tagGay MaleEmerson and the Lion Ch. 07

Emerson and the Lion Ch. 07


The next day I woke up in Samir's arms. He'd held me the whole night. I slept so well, but woke up realizing it wasn't my lion who held me. Samir wasn't as bulky, didn't hold me with the same urgency. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend.

Ashkan woke me up with a finger pressed to his lips. The lion wasn't to be woken. He helped me wiggle out of Samir's arms and we went to make his breakfast. He guided me to make an omelette with vegetables and some of the leftover steak from last night. I sliced up fresh fruit and Ashkan showed me how to put together a grocery list to order food and plan for meals.

Then I saw a sudden look of alarm on Ashkan's face. The bedroom door flew open and Samir ran out in a pair of red briefs with a healthy tent in front. He looked at me and breathed a sigh of relief, but then his eyes flashed anger. He came towards me looking upset. He clutched his phone, typed furiously, and then waved it in front of my face, "Do not leave my bed without waking me up to let me know. Ali would never forgive me if I lost you. Never leave my side without permission. Never!"

I nodded, feeling guilty. Ali would never have typed in anger to me. Ashkan waved and mouthed something. He probably apologized, took responsibility. Samir kissed my cheek and hugged me good morning as his anger subsided. He settled in at the kitchen bar and I put his plate in front of him. It looked so pretty. We made his strong, Arab coffee. Ashkan had left it black. I made smaller omelettes for me and for Ashkan and we ate after Samir had finished. He pulled me into his lap and played on his phone as I ate. He said he liked the breakfast, we did a good job.

We went to the gym after cleaning up. Samir put us through routines he thought would be appropriate. He kept coming over, increasing or decreasing my running rate as he saw fit. He was carrying around the weights as he pumped and stretched through his routine. He had on a tight blue tank top and tiny white shorts that showed off his proud physique.

Ashkan kept eyeing Samir with astonished looks as he lifted weights as though Ashkan himself wasn't almost as buff. I knew what he was doing, Samir might have too, but he blushed every time Ashkan squeezed his arm muscles or touched his abs. Ashkan definitely knew the art of customer service.

It did, however, cause Samir to lose focus on my speed and I ended up jumping off when he left it on super fast for too long as he walked over to flex for Ashkan. I doubled over and coughed, gasping for air.

I felt Samir lift me up off the rubber mat of the gym and into his arms like Ali did. He certainly wasn't lacking much in his brother's strength or maybe I was just smaller than I realized. He sat down on the weight bench and put me in his lap and rubbed my back. Ashkan brought me a cold bottle of water and wiped me gently with a towel. Samir took out his phone and typed, "Oh baby, I'm so so sorry. I promise that won't happen again."

When I was breathing normally again, Samir carried me up to the hotel suite and started undressing me in the bathroom. I held on firmly to my jock when that was all I had left on my body. He nodded with understanding and then left me alone to shower. Ashkan came in with clean clothes when I'd finished.

After we cleaned up, Ashkan took me to unpack everything Samir had brought. He insisted on messing up all the clothes to show me how Ali prefers things get folded or hung. He liked sharp corners, pressed, put away by color. While we worked, I typed out what had happened the night before.

I typed to Ashkan all about Samir's wet dream, grinding into me, shooting on me. I didn't mind it, but I worried that he was a man with endless needs. I was Ali's to touch, but Samir couldn't help his dreams. He hadn't tried to touch me in Ali's places. Ashkan understood. He told me not to worry. He said he would make sure that tonight when Samir came to bed that he would be properly satisfied and exhausted.

I hugged him. He said it would be best to not speak of this ever again. We couldn't risk embarrassing Samir. It was something his body couldn't help. A lion of his age needed regular hunting.


I didn't get my facechat time with Ali that afternoon. He texted me to say he was so close and had uncovered a lot of information. We texted back and forth. My stomach twisted up at the thought of not seeing him, even electronically, that day. I was disappointed, but he said he needed to finish things up and he would be with me soon.

Ashkan must have believed I'd have full session time with Ali. When I poked my head out, there was no one in the living room or kitchen. The room was nearly dark and I saw light coming from the guest room. I walked over and saw the door was ajar. I pushed on it a little and saw movement. Curiosity forced my hand to push a little more and I saw Samir's smooth, dark backside completely exposed.

Samir was facing away from me and was working furiously. He had Ashkan bent over the bed and was ramming into him from behind. Samir grabbed Ashkan's head by the hair and roughly pulled on it. Ashkan's head popped up and his eyes caught mine. He lifted off the bed as Samir rammed him hard. I saw Ashkan's cock, hard and bouncing between the bed and his stomach. Like the other men, he had something to be proud of.

Samir was slapping Ashkan's ass hard and pulling and pushing him by the hair. It looked painful and I wondered how Samir could do that to someone. It was so opposite the gentle and sweet nature his brother took me. I wanted to yell for him to stop. I didn't understand how anyone could enjoy this. Ashkan caught my eye. He shot me an evil stare and nodded his head for me to move away. He didn't want Samir to know I was watching. Maybe Ashkan was ashamed of being hurt like this. I felt disgust twist my stomach. I backed away into the shadows, nearly stepping on Kadir's paw.

I guess this is what he meant about taking care of Samir. I felt badly for Caleb after seeing Samir with another, but also felt glad that Samir's needs would be taken care of. He gave up a lot to come here and protect me. He deserved to be serviced properly.

Samir kept pounding away at Ashkan. He was getting rougher with him. He smacked him hard on the ass as he pulled him by the hair. Ashkan just kept opening his mouth, probably making all kinds of sounds to make Samir feel like the proud lion he was becoming.

At one point, Samir withdrew completely, waving his thick, proud cock at Ashkan's hole before driving in at full force til he bottomed out. Ashkan's body went stiff, but just momentarily. He was a professional. He relaxed and started trying to ride Samir to let him know he could take more. He turned his head back and said something with a smile. How could he enjoy this? It must have been an act to please his master.

I wondered if this is what Ali meant about the way he had sex with Ashkan. He said it was not like the way we did things together. It was more about domination. He'd said Ashkan was the type that begged for it. That was certainly true.

Ali had never taken me from behind. He said he needed to see my face, look me in the eyes to make sure I was doing ok. He said he loved to watch my eyes, my lips, my chest as he drove into me. He needed to know he was making me feel good and not just himself. Ali always told me, "You come first, you always come first." This is part of what he meant. He always made sure I felt good with what we did.

How could Ashkan like it so rough? Samir was riding him like an animal, he reached down and twisted Ashkan's nipple, then he put two fingers from each hand into the sides of Ashkan's mouth and pulled him back harshly. I didn't like this, but I couldn't do anything to help him.

Samir pulled hard on Ashkan's hair, pulling his neck and back up painfully as he slammed all the way inside him. I saw Samir's face screw up, just like his brother. I knew what it meant. He pumped a few more times and filled Ashkan with his reward. He sped up as he filled the servant. It was brutal to shove that big of a cock inside someone without gentle care.

He unloaded all he had as he smacked Ashkan's firm ass. He was pulling hard on Ashkan's shoulders to put as much as he could inside him. He rammed him forcefully and then, spent, collapsed onto the bed. Ashkan started to lie down next to him, maybe seeking a cuddle, but Samir pushed him away. He leaned towards Ashkan and spit on his cheek.

He laid there for a minute, recovering. He gave his nuts a scratch and then started to sit up. I backed away, but he caught me looking. He looked suddenly furious, and then guilty. He jumped up and reached towards the doorway with a sudden look of panic, but I backed away and ran to the bedroom.

I jumped to lay on the bed and started to play around with my phone like I had been there the whole time. I realized I was fully hard and covered it with a pillow. Kadir laid next to me and put his head down lazily. He's always the good accomplice.

Samir came in ten minutes later wearing a pair of tight electric blue briefs. He had a towel slung over his shoulder. He must have showered in the guest room. He finished drying his hair and tossed the towel on the floor knowing it would get picked up by one of his two subservients.

He slid in next to me and put an arm around me, I slid over to snuggle into his chest. He took my phone and typed, "I need a nap, baby boy, nap with me?" I nodded and put my face against his heartbeat like I did with Ali.

He slipped my phone into the waistband of his briefs and hugged me tightly.

I snuggled into his chest and he wrapped both arms around me, rubbing my back gently. I eyed the phone poking out of his briefs. I wanted to reach for it, but didn't want to send a confusing signal to Samir. I need Ali to explain all of this to me.

Samir rolled over on his side, pushing me off of him and rolling me over. He had my back to his chest. I felt his hands push my shirt up and off. He tossed it across the room and pulled me into him. He has an arm across my chest and another across my tummy. He put his lips against my bare shoulder. He nuzzled his nose into my neck like Ali does. He gave my earlobe a lick.

I started to shiver, but Samir interpreted it as me being cold. He reached for a folded blanket and tossed it over us. It brought an awkward intimacy that shouldn't be there. He held me tighter and rubbed my chest and tummy. I felt him breathing, so gently, on my ear.

He'd been so brutal in the other room, taken Ashkan so harshly. Yet here he was being sweet and loving with me. I couldn't reconcile the contrasts. He was growing from boy to man, playing both sides. His hold felt desperate, needing to confirm he could be the warm and sweet boy I had come to know.

He started to nibble on my neck and half of me wanted to close my eyes and pretend it was Ali. I missed him so much and the warm cave of muscles surrounding me felt all too familiar. But it wasn't him.

I reached behind me and touched his side. Ali had said they were "obliques" when he put me through an exercise to develop them. Samir's were perfect, of course. I wanted to reach down for my phone. I needed to text Ali. I knew he was busy, but I needed him.

Samir's hand reacted quickly to my touch, he put a hand over mine and guided it down to his hip. My fingers touched the waistband of his electric blue briefs. They were pretty skimpy and I felt his dick bulging against the back of my shorts. The material was so soft, thin, stretchy. Ali always put me in things like this, touchable, comforting.

This was all sending him the wrong message.

I tried to pull my hand back, but he held it firmly for a few seconds. We froze there and then he let my hand go. Maybe he thought for a second about what he was trying to do with his brother's cub. I pulled my hand back to my chest. I felt him wiggle around and then I saw his hand return in front of me holding the phone. He kept me there in his arms, holding the phone for both of us to see.

"Why did you stop? Did I upset you, little cub?" he typed to me.

"I'm scared. I just wanted to get the phone to text Ali," I typed back.

"Scared of what? Nothing can hurt you here, little cub. I would never let anything happen to you," Samir didn't get it.

"You hurt Ashkan," I typed.

Samir took the phone and turned on the voice+text chat so he could speak while I read and typed.

"I did? How? Oh! You mean what we were doing? He's fine. He's happy as a bird. I let him have some wine while working on dinner. That's just how cubs like him like things. It's what he is in to. Trust me, he shot a number of times with me tearing him up. It's how he expects to be taken," Samir assured.

"No, that's not how it's supposed to be. That's now how Ali does things," I typed back, knowing he desperately followed Ali's footsteps.

"That is how Ali fucks YOU. You have only known that way. You are an innocent. I saw him with Ashkan a few times, heard it from the next room. Trust me, I was mild. Who do you think taught me how to dominate him like that? You are for gentle love, Ashkan is not. It's not what he likes," Samir tried to explain.

"Doesn't he want someone to hold him and kiss him? You pushed him away," I asserted.

"He wouldn't respect me if I was gentle with him. I am the master of the house now. I am not a boy. He respects lions. He craves their attention. He has been with many. You don't understand these things. Ali has kept you innocent, naive. I would too if you were mine. I wouldn't let you near cubs like Ashkan," Samir kissed my neck.

"If you were mine, you wouldn't be in this danger in the first place. Ali is like my father, always trying to do things peacefully, the gentle doctor. My grandfather was a warrior. He built this empire, ruled the partnership. No one would ever cross us. My father is the one who stepped back, let other lions step up. Business was never his path. Ali is better, but still tries to follow father's path. And look where we are, hiding out in Africa." Samir continued.

"Ali is keeping me safe. He loves me," I took the phone and interrupted his speech.

"Any man would love you. Many would kill for your sweet embrace. You are the right combination of small but strong, beautiful but silent, weak but loyal. I would have crushed Izem before he even got a chance to get near you. Izem is a spoiled man with a lousy mind for business. Ali shouldn't have offered to help him and make a deal. He should have taken what he wanted and rooted Izem out of business. That's what I would have done," Samir was getting angry.

I didn't understand that. "This world is so foreign to me. Nothing makes sense here," I typed.

He sighed into my ear, kissed down my neck, and rested his lips on my shoulder.

"I know, little one," he typed, "You are too soft for this kind of life. If you were mine, I would keep you at home, behind the walls. You wouldn't know about any of this. You would only know the happiness of your cage. I would come home every day and be refreshed by you. Things should be kept simpler. You haven't left this hotel in many days and you are perfectly happy."

"Do you want that with Caleb? It seemed like you really liked him," I typed.

"Caleb likes to play roles. He played the cub, but I was definitely not his first. I do care for him, but he is too independent. He could never be happy in my world for long. He is beautiful though. When we were together I kept trying to fuck the pride out of him, but all I did was make him squirt. He asked if he could fuck me too. That's when I knew he wasn't going to change," Samir was getting hard again. I felt it poking my bottom.

"Eww!," I blushed and laughed. "That's like my brother!"

"Yes, sorry, sweet one. I should not be so vulgar with you," Samir laughed, not sorry in the least, "But then when you guys found out the whole story, he looked at me like I was the one that did all this. I didn't lure him over here from Los Angeles. Izem lured you. Ali stole you. You invited Caleb. I found him on Ali's bed."

"That sums it up pretty nicely," I typed with a laugh.

"Well I had nothing to do with it. Caleb wouldn't have ever been chosen for the program anyways. He is too... gay and loud. Most cubs are either straight or... well not quite so loud," Samir laughed and the app wrote "ah ah ah."

"I told him all of this on the way home after we dropped you and Ali off at the airport," Samir continued. "I told him it wasn't fair to punish me for it. He agreed, said he needed time to think, said he was sorry for hurting my feelings. Then he just got pissed at me all over again when I wouldn't take him with me to Casablanca to meet up with you."

"I told him it was for his safety. I told him that if he wouldn't go home to the safety of Los Angeles, then he should stay with Ali and my family until things were safe. He was pretty angry when I left. He gets angry too quickly. He uses words a good cub would not."

"He wouldn't leave me when I'm in danger," I typed.

"As I told you," he said, stroking my hair, "Any man would fight for you. Izem will fight for you too... If Ali fails, he may win... Then you would go home."


The next few days went a little easier with Samir and Ashkan. We got into a routine of Samir working while Ashkan and I cleaned, cooked, worked out, and split the duties of making him happy. Ashkan was getting regular visits from Samir and I was always the after cuddle. I went back to working on my Arabic reading and writing lessons. I had no idea what would happen to my classes. I'm pretty sure I would just fail for this semester. I had missed so much.

Kadir seemed happy here. He had the large terrace to run and play and do his business. Samir and I spent afternoons out there with him. Samir on his laptop, me on the tablet lessons with breaks to throw Kadir's toy or run around with him.

Communications with Ali were few and far between. He texted me randomly, asking how I was doing. I tried to keep it happy for him. I didn't want him to worry. He was talking more with Samir on the phone. I was jealous for information, but Samir didn't give much. He told me it was not mine to worry about. I wanted to complain to Ali about it, but Samir was always there, reading our texts. He'd keep my phone in his pocket or his underwear when we slept.


Ashkan woke me up one morning with excitement. Samir stirred and rolled on to his back, pulling me with him. I pushed up off his chest as Ashkan was saying something with a big smile. I looked at Samir who simply nodded, stone-faced. Samir waved Ashkan on and he left the room. I looked up at him expectantly, but he just shook his head.

I pulled at Samir's black briefs to free my phone. His plump cock came out with it and he gave it a few tugs as I tried to find the voice+text chat. He stroked it carelessly as I typed.

"What? What happens? Please tell!"

Samir rolled his eyes and clicked on the voice button, "Look how you have woken me up." He pointed down to show he was fully hard.

"You shouldn't grab for things. A cub should ask politely," he scolded.

"Sorry, I just saw how excited he was. What is the news? Please tell me," I whined and pawed at his chest. He let go of his cock and stuffed it back into his briefs. He paused and kissed my impatient forehead.

"You are so beautiful... Ali has left. He and Caleb are coming. We have a lot of time though, the flight is long. I'm sure yours was longer," Samir said.

"I don't remember. Ali gave me a pill, I slept until we were landing," I typed.

"Of course he did... We will have breakfast, do our workout, and then Ashkan will help you prepare."

"Everything is good though? Ali worked it out? No more problems?" I had so many questions.

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