tagGroup SexEmily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 02

Emily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 02


Being gang banged for the first time was the most amazing experience of my life. It was the first time I'd truly felt alive, the first time I'd truly felt free. Being lusted over, being used, being completely free and to fuck and suck as many cocks as I want filled me with a sense of purpose. I knew that my body was not to be ashamed of but appreciated and shared with as many men as possible. I'd always wondered why I looked the way I did: full firm C cup breasts, long slender legs, full pouty lips, blond hair and green eyes, with a physique that always seemed to stay in shape. I was born for the sole purpose of sharing this body with as many men as I could and I could not wait to embark on my new life as a slut.

My divorce from Mark was quick and painless; Mark wanted nothing to do with me after my epiphany, and to make sure that proceedings went my way I paid a little visit to Mark's lawyer, a man in his early 50's, and I blew him at his desk. I told him that he could fuck me any time he wanted if he blew the case for Mark. That was all it took and within a week and a half it was settled.

The first thing I did after the divorce was rework my wardrobe. All of my conservative clothing went into the fireplace. I replaced the entire collection with the sluttiest clothing I could find. All of my shoes were replaced with spiky heels and all of my pants were replaced with miniskirts and tight vinyl and leather ass-hugging pants. I didn't just need to be hot to trot, I had to look the part as well. As I discarded my high-buttoned blouses and khaki pants, I felt incredibly liberated and wondered why it took me so long to do this.

Now that I was finally free of the shackles of my former life, I could not wait to dive right into my newly awakened slutdom. Smiling impishly, I picked up the phone and dialed Steve, the man who blackmailed my husband and organized my gang bang in the first place. I had an idea. My heart raced as I waited for him to pick up.


"Hi.", I tried to sound sexy in a husky voice like Kathleen Turner, but I think I failed miserably. "Steve. This is Emily. Remember? The hot blond that you and your friends fucked the shit out of?"

"Fuck, bitch.", he responded. "How could I forget a slut like that? You're a hot piece of ass.". Steve talked to me like I was a piece of meat and quite honestly, my pussy was drenched. "If you're calling about the tape, too bad. There's nothing you can do about any of it."

My hand caressed the inside of my thigh like it had a mind of it's own ,moving slowly towards my pussy. I ran a finger over the slit through my very soaked panties as I spoke to Steve. I let loose a purr of excitement into the phone before I spoke again. "I don't think you understand. Your cocks were wonderful. I could fuck and suck them dry all night. I can still taste your cum on my tongue. It's so good. Like honey. " I purred at him again, my excitement building. "Mm mm, god. I wish I was on my knees right now, sucking cock after cock...... after cock."

"Happy to be of service, baby.", Steve replied back with bravado. "Why don't you come on down? I'll give you something to suck on."

"Oh, will you?", I asked in a pouty voice. "That's actually why I called. I love to suck cock. Really, really, really love to suck cock. It's all I think about. I see something that even looks like a cock, and I just...", I added a pause, sucking my finger into my mouth, taking a loud, wet stroke of it into the phone. "Mmmmph," I moaned along, slurping it all back down into my mouth. "..I just need to suck on it."

"God damn, I guess I turned you into a total fucking slut.", Steve blurted, his excitement becoming rapidly apparent. "That can be easily arranged. Just name the time and the place, baby."

"Well...", this was it. My heart was absolutely racing and my pussy was burning out of control. "I really want to work on my cock sucking technique. I just don't think one cock will do."

"What do you have in mind?"

"A blow job party." My panties were drenched in my excretions by now as I pulled them aside to finger myself. "Big cocks. As many as you can. I blow each guy one after the other. I want them to tell me how to suck their cocks. " My body quivering at my own touch as my back arched in the chair.

"You want another gang bang? Done and done."

"No, not a gang bang. A blow job party. No fucking, at least not until I say so. Just cock sucking. I crave cocks in my mouth. I need their seed sliding down my throat. I want men using my mouth as a fuck toy. "

Steve paused for a minute, probably out of shock. " Okay , slut. I'll happily oblige your little request. You come by this Friday and I'll have cocks for you to suck."

"Oh, god, yes!", I cried into the phone as I brought myself to climax. "I'll be there, on my knees like a good slut." My speech slurred from the climax and I panted breathings into the phone. "They had better be ready, because I'm going to drain their balls into my stomach."

The days flew by in a blur as Friday rolled around. I got a call from Steve promptly at 8 PM that night letting me know that the guys were ready for me to blow them. He told me that the guys were from the gym that he goes to and he personally inspected the goods, so I was going to be in for a wild night. "I hope so", was all I could say as I sashayed in front of the mirror to get dressed for it.

I put on a sheer see-through black push up bra, which not only pushed my breasts up but close together. The bra had a lace trim and you could clearly see my nipples from under the very thin fabric. I wore a matching black thong and 6 inch black heels, and some very sheer black stockings with went halfway up my thighs. I hated to cover my legs at all but I figured that I was going to spend the whole night on my knees so it seemed very practical. Instead of lipstick I put on some shiny lip gloss. I didn't want to stripe the guy's cocks. For a final touch I put my hair into two schoolgirl pig tails, not just to keep the hair out of my face while I gave head, but also to help the guys guide my head as it bobbed in their laps.

When I got there, Steve was waiting for me outside in the yard, just like he was the night I was gang banged. I took the initiative, sashaying up to him with my hands on my hips, pouting.

"Hi. Emily's Door to Door Blow Job Service? I'm here to suck a room full of hard cocks?"

"You came to the right place, baby.", Steve said, his hands automatically gravitating towards my breasts as he tweaked my nippled hard through the sheer fabric. My hand moved directly to his thigh. "You want the first blow job before I work the room? I'll get on my knees right here.", I offered.

"No", his voice choked with lust and he spoke in distracted fragments. " I want to watch you first. I'm going to get mine last."

Steve led me inside. The house was dark except for some very dimmed lamps that rested in the corner. The glass table that was there during my gang bang was pushed to the side. In it's place were rows of pillows and cushions for my knees. The couch and the chairs were put into a half-circle. I absolutely salivated seeing the men there, all naked with their cocks out, many of them stroking themselves hard in preparation for my mouth. The couch and the chairs with all full, and there were 4 guys standing, one between each break between the couch and chairs and two standing on either side of the front of the couch. Steve stripped down and took a seat in one of the reclining chairs.

It was a veritable forest of hard, throbbing cocks and I licked my lips in anticipation. The one that caught my eye the most belonged to the massive black man in the middle of the couch, who had an erection that was at least 9 inches long.

"Hi. I'm Emily. And I'm going to suck each and every one of your cocks.", I said to them in my playful tiny voice. After that I wasted no time, dropping to all fours and crawling over to one of the men that was standing, sitting up on my knees and staring his cock right in the face.

I planted one hand on his thigh and the other reached up for his chest. One of his hands gravitated directly to my breast, roughly kneading it, his other hand on the back of my head, using a pig tail like a fulcrum and pushing my head towards his cock. The salty taste of the head turned me on as it slid down, almost to the base, 6 inches of hard cock in my mouth. "Oh, fuck yeah", he sighed under his breath as I started sucking, taking long almost milking strokes up and down the shaft, pausing only to run my tongue along the crest of the head, my head moving back down to the base of his cock, repeating hungrily until he filled my mouth with the first delectable load of the night. I took a moment to savor the acrid offering and looked up at him, opening my mouth to show him. Then, with a playful grin, I closed my mouth and swallowed it in one big gulp.

The entire room cheered me on as I shifted on my knees to the next guy, who was standing right next to the guy I just blew. He had a 7 to 8 inch erection that curved up in a banana shape.

"Time to suck, bitch.", he said to me, placing both hands on my head and forcing it down onto his throbbing shaft. He pushed down furiously, forcing his curved cock down into my throat. I gagged as the shape of his member blocked the air passage in my throat, my hands pushing off of his thighs. "Steve said that you want to learn to suck cock, so I'm going to teach you to deep throat.", he barked at me. Grabbing both pigtails, he yanked my head off of his cock, then just as forcibly pushing it back in again. I choked and my face turned red, ribbons of spit tracing from my lips to the base of his cock.

:"Just relax your throat while I fuck it", he commanded. There was little I could do but relax my neck and let him fuck my mouth. He did all the work from that point on and eventually shot his massive, sticky wad into my mouth, which made me gag a little bit as a small stream ran off of my face. I swallowed down what I could, using my finger to scoop up the remainder that ran down onto my chin, sucking it off of my finger as I looked up at the guy.

"Thank you." I managed to eke out to him as I crawled on all fours to the guy sitting in the first reclining chair. His cock was almost as large as the last guy's, but wasn't curved but rather wedge shaped. After propping my arms on his thighs my mouth lowered down onto his hard member. I ran my lips along the side of his shaft, flicking my tongue along the ridge of the head, then moving down to lick the balls, slowly working my wet tongue along the groove in his balls all the way up to the tip along the delicate underside of his cock.

"Yeah, that's it Emily", he said to me. He was a lot more gentle, one hand holding my head and gently guiding my sucking, the other resting on my shoulder, gently massaging. "Caress my balls with your hand – not too hard.." I did as he asked, slowly running my hand up his thigh to cup his velvety sac. "Work the tongue along the underside.", he gently urged, my head bobbing up and down in his lap. When he came in my mouth, I showed him the load, swishing it around a bit in my mouth before devouring it hungrily.

"I need more cum." I said in a breathy voice as I crawled to the feet of the man who stood next to the couch. He pushed my head down, bending down to make me kiss his feet, which I did like I submissive little whore. After that he picked me up by my hair, ordering me to relax my head and just work my lips and tongue as he controlled my motion. I obeyed, sucking as he pulled me head back and working my tongue as he pushed me down, twisting the tongue in circles all the way down.

He eventually blew his load, which slid down my throat effortlessly. "Your cum is delicious, Master.", I said to him as I bent down, kissing his feet before crawling over to start sucking cocks on the couch.

As I crawled over, kneeling between the legs of the fifth guy I was going to blow tonight, I couldn't help but notice the black man's massive member, which was so large and fierce that I could visibly see it throbbing for me.

"Hi baby. Suck my dick?" The fifth guy said to me as he looked down at me.

"I live to suck cock." Was my only response. And it was true, especially at that moment.

"Too much talk, not enough suck", the man said as he pointed down to his crotch. I couldn't agree more with him as I planted both hands on his well muscles of his chest, admiring the tone in his pectorals as I blew him.

By this point I was getting very used to deep throating. As he pushed my head down, the head of his cock spent a lot of time on my tonsils as I started to perfect my craft. I twisted my head to the side as it ended my throat, his body tensing and groaning in unison with the sensation.

Midway through, I felt a strong pair of hands fondling my ass. "Ohh, yeah baby, you are one juicy piece of white meat." It was the black man, his hands moving from my ass down to my pussy, which glistened with moisture, the flimsy black thong clinging to my skin. He ran his finger along the lips of my pussy up the crack of my ass, moving back along to fondle my body.

My mouth was filled by a massive wad of sperm shortly after, the guy I was blowing shooting it into my mouth in jagged spurts. It was a lot, and white beads of cum dripped slowly off of my lips and down my chin, a single drop landing between my cleavage. I swallowed what would fit in my mouth and looked up at the man, grinning like a chesire cat.

"Baby, you give great fucking head."

His words made me immensely happy and more glad than ever that I was doing this. I had just sucked 5 cocks, one right after the other, swallowing their loads, and it filled me with pride knowing that I was pleasing them.

The black man pulled me over to him, his hand already cupping my breast as I shifted on my knees between his legs. "Ready to suck the black snake?" He asked me. I simply smiled and nodded.

"Cum in my fucking mouth. I need more."

He grabbed both of my pigtails in each hand and started to instruct me, making me lick his balls and asshole before I moved up to his massive cock, which looked like a black tree trunk from where I was.

Take it deep.", He ordered, pushing my head down onto his tool. My lips parted wide, thinning into glossy, semen stained pencil lines around his cock and he forced it, inch by inch, into my waiting throat. I was so glad to have sucked all of those cocks to prepare for his. Before long I had all 9 and a half inches in my mouth and in my throat. I could feel the shaft bend gently as it fit in my throat, making a tight seal.

"OHH, Fuck!" he cried out. "Better than pussy!" I blew him slowly, taking the entire thing in my throat first, moving my head back and forth as my tongue worked the base and stuck out slightly to tickle is balls. I then took a long, slow stroke all the way to the tip, swirling around the opening before slowly taking it all back down and starting again.

He shot a gigantic wad that slid right down the back of my throat. My pussy throbbed with heat and lust as his member sat in my throat jerking it's honey. I imagined what a massive tool like that would feel in my pussy and ass.

I crawled over and blew the last two guys before Steve, neither of them lasted very long having been far too excited watching me blow their friends. I didn't begrudge them for that, and I swallowed their cum anyway, thanking them for their delectable seed and telling them how good it tasted.

Finally, there was only Steve left. He beckoned over to me. "Let's see what you've learned, slut." He said to me. I crawled over on my elbows like a cat, purring at his feet before sitting up and burying my head in his waiting lap.

I pulled out all the stops, demonstrating all of the techniques I'd learned tonight. I started slow, then fast, working my lips and tongue along the underside, then on the head, licking his balls and eating his asshole before finally deep throating him and letting him park his lust custard right on my waiting tongue.

After blowing Steve, I held his load in my mouth and crawled to the middle of the room. I showed everyone Steve's load resting behind my tongue, then tilted my head back and swallowed.

The room burst out in applause. Steve walked over to my kneeling form, and I clung to his leg and rested my head on his thigh. "Let's hear it for Emily, the dirty little slut that sucked 8 cocks and swallowed 8 loads tonight!"

As the guys stood up and walked over to their clothes, they patted me on the head, saying that I was a great cocksucker and telling me what a fantastic slut I was. I licked their cocks as they passed me thanking them for contributing. This was the happiest part of the night for me. I could feel their cum sloshing around in my stomach, and I could still taste the blended taste of cum, cock and anus. The men loved the experience and I was contented.

stood up for the first time all night and moved towards the door, stopping the black man from leaving at the last second. He closed the door and Steve spun around As I did so. I reached over and grabbed both of their groins, stroking their already re-hardening cocks through their pants.

"I need to be fucked.", was all I had to say. The men carried me over to the couch and I spent the rest of the night being fucked by them and giving them blow jobs. I would lie across the lap of one, blowing the other while getting fingered until I was horny and needed to be fucked again, then they would pick me up and give me both of their cocks while I was suspended in the air.

This was the first of many blow job parties, some of which were hosted by Steve, others I hosted myself. Most of them degenerated into gang bangs, especially when I was joined by slut friends I'd met in my exploits as a good time girl.

But that will have to wait for another story.

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