tagGroup SexEmbracing Completion

Embracing Completion


To say that Stacy was shocked by the phone call was to put things rather mildly. She was very thrown back by it. Paul's idea was a bolt out of the blue, especially given how unhappy his marriage to Michelle seemed to be. However, to be honest, she really liked that he was a married man in some ways. Despite her guilt over the whole matter, regular sex with another woman's husband allowed her to have a boyfriend without some of the pressures connected to marriage. She certainly had no rush for him to leave his wife for her. Paul was a good man, and in her book, there was no reason to force a fellow woman to go looking for a replacement. It was very tough to find a man when one was a mom, as she knew very well.

Stacy had never been with a woman before, but the notion had its appeal as well. If they also happened to share the same man, well, then they would have something else to talk about. Furthermore, the guilt would be gone, now that the wife wasn't left out or deceived. She would like to actually get to know the other woman who meant so much to Paul and knew things about him. That would make it easier to improve their relationship, and in fact, she could also help Michelle with her husband.

The additional excitement of tasting female flesh for the first time wouldn't hurt, either. The three of them could be quite cozy and happy, balancing each other well, too. It was all a matter of how they arranged it. Wouldn't their love lives be better with this, due to extra intimacy and company? Stacy hoped that would be the case. There was no reason not to explore that possibility.

"Well, honey, I am more than willing to come over and talk about this. It's an idea that I'm a bit curious about, though it's rather unusual. You're sure that Michelle is cool with this?"

"She proposed that part herself, Stacy. It really would resolve the whole matter, if we can work it out. We are agreed that if I can fool around, so can she, as I said. That being so, it's much easier and simple to share our lover, as well as each other. Since you and I are already together, and the major reason that I accepted her right to have a lover was because I can't give either of you up, it's common sense that you should be that lover," Paul explained more.

"But didn't you say that she wants this Karen woman?"

"Yes, but she knows that she can't have her. That being so, you're the obvious choice for her paramour as well as mine. Think that you can get past your resentment of Michelle enough to give her a chance?"

"Well, yes, Paul. I will be right over and talk about it, as I said. Lucky for you that my kid is with his dad tonight. Maybe, if it turns out right, the three of us can have some fun to consummate our new arrangement. I am just surprised, though pleasantly. This is a very convenient solution, but a lot of women would be very opposed to it out of jealousy and anger. Even though who are willing to share might find the idea of sex with their husband's mistress a bit jolting. I guess that I'm lucky here, as are you," Stacy smiled, albeit with her jaws dropping.

"Spoken like the Stacy that I love so much. Michelle and I will be waiting for you, if not quite patiently. It should get interesting at work, too, shouldn't it? I hope that it changes for the better, of course," Paul teased her affectionately.

"I can imagine that it will. Fucking Michelle will definitely alter our office relationship. Alright, I'm on my way, baby," Stacy grinned as she changed into something a little nicer and made herself up a bit. She would dress to impress not only Paul, but his wife. She didn't want either of them changing their minds.

Once Stacy arrived, Paul and Michelle both greeted her with a kiss, which shocked her touch, but then Michelle had confessed to being bisexual. When the couple kissed each other in front of her, Stacy decided that talk was cheap and could wait for later. They were all clearly ready to accept each other as lovers.

Seeing that Michelle was nude, Stacy began teasing her with kisses from her neck down toward her sex, while Paul started undressing Stacy. With his mistress completely naked, he fondled her as he kept French-kissing his wife. Paul's fingers were already deep in Stacy's sex from behind by the time that she found the spot on Michelle that she most wanted to taste for herself. In moments, both women gasped as the one was fisted and the other orally serviced.

"Damn, Stacy, is this your first time, because you're doing this better than in my fantasies!" Michelle blurted.

"Stacy loves to give head, honey. Don't ya, babe?" Paul explained on behalf of his preoccupied lover.

"And here I thought that she wanted to talk first," Michelle remarked.

"Evidently, she found a better use for her mouth, I must say," Paul quipped in reply, even as he resumed kissing his spouse and started entering his paramour.

Despite his dislike of rubbers, the one that he used during anal with Michelle proved handy now, since it meant that he didn't have to wash his dick before fucking Stacy's cunt. Meanwhile, Paul's cock pushed Stacy's tongue further toward Michelle's pussy, as it darted in and out of her wet hole. The girlfriend also sucked from time to time on the clit of her lover's wife, making the woman squirm a bit with the sensation.

The wait for the first climax of the threesome wasn't long, as Michelle gushed into Stacy's mouth with her zesty juices. Not wanting to cum just yet, Paul withdrew from his mistress and penetrated his wife quickly, directing her in the meantime to go down on Stacy at last. Michelle was quite happy to oblige, since it allowed her a choice to try out what she both craved and feared: the flavor of another woman's butt-crack.

Stacy had no warning before Michelle spread her cheeks and licked away at her pucker, but she didn't exactly resist the tongue that ran along her crevice. Paul smiled and simply continued pounding away at his wife's pussy with his usual vigor. Michelle grunted a bit now and then, as she felt her husband slide in and out of her, but she didn't complain. The grunts were merely a reflexive response to the sheer force of his cock ramming her. Far from resenting it, she always enjoyed and welcome the experience. She also relished the new pleasures of a woman's asshole. She was officially hooked on rimming now, as was Stacy, who now came from the sensuality of a mouth on her bottom.

Hardly finished, Paul used the fact that his mistress had been orally lubricated his wife to stick his cock into her ass. Stacy had a virgin derriere, but she wasn't in the mood to decline her partner's advances in that way. She wanted to give him all of her body, including her ass, and they had talked about that recently, anyway. The actual moment of her first butt-fucking was no disappointment, in spite of the obvious pain in the initial entry.

"So, what do you want me to do, Paul?" Michelle interjected, not feeling neglected because he had started tasting Stacy's anal sweat and cum on her lips, but still determined to be included in the action to an equal degree.

"Would you object to ass-to-mouth, Michelle? After all, you just got done licking her tush, anyway," Paul suggested.

"You don't have to convince me, honey. As you can see, she clearly keeps her butt very clean and juicy. Just feed me your cock often enough between strokes. I'll keep you hard for a while," Michelle winked at her hubby, as she felt a thrill from the taboo idea of taking his cock straight from another woman's asshole.

If Stacy had any objections to Paul pulling out every few minutes to fuck Michelle's throat, before penetrating her backdoor again, she certainly didn't say so. If she felt a bit queasy, it was more due to being a few weeks pregnant than to the notion of ass-to-mouth or the reality that her ass was soon flooded with his cum. Nor did having Michelle clean the jism from her sphincter make her ill, for that matter. Not even kissing both Paul and Michelle afterward turned her stomach. Stacy even joined Michelle in sucking Paul's cock for a little while, before they all got tired and silently agreed to sit down for a bit.

"Well, anything that you really need to talk about now, Stacy?" Michelle finally broke the ice.

"Uh, yes, but not much. For the record, Michelle, I'm sorry if I hurt you. That wasn't my purpose. It was wrong to fuck your husband behind your back for a month or so. However, you know Paul. His virtues might not include fidelity, but he has a lot of other ones. He's a really great guy, so you must be a great gal to attract him and get him to love you.

"I also want you to know that I'll be happy to accept your proposition, as you can see. You're both great lovers, and I'd be a fool to give either of you up. I can see why Paul wouldn't want to leave you, and I never asked him to do so. I never wanted him to leave you, for that matter. I'm just not all that jealous by nature. So, if the two of you want to let me be part of your open marriage, that's fine with me. I'm honored and flattered that you would invite me. I'll do my best to make both of you happy about your decision. I already love Paul, and I could easily fall for Michelle, too, especially with that ass-licking fetish of hers. That really threw me, Michelle. It was indescribably delicious," Stacy opened up.

"Yes, it was!" Michelle exclaimed, clearly meaning the taste of Stacy's derriere, "Sorry for interrupting, though. Please continue."

"Thank you, sweetie. Well, there's one more issue. I'm pregnant. I suspected this when I failed to have my monthly ordeal, but the test that I took this morning confirmed it. Now, I'm a bit wild, I know, since I have a tendency to sleep with married men. That doesn't mean, however, that I'm not so promiscuous that I can't figure out how who knocked me up. This is Paul's baby. Luckily, it's still early enough that no harm was done tonight through some of our less sanitary acts. It's also early enough to terminate it, but I want to ask both of you a favor instead.

"I was going to give this baby up for adoption, Paul. That is, until tonight, when you called me up with this unusual proposal. Now, guys, I'm pretty sure that I want to keep the baby. Is there any way that we can all raise this child together as a family? Would you be this kid's stepmother, Michelle? Would you be his father, Paul? What do you think?" Stacy added, a bit nervous about what she was asking from them.

"I have no problems with that myself. What about you, Michelle?" Paul answered without any hesitation. He wanted a larger family, anyway.

"Hey, as long as I don't have to go through another pregnancy myself, knock yourself out, hon. My own health makes being pregnant myself too dangerous an experience to repeat, but I know that Paul would love to sire more children. This is an ideal solution, from what I can see. Everyone gets what he or she wants. You and Paul can have even more kids, if you wish. I don't mind being a stepmother or second mother, as it were, as long as you don't dump them on me totally. I'll even be there for your older boy," Michelle assured her.

"Thank you, sugar. So, now that we are agreed on this, what else is there to discuss?" Stacy replied gratefully.

"Well, I think that it's best for all concerned to limit this relationship to the three of us. There's no need for other partners, in my view. I think that Michelle concurs with me on this. What do you say to this, Stacy? Just the 3 of us? A proper triad, if you please. I know that I haven't been the most faithful man in the world, but I strongly believe that you gals will keep me so busy and happy that I won't have the time or energy for other women," Paul encouraged them.

"Well, that would be a very stable family arrangement, I think. How about you, Stacy? Want to make it basically a three-way marriage, exclusive to those of us already involved?" Michelle smiled at the mistress that her husband now shared with her.

"Works for me, lovers. I'm not too worried about how faithful either of you are to me, but I'm like Paul on that matter. I can't picture myself having the extra libido for more than two partners. I think that we three can keep each other satisfied, sexually and romantically. I'll be virtually a second wife, won't I, except that I'm not living with the two of you," Stacy giggled in reply.

"Well, that can be fixed, too, if you want. I know that Paul might have hesitated to suggest this yet for reasons of awkwardness given the unconventional deal that we are making with each other, but I have no problem with you moving in with us. In fact, your pregnancy would make it an excellent idea, I should say. Besides, it would give all 3 of us even easier access to each other. When you're too sore for actual sex, the two of us can orally pleasure you, until you have healed from childbirth enough to resume. You can also return the favor, I think. Hell, you can still take it in the ass more frequently this way," Michelle observed.

"Well, it's fine with me. How does that sound to you, Stacy?" Paul asked her, not doubting her reaction.

"Hell, yes! We can even share the same bed, I think. It's large enough for three people, right?"

"Well, we got it when both of us were a bit larger, so that comes in handy here. It's quite big, indeed. You'll even have some wiggle room, so to speak. If it hadn't, we'd probably have had to line your bed up with ours, but that won't be necessary. Are we all agreed, then? A family of three adults and any offspring from our group marriage?" Paul interjected.

"Agreed," Stacy smiled.

"With pleasure," Michelle stuck her tongue out at both of them teasingly.

"Hey, don't offer something that you're not ready to deliver, girlfriend," Stacy taunted her.

"Who says that I'm not ready, darling?" Michelle answered by kissing her in front of Paul.

"You gals get as nasty as you wish, but don't forget me. I'll hard soon enough to take care of you," Paul chuckled at his own demand.

"Not soon enough for me, hon. Stacy, let's get him too busy to cause trouble. He needs to put his stiff dick where his mouth is, anyway. Well, Paul, baby, are you just bragging, or do you have something for us?" his wife playfully needled him, as Stacy and she approached him in a mock-threatening manner.

"Well, outnumbered as I am, I don't see the wisdom of resisting you girls," Paul groaned as his women attacked his cock with their tongues.

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