Emily and Danny Lawson

byMatt Moreau©

I kept my eyes on my wife the whole time, trying to avoid even seeing Jackson and his enormous cock. It had to have been at least ten inches.

"Ready, sissy," gasped Paul, as he speeded up his pumping.

"Just finish it," I said. He did. I felt him ejaculate, washing my insides in his sperm. He relaxed. He rolled off of me.

Emily mouthed me a silent kiss, turned and followed her lover of the evening out once more. As they got further and further away from us and eventually out of sight, I began to feel very low, lower than I ever had before. I realized that there was no way I could endure this lifestyle over the long haul. She'd—we'd—had our moment, our experiment; and it wasn't going to work for us. Not for me it wasn't. She'd just have to understand. I feared the coming confrontation, but this time I would be adamant.


"He looked frightened," she said. "it's going to be hard on the way home, very hard."

"That's what I was saying earlier," said Jackson. "He, all newbies, is going to be very fragile for a while. You will need to be momma, lover, friend, teacher, everything. It's going to be tough in the early going; it always is for new cuckolds." She nodded.

He came to her, and she let her robe drop. He followed suit. He guided her to the bed where she opened her legs as wide as she could for the second round. He took her as she lay passive, surrendering to him completely.


It was almost 4:00AM when she finally came for me. Paul's wife, Denise, was there too; their timing was coincidental but a good thing as it would turn out. Jackson and whoever did Denise was not in evidence either, another good thing. Denise had the key to our cell and our clothes. She let us out and the two women removed our collars. Following that, we dressed hurriedly: we were anxious to get home to our rewards; well, Paul was. I figured to have a problem with Emily for sure. I could tell by her demeanor that she was happy with the experiment. I was horny and wanted a reward too, but not at the price I was sure I was going to have to pay. The women gabbed the whole time we were dressing.

I noticed that Paul had put his blue panties back on. I had shucked my lavender ones and left them in the cage. No one seemed to notice—yet. But, I wouldn't be wearing them, ever again. Yeah, it was going to be frigid in Lawsonville for a while, maybe real frigid.

Finally, with our clothes on and introductions over with the four of us walked out together. We two men trailed behind our wives who talked animatedly in front of us.

"Looks like the two of them will get along okay if you guys keep coming back here," said Paul.

"We'll not be coming back, Paul. I've made my decision. It is just too scary for me," I said. "And, before you ask, no it isn't anything you did. It's the whole scene I guess."

"Well, okay brother. But, if you change your mind or want to get together outside of here, here's my card." I took it and slipped it into my pocket.

The whole scene had me going; it was strange as hell. Here I was liking a guy, as a friend, who had just fucked me in the ass; and, I'd willingly let him; and my wife had seen him do me. How the hell does anybody equate stuff like that with anything; I sure as hell didn't know. My excuse for letting it happen to me? I was horny as hell; I had to have something and Paul was all there was around. Now I knew why men in prison did the things they did.


The ride home was somber. She was doubtless doing the same as me: reliving the hours just gone.

"A penny for your thoughts," she said. I looked over at her.

"It's too scary, "Em. Don't wanna do it anymore. I'm invoking our deal. I hope you can understand where I'm coming from."

"I kinda expected you to be a bit skittish after this first time," she said. "We need to wait a little and talk some more about this before making a final decision. Would that be okay?"

"We can talk 'Em; hell, we will talk. But, in the end we won't be going back. I tried. I mean I really tried. In the end I discovered that I just couldn't do it. Give me credit for trying 'Em; give me credit for that much," I said.

"I do give you credit for that, Danny. Oh my, yes indeed I do. I know it must have been hard on you there tonight. But can I ask you a question?" she said.

"Sure, I guess,"

"Could you tell me, I mean at any time, were you, well, stimulated by it all? You know hot?' she said. I looked at her. It was a fair question.

"You know, that's hard to say. I was so terrified most of the time—well I just don't know—I'm not sure," I said. She nodded.

"Jackson said that this might be your reaction. He told me that it happens a lot to newbie cuckolds. They, the cuckolds, become so frightened about the possibility of losing their wives to studs like him that they sometimes, well, go off the deep end.

"Danny, all I'm asking for is a chance to sell the product here. You know after our nerves, and yes that means my nerves too, have calmed some. Some of this scares me too," she said.

"Scares you? Why?" I said.

"Danny, I watched you tonight; you know, getting it in the butt by another man. On the one hand it was hot watching it. On the other—well—it worried me. It worried me a lot. I can't even tell you why it worried me, at least not in any coherent way, but it did. Can you understand that?" she said. "Oh, and for the record, I noticed you left your panties behind. That kind of cued me to the things you're saying right now, your feelings about it all I mean." I nodded.

"I didn't think anyone noticed. I left them in the cage," I said.

"Yes, I saw them, like I said."

"We'll talk tomorrow, if that's all right," she said. "We need to be calmer. I know I do. But, no matter what, please believe me when I say that I love you and only you. And, I will honor your demands if you really decided to end it after we talk. Okay?"

"Yes, that's what I want and need," I said. "But, though I am willing to talk, my mind is made up, 'Em, I hope you're getting this. I really really mean it." I pulled into the driveway, parked, and looked around at her once more.

"I'm tired too. Let's get to bed," I said.


Waffles! My favorite. Well, I knew that something of the kind was likely in the offing. This would be the morning of our discussion/confrontation on the subject of the hour. I feared it, and I was of the opinion that so did she.

Into our second cups of coffee, and with our syrup smeared plates pushed back. We sighed in unison. She smiled. I did too.

"Well, here we are. I'm a cuckold. You're a hot wife. And, I am not comfortable with either of those, and I want to end the experiment and that without regret, recriminations, or even a lot of talk. The balls in your court," I said, surrendering the floor to her.

"I can understand you reticence, Danny. But, from my perspective, I see the matter in a different light. I see it as a non-threatening, to us, a fantasy that's fun; limited in the sense that it won't be but a once a month thing if even that often; and I see it as fulfilling for both of us even while granting that at first it must be kinda scary for you or for any man," she said.

"You were the one getting satisfied, Emily. Me? I was locked up in a cage, butt fucked, and humiliated beyond endurance when that Jackson fellow flashed me his cock while Paul was doing me. That particular insult, and it was an insult, was the catalyst, as I see it now, for my wanting to invoke our agreement," I said. She frowned when I mentioned Jackson's display; she'd apparently not seen it.

"I'll certainly talk to Jackson, Dan. I'm sure he only meant it in a teasing way, but I can understand how you might have seen it differently. I will most definitely mention it to him. It won't happen again, I mean if after our talk we do decide to continue with the—experiment.

"Look, I know this is a hard thing for you, Dan, like I've said. But if you could just see your way clear to try a little longer, I promise to go slow in bringing you—us— along. You know to make it nice for the both of us. Give you your fantasy in the best possible rendition of it. Get something out of it for myself too. You know, make it a positive thing for the both of us," she said. "I'd really like to see us give it a little more of a chance to work for us."

"Emily, let me ask you a question straight up. Isn't one of the requirements for us to continue at the mansion that eventually I be cut off from having intercourse with you?" I said.

"Well, I..." she paused. "Well, I think it's usual for most cuckolds, but not for us," she said. I can promise you that. Would that be okay?"

"So, anytime I wanted you, even if your bull said different, we'd do it. You'd let me have you. Right?" I said.

"Well—sure—I mean of course. I mean you're my husband. You come first always," she said.

"You hesitated, 'Em. That tells me that there would be rules that even I couldn't break, not easily at any rate. The thing is, Emily, that there will be no more of it, the experiment. None. I am invoking our agreement. Are you going to abide by our agreement or not? That's pretty much the long and the short of it for me," I said. She took on a frustrated expression.

"I will abide by it, Danny; I did promise. I wish you'd lighten up and try to see my side of it though. Maybe do it a few more times to see how it goes. One night does not a lifestyle make," she said.

I ignored her ploy. "Good, you said you'd abide by our agreement. I appreciate that. Matter closed forevermore," I said. Her sigh was louder than her earlier one.

I opened my arms and she came to them, a little reluctantly I thought, but she did come. We kissed, and went back to finishing our coffees.

We talked a little more though not much was said about the past night's adventures per se. I had to hope that we'd not be revisiting the matter. I wanted it to be a dead issue, and the deader, the sooner, the better. Oh, that things might be little tense as the time for the next club night came around I was fully cognizant. But, I figured that as more time passed we'd be able to put the matter behind us. Well, that was my hope. And for a time it looked as though my hope had been realized—for a time it had.


"You talked then," said Jackson.

"Yes, and you called it. He is just too skittish to even hear of a compromise. Everything I said went in one ear and out the other. He's dead set against it, and getting him to come around to a more—what—liberal way of thinking is pretty much a non-happening," said Emily.

"I've seen the like a lot, Emily. Little white boy afraid of the big black boogieman. It's almost always this way with new cuckolds. That said, most of them, the cucks, come around eventually. They come around, that is, if they are convinced that the boogieman is not going to eat them all gone," said Jackson. "That, my dear, is your task, maybe even our task: yours and mine," he said.

"What do you mean?" she said.

"Simple, convince him that neither I nor any other guy is a threat to him. Now, get what I'm saying, 'Em. I am not saying to get him to want to be a cuckold. That's already his fantasy; he'd love to be one. But, not, I repeat not, at the expense of his wife's love or his own sense of self-worth. He must feel absolutely safe and confident in your regard and love for him, or it's a no go," said Jackson, "and that regardless of the intensity of his fantasy." She nodded.

"Yes, I see what you mean. You put it so well, mister. I just wish I could get him to sit down with you, and let you kinda lead him into being what it is both he and I want to be. Does that make any sense?" she said.

"Perfect sense. And, at some point we may want to risk just that. But, let's wait a while. He's got to think it's his idea to want to talk about it. You badgering him will not do it, not even. And, him even seeing me would pretty much put an end to his ever coming around. But, all that said, there may come a time. We've just to bide ours," he said.

"So, okay. We bide our time. But let's not waste any more time today. You gonna fuck me or not?' she said, smiling.

"What do you think?' he said. He slowly began taking off his clothes a piece at a time, almost teasing her with the pace of it. She was already naked, and now she was naked and lying on the bed.

He stood by the bed his ten-inch cock swaying in front of him, her smile gone as she surveyed the threat to the walls of her vagina.

"That thing of yours is a little scary," she said.

"I've been told that," he said. "But, you'll get used to it—eventually!" he laughed.


Work had been tiring and I was looking forward to a night of food, TV, maybe a little foolin' around with Emily, and sleep—emphasis on the sleep.

As I turned the corner onto are street, I saw noticed the extra car in our driveway. It was a Chevy. I always preferred Chevys. My wife Toyota was next to it. With no reason whatsoever to be concerned about it, I was concerned about it—the car.

I pulled in parked and went inside. I stopped cold in my tracks.

"Hi, honey. You remember Jackson, right?" she said. I nodded, but very slowly. The big black stood, and offered me his hand to shake. I looked at it and ignored it. He relaxed and smiled. I wondered at that. Probably expected my reaction, I'd later suppose.

"We had a deal, Emily. What's studly here for," I said. She'd been smiling, now her smile morphed into a don't-be-that-way-smirk.

"He's just here to talk," said Emily. "He's a friend is all."

"Yes, Dan, she's saying it true. I am just a friend who dropped by to talk a little if that's all right," said Jackson.

"Talk a little. Let me guess. She's gotten you to try to talk me into going back to the mansion? That about it?" I said. "If so, you're wasting my time and yours."

He laughed. "Well yes, sort of," he said. "Any chance?"

"None," I said.

"Well, that's a shame, but I have another reason for being here," he said.


"I'm here to invite you to a party, at my house," he said. "You and the missus of course."

"A party. Let me guess some more. There will be lots of sex and cuckolding and I get to be one of the cuckolds? Or maybe the only one, Right?"

"No, no, not this time. Just a patio party. Some of the guests will indeed be mansionites, if you know what I mean. I mean they're friends of mine too. But others are just folks from where I work and a few of my family is all. Maybe forty folks if everybody shows up," he said.

He'd stopped me. The only venue I had ever seen Jackson at was the mansion, and the only situation with him that I was familiar with was one where he was a bull—my wife's bull. I had never given a thought to the notion that he might actually have a regular life or a job or was part of a family. But of course he had to have come from somewhere. In spite of myself I was intrigued. But, I still had a question or two.

"Were we to come, would there be the slightest pressure on me to do anything?' I said.

"Take a turn at the barbecue maybe, or tend bar. But, not the other thing," he said.

I wasn't an idiot. I knew that at the very least that there would be innuendo relating to the mansion or the things that happened there. But, I was a gambler in some respects and I actually felt that I was up to the challenge.

"Okay, then, count us in, unless of course you don't' want to go, honey," I said, all but breaking out laughing. She smirked.

"No, I have no objection, Huunneeyy," she said carrying out the term dramatically.

"Oh, good, I was concerned you might not want to," I said, and no I didn't laugh.

"Good then," said Jackson. "Thank you very much for your hospitality." And then he was gone.


The barbecue was in full swing by the time we arrived. And there had to be upwards of sixty people not the forty Jackson has prognosticated the week before.

I did recognize a few people from the mansion including Paul and Denise.

"Danny, nice to see you. Surprised really," said Paul. "How's everything."

"Okay," I said. "Emily is over getting something from Jackson. I guess she left it at the mansion, and Jackson retrieved it for her. Where's your wife?"

"Right here, mister Lawson," said Denise. "Emily here too?" she said.

"Yes, she's over there. Be here in a minute," I looked to where she'd been talking to Jackson but a moment before, but now she was nowhere to be seen. "Hmm, well she was over there," I said.

Paul, Denise and I talked for a few more minutes, then I got to worrying. Then, I decided to go looking. I wished I hadn't. I found them in the house, in the bedroom: the one next to the john. Jackson was doing her up real good. I decided to interrupt their little soiree.

"You just couldn't keep your word, either of you, could you," I said. Jackson's head snapped around as Emily tried her damnedest to get out from under his bulk. "I'll be leaving now. Please do me the favor of not coming home for the next little bit. I need a couple of hours to get out of your way. Okay?" I said.

"Hey man, it was just a spur of the moment thing. I know how it must look, but it's not what you think," he said.

"What I think it looks like is you and her cuckolding me. Something you said you wouldn't do today. But, I guess lying comes as easy to you as my believing you could change comes to me," I said.

"Honey, please. Let's talk this out. It really isn't as bad as you think," she said.

"No, no more," I said. "I finally get it. Please don't try to stop me. That's all I ask," I said. I turned and walked fast. I made it to the car. Got in and drove off.


The apartment I found myself in a week later was the very definition of a tenement: dirty, noisy, and bug infested. And, in an odd way it suited me. I got a visitor.

"Nice," he said. I laughed.

"Yeah if you don't mind sharing a room with a bevy of wildlife," I said. "But let me ask. What are you doing here, Paul?"

"Heard you broke up with your wife, my wife's bull got the skinny from Jackson," he said. I nodded my understanding.

"Yeah, it's true. She and I are done. Except that is for all of the yelling and screaming in court and such." I said.

"Well, if it's any consolation. My wife and I are on the rocks too," said Paul. He got a raised eyebrow from me over that announcement.

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah, she's shacking up with Demetrius, the bull of the hour, and evidently loving it," he said.

"Yeah, well, I guess we've got a lot in common then, huh?" I said.

"Seems like.

"Whatcha thinking about doing?" he said. "I mean long haul."

"Don't know really. I'm just doin' stuff day to day. You know?" I said.

"Yeah, me too. For the record, your wife is beside herself with concern for you; I mean since you've been gone."

"Yeah, well she hasn't tried very hard to find me," I said.

"Actually she has. She knows where you are. She's just afraid to come to you," he said.

"And you would know that how?" I said.

"She told me, your wife. I went looking for her before my breakup with Denise. Figured I might be of some help to you two guys. Anyway, that's how I found you? I got it from her. She wants her cake back, but I do think she still wants to eat it too," he said.

"You mean Jackson. You mean she still wants me to be her willing cuckold," I said.

"'Bout the size of it," he said.

"Yeah well, when it snows where the devil lives," I said.

"Dan, you and I are cuckolds. And, that whether we like it or not. And we are willing cuckolds. Gotta admit it. We can go kicking and screaming to our fates but we will go. It's who we are—the both of us. And our women...

"They're cuckoldresses. It's who they are. They love us, but they need more than a couple of pussies like us to satisfy them sexually. Denise dumped me, but in your case it's the other way around. Hell, truth told, I wish I had your choices," he said.

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