Emily and Danny Lawson

byMatt Moreau©

Again, we, the cucks, did have our hands or each other, while we were at the mansion, but that was it. We were all cuckolds or about to become cuckolds, as in my case, and we were going to be treated as such; and we were expected to act like it. And, yes, I was wearing a pair of frilly lavender panties under my clothes. Emily could hardly contain her laughter when she'd put them on me.

"Are you okay, honey?" said Emily. "If you feel at all bad let me know, and we're out of here. I mean it. This has to be good for both of us or it's a no go." Her words made me feel a little less apprehensive.

"I'm okay," I said. "I will let you know if things get too hairy for me. Don't worry. You have fun." I said this last with some misgivings. I was still worried that someone would try to steal my wife from me. That was the one intolerable fly in the ointment.

She smiled at me. "Let's go to the bar and have a glass of wine. Kinda watch the goings and comings for a little bit. Okay?" she said. I nodded and we headed for the bar.

A white man, obviously a cuck served us; he was wearing a collar with a woman's name on it. I was looking at it, and Emily smiled.

"Once you've been cuckolded, dear, you get to wear one too. It identifies you as my property." She laughed. "It's something new that they just started tonight. Candace called me yesterday to see if we were coming. She told me about it. You get the collar and they have a guy who burns the name of the guy's owner on it." I swallowed. It seemed as though there was no end to the ways a cuckold could be humiliated.

I paid the barman and we sipped the red elixir slowly, neither of us caring to get sloshed. We were here for another reason, and it had little to do with alcohol. Ten minutes later her patience, or maybe it was mine, was rewarded.

"Hi. Emily isn't it?" said Jackson. He didn't even look at me. But he was all smiles and conviviality for Emily.

"Hi," said my wife. "Yes, I'm Emily. I remember meeting you the last time we were here. You remember my husband, don't you?" She indicated me by putting a loose hand on my shoulder.

"Uh, sure," said Jackson. He nodded to me and then, in a most practiced and unmistakable way, went out of his way to ignore me.

"As I recall, Emily, the last time you were here, you were cruising and checking the place out. Now you're back, are you here for some fun this time?" he said.

She looked at me one last time seeking my silent okay. I smiled at her and took a sip of my wine. She looked back at the tall, well built, black man. "Yes, I think so," she said. He offered her his arm. They wandered off together leaving me abandoned and alone; but, as it happened not for long.

"I see Jackson has commandeered your wife," said the voice from behind me.

"Candace! You startled me," I said. "Uh, yes, I guess it's going to happen to me tonight. I'm going to be a cuckold for real. But, I don't know, I feel kind of weird, maybe even a little afraid still."

"I figured. That's why I came over. You know, to kinda hold your hand while he fucks her. Don't worry, she'll love you twice as much for allowing her this moment of excitement," said Candace. "Buy a girl a drink?"

"Sure," I said. I felt lots better with Candace standing there figuratively holding my hand. I needed the reassurance more than I had thought that I would.

"You know, Danny, when your wife comes back to collar you, I really will need to take you down to cuck country. That's where you'll belong then; it really is required. I will be the one locking you up," she said. "Okay?" I nodded.

"I can even lock you up with another cucky if you want. You may need it. You can give each other handjobs if you want, but Emily will have to okay it of course when she returns for you."

"She already has okayed it, at least to me," I said. "And, I guess I would like the company, and maybe the help, I suppose."I knew I was turning beet red.

"Don't be embarrassed. Your feelings are perfectly natural given how horny you must be," said Candace.

"I am that," I said.

She raised her eyebrows and giggled.

"Candace, thank you. You've been a big help," I said. "I'll go down where I belong, when she comes to get me, I mean willingly.

"Oh, by the way. She did give me my presents. They, the presents were kind of a shock, but I accepted them as my lot."

She smiled. "I would love to watch you getting it in the butt. But, right now we have something we have to do," she said.

"Huh?" I said.


"You and your husband really into the scene?" said Jackson.

"We're a little nervous. He more than me, but as to that, I'm pretty nervous too," said Emily.

"Understandable, but not really anything to be afraid of," said Jackson. "I've been to a hundred of these. The women get what they need, and the men get theirs, no more no less. Down the line it sometimes gets a little more problematic at least for the cuckolds," he said.

She eyed him. "More problematic?" she said.

"Well, yes. Once they've been introduced to the full extent of their roles as cuckolds; well, sometimes, at least early on, cucks can be real horses' asses. You know, crushed egos, the public humiliation; and worst of all, well, the jealousy. That's why, here at the mansion, we go slow; kinda lead them, guide them, to the place they need to be, I mean the men. You know, so that their wives can enjoy themselves without the guilt trips or the pressure that could raise their ugly heads," said Jackson.

"Interesting, sounds well organized, maybe less threatening is the term. And, if that's the case, I'm glad because my husband sounds like he is typical of the sort you describe. He is, frankly, very skittish right now. We almost decided not to come. But, in the end, we were able to work through his objections," said Emily.

They'd been walking slowly toward a small niche in the wall where a man, probably Mexican, had a little shop of sorts.

"Here we are," said Jackson. She looked at him quizzically.

"Here?" she said.

"Yes. Emily, this is Juan. He'll burn your name into a collar for your hubby. You know, for when we go back to fetch him; it's a new requirement here; I mean if you're still interested in cuckolding him tonight," said Jackson. She smiled up at the big black and nodded her okay.

"Juan, a collar for the lady's husband," said Jackson. "Name's Emily." Juan smiled.

"You are a very pretty senorita, miss Emily. Mister Jackson knows what a women needs. Your husband can be proud to be cuckolded by him; and by you of course," he said. Emily beamed.

"Pink or blue?" said the man.


"Pink or blue," said the man."Pink if you decide he is to be treated as the female by other cucks in cuck country. Blue if you prefer he should be—well—the male in the stuff they do with each other," he said. She looked at Jackson.

"It's up to you," said Jackson. "You know your husband better than anyone." She went pensive for a moment. She was remembering back to her conversations with her man early on, after she had discovered his proclivities. She smiled; she'd made her decision.

"Pink," she said. Jackson smiled but said nothing. They waited for the two minutes it took to emblazon her name on the two-inch wide collar. The man handed it to her.

"Oh, and don't forget this," said Juan. He handed her the small but formidable looking padlock he'd plucked from the small bucket to the left of the counter. She looked askance at him.

"To lock the collar on him," said the man. She took in a breath and smiled her understanding.

"Okay, thank you," she said. The couple headed for a small satellite bar just outside the expansive patio of the mansion. They ordered drinks and took seats at a small two-person table.

"You'll have to go get him in a few minutes," he said.

"I know. I'm a little bit nervous. It's our—his—first time. The humiliation he's going to feel—I just don't know," she said.

"He'll be okay. Just make sure you let him know how much you appreciate his sacrifice. Assure him that his needs will also be attended to," said Jackson. She noticed his not quite benevolent smile. It was almost, what, something.

They talked for a few more minutes. Their drinks downed; the man waited for her to take the initiative.

"I guess, I better go get him," she said.

"It is his time," said Jackson.


"Here comes your wife now, Danny. Just be calm; it'll be all right. She has to pants you and put your collar on you. You are wearing your uniform, right?" she said.

I must have turned three shades of crimson. "Uh, yes," I said. "You mean here and now. In front of everybody. She's gonna pants me?"

"Uh huh. It's your lot, Danny."

I swallowed and stared at her hard as she approached. Somehow, right up to that second, I had clung to the hope that my wife would find another way to cuckold me. But, the look in her eyes as she came up to me dashed any such feeble hope.

"Hi honey," she said. She spoke softly. Her smile was kindly. "You okay?"

"Yeah, sure, I guess so," I said. She just continued to smile. My gaze travelled down to her side where she clutched a pink leather collar in her right hand. She appeared to be waiting for me to give her the go ahead to do what she had to do. Mercifully, her stud, Jackson, had hung back; he stood just inside the doorway, maybe thirty feet away.

I gathered whatever little smidgen of courage that I had and addressed her. "Is it time?" I said. She nodded slowly.

"Yes, my husband. It is. Are we okay? I mean you know..." My turn to nod.

"Hold this for me while I pull your pants down, Dan. Please." She handed me the collar to hold.

Kneeling in front of me, She undid my belt and the button at the front of my pants. Then, looking up into my eyes; she took hold of my zipper and slowly pulled it down following which, equally slowly, she pulled my pants down exposing to the view of all, my lavender panties and my hardened, if not actually imposing male flesh that my panties inadequately concealed. She gazed with satisfaction at my erection.

"Excited to become my cuckold, honey?" she said. She still sounded nervous, tentative. I swallowed yet again.

"I think so," I said. With my pants still at my ankles, she stood. She reached for the collar which I still held and took it from me. Gently she encircled my neck with it and closed the clasp. Holding the padlock up and in front of her breasts, she motioned me to bend forward a little. I did so, and she snapped the padlock onto my collar securing me.

"Kick off your shoes and step out of your trousers, honey," she said. I did so. Candace who had been watching from a few feet behind me, came forward. She smiled at me and attached a leash to the padlock that secured the collar.

"Let's go, Danny, it's time for you to meet you cell mate," she said. She turned and pulled me along behind her by my leash. I turned back to see my wife walking away from me arm in arm with her lover of the evening. She never looked back. Had she, she could not have missed the jealousy that had to be painted on my face and which was consuming me. I would be her cucky tonight; we were committed, but we were going to be talking. I couldn't do this, not long term.


The room was but dimly lighted. He took her in his arms and kissed her, gently, but manly. She felt his power. She also felt his dick pressing against her lower belly. She pushed him back a bit and looked at him. His arms hung by his sides. He was in no hurry. This was going to take a while; he'd promised himself that.

"Nice," she said. "Nice."

"Thanks," he said, smiling.

"Can I tell you something?" said Jackson. She looked him askance.

"Sure," she said.

"Emily, I've been through this many times. I know, pretty much, how you're feeling right now. What you want, expect. I also know what your husband is going through; I mean him becoming your cuckold, the jealousy, humiliation, all of it.

"Lots of the time, the ladies go through a period of buyer's remorse. They want a good screwing, and you're going to get it tonight, trust me on that one, but they almost always feel sorry for the husbands, at least initially, and so they often deny themselves true pleasure in the beginning."

"Danny and I have talked about that, Jackson. He's good. I'm good. It was his idea, actually. One I've bought into, but it was his idea originally."

The man smiled. "It's almost always initially the man's idea, Emily. And, regardless, tomorrow morning when you take him home, he's going to tell you, no more. It's over. You're going to argue with him; and eventually you'll settle it between you one way or the other," he said.

"But...?" she started.

"If you are kind to him, treat him—well—kinda like a little boy; you'll be able to control the situation: I mean his needs and your needs. If you lay ultimatums on him, it won't change his mind, and he might even leave you," said Jackson.

"Okay," she said. "Treat him good. I can do that."

"Yes, and little by little you can lead him to being a true cuckold. Not just the newbie that he's going to be for a while," he said.

"A true cuckold," she said.

"Yes. For example, a true cuck never has sex with a woman. He's condemned to be a kind of uncastrated eunuch for the rest of his life. He gets to eat you out, of course, clean up your lovers' leavings. He can help you dress, bathe you, that sort of thing. But, in the end he's a namby-pamby, a sissy, and quite literally your slave. And, he'll love you for the opportunity to serve you. Literally get down on his knees and kiss your feet every day in gratitude. But, these things happen, only if you bring him along slowly and without hurting him emotionally. It's a very delicate balance you have to achieve. Understand?" said Jackson.

"Wow, I think so," she said. "But, I'm not sure I want my husband to be a true cuck. It's all a little too over the top. I mean, well, we'll just have to see, I guess."

"And, that's a true fact," said Jackson.


We descended the stairs into the spacious basement. There were a dozen cages lining the walls around the room's perimeter. Each of them had a number welded onto its cage door. The doors were no more than two foot square. Anyone condemned to them had to get down on their knees to crawl inside.

This is yours, Danny," said Candace. "Kneel down." She keyed the padlock as I followed her instructions. She undid my leash and nudged me through the small opening and waited till I turned around to watch her snap the heavy padlock tight once more. The man in the back of the cage was naked, he wore blue panties.


"Don't worry, Danny. You'll be let out when your lady is done. Her room number is three, same as your cage here. There is a video feed to her room so she and Jackson can dial up any of the cages numbers, including yours, and watch what's happening if they so desire. If you and your cellmate there put on a good enough show; the two of them might actually come down and watch you in the flesh," she said. I swallowed. This was scary. I didn't feel in danger, actually, but I did feel—what—helpless maybe.

I watched Candace leave. I turned to see my cellmate.

"My name's Paul," he said, "Paul Carton."

"Danny," I said, "Danny Lawson.

"We seem to be expected to perform," he said. "You interested? Ever done it with a man?"

"No, never done it with a man. As for being interested, maybe later. I don't know," I said.

"No problem," he said. "No pressure. I've done it a couple of times. My wife likes to watch me get it and give it. Says it turns her on like nothing else. And if I do it for her; well, I get to have her when we get home. You might say it's a hell of an incentive."

"Yeah, I guess that's so," I said.

"You're wearing a pick collar," he said, smiling. I nodded.

"That means your wife—the wife—wants her husband to be the, well, the girl, if you know what I mean," he said. I looked him askance.

"Wives have the option of watching their husband getting it or do the giving. You know in the butt. But, no one forces anyone here. It's up to the individual husband to agree or not. If you decide you want to get it for your wife's enjoyment, you don't have to say anything. Just assume the position and spread your legs wide enough for me to do you. Oh, and I do have KY with me, just in case," he said. I nodded. I was feeling very warm and very uncomfortable.

"You say your wife likes to watch you both give and get," I said. He nodded.

"Yes, each time can be different. Depends on the woman; we cuckolds have no say. The collars are a new thing, but not the idea if you get my meaning. The wife used to just tell Candace, or whoever was in charge, that night. But, now, the collar signals her wishes; she doesn't have to say anything," said Paul. I nodded.

"How long before they get going, I mean..."

"How long before you're a cuckold for real?" he said.

"Yes," I squeaked. He smiled at my discomfort.

"It varies, but, inside of an hour for sure. Don't worry. If your wife loves you, things will be fine, even fun. It's been fun for us. And, yes even me," he said.

We talked about our lives, families, jobs: got to know each other. As time wore on I was getting more and more nervous, antsy, scared. There was no clock, but after what I considered an hour had passed, I asked the question. "By now?" I said.

"Good bet," he said.

"What do I have to do?" He knew what I meant.

"You sure?" he said.

"No, but I'm going to give it my best," I said. "I figure, if tonight is the test, I want to give it the best I've got to see if I can deal with it. If I can do it, tolerate it, okay. If not, then also okay. I tried. But..."

"Yeah, I know. You don't really know how to start," he said. "So okay, you're the girl. Let me lead, and you just obey. Okay?"

"Okay," I said. My stomach was doing flip flops, but I was kind of excited in a perverse sort of way.

"Come here, sissy," he said. He wasn't smiling, but his tone was kindly. He sat with his back against the back of the cage and spread his legs wide. His cock, which had been hard since I'd joined him in the cage stuck straight out in front of him. The roof of the cage was too low to stand I crawled on fours toward him. I couldn't look him in the eyes, so I stared at his engorged cock.

"Go on, touch, sissy," he said. I did as he commanded. I touched it, stroked it with my fingertips, and finally took it in my fist and stroked it up and down. I leaned in and let the glans of his penis slip into my mouth. I began to suck him. It wasn't too bad. The big news was that I was hard as a rock myself.

After some few minutes, he stopped me. "That's enough. I don't want to come too soon. I want my first load to go up your butt," he said. "lay down flat on the floor—face down." I did so. I heard him moving around behind and above me. I felt his finger and the cold sliminess of the KY jelly as he began priming me.

"You okay?" he said.

"Yes," I squeaked. "Just do it." He pushed my legs farther apart as he positioned himself to enter me. I felt the push. He was inside of me, only an inch or so, but he was inside of me. It didn't hurt, not really, not yet. I hoped it wouldn't be any worse than it already was.

He began the push and pull that was always part of screwing someone, man or woman. He was lying heavily on top of me as he continued to fuck me. I heard footsteps.

I was facing the walkway in front of the cage. I looked up. My wife stood there in her robe watching him do me. She looked—what—interested. Jackson, was there, also in his robe, but his monster cock was pushed through its folds pointing directly at me. I wanted it all to stop, but there was no way. I was going to get good and fucked, and that in front of my wife, and that was all there was to it. My humiliation was total.

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