tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmber Ch. 04

Ember Ch. 04


It was only a moment later that the engine stopped and three thumps announced his men had jumped aboard. Ember murmured an unconscious protest as he moved away from her. He wrapped the bedding around her snugly, and she settled back into sleep. He went to the door just as Idris, Jael, and Alaric made their way below-deck. Stryx nodded in greeting.

"Good to see you made it through your swimming lesson." Idris grinned. "Are you going to make that a regular thing?"

"Water sports are not for me." Stryx assured him.

Their nostrils flared as they smelled Ember. Her arousal was still thick in the air in the cabin, and it was all over him. "Not a word." Stryx growled the warning and pointed to the other cabin. "The mage is in there."

The three vampires each gave him an insolent grin and tried to peer into the cabin behind him as they made their way past him.

"Fuck," Idris said when he saw the bloodied mage. "Did you leave any questions for us to ask him?"

"It wasn't me," Stryx replied.

"Your Dragă did that to him? I can't wait to meet her."

"She's sleeping," Stryx said.

"I bet she is," Alaric said. "What were you doing to her? I've never heard a woman make sounds like that before."

"Of course you haven't." Idris snorted.

"Get the mage out of here. Jael, ask> him where Ember's sister is," Stryx ordered. "I promised her we'd find her sister."

"Did you now?" Jael's sardonic voice carried to him.

"Yes," Stryx said. "They were targeted. Before my interrogation of the mage was interrupted..." He glared at Ciaran, who looked away. "I was able to find out there's a base in Port Storm, and the mage was working with at least ten other mages. It wouldn't surprise me if they all targeted a witch."

"A whole kidnapping ring?" Ciaran asked. "I thought all that was over."

"When I barged in on them, the mage was whipping Ember, trying to get her to bond with him," Stryx said. "Mages will always want witches. It'll never be over. Find out what the mage knows. I need to get Ember to bed."

"Sounded like you already had her in bed," Alaric said.

Stryx snarled a growl at him, turned, and went to Ember. He scooped her up in her blanket cocoon, and headed for the stairs, ignoring the curious stares coming from the other cabin. He met Ciaran on deck, and looked for a way to get up the stairs.

"I'll hold her for you, boss," Ciaran said.

Stryx turned a murderous glare on Ciaran, full of black eyes and fangs.

Ciaran backed up a step, eyes wide. "Just so you can get off the boat. I'll give her right back to you."

Stryx made a visible effort to calm himself, and handed Ember to Ciaran. He jumped from the boat to the steps, and spun around, arms out.

Ciaran returned Ember to him and Stryx calmed further. He buried his face in Ember's hair to breath her in, turned and made his way up the stairs.

"Fuck," Idris said once Stryx had gone. "I thought he was going to kill you."

Ciaran nodded. "He's uh, very possessive of her."

Stryx sped up the stairs, though the lower part of the compound, and into the main living area. Without stopping to answer any questions, he made a beeline to his bedroom, then his bathroom. He set Ember on the floor, and started a bath. He didn't want her smelling of anyone but him ever again.

She didn't wake when he bathed her, or when he put her into his bed. Having her in his house, and seeing her in his bed, her flaming red hair spread over his sheets and pillows eased something in his chest. She was where she belonged now.

He wanted to go be part of the interrogation of the mage, Jael always turned them into engaging conversationalists, but he didn't want to leave Ember alone. He pulled out his cell phone and called Jael instead. "What have you found out?" he asked without preamble when Jael answered.

"Fifteen mages, and they all have their own places. The men you killed were part of a kidnapping ring that specializes in taking witches and auctioning them off to mages." Jael summed up the interrogation. "When the women escaped, Dmitri cut a side deal with this mage since he had the most money. He sold her sister to another mage. We're getting more details about where he took her now. We can retrieve her tonight."

"Find out what he knows about the other women and mages, too," Stryx ordered.

"We are. He's being very talkative."

Stryx hung up, debated for a few short moments, then stripped, and got into bed with Ember. She wrapped herself around him, resting her head on his chest, and bending one leg over his. He draped one arm around her shoulders, and let his other hand rest on the thigh she had draped over his legs. He let himself drift off, knowing he would wake if she stirred.


Ember's dreams were not cooperating. She desperately wanted to find Musette. They were too far apart to use their twin connection but she'd thought maybe she could find her sister the same way she'd found her dream man. It hadn't worked. She searched and called for Mjesec, but couldn't feel her anymore, either.

She needed to try something else. The something ,the magic , she guessed was the word for it, she'd felt running through her ever since Mjesec had given her that jolt surged. She didn't understand why whatever Mjesec had done to her was connected to Stryx and sex, but it was. There was no point in denying it.

It had been easy enough to manipulate him into doing what she wanted. All she had to do was strip and he was hers. But he had done something different this time when he'd bitten her, and the surge of magic in her had been more powerful. This time when she cast her mind in search of her sister she had visions of a raven that turned into a woman with black hair and green eyes, dressed in armor and wielding a sword.

What was it with animals turning into women lately? Would she be able to do that, too, when she figured out how to use her magic? The vampire didn't seem to mind being used, although he probably didn't think she was using him. He probably just thought she couldn't resist him. How much sex did she need to have to turn into an animal?

She wrenched her mind away from those thoughts. As much as she liked the sex, she'd lived without magic her whole life, and after she found her sister she didn't want any part of it anymore. All it did was make them targets. They would leave this place. She could take photographs anywhere. They didn't have to stay in Port Storm, which had become a hub for weirdness.

When she tried to pull herself out of the dreams she found she was stuck. Instead of waking up she moved from flash to flash of horrifying dreams, terrifying visions, and grim nightmares, each only a fraction of a second long—long enough to be scared, but not long enough to figure out what was going on. She screamed as the worlds her mind created dragged her down.

Ember opened her eyes. Her body ached and her mind was muddled. Her head rested on a solid, well muscled chest, and there was a hand on her thigh. Stryx. She must have summoned Stryx again. At least she was familiar with how this dream went and she woke up into the real world at the end.

They'd never been asleep when she'd summoned him before. And they didn't start out in bed. This wasn't her bed, nor was it her bedroom. She wondered what that man, that mage, was doing to her now that her mind had felt the need to escape so completely, then decided she'd rather not know. Well, as long as the vampire was here...

This time she would be in charge. She ran her hand over his chest and down his stomach, tracing each groove and plane as she went, enjoying the twitches and jumps his skin and muscles made under her fingertips. When her wandering hand made it to his cock, his entire body shuddered, the hand gripping her thigh tightened, and the arm around her shoulders held her closer. He drew in a deep, ragged breath.

She drew one finger up the length of his cock from his balls to the head, where she swirled her thumb through the precum forming at its tip. He got harder as she wrapped her whole hand around him, gripped him in her fist and moved her hand up and down over his length.

"Is all that for me?" she asked, as if surprised. She raised her head to look into his face.

His blue eyes were almost black and a low growl ripped through his chest.

That growl made parts of her tingle and tighten in anticipation.

"I want your mouth." Stryx gritted the words out. He fisted a hand in her hair at the back of her neck and urged her head down his body.

Annoyed he wasn't playing the game right, she let him push her down his body, but instead of taking him into her mouth as he wanted, she sat up, breaking his hold in her hair and throwing the sheets off them. She straddled his hips, letting her core rub against his cock. "What about what I want?"

He arched an eyebrow at her. "What do you want, my Dragă?"

She rocked her hips against him. "I'm thinking." She was already slick, and slid herself over him. How he managed to make her so wet with just a touch she didn't understand. If she ever met him in real life she would be doomed.

"Thinking about what?"

Ember arched her back and rotated her hips on his. "About what I want to do with you."

"I think you need to stop thinking. It's pretty obvious what you need to do for me."

She frowned. "This is my dream. I get to do what I want."

"If you do what I want, I'll allow you to come."

"Oh, and now I need to be allowed to have an orgasm? Should I ask permission first, and call you master?" She pouted.

Stryx groaned. His eyes went fully black and his fangs were out.

She glared at him. She hadn't been serious, but it looked like he was. "If you won't play nice, I won't summon you to my dream world anymore. I'll find a different dream man."

Stryx sat up and lunged at her. Fisting her hair he pulled her head to the side and exposed the long, smooth column of her neck. He struck, sinking his fangs into her throat to send his venom into her blood.

Her shriek turned into a moan as his venom affected her. Flipping them over, he braced himself and stared down into her face . He waited until she focused her eyes on his and pushed into her. He forced her to take all of him in a single slow thrust, savoring the way her body stretched and made itself his.

He kept his eyes on hers as he claimed her. "I am not in your world anymore, my Dragă, you are in mine. My world, my home, my bed, my rules." He pulled back and pushed back into her again at the same slow pace.

"Oh, so everything is all about you?" she managed to say.

"Mmmmhmmm," he murmured. "You are mine now."

"And I'm supposed to be happy if I get an orgasm out of it?"

"Give me what I want, and you can have as many orgasms as your body can take," Stryx replied. "Tell me you belong to me." He gave her another single, long, slow thrust.

"No," she gritted out. She crossed her ankles behind his back and lifted her hips, needing a faster pace.

Stryx pulled out of her, breaking her hold around him and flipped her onto her stomach. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass up and back towards him, but didn't enter her again. Instead, he rolled his hips and rubbed his cock along the length of her slit. "One of the rules is that I will decide how much of my cock you get, when you get it, and how you take it."

Ember tried to rear back, but Stryx leaned over her, pinning her down with one of his big hands on her neck. She realized he was not playing the game right because this wasn't a dream. She was awake, and with him in the real world.

He lodged the head of his cock at her entrance. "Tell me you're mine."

She remained silent and tried to push back against him.

"Be still. You know what you have to do if you want it harder." He pushed into her, but only a few inches, and stopped. "Faster." He slid out using his grip on her hip and neck to prevent her moving back. "Deeper."

She whimpered but did not tell him what he wanted to hear. He pushed into her again, but no further than before. He would have preferred to go faster and fucked her hard, but he was growing tired of her reluctance to admit she was his. He let her have another inch and slid out completely.

His hands roamed over her thighs and back, and he slid one hand around to her clit, stroking softly. She jumped at the contact and her hands fisted the sheets. He pushed back into her a few inches and curved his body over hers. He licked his way up the side of her neck to her ear. "At this rate, I think it will take me at least a half hour to fill you before I even start fucking you. Say it. Say that you're mine, and I'll give you what you need."

He slid out and drew his tongue down the length of her spine as he toyed with her clit. Sliding back in he put a hand on her back. "Arch," he demanded. As she did, her pussy squeezed around him, and it was his turn to shudder and groan.

Feeling gratified she had finally gotten him to react, she squeezed herself around him again. Stryx gripped her hips, and thrust into her fast and deep, taking her hard as he finally gave her what she wanted.

Ember moaned, braced herself and arched as she took him, reveling in the sensation of being filled so completely.

He held her down and rode her to and through her first orgasm, pulled out and, flipped her onto her back. He spread her open in front of him and let his eyes travel over her flushed skin. Her eyes were half closed and glazed over, her mouth open as she panted.

He leaned over and moved his mouth to her ear. "Next time I tell you I want your mouth," He pushed down hard on her bottom lip with his thumb, "you will give me this mouth." He trailed his hand down to her breast, tweaking and pinching her nipple.

He sat back and pulled her hips onto his lap, taking his time to explore her body and learn every inch of his Dragă as he fucked her in deep, rolling thrusts. Every time she moved, he stopped. When she fought to hold still he rewarded her with harder thrusts or an orgasm.

Ember knew she should be furious, but she was in post multiple orgasm bliss. She decided to be mad at him later. Stryx was toying with her—he'd been toying with her ever since she woke up. She hated the way he took control and didn't let her have any part in her own pleasure. She hated that he wouldn't let her touch him. She was not this passive fuck toy he seemed to think she was, and yet her body betrayed her again and again, arching, and writhing when and how he wanted. She felt like a pet he was training to perform for him.

But even as she hated how he treated her, she wanted more of him. She didn't try to reconcile the two opposite thoughts. If she had to, she could figure it out later when she had escaped this crazy world with her sister.

Stryx picked up his pace, taking her hard like she wanted. He changed the angle of his hips just slightly and on every thrust he slid over something inside her that set her nerves alight.

He leaned over her and tongued the pulse point in her neck, and that was the only warning she got before he bit and she came for him again.

Stryx drank her blood down in deep, satisfying pulls while she orgasmed on his cock. This was how his Dragă was meant to be enjoyed, not with those fast gulps he'd taken from her when she'd been a captive.

Ember moaned as he took an exceptionally deep pull that she felt pulled her soul out of her body. She had never felt anything like this before and shoved back a sudden urge to bite him back.

He licked over the bite to heal it and pounded himself into her. This time it wasn't just a fuck, this was a claiming. His eyes were completely black when he stared down into hers, and he made sure she felt all of him on every thrust. He picked up the pace even more, slamming home so hard he drove grunts and small breaths of air from her lungs each time he bottomed out inside her.

He groaned and his body stiffened as he emptied himself into her and collapsed on top of her. He said something muffled against her neck, and even though she hadn't heard the word, she knew he'd said "Mine."

They lay intertwined, him still buried inside her. After a few minutes she tried to get up, but he wouldn't let her. He held her pinned, caressed her, and murmured to her in a language she didn't understand until eventually she dozed off.


"Why am I always naked around you?" Ember had gotten up and was searching for something to wear. Stryx had brought her from the boat wrapped in bed sheets, leaving her ill-fitting outfit behind.

Stryx smirked as he caught her hand and pulled her back into the bed. "Have I ever complained about your consistent lack of clothing around me? I think you should remain naked around me all the time. It will save you a ton of money since you wouldn't need to replace the clothing I tear off you." He ran a hand up her thigh, and over her hip, tracing her ribs until he cupped a breast possessively. "You don't need to buy clothes at all." He was hard again at the thought of keeping her naked all the time, and moved his hips against her.

She gasped as he played with her breast, rubbing his thumb over her nipple, teasing it into standing erect. She could feel herself slipping into the foggy lust that he always put her in. "Hang on," she said, grabbing his hand to stop his teasing. She pushed him, and he let her, but he took her with him, so she was lying on top of him. She pushed against his chest, and he reluctantly let her go. She sat up. "We need to establish some ground rules."

Stryx raised an eyebrow at her. "Ground rules? For what?"

"For us." She gestured between them. "For whatever this thing between us is."

Stryx lunged at her and knocked her back, trapping her under his weight. "Rule 1—You belong to me. Rule 2—your place is under me. Rule 3—You will never go anywhere without me. Rule 4—I will reward acceptance and obedience." He bit down on her breast, sending venom into her again.

This time the venom sensitized her, but she didn't let it take her under. She struggled against his hold. "Fuck you," she seethed.

"I like that. We'll make that Rule 5," he said, enjoying the way her hips were moving as she writhed under him.

She pushed against him, irritated again.

He let her go and watched as she fumed, searching for something to wear.

She was hungry and wanted to eat, and there was no way she was wandering around naked. She found one of Stryx's shirts and scooped it off a chair. It was better than nothing, and all she had until she found a way to get her stuff from her house. With the mage that had kidnapped her taken, maybe it was safe for her to go back to her place. She had to get out of here and find her sister.

She went into the bathroom and showered. She dried off and reluctantly put Stryx's shirt on. Back in the bedroom, she opened drawers, finding sweat pants and thick socks.

"I thought we said you would remain naked around me at all times." Stryx's eyes never left her as she moved around the room.

Ember snorted. "You said that. You said a lot of things you couldn't possibly be serious about."

"I meant every word of what I said." Stryx got out of bed and stalked her, catching her easily as she tried to stay out of his grasp. He sat on the bed and held her on his lap.

Ember gaped at him in shock. "What? So, I'm supposed to stay here, with no clothes, in your bed, under you, and just lay on my back, so you can spread my legs whenever you want?"

"Mmmmm, yes," Stryx moaned, letting his head fall to her chest. He trailed kisses along her collar bone. "That would be perfect."

"Absolutely not," Ember said, pushing on him.

"You can lay on your front and be on top sometimes," Stryx said. "I'm not completely unreasonable."

"You're completely missing the point!" Ember shouted. "Let go of me!"

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