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Emerald Girls Ch. 03


Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction that should not be viewed by persons under the age of 18. If you are under 18 or the legal age in your district, state or country, leave now. That means you Mike.

All persons engaging in sexual activity in this story are of age 18 years and over. Anyone younger is simply plot narrative.

I do not own the rights to Star Wars or any related media, all rights belong to Disney. All characters are my own creations based on the franchise. Loosely based.

Alright, disclaimer done, Mike gone, get reading.


He arrived at the venue about half an hour after sunset. The Zabrak guard was probably about to try and scare him off until he showed him the admission ticket, after which he was surprisingly courteous. Offering to look after his money for him, Jack accepted so that he could browse, without having to worry about his cash being stolen. The Zabrak also called round a valet to park his speeder for him, so Jack gave him the key and walked in.

Despite the entrance being unassuming the interior was decorated in intricate patters of holo lights, all variations of the colour purple, giving the atmosphere a sensual vibe. It was clear why this theme had been chosen, as the room was full of alluring women in sexy costumes.

The only difference between the room and a strip club was that all these women had large, leather collars on and cuffs on their wrists and ankles, which were connected to chains leading to the floor and the ceiling, forcing them to stand in a spread eagle position, perfect for inspection.

As he was about to step onto the exhibition floor, the Zabrak handed him a data pad with a list of the slaves up for auction that night. He decided to only look at it for specific details after he had had a browse but noted there were over 50 slaves for sale tonight.

As he walked around he saw several prime examples of the female gender from multiple species, including togrutas, zeltrons, twi'leks, a few humans and even a chiss, a rare species with blue skin and red eyeballs. Despite the eyes unnerving him, Jack resolved to bid on her, as the Hutt would most likely be enthusiastic to own a member of such a rare species.

He checked the data pad and saw she was the equivalent of 25 years old and had been captured 3 years ago. Young but too old for his taste, he figured what ever torture had been forced upon her couldn't be undone easily. The best way to help her would probably be to put her in the Hutt harem, where the Hutt would probably forget about her quickly and he could then get Red and Yellow to take care of her.

Good slim figure, short at 5'5, nice tits and ass and her long black hair pulled back into a neat pony tail showed she had a decent face too. Given the surprising lack of interest in her, he wouldn't have to offer much to win. Come to think of it, what was everyone looking at anyway? Looking around, he saw the buyers seemed drawn to one particular exhibit near the centre of the room.

'Must be that ultra quality slave the Hutt mentioned.' Thought Jack. Moving over to the crowd he found it too difficult to see what they were looking at, as no one wanted to let him through, even when he showed them the Hutt ID, but she was some kind of green alien from what he could see. He decided to look at her later and continued to browse around.

After finding a few more slaves he thought would please the Hutt, he was growing increasingly frustrated. He had looked at plenty of women, many of them Twileks, but just like Red and Yellow, they had the bodies of goddesses, but they weren't quite what he was looking for. At least if the Hutt was pleased with his purchases for his harem, he would probably be sent to the next one. Maybe he'd find what he was looking for then.

Then he realised that most of the other buyers had left the room. Looking at the time he realised that the auction was going to begin in about 20 minutes and he supposed they had moved to the auction hall to get a good seat. The Hutt had reserved the best seat for his representative so Jack didn't have to worry about that.

Then he realised that that if most of the crowd had left then the ultra slave was probably unblocked now and he could find out what she was. He moved over to where she was and was met by another guard, a male Duros this time, standing next to it.

'Sir, should't you be finding a seat in the auction hall?' Asked the Duros.

'I'm the Hutts representative. I have a reserved seat.'

'Oh right. I saw you earlier looking around. I would have thought the Hutt would have been very interested in this lot.'

'Yeah I figured save the best for last, let the others have a look while I check out the other girls.' replied Jack, trying to sound as if he knew what he was doing.

'Smart. Given how much attention this items been given, I doubt any of them know what else is up for bid. Personally I'm probably gonna bid on that togruta over there. With what there paying me, plus the bounties, I've claimed lately I can easily get her.'

He pointed to an attractive orange woman in her late 20s or very early 30s with long white and blue head tails.

'Little old isn't she?' Jack felt a little sick talking about her like that but he had to make an impression.

'Yeah but I probably don't have long left anyway.'

'Fair enough. So what is this special slave anyway?'

The guard grinned. 'See for yourself.'

He stepped out of the way and Jack stepped forward. Unlike the other slaves, this ones stage was set about a metre and a half into the ground. Looking down, Jack almost fell in in shock.

Standing down there in the tiniest pieces of fabric that could be remotely considered clothing and wearing high heels so tall she was essentially on tiptoe, was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. But there wasn't just one woman. There were three. He now understood what made this item so spectacular.

Twi'leks came from a planet called Ryloth, a dry, rocky world where food was scarce. As such having a big family was something that had evolved out of Twi'lek genes a long time ago, to help survive the harsh environment. Having more than one child in less than two years was rare enough. Twins happened once in a blue moon. Triplets were practically unheard of. Yet here he was looking at the proof.

On the stage below, each on a rotating disks, were three emerald green twi'leks, completely identical to each other. The same height, tall, probably about 5'10'' without the heels, same rich, healthy skin colour, lustrous bright green that matched the spring plains of Naboo, widely considered one of the most bountiful planets in the universe.

The same bodies with proportions that most women would kill to have, with bigger breasts than even Red and Yellow, who had had the biggest Jack had ever seen, which sat high on their chests without any hint of sagging or drooping, just two massive round orbs that stood out proudly from each of their chests.

Moving down their bodies curved into narrow waists, with flat, taut stomachs, each leading down to wide, perfectly curved hips and a bare mound above their pussies, which a thigh gap allowed full view of. As the platforms turned Jack could see they each had a perfect curve in their flawless backs, leading down to an ass that could make even the most ruthless mans heart skip a few beats. Round and firm, they led down to three sets of long, toned, dancers legs that seemed to go on for miles.

The only clothing they wore were the heels, a purple thong so small it could barely cover their pussies, and did nothing to conceal their voluptuous asses, and two purple strings attached to their collars which ran along the tops of their full, perky breasts, finally ending in two micro sized triangular pieces of purple fabric that hid only half of their dark green nipples and areola.

Looking up at their faces, they all had the same perfectly sculpted face, full lips, cute nose, perfect cheeks, lustrous green eyes, with painted on green eyebrows and the distinctive ear cones the females of their species had instead of ears. They had long head tails too, or 'lekku' as was the proper term, smooth as marble, just like the rest of their bodies, with no creases (which were signs of low intelligence or illness) that hung down to the small of their backs.

Usually the base of the lekku would be adorned with a head set that was mean to stop the twi'leks from using their prehensile lekku, which they used as part of their native language, but given how docile they appeared to be, their heads had been decorated in some kind of transparent purple silk hood, with two silk band running in a crisscross pattern along their lengths.

They were all restrained the same way too, their arms and legs cuffed at the ankles and wrists, with chains attached between their restraints and two poles either side of each twi'lek, keeping them in the spread eagle position.

'Incredible aren't they?' Asked the duros.

Jack could only nod, his moth slightly agape. The duros laughed at the young mans reaction.

'Yeah that was pretty much all anyone else could do after looking at them too.'

Realising what he had meant Jack shut his mouth and rubbed his eyes before turning back to the Duros.

'Twi'lek triplets?'

'Just check the data pad.'

Loading up the data sheet, Jack discovered that their status as triplets was genuine. Records showed they were born to a high quality slave that the slaving group had owned and started their training at a very young age.

The records showed that the slavers hadn't shirked on expenses, using top equipment, diet plans, exercise regimes and non-surgical, naturalist cosmetic treatments to bring out the most alluring look possible with out invasive body changing surgery. Everything about the girls was all natural, just enhanced by their treatments. They were all just a few months younger than himself.

But the discipline record was there two, listing every punishment they had received. Jack winced as he saw the list of whippings, canings, beatings and some more exotic ones like water bondage, temperature torture and a few cases of electricity being involved. Looking at them, it was obvious that the poor girls had learned from their experiences.

Jack didn't know wether to be disgusted or impressed at how well the girls lives had been documented. Further down, the dates between punishments got further and further apart, probably after they learned to be more obedient. The byline read "guarantied docility, will perform any order the master/mistress orders without question".

Jack looked at the next page and saw it was a list of skills the girls had been trained in, both sexual and non-sexual. Jacks eyes widened as he saw the list.

Some of the skills he had expected to see were on the list, stuff like extensive dancing, massage and house care training, but he wasn't expecting them to have been trained in things like cooking, mixology, maths, medicine, transport maintenance, piloting, textiles, record keeping, gardening and even combat training, along with six different languages.

The list went on. It seemed that beyond their looks, these were three very talented girls as well. Especially when it came to sex. Jack couldn't believe the list of sexual skills they had been taught, noting quite a few he'd never heard of before.

'Damn. No wonder I was told this was an ultra quality item.'

The duros grinned.

'Glad to see someone looking with his brain as well as his balls. Their more than just pretty faces.'


'By the way, for a fee, I can let you down there for ten minutes for a more.. intimate inspection. No penetration though. Their all still virgins and I've been ordered to keep it that way. Already had to throw one guy out because he couldn't control himself. Luckily no harm was done to the merchandise.'

Jack didn't even hesitate. He still had 12 minutes before the auction started and he wanted to see as much of these three as he could. After he handed the duros the fee, the guard opened a gate and Jack climbed down the stairs to the girls stage. The duros stopped the rotating platforms so that all three were facing him. They all subtly peeked up at him apprehensively. Obviously some of the fee payers hadn't been too gentle with them tonight.

He approached slowly so as to keep them calm. But by the time he reached them, they were all taking fast, shallow breaths that caused their breasts to jiggle on their chest. That sight almost caused any restraint Jack had to crumble, but he held himself together for both his and their sakes. He didn't want to scare them.

Looking at them, he couldn't decide which to look at first. He decided on the one in the middle first and walked up to her. The twi'lek had her head bowed and her eyes down, the standard place for a slave to look when in the presence of a free being. Feeling a little uncomfortable by this, he gently put a hand to her face and raised her head. Her her eyes stayed down for a few seconds until they finally flickered up up to his own.

The twi'lek was surprised. This man was younger than the others who had looked at her and her sisters. He had a different look in his eyes. He didn't have the lecherous or calculating look all the others had. She didn't know what that was in his eyes but whatever it was it was soothing and nice.

She suddenly realised she had been making eye contact, something her trainers had constantly admonished and punished them for, but he didn't seem angry with her. In fact, he seemed pleased that she was doing it. This was completely foreign behaviour to her.

She was tempted to say something but knew that if she did the shock collar would activate, something that had already happened twice tonight. She didn't want it to be three. Instead she slowed her breathing and leaned slightly towards him. She was testing the waters, as she knew appearances could be deceiving and that how he handled her would show what his intentions truly were.

Jack caught the twi'leks subtle offering and realised what she was telling him. She wanted to see how he would treat her, would he be kind or would he be cruel, as he suspected every other buyer was.

Moving his hands to her shoulders, he slowly traced them down her sides, feeling them curve inwards at her waist before swelling outward at her hips. He stopped there and, moving around so he was to the girls left, moved his left hand back up to her breasts and his right one round to rub her ass.

He right one reached its target first, where he started making big, slow circles with his palm over her green buttocks. He noticed her start to relax under his massage and he ran his other hand up her flat tummy to caress her left tit and started kneading it gently.

Amazed by both its volume and its firmness, Jack marvelled how such an incredible body could exist, never mind there being three. Thinking that, Jack looked over at the girl on the other side of his now softly moaning twi'lek.

She was looking at her sister with something akin to amazed wonder. From the look on her face it was obvious these girls never got treated like this during training. He looked over his shoulder at the third girl and saw the same expression on her face.

Jacks heart began to ache. Though he had been trying to suppress his bias in the topic of slavery, he found that he couldn't anymore, not looking at how these girls reacted to positive emotions. Looking over the edge of the pit, he could see the heads of the other slave girls.

Jack wished he could help them all but he just couldn't. He didn't have enough money to buy them all at auction for one. That was the problem with auctions, the price kept going up. And what would he do even if he could?

He was no therapist, he couldn't help these women integrate into society, not even the ones who had been abducted into this life. That kind of trauma ran deep and he wasn't the kind of person who could help them work through it.

Besides how could he have supported 50 women, even with his farm? He would have been bled dry trying to do that. To add to that, his farm didn't have the room for that either. No, even though it was a noble thought, it was still a foolish one. Those poor girls would probably end up in worse conditions with him than what they were sure to get from the other buyers here.

But these three seemed different. Besides the fact they were the most attractive slaves here tonight, they seemed more responsive to new emotions and practices, like good treatment. If they could be shown how a good existence could be lived, maybe, with a bit of luck, he could give them a decent future.

They certainly seemed responsive enough to learn. And it would certainly help solve his own problems along the way. And, after all was said and done, he'd at least have done something morally decent with his life.

Moving his attention back to the girl he was fondling, he noticed her breath had quickened and her her cheeks were flush. She was really enjoying herself. Moving around so that now he was behind her, his right hand moved to her front, running over her hips, down her mound to finally reach her now wet pussy. Knowing her couldn't take off her thong without voiding his time, he started massaging her pussy lips through it and increased the pressure on her breast. She responded with more audible moans and began to writhe in his arms.

Steadily increasing his pace and pressure, she started moaning louder and went from writhing to thrashing around in her bonds. Her sensitivity was amazing. It had taken at least three times as long to get this kind reaction from other girls, even Red and Yellow. If the other two were the same as their sister, then these three were extremely sexual, possible multi-orgasmic young women.

His girl was quickly approaching climax, so he focused his attention back on her, rubbing and fondling her with more vigour. She stopped moaning and started hyper ventilating, short, sharp breaths until her eyes closed tight and she let out a long, slow, loud moan, her voice dripping with raw ecstasy. Her whole body tensed up, her heels left the floor and he could feel her drenched pussy spasming through her underwear. By the time she finally came down, she had managed to flood her panties and create quite the mess on the floor.

Jack rubbed as much fluid onto his index and middle finger as he could. Then, moving around to her right, he raised his throughly soaked fingers to her mouth. Her head was drooping and her eyes were hooded. But her face had a look of complete bliss on its absolutely divine features. Jack gently pressed his fingers to her mouth and she opened her lips to let them in.

When he had pushed his fingers all the way in she began to suck on them. He could feel her tongue dancing and swirling over them, licking all her sex juices off them. It felt amazing. These girls were well trained enough that even when they weren't fully aware of themselves, they could still give incredible pleasure, something Jack was full appreciating right now. When she was done and he retracted his fingers, she gave him a lopsided, yet endearing smile before closing her eyes and going limp.

Feeling extremely pleased with his results, Jack looked at the other two girls. Rather than the meek demeanour they had when he first approached them the both seemed eager for a go with him and were looking at him with excitement. Jack turned and look up at the duros, who was looking down at him impressed.

'Haven't seen anyone ever get a result like that from them! Nice job kid.'

'Yeah. I'm gonna bid on them myself. Their too good to waste away in a hutts harem.'

The duros frowned.

'I doubt you have enough pay form an enforcer job for these three.'

Jack could tell that the twi'leks were listening intently to their conversation.

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