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Jackson looked out of the airplane, he noticed the ice and snow covering some of the area lakes, one of them caught his eye. He noticed writing first, where someone swept snow off the lake's ice, forming a word: "Embrace." He scoffed realizing the word was the title of a huge "painting" of snow on ice. Jaded by years as a connoisseur, he tried to turn away, but he couldn't. As the plane continued on, he craned his neck to look just a bit more.

Jackson picked up his luggage unable, to erase the image from his mind. The "painting" was two figures melting into an embrace. The perfection in the curves, the arch of a back, and the strength in the hands seared themselves into Jackson's mind.

He swerved his car off the main highway searching for the lake. Sliding over ice for hours, he finally topped a hill and saw the lake.

He spotted a woman walking a snow blower off the lake. He stepped out of the car and shouted, "Please, I need to talk to you."

The woman looked at him.

"'Embrace,' it's the most beautiful thing I have seen."

The woman smiled and started walking.

"Wait, it's art, you'll be famous."

The woman shrugged her shoulders as wind whistled, shouting "I doubt it. Look it's cold out here, would you like some coffee?"

"I'd love it," he answered following her into the house.

Stepping inside, Jackson saw sketches and photographs distributed around the room. Initially they all appeared to be abstract images, but as he looked closer he found that they were all erotic images of either people engaged in some sex act or of sexual organs observed from odd angles in different types of light. Before Jackson could comment, the woman spoke.

"I've been working with a lot of sexual images, including the "Embrace" which you saw outside on the lake."

"They are interesting images," Jackson replied.

"Well, they disturb a lot of people so I've been working on some performance type of art, something that's not so permanent. That way I can display the art, but before the police arrive it is gone."

Jackson chuckled.

"You laugh, but I am serious. You see, I work with a few models around here that are very quick at getting undressed and dressed. They perform, then disappear. Often I'll record it photographically and then reproduce it in sketches or on ice."

"The 'Embrace'?"

She nodded saying, "The actual act took place as a shadow cast on a wall off Main Street. Here's the photo," she continued, showing me a black and white picture. In the photograph you could see not only the shadow, but also the two people locked in a naked and very erotic embrace.

"And you got away with this?"

"They saw the shadow, but couldn't figure out how I got the image up there. In fact, I planned to get another exhibition set up for this evening. Hey, you look like you'd look good in silhouette, want to join in."

"Sure," he answered.

"I was actually kidding you that time, but if you are really interested."

"What would it involve?"

"Well, you and a model would arrange yourself to simulate sex, in this case oral sex. With the lights on you, you move before the lights so the shadow appears to be having oral sex. Of course it is simulated sex you are engaging in, but if you are good enough at simulating the act most people will not be able to tell the difference. You still game?"

"For sure, if your other model is," Jackson answered.

"Oh she's game, but you'll have to be quick."

"No problem there," he replied, trying to remember the last time he had sex.

"Okay, meet me in town, by the café at about eight o'clock. We'll set up, I'll get the shot and then we move. Got it?"

"See you then."

Jackson met her at the café and the two immediately rushed inside a small building. The other model was naked and ready for him, so Jackson quickly removed his clothes. The artist adjusted the light and game the models a quick instruction.

"Once the light is on, you'll be kneeling, with your mouth near his cock. He'll then lean forward and you take him in and do what you do. Got it?"

The models nodded and moved into position. The artist turned on the light and rushed outside to photograph the shadows.

Jackson leaned forward and felt the model take his cock into her mouth. He couldn't see much because of the bright light, but whatever she was doing felt wonderful to him. Feeling her tongue move over the head, Jackson arched his back, pushing deeper into her mouth. She began sucking while grabbing his shaft in her hand and pumping.

Jackson moaned and spoke out, "I hope she's taking pictures cause... oh..." Jackson came, spurting his cum into the model's mouth. After the first spurt, she pulled back as he spurted again, this time toward her face and hair, the lights were just too bright to tell.

The artist rushed in with her camera in hand and shouted, "Quick put on the robes and grab your clothes, the van is waiting."

They grabbed their stuff and quickly moved into the van, the artist followed them carefully carrying the light. She tossed it inside and shouted, "Go." Tires squealed and the van pulled away. It was only then Jackson noticed the model toweling his cum off her face.

She looked at him and said, "She'll meet us back at the studio."

"Is that all there is?"

"For us. She'll have some work to do, but she'll pay us and we're on our way.

Jackson began to speak, "But..."

"It's all so fleeting," the model said, "like snow in wind." Tomorrow we'll be presented on the ice and then it will all blow away.

"Like "Embrace' did today?" Jackson said, remembering watching "Embrace" disappear in the wind. "All so fleeting," he repeated.

The model leaned over and kissed Jackson on the cheek.

Later, back at the studio, another woman stopped by and handed Jackson and the other model an envelope explaining that the artist had been delayed in her darkroom. When Jackson asked when she would be back the woman merely shrugged her shoulders.

He was unable to reach her that next morning so he reluctantly headed to the airport and boarded his flight home. Shortly after takeoff, he heard a bit of commotion coming from a number of passengers along his side of the airplane. Glancing out of the window he saw it so beautifully swept over the ice, it was the unmistakable silhouette of his cock disappearing into a woman's mouth. As shocked as the other passengers were, Jackson had to laugh. Long before any authorities could document this shocking bit of art or pornography, depenting upon your outlook, it would all be blown away.

As the image slowly drifted out of sight Jackson closed his eyes and whispered to himself, "So fleeting, so wonderfully fleeting."

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