Chapter One
Coercion and Perversion

Emily walked through the front doors of the hotel and towards the elevators. She may have been closer to forty than she would have liked, and although she was no longer had the body of a fashion model she knew she still had the looks, and the figure, to get admiring glances from men of all ages, particularly when she took the time to dress well, as she had today.

She had dressed exactly as instructed in his email, or almost exactly. "Wear your blue two piece business suit" the email said." Put on your white blouse, the one that buttons down the front, and leave at least four buttons open to make a show of your breasts. Wear stockings and heels. And make sure that your lingerie does not disappoint me". She had followed his instructions to the letter, except, to show her independence, only two buttons of her blouse were undone.

As instructed she went directly to the elevator bank and pressed for floor 8. Room 812 was to the left when she reached the floor and with only a moment's hesitation she approached it. The door was slightly open and she pushed against it and went in, leaving the door open behind her. She was here because she had no choice. His emails had made it quite clear that if she did not comply with his instructions her career, and her family life, would be ruined. Both were important to her and she intended to fight for them.

Naturally she resented his demands with their less than subtle sexual overtones, including his references to her breasts and his insistence that her underwear not 'disappoint". She reasoned that she had no intention of showing him, or anyone else, her underwear, so the question of disappointment did not arise. But she was honest enough with herself to see the obvious paradox; she truly had no intention of flashing her panty's at anyone, but if that was so why had she put her best lacy bra and panties on that morning.

Emily was a successful financial executive who prided herself on always being prepared and in control. But today she recongnised that she was neither prepared nor in control. How could she be prepared? She had no idea of what he wanted. She assumed that he wanted to humiliate her before blackmailing her into paying over some of the funds which she had secretly withdrawn from her employers business. To Emily's mind those funds had not been stolen; she had simply taken exactly what would she regarded as being her due, according to the handshake agreement they had reached. It had never crossed her mind that her employer would welch on the deal and would challenge her to prove that any deal had ever existed. And not being in control was having a strange effect on her. She could not say that she enjoyed being a puppet and responding as he pulled on her strings, but there was part of her that felt excited and thrilled by having no choice but to follow instructions. And the fact that she had been instructed on how to dress, down to what underwear she should have on, added an overtly sexual and forbidden element to the day that, frankly, stirred her in ways that she had not experienced for many years.

The curtains in the room she had entered were drawn, but one bedside light was on. In a slightly darkened corner of the room sat a man she did not recognise. "Turn around and close the door" he instructed. She did as she was bid and returned to face the man.

"Who are you?" she demanded to know as he stood up. He was above average height and, she judged, in his late forties. He was dressed casually, but well. He looked strong and powerful and although not handsome his face was pleasant to look at. She had intended to berate him for the way in which he had summed her, but as he stood full of self confidence looking down at her, she felt her resolve melt away.

"Who are you and what do you want" Emily asked again.

"You can call me whatever name you want" he replied. "As for what I want, well, I simply want you to do whatever I say".

"Just tell me how much money you want?" she demanded.

He ignored the question and came towards her stopping just an arm's length away. Up close he was bigger and more intimidating than she had at first realised. "You have read my email. You know what I know and you have turned up today wearing what I told you to wear, so let's dispense with the debate. You have two choices. You can walk out now and deal with whatever happens ... but whatever happens it won't be good for you. Or you can do everything I say. If you want to leave, go now"

Emily turned and took three steps towards the door, but then stopped and turned to face him again. The odd thrilling feeling of being under his control came back.

"O.K., that's better, let's start" he said.

The man slowly looked over Emily from the top of her well groomed blonde hair all the way down to her high heels. What he saw was an attractive woman, still in her prime. Her eyes, which were brown and large, looked back at him without flinching .Whatever she felt about her position today, clearly she was not totally intimidated by him. He noticed that her were well shaped legs were accentuated by the high heels she wore and, even with her business suit on, it was clear that her breasts were large enough to be noticed without being out of proportion to her overall figure. She wore her clothes well and confidently. The skirt of her suit was well cut over her hips and reached to just above her knees. "You didn't leave the four buttons on your blouse undone, as I instructed. No matter, it shows that you have spirit. But to start with you can open an extra three buttons now. I want to see your bra".

Emily hands shook slightly as she opened the extra buttons on her blouse. With five undone buttons her blouse was open to well below the band of her bra. She tugged at the sides of her blouse to open it wide enough to show the low cut blue lacy bra that she wore. She guessed that she should feel humiliated, cowed or perhaps embarrassed about what was happening to her, but she didn't. This was not something that she had any control over and so she could not be at fault. The man's eyes were fixed on her breasts and she realised then that this was not all one sided and that her femininity, her figure, her appeal as a woman and the knowledge of her worth gave her a source of power over the man, and that all she need do was to find a way of exploiting that power.

The man told Emily to take off her suit jacked. She did so and laid it over a straight back chair which was close to her. "You wore stockings. Good. Now I want to see more of them".

He instructed Emily to reach down with both hands and to slowly raise the hem of her skirt. She hesitated then bent at the waist and grasped the material of her suit skirt. Very slowly she pulled the material up to where her black garter belt joined her stockings. Emily looked at him and saw that his eyes were now fixed on her legs, and she felt again the power which she had. "Pull your skirt up higher" he commanded.

Emily inched her skirt further up. On the wall beside her was a mirror. She looked at her reflection and watched it as she raised her skirt above her stockings tops. The view of a woman standing in heels with her skirts raised above her stocking tops was, even to her, so erotic that her breath caught in her throat. She watched her reflection as her rising skirt allowed the bottom of red panties to become exposed to his gaze. She stopped lifting her skirt before her panties were fully revealed.

"Take it all the way up", he said. She had to pull hard at the skirt to get it up over her hips, and she blushed as her panties became fully exposed. She was no prude but she had never before raised her skirts in this way before a man, and she was surprised to notice that her nipples had hardened and that there was a heat and dampness between her legs.

The man allowed himself a self satisfactory smirk and reached out his right hand towards Emily's breast. Emily's right hand moved so fast that he had no way of avoiding the resounding slap to his face that she delivered. He staggered back holding his cheek.

"Don't you dare presume to touch me" Emily spat at him. "I will decide when and if, you get that pleasure" she said.

Emily pulled her skirt down to her knees and stood glaring at the man. After the unexpected slap the he had reeled back. The smirk was gone from his face and was replaced by a look of surprise and caution. Emily guessed that he would soon recover and that he had enough on her to totally dominate her, unless she could develop some better way of protecting herself. She knew that she had to act quickly to retain the temporary ascendancy she had earned by the slap.

"Okay, you have had your fun. If you want more that might be okay, but on my terms" she said.

" You know about the money, but don't think for a moment that you own me. If we are to work something out you better be straight with me, so start by telling me your name".

The man was angry and his face hurt, but he was far from stupid or impulsive. He was 52 years old and a self made man. He was not mega rich, or even close to it, but he had made enough money and continued to make enough money, to live very well and to travel regularly and still be able accumulate more assets every year. Although he had hoped and planned for things to go differently he had always know that dealing with someone like Emily would never be easy, and that he would need to be flexible if he was to get what he wanted. And he had just heard Emily say "if you want more that might be okay, but on my terms". Well, he did want more, a lot more, and he was quite willing to find out what her terms were. He was very observant and a keen student of human nature and as Emily had raised her skirts for him he fancied that she was getting turned on by the act. If his observation was right this was woman he wanted to know better. Also, it occurred to him that an ongoing at least semi consensual arrangement might even be more rewarding than what he had first planned, which was to dominate and use her, although experience had told him that was never a long term proposition.

"My name is Aaron Wells", he said. You asked before how much I wanted. The answer is nothing; I don't want any of your money. I have plenty of my own. But I like to enjoy fine and beautiful things, art, cars, jewelry, clothes and especially women. And you are a fine and beautiful woman".

Emily acknowledged the compliment with a tilt of her head. She realised that he blouse was still open. Glancing down she saw that her much of her breasts were exposed above the top of her low cut bra, but she made no effort to close the buttons. Let him look she thought. She knew that her breasts were one of her best assets and she had often caught men admiring them. And to tell the truth, like all women, she liked being looked at and admired. As these thought formed in her head she became aware that her sensitive nipples were hardening again.

To all outward appearances Emily was just a normal modest woman, albeit one more attractive than most. She dressed to flatter her figure, but without raising any suggestion of immodesty. She was open and easy in her conversation with men and occasionally would flirt with a particularly attractive one, but was careful to give no indication that matters could progress further. However, if the world could have read Emily's thoughts or been privy to her fantasies an altogether different Emily would have been revealed. She had an idea that most women had erotic thoughts and fantasies, but she had no idea if the private thoughts of others were as lurid and explicit as hers.

Emily looked at Aaron and was struck by the look of longing, of raw lust, in his eyes. She realised that he really did regard her as a "fine and beautiful woman", and she felt a woman's need to reward him. But she remembered that unless she retained the initiative and measure of control Aaron would soon make demands which might take her down a path that she may not like to go. She knew that there was a price to pay and so, without losing eye contact, she undid the last of the buttons on her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders. Her hands came up and cupped each of breasts. Then she reached behind her an unclasped her bra and, after a slight hesitation, let it fall onto the bed beside her. Her breasts hung free to his gaze.

To Aaron's eyes Emily's bared breasts were beautifully formed and magnificent. They were firm and rounded rather than pear shaped, with small and light areola. He saw that her nipples were small and hard. She had the full and slightly pendulous breasts of a woman, rather than the pert breasts of a girl.

"Would you like to touch me? ", she asked.

Aaron nodded unable to speak, and walked across the room and stopped before her. With his left hand he gently held her around the waist while his right hand moved up to cup her right breast. "Be gentle to begin with, just caress me and only lightly touch my nipples", Emily instructed.

Responding to her suggestions his hand moved lightly over her breast cupping and squeezing. After a while he gently turned her until she was facing away from him, and then he reached around her to hold both of her breasts in his hands. He pressed hard up against her and she became aware of his manhood straining against her bottom. While he cupped and caressed her breasts his lips lightly kissed her neck. Her eyes closed as he began to manipulate her sensitive erect nipples. She looked again into the mirror and watched him fondle her breasts, and she was aware of a sense of growing sexual excitement. Then her head lay back on his chest and her lips parted. She was aware that her vagina was wet and open. As he caressed her, almost imperceptibly her hips began to move and to press back against him. "Oh god that feels good" she thought. One of her hands came up to lightly cover his as it fondled he breast. Almost without thinking her other hand reached back between them until she felt the length of his erect penis against it.

He turned her around again and kissed her on the mouth. Her lips opened and she pushed her tongue against his. Her hips arched forward as they kissed and his hands gripped her bottom over her skirt raising it slightly up the back of her legs. He took her nipple in his mouth, now sucking, now kissing and teasing, now gently biting it. She lay back in his arms to allow him easier access to her breasts and gave way to the sensations that she felt on her breasts and down between her legs, beneath her panties. Her hand again reached over his trousers until she was able to stroke the length of his penis.

"Oh god that feels good" she said out loud, without meaning to.

"Do you mean me sucking your nipple or the feel of my prick in your hand?" he asked.

"Both, but mainly my nipples" she admitted.

His head came up and he kissed her again on the mouth which was open and moist and their tongues again pushed and wrestled against each other. His hand returned to fondling and caressing her breasts and his fingers teased, rolled and twisted her nipples. He was not so gentle now and she responded in kind by rubbing and pressing her hand hard against his erect prick hidden by his pants. His mouth returned its attention to her breast, as he bent down to do this his right hand dropped to the hem of her skirt, which he tugged up until he could again see the top of her stockings and her garters, but the tightness of her skirt did not allow him to raise it further. His slipped his right hand between her legs squeezing and stroking the warm flesh at the stocking top. His arm kept the skirt raised at the front and his left hand now reached down and began to raise her skirt up at the back as well. As her skirt rose at the back he was able to also raise the front of the skirt and to move his hand further up her leg until, at last, he was able to cup and rub her panty clad pussy. At her back his other hand slipped under her skirt and inched its way under the elastic of her panties until he was gripping her bottom, with a finger straying between the cheeks of her bottom.

Emily felt herself become wetter, and more open, as his hand stroked her through her lacy panties. Then, as his finger began to trace the line between the lips of her vulva and to press inwards through the sheer material of her underwear she moaned softly and almost involuntarily allowed her legs to spread further apart. Ever since she had first let a boy see and touch her most private parts she had enjoyed the pleasures of that part of her being looked at, admired and stroked, caressed and penetrated by a lover's fingers, tongue and lips. Often in her erotic masturbatory fantasies she was stirred by the image of men, some strangers, and some known, almost all older and more mature than her, drawing down her panties and spreading her legs to look for the first time at her pussy. She imagined it was their hands which cupped her sex, and it was their fingers that gently moved apart her vaginal lips and it was their mouth and tongue which sucked and licked around her lips and over her clitoris, until she climaxed.

But this was no fantasy. Aaron's finger continued to move up and down and to press between the lips of her sex. More and more he returned to that divine spot where her clitoris emerged from the folds of her sex, and each time he did so intense waves of pleasure washed over Emily. All the while his left hand continued to hold and to squeeze her bottom, occasionally drifting to again stroke between her cheeks.

And now his right hand slipped over the sheerness of her panties and up to the waist band. His fingers moved under the lacy elastic and slid down until he could feel the softness of her trimmed pubic hair over her venus mound. His fingers slipped through the fineness of her private hair and probed further until they found the moistness between her vaginal lips. Gently pushing the lips of her sex apart he slipped a finger into her and began to move it slowly in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper until he was caressing the spot where abandon transcends pleasure. Responding to the intense sensation aroused by Aarons probing finger Emily was again aware of the hardness of her nipples and the heat between her leg s, and she felt her hips push against his hand, while her hand sought to capture the tumescence of his prick below his trousers and to stroke its length. Giving herself wholly over to the intense sexual pleasure that had been aroused in her she felt herself ready to have her panties stripped from her, to be laid down on the bed, for her legs to be spread and for Aaron to slide his erect penis into her.

His next words and actions broke the spell; if he had said that she was beautiful and that he wanted her, or if he had said nothing but had simply guided her onto the bed, she would have been incapable of resistance. But his fingers had become too rough and demanding, and rather than seducing her with sweet words he described what he wanted to do to her with vulgarities, all of which reminded her that he was not her lover, that he was someone who she did not know and who had coerced into meeting him, and who wanted to use her for his own ends. With that clarity of thought she resolved that, whatever else she had to do today, she would not allow him to take her as he had just described.

Having told her with explicit vulgarities what he intended to do to her Aarons hands began to drag her panties down over her hips. "No, wait, it's my turn first" she breathed, and escaping from his grasp she sank to her knees before him. Reaching up she undid his belt and unzipped him and tugged his trousers and then his jocks over his hips, until his prick sprung free. Taking it in her mouth she began to suck it and to stroke her hand up and down his shaft. Aaron gripped her hair and pushed his prick in and out of her mouth.

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