tagTransgender & CrossdressersEmily and Steve Ch. 02

Emily and Steve Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - Indoor Picnic

I was sitting at my desk with my office phone pressed against my ear, supporting myself with my left hand and trying not to fall asleep. On the other end, someone from Gooseman Paper Products droned on about terms of payment and invoice formats. It was a typical Thursday afternoon.

Just then, an IM popped up on my computer. It was from Emily69. I read it with increasing interest. "Meet me in Mr. Krebs old office at 2pm," it said. I looked at my watch, it was 1:15. My conference call was due to end at 2:00. Suddenly this dull day was going to be interesting. I started day-dreaming about Emily.

I was wrestled back to reality though when I heard the words "Steve, what do you think?" coming from the phone against my ear. I realized that I hadn't been listening.

My name is Steve and I work as an accounts payable clerk at an office supply company. A few weeks ago I meet a beautiful blonde cross-dresser named Emily at a club, who has an alter-ego named Mike who happens to work at my office. After work, when Mike changes into Emily, we've had some wild nights. At work, however, Emily doesn't often show up, unless it's to send me an IM.

It was obvious that this Thursday was going to be different. Our company has been growing, which means more work for us, but at least my job is secure. Because of the growth, though, we had outgrown the building we were working in, and therefore we started the process of moving to a new building. The move had been taking place in phases, with our accounts payable group the last group to move. For two days prior to that Thursday, the only people on our floor had been the 7 people in the accounts payable group, my boss and his executive assistant, three gossiping and catty women who were AP clerks, Mike and myself.

My boss and his executive assistant had left on Wednesday for "conference" (actual a chance for a romantic tryst) in New York City, and the 3 gossip queens had taken the opportunity for a "girls' lunch." The last time they had a girls' lunch, they were out of the office all afternoon, only showing up, drunk on frozen margaritas, to pick up their bags and turn off their computers at the end of the day, so I knew that Mike and I would have the entire floor to ourselves all afternoon.

Mike had disappeared at lunch, and hadn't returned to his desk. I tried to focus enough to complete my conference call, but really couldn't help but continue to think about what surprise Emily had in store for me. This was going to be the first time I'd seen Emily at the office.

Finally, after going in circles on invoice formats for 45 minutes, my conference call ended. I quickly left my desk and headed towards Mr. Krebs old office. Mr. Krebs is the CFO of our company, and had a beautiful corner office that provided excellent views of a nearby forested valley with a river running through it. I had only been in Mr. Krebs office once before, and that was on my first day when I was introduced to our CFO, got a pep talk about being part of the "team," and as soon as I left the office, Mr. Krebs promptly forgot everything about me. Typical executive behavior, really.

Mr. Krebs was one of the first people to move to the new building for his bigger office with a better view, so his old office had been sitting empty for weeks, all the furniture moved out. I had no idea what Emily had planned for a large room with only a carpet to sit on, but I was excited to find out.

I arrived at Mr. Krebs office to find the door closed. I knocked and said, "Is anyone in there?"

"The door is open," I heard Emily reply back. I opened the door slowly.

The office felt even bigger without the furniture in it. Large, floor to ceiling glass windows ran along the two outer walls, providing excellent views of the forested valley and river below. A few maple and oak trees were close to the building along the one wall, with the canopy about the height of Mr. Krebs office. The green canopy of the maple and oaks made it feel almost like we were outside.

On the floor in the middle of the office, a blanket had been spread out. On the blanket was a plate with some cherries and strawberries and a small bowl of whipped cream. Beside the blanket, chilling in a bucket of ice was a bottle of champagne. A portable CD player was plugged into a wall in the corner of the room, playing soft and sensual music through a seat of portable speakers.

The thing that really caught my attention though, was Emily. She was reclining on the blanket, wearing nothing but a lacy black bra and black thong with quick release buckles on the side straps like the strippers wear. She was leaning on her elbows behind her, one leg stretched out in front of her, the other leg bent at the knee. Her hair cascaded down from behind her, revealing all of her pretty face. She looked almost like a model doing a lingerie photo shoot. I quickly entered the room and closed the door behind me.

"Nice outfit," I commented.

Emily laughed. "I've been wearing this all day underneath my work clothes," she said. "And all day you thought it was Mike who was in the office with you."

"Wow, good thing I didn't know, otherwise all the blood would have collected in my groin, and I wouldn't have had any to power my brain to complete my mornings work," I joked, walking and talking a seat beside Emily on the blanket.

"I hope you like picnics," she said, grabbing for the champagne bottle. She popped the cork, and the champagne spewed up and out of the bottle in a frothy white wave. Emily let the champagne escaping the bottle land on stomach, and as she was reclining the champagne ran down her stomach and started to wet her panties. She put the bottle down, and looking at her wet stomach said, "you wouldn't mind cleaning that up, would you?"

"Not at all," I replied, and started licking and sucking the champagne off her body. I started from the top, working my way down her stomach, taking special care to lick every last drop out of her belly button, before reaching her wet panties. I sucked on the fabric of her panties, taking extra time to trace the outline of her increasingly growing cock with my tongue.

I reached down with my hand, and started to pull her panties down. "Not so quick," Emily said, moving my hand away gently. "We have all afternoon."

Emily undid my tie and shirt, and soon had them off me. She unbuckled my belt and undid my pants, and soon those were crumpled on the floors as well. She pulled down my briefs, and I was naked on the blanket, my erection rock hard. "Seems a little unfair that I'm naked and you're not," I said, laughing. Emily just smiled and told me to be patient.

Emily pulled a scarf out of her bag and blindfolded me. I felt a piece of cloth wrap around my hands, and Emily cinched it tight and tied it off, handcuffing me with a silk scarf. Soon she was feeding me strawberries and cherries dipped in whipped cream, playfully dabbing them against my chest and my face, and then licking off any cream that were deposited there. She poured a couple glasses of champagne, and held the glass up to my lips to take a sip.

As she was doing this, Emily was kneeling, straddling my right leg. Her right leg was between my legs, and her right knee was pressed up against my groin, putting a delightful pressure on my taint and scrotum. Every time she moved to get a new berry or grab the champagne glasses, her leg brushed against my balls and cock, making them jolt with pleasure. I loved every minute, but also in torture at the same time, as I couldn't touch my throbbing cock and relieve some of the pressure.

After 10 minutes of feeding me, Emily leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "how do you feel?"

"Like I want to take you right here," I replied.

Emily laughed, and pushed me back so I was lying down, my bound hands and arms pinned beneath me. She moved herself so her ass was pressing down on my cock. She gyrated against my hard on, making me moan with pleasure. "Mmm, yes I can feel that you want me. How do you want me?"

"I want to take you from behind," I blurted out, without thinking.

"Oh, naughty boy!" Emily jumped off me, grabbed me and turned me over. She undid the knots around my hands, and then moved away. I pushed myself up and removed my blindfold to see Emily kneeing at the edge of the blanket with the champagne bottle in her left hand. With her right hand she clicked on the buckle on the side of her thong, and it fell away from her ass. Emily bent over, leaning on her right hand, while she poured the rest of the champagne on her ass. The champagne streamed down the crack of her ass, soaking it completely. "You gotta lick it before you stick it," she said, laughing, and dropped the empty champagne bottle to get on all fours.

I went to work on licking up all that champagne off her, working my tongue deep inside her asshole, and sucking the wetness off her taint and balls as well. Even after all the champagne was gone, I continued to work her asshole with my tongue. Emily moaned with pleasure as I lightly tickled around the rim of her ass with my tongue, then darted it in and out of her hole before plunging it as deep as I could into her ever increasingly opening back door. Soon her ass was slick with my saliva, and she growled at me to fuck her now.

My cock entered her spit-soaked asshole with ease. I was so horny that I practically drilled a hole right through her. I bounced her against me, my cock exploring deep inside her. I reached around, and felt her hard cock moistening with pre-cum. I tried to stroke her, but couldn't maintain the rhythm of both pounding her from behind and trying to jerk her off, so I concentrated on fucking her. She didn't seem to mind, as she moaned and grunted with pleasure, and she grabbed her cock with her right hand to take care of herself.

I was getting close, and Emily was breathing increasingly hard and moaning especially loudly, so I knew she was close to. "Give me the champagne glass," she said between moans. Without breaking my rhythm, I reached over and handed her my champagne flute, still holding about a quarter a glass of the bubbly. She grabbed it and held it up to her cock, and shot her load of cum right into the glass. I was startled and turned on as she showed me the white, gooey cum running down the inside of the glass and mixing with the champagne, and I couldn't hold my load anymore and shot it inside her.

We collapsed on the blanket, exhausted from the effort. We held each other, and kissed lightly as we caught our breath.

"You never did tell me if you like picnics," Emily said.

"Oh, I do for sure," I replied. I grabbed the champagne flute that Emily had cum in, and she grabbed her champagne, and we toasted to the picnic. Emily drank down the last drops of her untainted champagne, while I enjoyed the taste of bubbles from France mixed with cum from a beautiful blonde cross-dresser.

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