I enter the room in my satin chemise, relishing the feel of the gown sliding across my body as I make my way towards the bed. With every step, the gown flutters, caressing my body, making me feel...sensual. I no longer lumber when I walk, like I do when I'm dressed in my male clothes. Instead, the feel of the chemise causes me to almost glide when I walk, moving in an almost circular fashion as I treasure the sensations the nightgown gives to my body. You're lying in the bed watching me, knowingly fascinated by my enjoyment of the experience of feeling feminine. "Beautiful," is all that you say as your eyes take me in. I get to the foot of the bed and start to crawl towards you, alongside your strong figure. You're wearing nothing but pajama bottoms. Your right hand behind your head and your right knee raised in a casual position as your essence draws me closer to you. With all the cat-like grace I can muster, I make my way up the bed until I am kneeling next to you.

"Lie down," is your gentle command and I slowly, luxuriously stretch out next to you on my side. My knees automatically curl up and I move close to you, laying my head on your chest and stretching my left arm across you to caress your taut abs and firm chest. I inhale you, taking in your scent, letting it infiltrate my mind, making me your woman. I can actually feel a small pulse of desire, both in my cock and in my rear, each one starting to ache in their desire to please you.

You bring your arm down and roll me onto my back. "Close your eyes," you say as you gently let your hand run down my face, pushing the hair from my wig away from my eyes and nose. Now you lay beside me as I am on my back. I can feel your heat as you're next to me. I feel the light touch of your fingers as they caress my arms, then my chest to tease my nipples through the satin. From the left nipple to the right nipple then back again...a light caress, a full cupping, a small pinch. Each touch brings a gasp, a breath, a shiver, a shudder to my body. Involuntarily, my back arches to keep my wannabe breasts in contact with you. My legs start to rub against each other as my whole body responds to your gentle caress. Your hand travels across my nightgown covered stomach, teasing at the tent made by my erect penis. My breath catches as you touch the reminder of my manhood. But you don't grab at it. Instead you caress it, letting the satin slide across your palm, across my cock, causing my hips to start a slow thrusting.

You don't stop me, but after a few thrusts, you move your hand away, parting my thighs. A small whimper escapes my mouth and I am surprised when I feel your hot breath on my ear, then a tease from your tongue and a nibble on my earlobe. I feel your tongue lightly tracing the path of my jaw until I know without seeing that you're hovering over my face...my mouth. I want you to kiss me. I want to taste you but I wait. My lips part and my breathing is shallow as I hope you can sense my desire for you. I am rewarded when you lightly brush your lips against mine and I feel the tingle through my body. I moan as you move away, but then you come back harder, but still gentle, as you kiss my lips, sucking on one then the other before teasing each one apart with your tongue and slowly inviting yourself in. My moans of pleasure are lost in your mouth. I am losing all sense of reality as you turn this way and that, tormenting me with your deep kisses.

With a second sense, I feel your hand continue to caress my leg, pulling it up so that the left leg is bent while you position yourself on top of me. I can feel you...your manhood...pressed against my hip as you stroke my leg, enjoying the silkiness with no hair in between your hand and my skin. I want to be so...embraced by you that my skin hums. Your change in position affects the feel of the nightgown against my manhood. The torment of your kisses and the touch of your hand makes me want to move. But I'm trapped under your weight, and there is no place else that I'd rather be. I grind my hips into you, begging for more, not wanting this experience to end. I feel you shift move on top of me and your weight is gone. "Come back," I beg in a whisper. "Please come back."

"Shh. Raise your hips." I want to rush to do as you say, but I don't want to lose the tension, the expectation of what is to come so I force myself to slowly adjust the to the position and raise my hips to you, for you. I feel you slide a firm pillow, a type of wedge beneath me so that my hips are easier to reach. I feel...exposed in this position and want you back to cover me, to bring me warmth. As I continue to reflect on the feeling of you, I can't help but notice the subtle movements of my body. My hips shift from one side to the other...just a little, almost imperceptible to others. But to me, it feels like I'm sliding across the world. My right hand moves to my mouth as I wonder if you were really there kissing me, letting your tongue make love to my mouth. My left hand moves to my chest, unconsciously mimicking your touches on one nipple, then the other. My body is alight with sensations I never knew existed as I wait for you, praying you'll come back. I dare not look because you never told me I could, but oh, how I wish you would.

Then, I feel your hands, cold and slick, eliciting a gasp from my mouth as your slide your fingers down my crack. Probing until you find my hole, tight and hot and twitching with desire. One finger plays at the opening, slowly caressing me, coating me, teasing me with a gentle push until you find me trying to force myself onto your finger. Deep in my head I know why you put me on my back instead of my knees. I have less leverage this way and no control over bringing you inside. But how I try. My attempts are rewarded as you slide your finger in... one... knuckle... at... a... time... until just one finger is inside me. The entry was so slow and rife with sensations that my grip on what's real is fading. You pull your finger out to the tip then insert it again. My mouth forms an "O" but no sound comes out. But as you slide a second finger inside, a moan escapes. Two fingers, pushing in, curling and pulling out...my hands fall to the sheets and begin to twist them and know them. (How can something so small feel so good?) A passing thought, hardly rational and barely conscious.

"Are you ready for me?" A tear escapes from my eye as I nod yes. My tear is not from pain or fear though. It's from the wanting of you, the craving of you, the wondering if I was ever going to have you, and the thankfulness that my desire would finally be fulfilled. I can feel you position yourself between my legs, near my waiting hips. I wait as you tease my hole with your manhood...poking at the entrance, sliding around it and I wish there was a way I could force you inside. I raise my legs and place them on your shoulders, dropping my first not-so-subtle hint of the night, but you push them back down. Another tear escapes my eye as I debate how someone so gentle could also be so cruel.

Then, there you are...pushing your way through my back door...gently yet firmly entering me...more rapidly than I expected, but with no malicious intent and no real pain. My eyes snap open and my mouth opens in a gasp and a cry of thanks. I feel every inch of you pushing deep inside then pulling out until I'm almost empty and aching for your affections. You lean down so that you're almost on top of me and I am thankful for the wedge because it keeps me close to you. My arms and legs move of their own volition, wrapping themselves around you and sealing me to you. I have no effect on you, not that I wanted one. You are still in control and I am riding you at your pace. Unintelligible sounds escape my mouth but I am beyond rational thought. There is only me filled with you, embracing you, loving you and being loved in return. (Is this love? Does it matter?) I am aware of my penis being pressed between us, a secondary rider experiencing primary pleasure. I can no longer think straight. I can barely think at all. Instead, I exist, feeling your thrusts...slow then fast...whatever your heart desires.

My eyes are open but unseeing. My ears hear nothing except your pleasure. My body is on fire and every touch, every caress produces a searing fire at the spot which extends to envelope my whole body. I think I feel you speeding up your thrusts, but I'm not sure. How long have you been in me? A minute? An hour? A day? A week? I don't know. I am not sure of anything other than my own desire to you. But my own pressure is building much too fast. I'm trying to hold on because I want you to cum first. I do. I do. I do. But I can't. The fire inside me burns and every thrust from you ignites me, sends me to a higher level until there is nothing more I can do. The fire inside me explodes in a combustion that spills all over our stomachs making us sticky and slick. But in my throes of ecstasy, I hold you tighter and you thrust faster...and faster...and faster...and faster until...for the second time tonight, my eyes burst open and a cry escapes my lips as an indescribable rumbling escapes yours and I feel you leave your mark in me...again...and again...until finally, you are still and the only sound is our breathing.

We lay there, unmoving. Me wrapped around you trapped inside of me. There is no time. There is no space. There is only us. I am aware of you shifting, but I have no idea where I am. Are those my legs and arms? Or do they belong to someone else? Is that your face I see? I have no idea. I only know that, at this moment, I am sated and fulfilled. And I will go to sleep a happy...

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how wonderful it that!

how wonderful it that!

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