yanking on it.

Yes, my golden-skinned girlfriend dressed all in gold. The precious metallic glow complemented her already considerable beauty. Gorgeous, yes, but also very overdone for seven-thirty in the morning. What the hell was going through her head?

She crawled on top of me until her knees pressed sharply against my armpits. Her firm ass came to rest upon my stomach. Her long legs and high-heeled feet ran down my sides, squeezing together and clamping me in place. I guess all those hours in the home gym had paid off. She had Adductors of Steel. As she leaned forward her thick curtain of hair fell upon me, temporarily blocking out the light. She swept it back with a practised motion, one that revealed her beautiful, smiling face to me once again.

Hold up! Ember was wearing heels indoors? This boded ill for any plans for sleep I harboured.

You see, my little kitten was Japanese through and through, from tits to clit. Despite being born over here, her formative years had been spent living with her strict Japanese parents. She never wore shoes inside the home. She only broke this cardinal rule when, like now, she wanted to fuck. Even then, she only wore them because I adored them and insisted that she do so. She'd do anything to please me.

"Why are you still in your clothes?" she asked.

"Ember, I'd really like to sleep."

"Sleep later. Right now, I must welcome you home."

Today, sadly, I wanted no welcoming. She'd please me the most simply by leaving me the fuck alone. The realization must've dawned upon her. The way her sunny face set just then into a flat featured, crinkly expression of distaste tipped me off long before she frowned. She fished my flaccid cock out of my pants, nose wrinkling as the reek of stale confinement hit her.

"Andrew Grissolm, go and bathe immediately!"

"Sorry Kitten. Haven't slept in three days. Too tight a schedule. Haven't showered, either."

"You may rectify that right now. Please go and bathe."

"When I wake up. I need sleep."

Her insistent, rather rough stroking of my cock had no effect upon me. My limp penis refused to stir. Her beestung lips assumed her patented Pout-Posture, one of the cutest she had in her wide and varied repertoire of endearing facial expressions.

"What did they do to you?"

"Only worked me to death. My little son's as tired as I am."

She growled. The low sound reverberated deep in her chest. Her soft grip became steel as she pulled up sharply and twisted. Somewhere in the foggy recesses of my brain a single electromagnetic response triggered the correct reaction to the sharp stimulus. 'Pain,' it said. 'Ow!' I replied.

"That hurts, Kitten. I didn't do any of that kind of working out!"

Her sigh was the very one a mother of six obnoxious children would give her OB/GYN after being told she had unlucky number seven on the way. "Will you truly not go and bathe for me? I have missed you terribly these last five days."

"As I did you. I dreamed of coming home to you. After I get some rest we'll go out."

"Let us stay in instead."

She rained kisses over my cheeks and lips, her hands twisting through my dreads. Exhaustion robbed me of the ability and the desire to resist her advances.

"Out of my bed, woman! I need sleep, not sex!"

Pouty Face transformed into Pissed-off Face, an expression I'd learned to fear long ago. A pissed off Ember became a very dangerous Ember. Bad shit happened to those who royally annoyed her ass.

"You are not happy to see me. Otherwise, you would greet me properly."

"Ember, please. Can't this wait 'til morning?"

"It is morning already."

"I meant tomorrow morning."

"Hrm. Suit yourself. Perhaps I will not be here when you awaken."

"Lady's choice. Just leave my house keys before you take off."

I didn't hear her cross the carpeted room, only the ear-splitting slam of the bedroom door and then the sharp, staccato clack of her heels against the parquet flooring retreating in the distance.

I guess things could've gone worse. I also didn't hear any plaster fragments rain down from a shattered ceiling and doorframe.


I'd never reached this level of physical fatigue before, not even when soldiering in the field with Perdition's Flames. The mental exhaustion outstripped the physical. Sleep wasn't merely a desire. It had become a necessity. I rolled onto my stomach and buried my head under a couple of pillows.

Sleep wouldn't come.

Ember had only wanted to welcome me home. I knew she hated being alone. She feared it, in fact. She craved attention and always wanted to be around me. We didn't have to be doing anything special. Just being together was enough for her. She'd reached out to me for comfort and security and I'd shunned her. Tired or not, would it have killed me to simply hold her for a few moments?

Fuck yes!

Ember always wanted what she wanted, when she wanted it. Perhaps it was long past time for her to learn that she couldn't always have everything her way. I needed my rest more than she needed sex.

Didn't I?

I knew I'd have to smooth things over with her. I decided to take her out this evening. A nice seafood dinner at the Sandbar followed by a little dancing at Babaloo's would fit the bill nicely. I hated Latin dancing, but she ate it up. I'd do anything to keep her happy. Actually, more placated than happy. I didn't want to feel the Wrath of Eimi today. I didn't think I could deal with it in my weakened physical state. Even in the best of times, Ember required a strong man to control her. She could sense weakness and knew how to exploit it.

Things all came together in one panic-filled moment. Her annoying insistence about having sex. The way she'd been dressed. The last time we'd gone dancing at Babaloo's. It had been on her birthday last year.

I was fucked.

A man could sleep anytime. He only had one chance to make things right between himself and his justifiably-riled girlfriend. A quick call to the Sandbar would serve to confirm our table for this evening. The place had become rather exclusive lately but I knew the staff very well. I'd leave them a quick voicemail then get some shuteye.

No sooner had I picked up my cell phone and punched the ten digits that the bedroom door swung open. Ember held a covered tray in one hand. A sparkling white linen napkin draped over her arm, maitre d' style. Her face lit up when she saw me up and about, but clouded over just as quickly when she spied the cell phone glued to my ear. Ask anyone out here; weather changed quickly on the West Coast. Eimi was a Pacific Rim Baby, for sure. She greyed faster than Vancouver did in the wintertime. Sheepishly, I terminated the call and waited for the storm's fury to be unleashed upon me.

"Ember! I just realized - "

"You are on the phone. I thought you were too tired to speak to anyone?"

"I had something important to do. I was calling to make - "

"No excuses, Andrew Grissolm! You pushed me aside so you could do business. Am I not important to you?"

"Of course you are!"

"So you say. Your actions tell me otherwise."

Ember turned to leave. She now held the tray in a two handed death grip. "Is that for me?" I asked.

"It was for you. I thought you would like some breakfast. But since you are so handy with the phone, please feel free to order in something."

"Christ, Ember, would you just listen to me?"

"Not when you raise your voice," she said. Ember slipped out of the door, leaving it wide open behind her. She hadn't made a sound. I almost chased after her, but forbore. She wouldn't listen to me. When pissed off like this she wouldn't even look at me! In the best of circumstances my patience would've been minimal. Right now, I'd be downright hostile. Ember didn't like hostile. No sir. I'd let her chill a bit before trying to apologize.

Not that I should've been contemplating apologies, you understand. I'd done nothing wrong. But peace had to be maintained in the household. I'd sacrifice my pride to insure that Ember remained happy.

I didn't believe that I'd be seeing Ember again today. I didn't like how it had come about, but I welcomed the respite. I tossed my phone into the leather, high backed chair in the corner of my room and snuggled into my comforter once again. The way I felt I knew that Sleep would arrive soon. Believe you me I'd be here to welcome her into my bed. She was the only woman I wanted to snuggle with right now.


Sleep didn't come. Her cunt of a sibling Guilt plagued me, instead. Why didn't I simply tell Ember I remembered her birthday and had been making reservations at her favourite restaurant when she'd walked in? Too easy, that road. I always clung to the moral high ground and rarely apologized for my actions. My reluctance to communicate openly with her often caused misunderstandings between us. One day I'd learn how to compromise. Today, unfortunately, wouldn't be that day.

It wasn't only this that bothered me. I'd other reasons to keep an eye open. The only emotion Ember felt more intensely then affection was spite. Sweet, gentle Eimi turned downright evil when crossed or slighted. Regina Fredericks, a close friend of mine had found that out a couple months back. Once a declared hedonist and proud bisexual, Reggie had sworn off women once Ember had gotten through with her. Reggie now felt that women were too vicious to bother with, finding men much more tractable. Perhaps this was the other face of Janus. The submissive had another, backward looking visage. That one filled with fierce pride.

Eventually I dozed off, fading in and out of consciousness. I knew this only because the real Eimi Yoshikawa didn't have feral, glowing crimson eyes or wickedly curved fingernails that drew blood as she raked them across my broad back. As I fucked the shit out of her tight, scalding pussy Ember sliced up my back into a bloody ruin. Scarlet rivulets flowed out from my savaged brown skin. Perhaps my mind warned me about the dangers inherent in fucking around with Ember's emotions. An incensed Ember was a dangerous Ember. Man, I don't know. All I knew for sure is that sometime later I had to take a serious piss. I'd drunk a lot of water on the flight home and now I had to pay it forward. My bladder hadn't long before it exploded. I tried to get up.

My limbs refused to cooperate. They simply wouldn't move. My eyes wouldn't open, either. The world remained dark.

I don't scare easily, but I'm not ashamed to tell you that I almost wet myself. My filled to capacity bladder didn't help matters. I flexed my muscles and strained. I heard the clink of metal on metal, and felt the bite of steel manacles upon my wrists and ankles. Someone had shackled me, and blindfolded me as well.

"Are you finally awake?"


"I have been waiting for you."

"Handcuffs?" I rattled the wrist manacles. "Let me up. I need to piss."

"No, Andrew Grissolm. You have the bad habit of leaving your woman behind when you have your freedom. I prefer you bound like this."

"Stop fucking around!"

"Language, Andrew Grissolm."

"He sounds very angry."

Another lilting Japanese voice had spoken, one very Emberesque in tone but not Ember's. In other circumstances the soft, pleasant voice would've given me an instant erection. Present circumstances didn't lend themselves for creating a sprung cock, though. "Who the fuck's that?" I snarled.

"A guest. Please show her the proper respect."

"Respect? You've cuffed me to the bed, for fuck's sake!"

"And you forgot my birthday."

Oh shit. "Hey, I remembered! I was making reservations when you came in the last time."

"Truly? Why did you not wish me a happy birthday when you first arrived? Why did you not come home with a gift? Why did you not treat me like a woman when I begged you to? You remembered too late, Andrew Grissolm."

Busted. "Sorry Kitten," I said sheepishly.

"I believe you are sorry. But an apology must be earned. Something so easily given has no value."


"You will find out soon enough."

I don't know who did it, Ember, the strange woman, or an unidentified third party who had yet to reveal themselves, but someone sliced open my clothes and tugged them off of my body. "Hey! Those were my favourite pair of pants!" I shouted.

"I would have expected a man who enjoys tearing off my clothes at every opportunity to remain silent while I return the favour."

Ah. I saw her plan. Payback was the theme of this sex party! She'd be out to Do Unto Me all of those little things that I'd inflicted upon her in the past year. I really hoped that she'd use her common sense when deciding what to do. I loved anal sex, but in this one instance it truly was better to give than to receive.

The first touch of warm water upon my skin almost made me lose control of my bladder. The gentle kisses of the sponge slid over me, cleansing three days worth of sweat from my body. The sponge concentrated its efforts upon my armpits, groin and feet. It finished up by scrubbing my asshole raw. Now that alarmed me! What the fuck did Eimi need my backyard tidy for, anyways?

"You are clean at last. Good."

Someone removed the blindfold. The bright light that inundated my eyeballs blinded me. Slowly, a gorgeous Asian face appeared out of the fiery corona that seared my retinas. A face very much like Ember's, but not Ember's. The young woman matched her for loveliness, but had wavy, light brown hair cut close to her head and curling inwards around her cheeks. It framed her round, plump face. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked me over. Emerald eyes on a Japanese maiden? I couldn't tell whether they were natural or coloured lenses, but the look worked well for her.

I'd been so taken with the woman I'd neglected to look around. When I did, I saw the three video cameras arranged around the bed. A monitor on a swing arm showed the output on a three picture display. Wherever did she learn how to set up and configure this kind of array? I certainly hadn't shown her!

"What the fuck's all this?"

"I had time these last few days to play with your equipment. I have learned a few things."

"I'd say so!"

Ember slipped my now clean cock into her mouth, sucking the limp member in like I'd slurp up an udon noodle. I stiffened quickly. Eimi could revivify a corpse. I held no chance against that talented mouth of hers. Her aggressive, kamikaze-style head techniques rapidly brought me close to the edge. “Shiori, help me,” Ember said. When the woman tried to help herself to a mouthful of black meat, Ember pulled my cock away possessively. She pointed to my feet. “Down there,” she clarified.

Shiori obeyed instantly. When my big toe slipped in between Shiori's plump lips I almost came. A toe job? Shiori did for my toes what Ember did for my cock. Each one of the little fellows had a chance to wriggle in her hot, sucking mouth. I had a hard time identifying which appendage received the most pleasure. I struggled to hold out, but failed. I erupted, sending scalding, sticky seed streaming straight into Ember's sucking mouth in sticky spurts

Incredible enough action to be sure, but just then Ember hooked Shiori from behind her slender neck and pulled her forwards. Shiori's mouth opened, permitting Ember to kiss her deeply. Ember deposited my wad into the other girl's mouth. Shiori's throat worked steadily.

"God damn!" That's all I could say as they played lacrosse with my ejaculate, passing the sticky stuff back and forth between their hungry lips until it all vanished. A little trickle of jism ran down Ember's chin, a thin white trail that clung on for dear life. Shiori's long tongue darted forward, serpent-like, and retrieved the last trace of the sperm.

"Ember?" I said. I needed her badly. I had sex on my mind and nothing on my cock but cool air and colder spit.

"Quiet. You may watch us from the monitor, but I order you to remain silent. This will be my gift from you. You will be an observer of my play session."

"Your what?"

"You were to be a participant, but you treated me so poorly."

"That isn't true!" I protested.

"Must I gag you, Andrew Grissolm? I know where you keep them."

This bitch was tripping! Anger grew within me, so I forced myself to relax. I guess I had this coming. I also had to admit that I'd had a blast so far. Hot girl-on-girl action was always a welcome treat in AndrewLand. If that wasn't enough incentive, I'd also decided that I didn't really want a golden, five inch spiked heel rammed up my asshole or something. I'd be much better off if I sat quietly and let Ember orchestrate this afternoon's sexual performance.

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