Emily and Danny Lawson

byMatt Moreau©


The sun is my alarm clock, always had been. It didn't fail me now. I got up, stretched, headed for the bathroom and got myself in order. Dressed in khakis and flip-flops, I headed downstairs. I could smell the bacon and the coffee.

"Mornin'," she said greeting me. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah, very well, but I am exhausted," I said. "But don't worry, I'll be good for an encore tonight." I smiled the smile of an overly indulged Cheshire cat.


Her tone was not conducive to making me feel good. "Yes, What?" I said, becoming suspicious. I could see she was nervous. I frowned.

"Last night, well, last night will be it I'm afraid for a while. I need to get you really horny. Can you understand that? I mean it's for your own good. Really. Candace told me how to do this. I mean, okay? I mean so we can cultivate this new cuckold lifestyle."

She must've realized what a crushing effect her words were having on me. One clue might have been the fact that my lower jaw was no more than three inches from the surface of the floor. "How long?" It was all I could manage to say. I said it so quietly that I think it shook her.

"Just until the next do," she said.

"Three weeks! I screamed. She stumbled backwards into the sink. So last night was just a come on, is that it! A little mercy for good 'ole cucky," I was furious at being used, as I saw it. Taken advantage of. Fooled. Whatever it was that she was trying to do.

"I'm invoking our agreement. It's over. And we will have sex tonight or I'm moving out today," I said.

"Danny, you don't mean it. I mean, I thought we had an arrangement. I thought you understood."

"Fuck you! I said. "You go to your dirty little party. Hell, party every day, every night. I'm the fuck outta here." I looked at the bacon and eggs that were already on the table. I picked up each of the platters and threw them as hard as I could against the wall. The broken dishware and food mess splattered everywhere. I didn't give a fuck; I wasn't going to be around to clean it up. Fuck her and Jackson and Candace and the whole lot of them. I was done with it.

"Danny! Wait! Please Danny Please!" She was screaming her words at my back I was already halfway up the stairs before she could get out of the kitchen.

I began packing as soon as I hit the room. I pulled out two large suitcases and threw everything I could see that was mine into them. Amazing that after twenty years of marriage, that I had so little, really, that was important enough to take with me. Done, I looked around. I could hear her sobbing in the hallway. She knew better than to interrupt me in the room. I looked around one last time. I saw our wedding picture sitting on the end table. I picked it and the two bags up and went into the hallway. She was three feet from the door and leaning back against the wall. I put my bags down for a moment. She cowered shrinking down closer to the floor. I held the wedding picture up for her to see.

"Remember this? It was the one we thought was the best. You said you thought it held the promise of our future together. Of our love for each other." I laid it on my palm and with all of the strength I had I smashed it against the wall. My hand became a bleeding mess as the glass from the frame tore into my flesh. I didn't even notice it. I picked up the two bags and stormed out.

?Daaannnnyyyyyy!" she wailed. "I'm sorry. I take it back?" I wasn't listening. I threw the bags in the back of my pickup and peeled rubber leaving.

I found myself in the Roundhouse, my favorite bar. The adrenalin was flowing. I was dangerously angry, but I was quiet. I kept thinking about how wonderful the sex had been the night before. Spontaneous and wonderful. Then, this morning, she had dashed all of my illusions; it had not been spontaneous; it had been a set up. I had never been so low, as I was at this moment, and I had never been so filled with anger.

In the entire twenty years of our marriage we had rarely gone three days without sex. Now, she expected me to go three weeks! Fat fucking chance! What I needed now was a helluva lot more firewater, and, a woman. Well, I had half of what I needed.

I don't know how she knew where to come, but two hours, three doubles, and a couple of beer chasers into my misery she slid onto the stool next to mine.

"Buy me a drink, sailor?" said Candace.

I looked at her with what had to have been a shocked expression to anyone within visual range. "What the fuck do you want? You're my wife's pal not mine. Get lost," I said, as brutally as I could.

"I'll take that as a no. Barkeep, can I have gin and tonic, please?" she said.

"Boy, Emily didn't exaggerate, did she," said Candace.

"You still here?" I said coldly.

"Yes, well, it is a public place. Look, Danny, I gave Emily the advice that I thought would be the most useful to you guys starting out. I guess I was wrong. You weren't ready to be denied her pussy. I am so sorry for fucking things up for you two. Please how can I set this right? I need to set it right," she said.

"You need! You need to fuck off. I will never stay married to a woman who denies me sex, let alone love. My marriage is history. Find someone else and fuck up their life. Mine's already in the shitter."

"Danny, I need you to hear what I'm saying. I will do whatever it takes to get you two back together. I take full responsibility for your fight with Emily. That woman loves you, no matter what you believe right now, and she was trying to prove it to you. What you two were about to embark on is a really fun lifestyle. You were almost there. You just needed a little guidance; I gave you guys the wrong kind; it's my fault. I tried to give guidance to Emily, but I analyzed the situation wrongly. Usually, I'm right on, no brag just fact, but this time I really messed up. Please forgive me, 'kay?"

"Do you know what she told me? Do you! She told me I was getting no more sex until the party next month! Three fucking weeks and no sex. Lady, that ain't happening. No sex? No way!" I said.

"That was just to make you horny for the big night. Really your first night as it were. New cuckolds need to be on the edge horny-wise. Did she tell you about your presents?" said Candace.

"Yes, heard but haven't seen. Don't know what they are. Don't wanna know. I'm done with this fantasy shit. You can tell her that. She can play her games with someone else. Like I said, I'm history," I said.

"Danny, that woman loves you and only you. You have to go back and start over. It is your fantasy, isn't it? You still need that. I, and I mean I, just went about it wrong when I told Emily how she might want to proceed. You weren't ready. You would have liked it, but you weren't ready for denial of any kind, let alone denial of sex. I had thought you were. I really am sorry," she said.

"I can't go back. I burned my bridges with her. If I went back she'd treat me like dirt, and then it would be even worse than it is now. I can't go back," I said.

She smiled at me. "Danny, why do you think I'm here? I can't read minds. Emily called me, begged me, to tell her what to do. Of course my answer was to come here myself and try to mediate this disaster before it got out of hand."

"What are you saying, Candace? You saying she wants me back? I mean on my terms?" I said.

"I'm saying exactly that," she said.

I watched her as she stirred her drink. She was thinking, trying to figure how to phrase her next words.

"Danny your terms. But, if you want the lifestyle that I think you do, you'll want to obey her, but only because you want to not because you have to. Jesus, I hope I said that right," she said.

"You're saying that I have the final say in this shit. Is that right?" I said.

"Yes, and you don't have to accept being denied sex with your wife. You should want to try though. You need to let her help you stay celibate for the next few weeks. The best experience for you cuckies comes when you're really really horny. So, you should want to be totally celibate, no cumming between now and the party night. But, like I say, you can beg off if you want; that's the real deal; Emily told me.

"But, again, I must add the best cuck experience comes when the cucky is under his wife's thumb. I know you've read enough stories and articles to know that.

"The problem always arises when the husband, the cuck, is afraid of losing his wife, or of being humiliated beyond his ability to endure it. I think that that is part of why you came apart like you did when she mentioned cutting you off for the next three weeks.

"I think that the solution for you guys is to let you decide if you can handle it. And then, well, to let you try, or not if that's how you want it. Your wife will encourage you, help you, to succeed; so that you can get the full experience three weeks from now," said Candace.

I was mulling over what she said. I was still angry, but the anger was ebbing. "And, if I go back now I won't be stepping into a bad situation?" I said.

"Absolutely not," said Candace. "I can tell you totally without fear of contradiction that Emily is home right now biting her fingernails hoping I will succeed here."

"Okay then, I'll go back. She and I will talk. I'm not saying I will accept any of this. She better know it; and I'm not kidding," I said, firing the final salvo in the debate.

Candace smiled. She leaned in and kissed me. "Don't forget to ask for your presents." With that we said our goodbyes and she was gone.


I sat in my car in our driveway for some minutes before getting the courage to get out and go into the house. She was waiting at the kitchen table.

She was actually shaking. "Hello, Emily," I said, not beating around the bush. "Candace talked to me. You knew that of course?"

"Oh good," said Emily. "Yes, I knew. I asked her to, actually.

"Danny, I don't know what she told you. But, whatever she told you I'm glad you're here. I will do whatever you want, honey. Anything. Really," she said.

I leaned back against the sink and spread my arms wide for her to come to me. She flew into them sobbing her heart out. I held her. "Tomorrow we talk," I said. "But, for now, just know that I love you. I do not want to lose you, and I am afraid, Em'. I'm afraid. Can you understand that?"

"I know, you silly man. I know. But losing me is absolutely the last thing that will happen before the end of the world." We talked long, but celibacy was not mentioned. Nothing was mentioned about the party. I had said we would talk about it tomorrow, and she did not challenge me, a good sign.

Later, we went to bed and fucked like bunnies. Again, no mention was made about my being denied sex. And yet again, I knew that tomorrow, I would be talking to my wife about just that, but tonight I was getting my way. I hadn't done it, screwed her, consciously to make a point. No, our fucking had been a kind of make up thing.

We were once again seated at the kitchen table. I was stirring my morning coffee, which was strange, because I drank mine black no sugar. "Candace told me some things," I began. "First of all, where's all of these fancy presents I supposedly have coming," I said. I saw fear pass across my wife's face.

"What?" I said. "Candace told me to ask. Your look tells me you don't want me to ask. So, what?"

"No, it's just that..."

"Just what? What am I missing?" I said.

"Well, honey, they're cucky presents," said Emily. "I mean only a cuckold would want to know about them, want to have them. I do not want to upset you with them. My God! I do not want to upset you by giving them to you!"

"I see," I said. "Let me ease your mind. Candace said you'd be good with it if I didn't want to do the cucky scene. Or, if I did, that we would back out on a moment's notice if I decided I couldn't handle it after trying. Just like we agreed before. You really and truly good with that? Because it is more than highly likely that I'm going to want us to back out of it; I can tell you that right now? Frankly, as I told you before, I am scared peeless about the whole scene. But, that said, I am willing to try at least once."

"Yes. Yes Danny, I am good with everything you say" she said. "But for me to give you these kinds of presents, you have to want to be my cuckold or there is no point to it. Do you want to be my cuckold, Danny? It's okay if you don't, but I just need to know. I'm so confused. And—I'm scared too if you want to know."

"I think that I do, if I can have the safety net of being able to pull us out on a moment's notice," I said. I had thought long and hard about the whole scene while sleeping not at all the night before. Now, I was putting it out there with no sugar coating. I guessed we'd see.

"Okay, then," she said. "Wait here for a moment. I'll be right back."

She was gone for no more than two minutes. She was carrying a small gym bag. She also had a dowel, maybe three feet or less long. It was very thin, maybe a quarter-inch and it was wrapped very carefully in black electrical tape. I was very curious about the dowel.

She set the gym bag down. She was crying, not sobbing, but crying. I think she was afraid. "Danny, I don't know if we should go any farther here. I think we're fine without any of this. I know I can live without the cuckolding thing if you can. There is no need for us to do this."

I was conflicted. Being her cuckold had long been my fantasy, but my terror at the possibility of losing her to some stud bull had gotten in the way. But, deep down the fantasy still held me in thrall.

Candace had finally been able to convince me that so long as I really did have ultimate control that living the reality of the fantasy was going to be good. Of course, had I known at that moment the consequences of my decision, and how they would unfold over the next months, the decison we were making now, I likely would never have wanted to find out what was in that bag. But, fool that I was, I had to know, and so I signaled her to carry on.

I looked at her there in her pink day dress, low cut in the front and maybe two inches above her knee. Her brown hair was all fluffed out and curly as it billowed out around her face. I noticed too that she was wearing low heels, maybe two-inchers, and that her makeup, though somewhat understated, had been touched up. It occurred to me that she looked awfully sexy for a woman who was worried, however vaguely, about losing her marriage. The way she was dressed, it was, it was to titillate me. She wanted me turned on. It didn't seem to be exactly a set up, but I had to wonder if the way she looked had been Candace' idea. I'd have bet the pink slip to my pickup that it had been.

She unzipped the bag and pulled out a small box. "This was supposed to keep you celibate for the time between parties," she said. "But we don't have to use it at all. But, you wanted to see this stuff. So anyway?" She handed me the box. She smiled a little bit; I think she was giggling now, inside, and trying to hide it.

I took the box and opened it. It was a small plastic tube and a couple of rings and some other parts. There was a small padlock and a couple of keys obviously made for it. I looked up at her. I knew what it probably was. She was smiling broadly now.

"Well, you asked, honey. But, I know you won't want to be wearing it. I mean I know you won't want to be denied sex at all. I completely understand," she said. "It was just an idea, at the time, to keep you horny, that's all."

"What else is in there?" I said, not commenting on the cock cage for the moment. I could feel my hardness betraying my calm demeanor.

"Honey, we don't have to do any more of this, really," she said.

"Now, Emily, you know damn well that you are going to show me the rest of what's in that bag; so let's stop fucking around and get to it, all right?" I said, trying not to seem too excited. She did giggle now, and the mood in the room became more relaxed.

She pulled out a stack of what had to have been a dozen or so pairs of female panties, all different colors and all frilly and girlish.

I looked at her questioningly. "Those are for you. Why are you showing them to me with my gifts," I asked.

"They're for you, dear. For you to dress like my little cuckold sissy," she said. "They're kind of a uniform for cuckolds." She couldn't help but laugh at my obvious consternation. "Don't be so shocked, dear, husbands in your internet stories wear them. It, it, well, it adds to their voluntary humiliation, especially when the girls at the mansion pants them in front of their bulls."

"What else is in there?" I said.

"Nothing else," she said, "that's all."

"What's that for?" I asked, pointing to the dowel.

"It's a switch, of course, honey," she said.


"To, well, well to spank you with. You know as part of the cuckold scene. You bent over the back of the couch or something getting your just punishment," she said smiling. "Candace told me of how sometimes men are condemned at Mr. Stahl's house and they are publicly spanked so everyone there can see and laugh at them. Part of the scene that's all. I mean wives and other girls spanking their husbands publicly like that."

I stood up. Went to her. Yanked her to her feet. Led her to the back of the couch she was sitting on and bent her over it. I pulled up her dress and slowly peeled down her panties. I dropped my own pants and without a further word pushed into her. I fucked her for some minutes finally cumming. She had two small orgasms while I was doing her.

I pulled out of her and ordered her to turn around and get down on her knees. She looked at me kind of funny, but did as I asked. "Get me hard again," I said. She did, her mouth alternately teasing and sucking me to a fierce hardness. She sucked me a long time. Finally, I exploded into her mouth. She drank it all.

"Okay," I said, as my penis shrank to a tenth the size it had been but a short time before, "put it on me."


"Lock up my penis, Emily, before it grows too big to fit inside of the tube," I said.

"You mean?"

"Yes, that screwing and that blow job we just shared will have to do me until the night of the next party," I said. "Remember, no arguments about me needing sex when I need it. But, I will try to last till then."

She immediately got the small box, into which I had returned the contents. She wiped my penis dry with a tissue she'd pulled from the box on the end table. Ready, she pulled the tube out of its box and slipped it over my penis. I was so emptied of sauce that she had no trouble. She tugged a little on my glans as they began to poke out the end. Then, she attached the rings that looped around my balls and hitched it together to the tube via a couple of elongated metal pins, finally padlocking the device into place. The device itself was stainless steel. It wasn't coming off without the key. I was celibate until she let me out.

She looked up at me. "Are you sure, Danny? I mean we really don't need to do this. We put it on, and we can take it off right now if you're scared," she said.

"No, no. I'm okay. At least I think I am. Just remember our deal. If I say it's over?"

"Yes, and I am good with that. But it is kinda exciting, huh?" she said. "You are going to be one horny fella by the time the party comes around party."

"For damn sure," I said. I think she giggled for half an hour.


She was right and so was I. I was one horny fella when we arrived at the party, and I still was, now, fifteen minutes later. But, on the bright side, she had taken my cock cage off and left it at home. I could cum now, if I wanted, and that anyway that I wanted; except that is, by fucking a woman. She told me that I was allowed to play with the other cucks in cuck country if I thought it would give me pleasure. She even said that she would see if she could find another woman whose husband needed relief to be locked up with me when we were led down to the cages. I was in point of fact scared, even though I'd assured her that I wasn't. But, I had to admit that I was also titillated.

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