tagRomanceEmily Finds Her Person

Emily Finds Her Person


This is the story of how Emily Renault met her dream man while on vacation in Paris...

The rain wouldn't stop falling around me. I have never experienced such a heavy down pour. I thought the rain would never stop falling... Maybe I should explain the situation. My name is Mike and I am a 23 year old recently discharged (Medically) Marine. I have taken the money I saved while in the service to go on a little vacation for myself. I decided to "Tour" Europe and have just arrived at my first locale!

I was told that Paris in spring was a lovely sight and an absolute must see. Apparently no one has ever been here in early April, the rain has yet to stop and I have been here for approximately 8 hours. The reason I am out in the rain on such a lovely day is because there was a mix-up at my hotel and apparently they booked my room. The little blonde girl who got my room felt awful but told me she had no where else to stay and the hotel was booked clean through the end of the month.

Joy... A bum's view of Paris. Oh well, I could do worse. I walked the streets staying under over hangs and anything that would keep the rain from pummeling me to death. I have checked three other hotels along this little strip and all are closed or full.

I decide on going back to the room where I was supposed to stay and offer to pay half of what she paid if she will let me use the couch in the room for the duration of my stay. I figure hell, it can't hurt to try. I reach my destination and decide to clean up a bit in the lobby bathroom. Good thing I brought my good clothes, something tells me she won't take just any simpleton into her room.

I change into my Dress Blues and smile... I still got that look. As I exit the bathroom I notice faces turning and jaws dropping. I smile to myself and keep walking. 305... Gotta make it there fast!!

I make it up the flights of stairs to get to the room I should be in already and take a minute to examine myself in a hall mirror. My 6'1 frame is still very well maintained. I have a slight limp from the accident but it's no big deal, hardly noticeable when I am not too sore. My jaw is very squared, something my mom told me was a common trait of men in my family. My shoulders seem to fit the Marine Corps. Dress Blues perfectly. Broad but not overbearing, and a thick midsection from years of working out daily have made me relatively attractive at the worst of times.

I knock on the door and the sight before me almost knocks me over. This little girl, she can't be a day over 18 and absolutely gorgeous. The very picture of stellar beauty. Gorgeous dirty blonde hair, shoulder length and worn down around her. Her eyes were absolutely brilliant greenish blue. Reminds me of those exotic lakes and ponds on a sunny day. She had a slight button nose that just added to the innocent cuteness she was radiating. As I let my eyes take in the beauty before me I take a moment to collect myself before speaking.

"I'm sorry ma'am I didn't get a chance to properly introduce myself, my name is Michael and I believe there was a mixup with the rooms..." I say with a slight southern drawl just to try and add to the charm of my military uniform... "I was hoping, if you didn't mind too much that I could pay for half of your stay if you would let me use your couch." I smile as I see her lip curl up a bit as she gently bites it a bit. "If not that's fine, I'm sure I can find another place."

"No no, it's fine, I'm sure we can work something out. Come on in, you must be exhausted from the looks of things." She said softly but with a bit of anticipation. "My name is Emily Renault. What brings you to Paris?"


When I heard the door knock I wasn't sure if I should answer or not. I am, after all, alone in a foreign country...

When I saw him standing there in that military uniform though... I just can't explain it. It was like I had found what I had been looking for but was completely unprepared for it. How could I prepare for something like this? A Marine, in my room, in Dress Blues... Oh my God... There is a Marine in my room...

"I am just doing some travelling. I am on leave at the moment and decided to do a tour of Europe." He responded quickly with only a slight drawl. God that accent was amazing.

"How long will you be staying in the room for?" I asked, "I will only really be in the room at night, during the day I wanna go out and see what Paris has to offer."

"Well, originally I was going to stay for 2 weeks here before moving onto Berlin and Moscow, but I know you only have the room for a week." I can't believe I'm checking out his body while he is fixing something with his bags.

"Can I get you a drink? Coke, tea, something stronger?" I ask trying to be polite. "Not really sure what all the fridge has in it. We can order in if you like."

"No thanks, is red wine okay for you? I always like to travel and have some ready for relaxing." He knew my drink too? This keeps getting better and better!

"Sure, not too much though." I smile and accept the glass from his gloved hand, the white glove contrasting so nicely with the deep royal blue of his uniform. The brass buttons shining as the light catches them. "Thanks, I haven't had wine in a long time. So, what did you do in the military Mike?"

"I was a Rifleman. My job was pretty simple. Take orders and follow them." His response was swift and almost cold. As if he regretted it or wasn't up for talking about it. I would get the answers out of him. I may not seem like it, but I know I can persuade him to talk and he seems like a nice enough guy.

"That sounds fun, care for some music?" I ask, "I have all kinds on my laptop. Just let me know what you like as long as it's not death metal or anything." I smile and watch him place his bag neatly back under the little chair in the corner. Very, very direct and to the point. No wasted movement or time.

"Sure, whatever is fine." He replied. "Just no GaGa or Bieber please." Typical guy.

"Okay, let's have some fun then!" I put on some classic rock and we sat back enjoying the music just relaxing. I watched as after what seems like hours passed he got up and grabbed a change of clothes. Jeans and what looks like some kind of designer t-shirt with random tribal designs on it. "Hope you don't mind if I change out here while you are in the bathroom. I won't take long."

"Not at all, go for it!" His reply was warm and sweet. There was something about his voice that just calmed you into a really relaxed state. This is weird considering his job was essentially to kill people from what he said. "Let me know when to come out."

"Okay, sounds good." I reply through the bathroom door. I hear him fumbling around the bathroom a bit and then the door creaks open. Oh no, I'm topless and he is coming out. What should I do? "Mike, I wasn't ready yet!" He stops dead in his tracks... I know why. He could see me in the mirror. My breasts were fully exposed and I knew he could see them very clearly from his angle!

"Oh my God!" He practically shouted. "I'm so sorry. I thought you said it was all good." He turned away and started to go back to the bathroom. Hmmm, he didn't know... Maybe I can get a look at those shoulders now, after all, he did just see me topless, it's only fair!

"Wait. You've seen me topless, it's only fair I get to see you topless!" I say a little braver than I should. "Unless you're scared!" Wrong choice of words...

In a flash he has his top on the floor and is facing me. His chest tight and broad and thick... His shoulders are so broad and he has the lightest tan. I watch as he comes closer, and drop my arms forgetting I am topless. My thoughts are on his abs which are corded with muscle. The product of years of training and working out I'm sure.

"Mike?" My voice soft and weak...

"Yes Emily?" His response was swift and to the point.

"Hold me, please." He came closer and I could feel his bare chest on my nipples. His warm body pressed up against mine. I could feel his heart beating in rhythm with mine. It felt so good and sent shivers up and down my spine.

"Anything you want." He pulled me in close and held me to him. I could feel his warm breath on my neck as he leaned in and kissed me. I could feel his lips working their way to meet mine. Suddenly gravity just stopped working. I was floating... No. I was in his arms and he had lifted me off the ground to kiss me easier. I could feel his tongue dancing with mine. His lips pressed against mine softly but with a burning passion.

I let out a soft moan and he laid me on the bed. I watched as he crawled on top of me. Slowly kissing his way up my stomach, his hands playing with the soft skin just beneath my tits. I felt his rough palms on them and his fingers teasing my nipples as he continued his path up my stomach. Kissing his way up all the way. His lips only stopped for a moment to tease both my nipples. The feeling of his lips sucking me and flicking over me was electric. I have never been so wet and ready in my life. I reached down and gently rubbed the front of his jeans, feeling what effect I was having on him. Judging by the bulge in his pants he was pretty big. Around 7 and a half to 8 inches. I couldn't wait to see for myself so as soon as he stopped kissing me I pushed him off and onto his back.

I kissed slowly down his chest and looked up into his eyes. I could see the excitement in those dark brown eyes. It looked like he had a flame behind burning into my own eyes. I had to look away while I continued working my way to his now throbbing member. I undid his pants and slid them down, pulling his boxers with them. His cock sprang up, all 8 inches of it. It was thick too! This was going to be fun!

I showed him how much I loved the thought of what we were going to do by kissing up and down the sides of his dick. My tongue flicking gently over it. I'm not a big fan of blow jobs but I know men are so I slowly sucked him into my mouth, I let my tongue play along the underside while I looked up into his eyes. He was in heaven so I knew I was doing something right. I kissed back up to him and slid my pants and panties down laying down beside him...

What happened next shocked me into a state of oblivion. I had never seen someone move so quickly. He was between my legs almost as soon as I was on my back. I felt his tongue flicking over my clit slowly, sending shockwaves up and down my 18 year old body. I could feel his breath around my sensitive little nub. His warm moist tongue circling my clit in slow undulating circles....

Just when I thought I was about to cum he stopped and climbed back up my body. "Mike, no please don't that felt so good!"

"Patience is a virtue!" Was his reply. He pressed the head of his dick against my clit and stroked up and down my soaking pussy.

I felt him pressing himself against me, slowly working his way into my wet hole. Shuddering I knew he was easily the thickest I had ever had, only having sex once before this wasn't much of challenge. I felt like I could cum right there on the spot and moaned loudly. My body shuddering and jerking under him. He dragged it out though with long slow strokes. I could feel his body tensing and I knew he had to be at least somewhat close after how much we had built it up. He was dragging out for himself as well as for me. Letting the anticipation build.

I started grinding gently against his hard member and let him fill me completely. His throbbing cock started working in and out of my wet pussy fast and hard. I moaned loudly and felt my body stiffen. I knew it wouldn't be long. I could feel my body clenching on his cock inside me. He moaned out loudly and I felt his warm seed flooding my overly sensitive hole.

As he was cumming I could feel my body respond, everything seemed to go out of focus and I heard a moan but his mouth was closed. It was my moan and it was coming out of me loudly. I had never been filled like this before. I started to jerk a bit as my orgasm over took me.

As we lay there together cuddled up and enjoying the feel of one another's naked bodies. He rolled over on his back and pulled me closer to him.

"So Emily... When we go to Berlin do you want to do the same thing or will we check in together this time?"

"Mike, I'll check in with you, we can't keep pulling this off. Someone is bound to figure out that we aren't strangers after a while you know."

Our game of playing strangers over, we settled back into the joys of being a happily engaged couple that wanted nothing more than to tour Europe and see the sights.

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