tagGroup SexEmily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 03

Emily, The Good Time Girl Ch. 03


When you live my lifestyle, you get precious few chances to make real friends. It makes sense, really. Most women hate me, saying that I'm a disgrace to what women have fought so hard for. Personally, I disagree with them, I feel that my promiscuous nature isn't demeaning but empowering. Men had done what I do for centuries, so why is it that today in our "liberated" society, is it still shameful for a woman to do it? Besides, I think that they're just jealous of me because I have a fantastic body and men pay attention to me because I am a slut. Men discuss their conquests and brag about the women they'd had sex with. So why can't I brag about being gang banged and all the cocks I'd sucked?

Which is why this story is particularly dear to me. It's the story about how I met the first person that I really considered an honest and true friend: Someone that not only understands and appreciates my lifestyle but is a slut herself. She was the first person that I could really relate to and talk to about my lifestyle and how happy promiscuity makes me.

It all started when I lost my job as a teacher. I was called before the school board and was told that my demeanor and dress was not appropriate for an Elementary school environment. I guess heels, a tight black mini-tee with the words "I Swallow" in white print and a matching black miniskirt didn't match their dress code. I offered to fuck and suck any of the male members of the school board to allow me to keep my job, which apparently insulted them as they threw me out without any references.

At first I lamented the loss of my teaching job but I realized that a job like that didn't really fit into my new lifestyle at all. I need a job where I could dress the way I wanted to, act the way I wanted to, and was constantly surrounded by men. With that in mind, I decided to take a job as a stripper.

I walked in through the front door of The Cathouse dressed to kill, or at the very least, to fuck. I wore a 2 piece vinyl outfit in hot pink, a push-up halter top with a dipping cleavage and skin-tight pink vinyl pants. Completing the ensemble was a pair of pink platform heels, different from the spiky ones I normally wear but I thought that these complimented the ensemble. I was led to the manager's office by Spike, the bouncer, who is at least 6 foot 5, incredibly muscular and has a shaved head. I could only imagine what his cock was like and made a point to find out later. With a smile, a playfully ran my hand across the bulge in his pants as I sauntered over to the door.

"Oh, baby, shake that pretty little thing in here", said a voice from inside the room. I took a step inside and the man at the desk sat up to greet me, his gaze panning from my high heeled feet up to my face.

"My name is Max.", the man behind the desk told me. He was okay looking really – blue club style blazer suit with patching pants and mirrored sunglasses. His blond hair was tousled and a bit unkempt and he smelled strongly of aftershave.

"What's your name, sweetheart?", he asked me in his smarmy voice. I could tell that he was fascinated with my breasts, which I cradled with my arms, pushing them even closer together. "Emily", I squeaked playfully. I bounced up and down on my heels slightly to make my breasts bounce in unison. I giggled girlishly as I lifted my arms over my head at the same time, slightly arching my back. The way it made Max's eyes bug out, you'd think he could fuck me with them.

"Well Emily, you certainly got the look, and you certainly got the attitude, but let's see if you got the heart for it", he said to me, grinning. I already knew what he wanted from me next. "Let's see those tits."

I happily obliged, reaching around to unclasp the vinyl top, whipping it across the room. I put my hands over my head again, swaying my hips back and forth to imaginary music. I looked over at Max, who was gawking me like a hawk looking at a mouse and my nipples immediately became hard with excitement.

"That's fucking amazing. Now let's see that ass.", and with those words, I unzipped the pink vinyl pants, letting them slide down my long legs slowly as I shook my ass, until bending over with my ass facing him, picking them up and throwing them onto the couch.

"Oh, good lord, you are fucking hot.", Max said, shifting in his chair. I could tell that he had the hard-on of his life Men are so predictable, because I could already hear in my head what he was going to ask me to do next.

"You definitely got the goods, but there's one last thing you have to do to prove to me that you've got the dedication for this job.".

"Gee, I hope the final test is to give you a blow job.", I squeaked, licking my finger up and down. "Because I love, absolutely love to suck cock."

Max was speechless. He could barely contain himself as I dropped to all fours, crawling over to him, looking up at him with a grin as I undid his fly with my teeth. I pulled his already erect cock out from his pants, precum already causing the head to glisten. With a flick of my tongue I cleaned the tip, moaning deeply with delight. "Mmmm, delicious", I purred before slowly sliding the length of his cock into my mouth, resting my nose in his pubic bush and taking the first long stroke all the way back up to the tip.

Max didn't last very long even though I tried to draw out the blow job. He shot a thick load into my mouth which drew into web like strands in my mouth. Opening my mouth to show him, I swallowed the entire load in one go, licking my lips with animalistic satisfaction, rocking back onto my knees as I smiled up at him.

"Oh my fucking god, baby", he said to me, breathlessly." You definitely have the job."

And so began my career as a stripper. I worked under the name "Emily, The Good Time Girl" and the experience was highly uplifting for me. I loved getting the men hard and I often relieved their sexual tension in the VIP lounge. Sometimes blow jobs, sometimes gang bangs, I loved every minute of it and I never charged anyone for it. I'm a slut, not a whore, after all.

But the greatest moment from my time working at The Cathouse was when I met Daisy. Daisy was a stripper at The Cathouse that shared the same dressing area as myself. The first time I saw her, I thought she was absolutely gorgeous. Her wavy red hair was a contrast to my straight blond hair. Her breasts were a bit larger than mine also, with a full natural D cup. We had a lot in common physically as well though; we both had green eyes, and long slender legs. Her body is absolutely stunning, and though I'd never admit it to anyone, I have to say I'm jealous of the muscle tone in her stomach.

We got to talking during down time, and I told her about my epiphany and change in lifestyle, about how my husband was blackmailed and how the subsequent gang bang changed my life forever. She told me about her own epiphany into slutdom, and how the first time she was gang banged was in high school, when she pretended to be drunk so that a cute boy would take advantage of her, which eventually led to her fucking and sucking him and 5 of his friends. She was the first woman to not only understand but to share my lifestyle and we became inseparable in a very short time.

Our first real bonding experience came a week or so after I started working there when Daisy told me about something she does to raise some extra money on the side. During the summer, a lot of frat parties hired strippers for entertainment. When she told me this, I smiled and came up with a plan for us to both make some money and to have some fun at the same time. Two naked sluts like us loose in a house full of horny men was simply too hot of an opportunity to pass up. Daisy agreed to follow my lead as we headed to our dressing room to get ready.

I went in a green polka-dot motif: green polka dot bikini top with matching vinyl green miniskirt and a pair of white heels. Daisy was clad in a white body-hugging party dress, with a neckline that plunged down into a V, exposing more than a little cleavage, with a super-tight skirt that clung to her shapely thighs. On her feet below her sequin anklets was a pair of white strap-on heels. We looked at each other with knowing smirks, because tonight we were two sluts that were up to no good.

We could hear the music blaring from the frat house when we pulled into the crowded parking lot. Daisy and myself took each other arm in arm, wrapping our arms around each other's waists as we sashayed towards the front door, swaying our hips in unison. The men coming out of their cars in the parking lot hooted and hollered as we approached and I shook a bit for them. I loved the attention of their lusting stares and my pussy was already soaking wet.

As we rang the doorbell, the door opened as the pungent aroma of pot and beer poured forth like a tsunami, followed closely by a barrage of loud college-rock. The doorman, a very well built blond guy in a blue letterman jacket, answered the door.

"Hi, we're Emily and Daisy, the strippers you ordered?" I squeaked. Daisy drove the point home by nipping at my ear, running her hand along my side slowly to cup a breast in her hand. Her touch was so much different from the men that had fucked me, it was soft and supple, her hands moved with a lithe delicacy as if she was handling her own breast instead of mine. I returned her attention, turning my head around to kiss her gently on the lips, licking them softly. We both grinned at each other with impish grins as the cute blond led us inside. I grabbed his ass playfully as he hurried over to the CD changer to put on some music to strip to. Daisy and myself shot knowing glances to each other. "Here we go. Follow my lead". I said to her, smiling.

The music started bumping, which was our queue I sauntered over to the pool table hand in hand with Daisy. I had two of the boys "help me up" onto the table, and their rough, groping hands on my legs and ass made me even hotter. We took opposite sides of the pool table. I crawled across the table, slowly, with my ass in the air, my face practically rubbing against the felt. My pussy was soaking wet and it got even wetter knowing that every man in the room could see it glistening underneath my green miniskirt. I looked up to see Daisy grinding slowly along to the thumping bass of the music, bending down and running her hands up her legs and body all the way to her full breasts.

I sat up onto my knees, arching my back and running my fingers through my hair. The men were screaming to see some flesh, so I reached down and unhooked the hinge to my bikini top, whipping it into the crowd. Men dove and scrambled to pick it up. I decided to give them a little preview of what they were going to get later, running my tongue along the underside of my finger and began to suck it like a cock, sucking all the way down to the knuckle, closing my eyes in faux concentration as I worked my jaw all the way back to the tip, and then back down again.

I feel a gentle hand on the back of my head as I turn around. Standing there is the beautiful Daisy, running her hands through my hair like I was her pet, completely naked save for a pair of heels and a garter on her right thigh. I sit up onto my knees in front of her as if I was giving her a blow job, both of her hands resting on the back of my head, pushing down into her crotch.

I had never been so close to another woman's pussy before. It was gorgeous, glistening in front of me in arousal. To tease her, I licked her pussy lips slowly around the edge, only barely poking my tongue past them. I could feel Daisy tense up as she dug her fingernails into my skull, raking with pleasure as her back arched.

By now the pool table was surrounded by men, and Daisy and I were posing in various sexual positions. First, I would lay on my back with my legs spread as Daisy lay between them, pretending to fuck me missionary style. We switched with her on all fours and me behind her pretending to enter doggiesyle. It wasn't until Daisy was spooning me from behind, my leg propped up against hers as she pretended to fuck me from behind that our plan came to fruition and the men could take no more teasing.

The men had gathered on both sides of the table now and began to pull us apart to opposite sides of the pool table. I closed my eyes and let the men do whatever they wanted with me, growing more and more horny as what seemed to be infinite sets of hands explored my body. I lay on my back, my pussy and ass lined up with the edge of the pool table as more than one pair of hands held my legs apart and into the air. My body was ablaze with harlotrous lust as myriad hands groped me, awaiting for penetration. I arched my back and reached my hands around to grab the other edge of the pool table. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!", I screamed at the room full of men, my crest almost intolerable. I had to have cocks in me one after the other. It didn't take long to oblige, the first one being the cute blond kid with the letterman jacket that answered the door for us. Only this time, he was completely naked, stroking his beautiful 8 inch erection. He wasted no time, planting his hands on my hips and sliding in every inch of his rock hard cock.

"OHHHHH, my FUCKING God!", I cried, climaxing instantly. His gorgeous tool worked in and out of my pussy vigorously, the lips forming a tight seal around the base as he thrust in and out of me. I closed my eyes shut and almost cried as the head of his cock tickled the very tip my clit with every forceful, sucking thrust. He eventually shot his load inside me and I could feel it gush in spurts, then seep out.

The next guy took over right where he left off, wasting no time to ran my gaping pussy with his member. With rough hands, he gripped onto my shoulders for support, fucking me for all he was worth. His thrusts were so forceful that the table began to shake under me, m Before long, his seed intermingled with the previous load, my pussy dripping with cum.

"More. Oh my god, more!" was all I could muster. The men were taking too long to fill my eager cunt with cock and I began to buck my hips, waiting to accept another cock, any cock to fill the lusting void. A pair of rough hands grabbed the cheeks of my ass, spreading them apart as the next guy began to slide his hard meat into my asshole.

The sensation was unbelievable as my anus began to tightly constrict around his well lubed cock, my bucking hips in unison with his thrusting. I let out a long scream as he fucked me in the ass and the men cheered their frat brother on. "Fuck that slut right in her tight little ass" was shouted over the growing din of excited male voices. My screams were soon muffled as a hard, delicious cock was laid across the lips of my open mouth. Pursing my lips slightly, I stuck out the very tip of my tongue as the cock moved slowly across. I loved the salty taste of his manhood as it grazed along my tongue, the musky scent of his balls just inches from my face made me want to suck his throbbing cock to completion. His hand grabbed my hair, turning my head sideways and I opened my mouth wide to accept his pulsing cock. He moved my head back and forth on his cock and I worked my jaws and tongue with his guidance, sucking him to a very satisfying climax that filled my mouth with his savory offering of lust. I let a small bead of it run down my chin and down my neck before I swallowed his load.

By now, the cock in my ass had released it's generous gift of cum as the two men that were holding up my legs moved in to take their turns with me. One stepped between my legs, propping them up on his arms as he thrust forward, impaling my pussy on his cock like a lance. Instead of immediately fucking me, he put both hands on my ass, lifting me up into the air, held up only by his hands and the turgid force of his erection. Pushing up with his hands slightly, he bounced me on his cock mid-air, each thrust driven by my own weight. My legs kicked slightly as I sat floating, helpless in midair. Another pair of hands joined his on my ass as my cheeks were parted, the cock impaling my pussy joined by another one in my awaiting asshole. "OHHHHHHH!", I screamed, almost making myself hoarse from the unbelievable sensation. I had two massive cocks inside me, one in my pussy and the other in my ass, completely filling me. The feeling of fullness drove me to the brink of ecstasy as I could feel their cocks rubbing together through the thin wall of flesh that separated them. The two jackhammered my holes relentlessly, picking me up and dropping me on their cocks over and over and over until I nearly passed out from pleasure.

While being double-fucked in the floating position I managed to get a glimpse at Daisy. She was on all fours on the floor, being fucked doggiestyle while sucking another guy's cock. Her flowing red hair had become streaked with long creamy stands of semen as she worked, bucking her hips backward to meet the thrusts while sucking the cock from the base to the tip. Both men were rough with her, pulling her hair and slapping her ass as they used her.

I have no idea how many guys fucked Daisy and myself that night. The men did whatever they wanted to us, including making us kneel down back to back in the middle of the floor and give each of them head one after the other. By morning, both of us lay on our backs in the middle of the floor, spent and naked, absolutely drenched from head to toe in sticky wads of cum. I was very tired yet very happy as I rubbed their mingled loads into my breasts, my legs squirming with bliss from the residual pleasure of the countless orgasms. My tongue bore the aftertaste of untold blow jobs and I was happy and contented.

Suddenly, I felt something warm and moist on my foot. It was Daisy, her warm lips kissing the top of my feet. Daisy gently licked my foot, slowly moving up my calf, the tip of her tongue meeting the streaks of cum that ran down it. "Mmmm", Daisy purred as she cleaned the cum off of my calf, leisurely working her way up to my knee as he stuck her hands between my thighs, parting them and moving her lovely red head between them.

By now, whatever men were still awake had gathered around cheering us on as Daisy worked her magic. My high heels locked behind her ass as I wrapped my legs around her, her tongue licking way the generous loads of semen on my lower thighs. Her hands reached up to caress my breasts as she inched upward towards my pussy, now dripping with cum and excitement.

This was the first time I'd ever really known a woman's touch. Daisy's tongue was soft and delicate, and very knowing. Her hands on my breasts were gentle and nurturing as they caressed lovingly. My back arched as Daisy began to lick the cum from my pussy, first in long hard licks, then soft, her tongue probing around my clit and cleaning it of the collected seed. Her head turned sideways as her tongue and lips played with my clitoris, my back arching more and more until I had a brutal, earth shaking orgasm and she had licked my pussy clean of cum.

Turning my head, I tried to bite into the letterman jacket underneath me as waves of pleasure engulfed my entire body. My fingers ran through Daisy's hair, which was matted with cum as her tongue inched from the space between my pussy and ass down into my cum-filled anus. Her knowing tongue worked miraculously as it had liberated my ass of the flowing river of semen that poured forth from it.

I closed my eyes and lay back in surrender. Daisy was now kissing her way up my body, stopping to lick up the pools of cum that had collected on it Before long she had cleaned my breasts and neck of semen and after she licked the cum off of my face, we lay in each other's arms, kissing, my legs and arms locked around her.

The remaining men were begging for an encore and I simply had to oblige them as I tasted cum and pussy juices in Daisy's kiss. I rolled her onto her back, burying my head between her gorgeous D-cup breasts, my nose and tongue hungrily lapping the cum from between them.

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