tagIncest/TabooEmily and Abby Pt. 01

Emily and Abby Pt. 01


Emily pulled her pink panties down as she was getting ready to hop into the shower. Looking into the mirror she could see her body, smooth flat stomach and beautiful brown hair pulled back into a pony tale. Her eyes were a stunning light blue and her eyeliner made her eyes appear larger than they actually were.

Glancing down below her belly button, her pussy was cleanly shaven, she smiled as she touched it before moving lower and feeling the lips of her pussy. It was very wet. Breathing heavier now she slipped one finger into herself her other hand grasping the slight mound of her left breast.

A second after she was inside herself, there was a quick knocking on the bathroom door. She pulled her finger out quickly her heart racing - sticking in the finger in her mouth to destroy the evidence.

"Hey Emily, are you okay?" The voice was her little sister's Abby's. Abby had just turned 18 and she was stunning. Talk about a knock-out, her eyes were green, hair blonde, long and flowing, and she was super skinny with a perfect round apple butt that was firm to the touch.

Not wasting a second longer Emily replied, "Yeah sis, I'm good! Just about to take a shower." She could hear herself stop in the middle of the sentence to take in a breath of air as her heart continued to beat hard.

"You sound kind of out of breath Em. I thought you were hurt of something just wanted to check on ya!" Abby's voice was melodic, crisp, and bright. Every word she spoke sounded like she was singing.

"Yeah, well - I won't be very long." replied Emily.

The taste of her own pussy juice in her mouth got her even hornier now. Having almost been cuaght masterbating by her little sister seemed even more taboo. Seizing on the excitement Emily turned the shower nozzle relying on the sound of the running water to cover up the silence around her. The shower provided just the right amount of white noise to drown out her panting and gasping as she moved her hand back down and into her pussy.

Putting one leg up onto the side of the bathtub, the steam from the shower began to moisten her skin and her hand continued to fondle the inside and outside of her pussy and her finger making its rounds into and out of her, moving from her clit to the inside of her pussy and back again.

The familiar build-up of excitement and warmth began to tingle in her lower abdomen. She was getting close to orgasm now as she fondled her breast and now rhythmically twitched her wrist and fingers into her pussy, the wetness building up and starting to make a slapping sound against the palm of her hand as she thrust her fingers in and out. PAT, PAT, PAT.

"Ughnnnn" Emily let out a grown. She was so fucking close now.

Abby, had gone back to her room and was on her cell-phone playing candy-crush. Since it was summer, Abby had a tank top and blue shorts on, with her belly button showing and a couple of pink flip flops on. She was about to beat the next level when down the hall she heard Emily's gasp as she was about to cum.

Abby was worried about her sister and went running down the hall. She didn't want to knock again afraid of getting yelled at so she knelt down and looked through the keyhole. Thinking she would find her sister hurt of on the floor, instead she saw Emily standing and masterbating. Her eyes shut, breathing heavily, and fucking herself vigorously with her fingers.

Abby's eyes widened with disbelief as her angelic sister began to cum. She had never seen another girl or really anyone have an orgasm before other than having had one her herself when she was younger by accident, after finding her mother's back massager and using it between her legs out of curiosity.

As Emily began to cum her pelvis began to buck back and forth humping her hand. Her fingers had gone especially deep this time and she felt a pressure begin to release inside her. Her mind went blank and feeling like she was about to pee she thought to herself what the heck and decided if she pees then so be it, at least she was in the bathroom and they had a floor drain anyways. As her orgasm hit the peak she let go and her pussy began to pulse, each one releasing a stream of warm liquid all over her hands. It didn't look like pee, but was clear, just like when she was wet. The liquid just gushed with each contraction over her hand and onto the floor and down her legs.

From the door Abby was shocked. Her sister just came and peed everywhere she thought to herself as her own pussy began to soak under her shorts and underwear.

Emily's legs were weak and shaking. As she came to, she could not believe it, but it looked like a cup or two of water had been poured all over the floor. A cloudy, clear, viscous puddle lay on the floor next to the tub. She did not just squirt everywhere, she gushed cups of liquid outside of her body!

Abby continuing to watch her sister could smell Emily's fluids from outside the bathroom. A musky yet sweet smell of her sex perfumed the bathroom and the scent was barely apparent but so distinct to Abby as she watched her sister from the hall. Feeling so horny now, she reached into her own pants to feel her pussy as it swelled up with wetness. God, her pussy felt so wet and touching it sent a shiver down her spine that reminded her of the first time she came. Losing a sense of what she was doing, the sound of a click and swoosh jolted her to the realization that the door was now wide open and Emily was glaring at her with a towel wrapped around her body and a stern look on her face that read what the fuck.

"Abby, HOLY SHIT!" Emily shouted. "What the fuck are you doing spying on me in the bathroom!"

Abby was horrified and quickly turned bright red. "I, ummmm/... thought you were hurt and didn't want to make you mad".

"You little shit, why are you spying on me. I swear to god you are going to be in so much trouble little girl. You are going to pay for this. I'm telling mom and dad what you did". Yelled Emily.

Abby began to cry. "No, please" she said between sobs. "I'll do anything you say, anything!!"

"Ok you little brat, come with me" Emily grabbed Abby's hand and led her back into her bedroom.

"Lay on the bed!" Emily commanded.

Abby did as she was told and lay on the bed a bit confused. "Good girl" Emily said in a now more reassuring tone.

"Now you are going to do exactly as I say, do you understand me. If you are a good girl I will forget about what you did. But you have to do exactly as I say." Emily went back to the bedroom door, shut it, and clicked the lock in. She went up to Abby and ran her hands through her hair. Abby was worried. What did Emily want her to do?

"Okay, so you watched me get off in the bathroom... I am not going to hide that fact. As your punishment, you are going to have to get me off really fucking good. Does that make sense?"

Abby was stunned. She was going to make her sister cum? The thought both repulsed her and excited her. She loved Emily but not in that way. And yet every night she thought about how pretty and sexy her big sister was. Before she had a minute to answer emily was on her knees on the bed next to her. With one swoop her leg and body arched over Abby's chest and Emily positioned her pelvis directly over Abby's face. She watched, stunned, as Emily's freshly glistening pussy positioned over her head. She could smell the musk now so strong and fresh from recently cumming.

She slowly descended her pelvis over Abby's head, her pussy now pressed just below Abby's nose onto her sweet teen mouth. Emily, shuddered and her body quivered with pleasure.

"Alright sis, you are going to get my off with your tongue. Just open your mouth slightly and lick from the base of my pussy to the top, and just keep licking until I say to stop."

Abby was nervous. She had seen what happened to Emily in the bathroom earlier and the volume of liquid that came out of her. What would happen when she came? Would she squirt like that again?

The thought frightened her, but it was too late. Emily was gyrating on her mouth, moving her pelvis back and forth rhythmically. Both of Emily's hands now wrapped behind Abby;s head, pulling her head hard into Emily's pussy as she thrust her hips and continued to hump her mouth. The movements began to accelerate. Abby was breathing furiously through her mouth and Emily started to whimper.

"OMG abby, Im gonna fucking cum. Holy shit... Uhnnnnn... Holy shit."

Her hips thrust harder now. Abby, reaching up clasped Emily's butt in her hand, steading her rapidly accelerating pace.

Emily reached down to her clit now, one hand behind Abby's head, and she started to rub her clit feeling her sister's tongue deep inside her penetrating her pussy and beginning to get a trickle of her cum emerge as she got closer to climax.

Abby could taste it. Sweet and salty. Her tongue felt like it was getting a bit sticker and little drips of fluid started to fill her mouth causing her to gag and cough.

"No, Abby, oh no. Here is your real punishment. You can't spit this out. You have to swallow what i give you okay" Emily was panting as she said this, steadying her body and rhythm to now a perfect motion. Hands clasped on her ass from her sister, holding Abby's head so she could not move, and rapidly rubbing her clit now, she could feel the familiar swell inside her body. This was going to be big she thought... Having squirted before, she thought it was not possible to cum that much more than she had just earlier... but boy was she wrong.

One, two, three. Abby was bracing herself. Her nose scrunched up and eyes were firmly shut. Her sister was about to cum harder than she had ever cum him her entire life. Emily new that Abby was about to swallow more than she could handle but again her mind went blank and she was determined to finish.

In one instant, time stopped completely. "Ooooh shit, here it comes, you ready?"

Abby whimpered and shut her eyes harder.

"Open your mouth and suck" and "just swallow as fast as you can!! Uhnnn, uhnnnn uhnnnn!!"

The first wave made Emily's entire abdominal seize pushing with all her might as a jet of squirt shot directly into the vacuum of Abby's mouth as she sucked and sucked, leaving not a single drop capable of leaving her mouth. As she was instructed, Abby made her first gulp. The cum was warm, sweet, and to her surprise tasted good! Delighted, every inch of her body relaxed and she took a deep breath preparing for the next shot.

"Uhhhhhhnnnnn" shot after of shot of pssuy spray filled Abby's little mouth and yet she drank and drank swallowing squirt load after squirt load. Emily, came for 30 seconds, going through wave after wave of cum. By the last squirt, her cum was salty and musky. Abby bravely gulped the last bit of it. Her tummy had expanded now and was full of Emily's cum.

Emily fell off her sister and looked in amazement at the bed. It was completely dry...

"You are something else Abby, you swallowed your sister's cum and I have never cum so much in my entire life. What the fuck????"

With that she passed out on the bed next to Abby and they both fell asleep.

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by Anonymous

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by JBroadrunner01/06/18

Great Lesbian Incest.

Loved it. A really sensuous story. Keep up the good work;. Look forward to more

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by Anonymous01/05/18

try a little harder

Too rushed. Unrealistic. Keep trying though.

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by Anonymous01/05/18



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by Anonymous01/04/18

Not very good.

Lots of errors and the squirting bullshit took away any credibility the story may have had.

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by lclucky01/04/18

Could have been much better

Obviously not proof read. Good story, but too many errors to earn anything over 3 stars.

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