tagGroup SexEmily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 01

Emily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 01


The following story (and the subsequent stories I'm going to write about Emily) are completely fictitious. There's no real Emily, or is she based on anyone I know. She is just, in my mind, the quintessential slut that inhabits my most perverted fantasies. All of the stories in the "Emily, The Good Time Girl" series are written from her perspective, mostly because I have always loved stories about sluts written from their perspective.

Some might find Emily exaggerated in a lot of ways, but she is and always was a fantasy and isn't supposed to be more than that.



I am a slut.

I use the word to describe myself not in a derogatory way but as a title to be proud of. Nothing makes me happier than to take cock, multiple cocks in every hole, especially my mouth. I'm not happy until I am on my back or on my knees receiving hard male meat.

I do what I do because, quite honestly, I believe that I am God's gift to men. I do not think that he would have made me look the way I do or gift me with my libido, my deep throat ability or my complete lack of shame if I wasn't. I was put on this earth to please men, I was built for sex, and I take pride in the fact that I am a complete slut.

I wasn't always that way, though. My parents were strict Irish Catholics who instilled in me at a very young age that my body was shameful. As a girl I developed much earlier than the rest of the girls, which not only I noticed but so did the boys. They leered at me through my conservative Catholic schoolgirl outfit, eying my round firm breasts and long, slender legs. To be honest, I loved the attention that the boys gave me but I was always told that such feelings were dirty, so they stayed in the back of my mind as I forced them down.

I was a virgin until I was 21 when I married Mark, a pre-arranged marriage that my parents forced me into. Mark was cute enough, I suppose, but he was seriously buttoned down and far too interested in his career. I think through our marriage he always thought of me more as a trophy than as a wife. When I lost my virginity to him on our wedding night, tie sex seemed forced and very rigid, with no real variation. I thought that, now that I was married that I could release those feelings I'd kept inside for years. Mark had other ideas, however, and refused my requests to change it up, especially oral and anal sex, which he considered a sin. Still, I was happy, or at least I told myself that I was, at the time. Mark had a good job as an accountant making good money, and I was teaching Kindergarten and was actually really looking forward to a career.

It's amazing how a moment of weakness, of sheer terror and desperation, can turn into the epiphany that will change your life forever.

It turned out that my goody two-shoes husband wasn't so goody two-shoes after all. For years (apparently 2 years before I married him), he'd been embezzling money from his accounting firm. Steve, one of my husband's co workers, found out about it, and blackmailed us with his findings. Instead of money or favors, however, Steve wanted something else.

Steve had seen me at an office mixer and decided that he wanted to arrange a little party. I was to arrive at his house, delivered by my husband, at 8 PM that Saturday night, dressed in what he described merely as "something slutty." Once there I was to have sex with not only him but six of his friends, while the entire encounter was filmed. "I want her from 8 to noon the next day, anything goes." That's what he said over the phone.

Mark and I were both mortified at this thought. We discussed the situation and we argued and fought, but after a couple of days we both reached the conclusion that we had no choice; if we didn't comply, Mark would lose his job or worse we could both be in a lot of legal trouble.

So it was decided. The day before I went shopping for clothes to wear to the little event. None of what I had now would really fit the bill. I ended up with my final outfit - a body-hugging low cut baseball shirt that clung to my body and breasts, exposing my cleavage visibly. The shirt was short at the midriff too, exposing my bellybutton and waist. For a bottom was a tiny, tiny white skirt that barely covered my ass at all, and on my feet was a pair of spiky acrylic 6 inch heels that clicked on the mall tiles as I walked. I didn't wear a bra but I wore a pair of lace panties I got at the lingerie shop. As I looked at myself in the mirror apply the candy red lipstick to my lips, my mind tried to force itself to think that I looked terrible and undignified, but I knew that I looked hot. Hot as hell. I loved how the top showed off the full breasts I'd had hidden for so long, and how the skirt and heels accentuated my legs as well. I teased my blond hair a bit so it flowed down my shoulder and pouted into the mirror.

My husband escorted me into the car. He didn't look at me or talk to me on the entire car trip. He had a look of disgust in his face like I was some kind of disgusting whore. I wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, if it wasn't for his criminal exploits I wasn't going to be gang-fucked by 7 strangers.

When we pulled up, I was nervous. I got out of the car and my knees knocked together and I began to sweat. I took a step and the sound of my spiky heel hitting the asphalt echoed in my brain as if a train ran into a building. Steve was waiting there for me in the front yard, grinning at me and eying me up and down, pursing his lips and mouthing "damn" to himself.

Steve was a damn nice looking guy, very muscular upper body, with medium length black hair and a tanned complexion, certainly not what you'd expect from an accountant.. He wasn't wearing a shirt, just a pair of jeans. As soon as I walked to him, he put his arm around my waist forcefully and pulled me towards him.

"God damn," he exclaimed, his right hand automatically cupping my left breast, squeezing it firmly through the tight baseball shirt. "No bra. What a good little whore." His touch was very very rough, motivated completely by lust. At first I recoiled from his touch, but his other arm pulled me closer, sliding under my skirt and grabbing my ass. He hooked one finger into my panties. "What the fuck kind of dumb bitch wears panties to a gang bang?" he said, laughing. He lead me inside, hand still on my ass. I could hear the sound of my heels clicking on the linoleum tile as he led me into the living room.

The living room spanned out widely, at the far end was a large entertainment center, across from it was a spacious fireplace. In the middle of the room was a round couch flanked on both sides by reclining chairs, filled with guys in various states of undress.. In the middle of the chairs was a glass coffee table, which a large punchbowl full of condoms, and a jar of K-Y next to it. My hear swam in both terror and excitement, as I tried desperately to ignore my hardening nipples and burning pussy.

A wave of hoots and hollers came from the group as they all hastily got up to approach me, one of them holding a video camera. All of them eyed me with savage, animal lust, especially the camera guy, who panned slowly from my feet to my face, taking time to linger on my breasts, one of which was completely covered by Steve's hand as he held me from behind. By now I was more turned on than scared, with Steve's rough touch and the leering of the men. I was reminded of how the boys looked at me in high school and how much I loved the attention.

The camera panned into my face. "What's your name, slut?", the camera guy asked.

"E-Emily", I managed to stammer, my speech slurred by lust rather than fear.

"And what are you here for?", he asked me again.

By this point all of the guys were whipping their cocks out, ready to fuck the shit out of me. I'd never seen so many hard cocks in my life and I would have touched myself had Steve not pinned my arms back behind me. I got bolder with the camera, pouting into it.

"My name is Emily, and I'm here to be gang banged."

The guys roared as I said that and started to surround me. Steve let go of me and I lifted my arms over my head in complete surrender. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as my body was caressed by 7 pairs of hands, all of them rough, exploring my breasts, legs and ass. I felt different hands run their fingers along my pussy through my panties and I got even wetter as the fact that I didn't know who it was. Listening them talk about how they were going to fuck me drove me almost beyond control.

They let me to the middle of the room, where Steve took charge. "Before we fuck you, you should probably get better acquainted with our cocks. On your knees, slut." He ordered, and I wasted no time. I dropped to my knees in front of him, and he placed one hand on the back of my head, burying it into his groin. I could feel the bulge of his cock through his jeans and I wanted, no - needed- it in my mouth. Now.

I undid his pants and eagerly opened my mouth, as his hand moved my head forward onto his shaft. It was at that moment that I had my epiphany, what all of those feelings I had my entire life meant - why I look the way I do and why I was born. I was born to suck cock.

"Mmmmmmm", I cried as it slid across my tongue, like it was the most delectable thing I'd ever tasted, because quite truly, it was. Steve had a 7 inch erection and I was eagerly sucking the first four inches in long, thirsting, wet strokes, up and down. Almost by instinct I knew to keep my teeth back and to work the tongue along the underside of the shaft. The camera zoomed in on my face as the men hooted and hollered. "Yeah, suck that fucking cock", they cried. Steve pulled out of my mouth before I could suck him to completion and the next man stood i front of me, holding his cock to my face, which I eagerly slurped into my mouth.

I sucked each guy in turn, none of them to their finish, just enough to get acquainted with their erections. I fell in love with cocksucking and was disappointed when they picked me up off of my knees and moves me to the couch.

"Bend over, baby.", Steve ordered and I did as he commanded. I bent over the back of the couch I felt a pair of hands pull my panties down past my tiny little skirt and a finger slide right into my very wet pussy.

"OOOH, fuck!" I cried, as I instantly climaxed just from the touch. "Damn, this bitch is fucking ready!" he exclaimed, and oh god, was he ever right. Soon he slid the entire length of his cock inside me, both hands grabbing my hips and fucking for all he was worth.

Each man sampled me as I was bent over the couch. The entire night was an absolute blur that would be too long to describe here, but I had two particular favorite moments during the night.

The first was when I was introduced to standing DP. One of the men who fucked me on the couch scooped my legs up into his arms, picking me up and lifting me into the air. His hands were on my ass, and he would pick me up an drop me onto his cock, using my own weight to thrust. It was the most amazing sensation and the feeling of complete helplessness made it even better. I was completely helpless, suspended in the air, held up by his arms and cock, being fucked. I didn't think it could get any better until one of the others got behind me, putting his hands on my ass, spreading the cheeks and slipping his hard, throbbing member into my ass. I screamed myself hoarse as the they double teamed me, the combined sensation driving me above and beyond the crest of ecstasy. After both men and shot their loads in my pussy and ass, they handed me to the next pair who took over right from the same position. I must have been passed around like that 3 or 4 times until I almost passed out from the sensation.

The second developed my love of the taste of cum. After hours of relentless pounding the men had laid me down on a mattress, where they let me rest for a bit. I lay there, Legs and body writing in absolute pleasure, my hands rubbing my breasts as they smeared the collected cum from the many fuckings into them. I was exhausted and sore but the feel of the cum leaking from my well used pussy and ass dripping down onto the mattress made me horny again. The points of my high heels (the only thing I had left on by now) dug into the edge of the mattress as I managed to eke out a tired "fuck me" under my breath. This caught the cameraman's attention, who turned to me, panning over my tired, cum-soaked body, finally panning into my face. "Fuck the fucking shit out of me." I said, more forcefully.

The guys turned to me as I said that, quickly surrounding the bed. "I hate to make a beautiful woman beg", Steve chimed in. He was, as always, the first to fuck me.

He propped my legs in his arms, my high heels resting on his shoulders and he thrust into me forcefully, the sound of his cock inside my sopping pussy made a viscous sucking noise and he pumped again and again. Before long, he climaxed inside me, with a grunt he withdrew, pulling the condom off of his cock.

"Open your mouth, slut." He commanded. I did as he demanded as he poured the contents of his condom directly into my mouth, using a finger to scoop in anything that spilled. I had tasted it tonight, but not this much; it was like sweet, life giving ambrosia and I longed to swallow the salty, acrid nectar.

"Don't swallow. Wait. Hold it in your mouth", he said to me, and I did, reluctantly. The smell of it just inches from my nose made me even hornier as the next guy in line picked up my legs and placed them on his shoulders, fucking me violently until he pulled his condom off of his cock and dumped his delicious seed into the pool in my waiting, eager mouth.

Each guy took his turn fucking my sloppy pussy and when they were done, each man poured his load into my mouth, which had a hard time holding it all. As my back arched in pleasure, cum spilled out of my mouth and into my hair, matting it to the mattress underneath of it. By the time every guy had fucked me again, My mouth was full and I wanted more than anything to swallow the slippery, nutritious seed that was pooled in my mouth.

Steve took the camera and aimed it at my face. "Alright, baby, now swallow it." I tilted my head back, trying to contain it all in my lips, and forcing it down in one big gulp. It was like heaven, and afterwards I couldn't help but belch up a little bit of the massive offering of cum.

The next morning, one of the men had picked me up from the mattress and carried me into the living room where the men were assembled. All of them were sitting on the couch or the adjacent chairs, watching the entertainment center, where I heard the fateful words that started the whole thing:

"My name is Emily, and I'm here to be gang banged."

The men were watching the tape they made of my slut exploits last night. I knew they brought me in here for round two as the movie played, but this time I was going to do it on my terms.

"How about I suck each and every one of your cocks while you watch?"

The men were exhausted from the gang bang as was I and didn't argue. The guy that was carrying me set me down on the floor and I sat up on my knees to service him first. He had a 6 inch cock which I could easily take all the way down, the head of it being nestled in the front of my throat as I took long, slow wet strokes, sucking from base to tip while he fondled my breasts. It didn't take long for him to reward me with his delicious cum, which I opened my mouth to show him before I swallowed.

I did exactly as I said, blowing each of the guys in turn to completion. I never left my knees. After blowing the guy that carried me, I crawled over to the guy sitting in one of the reclining chairs and gave his cock the same treatment. I didn't use my hands at all, my hands resting on their thighs or chests as I blew each one to a delicious conclusion, happily crawling kneeling, sucking cock after delicious hard cock.

After I had finished, I got up and took a shower, walking out of the house wearing nothing but the high heels I came in on. My husband picked me up outside, mortified at the fact and began to call me a whore and a slut.

"You're right Mark, I am a slut. A dirty, filthy, cum swallowing slut. I fucked and sucked 7 guys and I finally found my purpose in life. I'm leaving you. Goodbye." and I walked away from his car with a smile. I was free of my repressive shackles and the real me had finally awakened. And this was only the beginning.


Next - The Blow job Party

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