tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmily's Enterprise Ch. 03

Emily's Enterprise Ch. 03


Emily sat, gloriously nude, on the massive oak conference table, short blonde hair catching the sun streaming through the glass wall. She pointed at a copy of an old map in front of her slender crossed legs as she talked.

It hadn't been hard for Nuszsaecker to talk her out of her clothes, not after Deidre praised her spontaneous nudity at the club three days ago. Deidre herself stood to one side, dressed in a business-like pants suit but with the blouse unbuttoned, her bra-less abundance spilling out as she leaned over, platinum blonde hair cascading over her shoulders. Kurt, her lawyer, stood on the other side, his eyes wandering from the familiar map to Emily's pretty crotch and the older woman's generous tits. Nuszsaecker was the only big name in LA porn he hadn't represented as a lawyer -- and he wasn't in a hurry to have him as a client because Nuszsaecker was famous for being difficult. His slight accent and dominating manner, part slangy New York, where he had started his porn empire before moving to LA, and part Berlin, where he grew up, brooked no nonsense. He was glad Deidre was there to manage Nuszsaecker. Between the two of them and Nuszsaecker himself were Nuszsaecker's real estate manager and his CFO, both more absorbed in the map than in Emily's or Deidre's charms. Nuszsaecker made sure to select senior staff who were gay, so they could keep their minds on the money and not the mounds.

Female nudity was the dress code for business meetings in the conference room of the world's richest pornographer. Nuszsaecker was used to mixing sex and business and it gave him an advantage. Unlike most men, he could calculate the present value of a future contact in his head while having his dick sucked. Nuszsaecker always had the edge in business meetings when naked women were present and so it was only natural that he would invite the "girls" to get comfortable after Deidre told him about Emily's exhibitionistic adventures. Deidre didn't mind showing the younger woman off because, as Nuszsaecker's long-standing mistress, she knew things that would always keep Nuszsaecker coming back to her. Nuszsaeker also had the advantage in appearance: his squat, chunky body and coarse, blunt features, together with beady eyes close-together and a wart on his nose made him look like a rhinoceros. It gave him an even greater advantage in business dealings because people underestimated his intelligence and overestimated the power behind his hard-charging forcefulness.

Comfortable in her skin, and wearing nothing else, Emily was business-like and direct. She told them about how she needed a project for her class at the community college. She got the idea in Spanish class of doing her real estate class project on old Spanish land grants and their relevance today. Kurt was doing something on land titles for Deidre at the time, because she was buying the lot her nightclub stood on. Emily thought she would impress Kurt by looking up the plot of land Deidre was buying as it was in 1850. To her surprise, she discovered a little-known constitutional law provision the big Mexican landowners put there to protect their vast cattle ranches and farms from zoning restrictions or land seizures for public use when California became a state. Under the law, the new state or any local government could not abrogate then-current land use by legislation or local ordinance unless the property had already been put to another use by the owner. It occurred to her that this obscure, seemingly obsolete law which failed to save the big ranchos from turning into city blocks and subdivisions could still apply in 1978 to a tiny triangle of land just north of downtown Los Angeles.

This had been no rancho -- not even a cattle ranch. This little lot had housed a brothel. There was a letter in Spain written around 1831 mentioning the brothel, describing it and how the sons of three local big-shot rancheros protected it from the church padres and kept it open for their own needs. A hotel that now stands on the main part of the lot where the old adobe house would have been on the irregular-shaped lot (because it was on a little plot where three roads came together). More important than this historical fact, there appeared, from newspaper clippings dating back to 1854, to be a continuous history, documented by news of police raids, arrests, and irate letters to the editor, of prostitution on the site for a century and a half. Up to the present day, newspaper stories showed, the current run-down flophouse was still a well-known destination for assignations and a hotbed of prostitution. A hooker working out of the hotel was arrested just last year.

Even better, the tip of the lot, where the corral had probably been, extended south to include at least half of Deidre's nightclub, the part where she planned to expand the VIP lounge. If they could prove that, then in theory the hotel was still legal for the original land use: prostitution and the half of Deidre's club where the VIP lounge was going in could be legal not only for lapdancing but for live sex! But proving that would be hard because the evidence they had only showed that a corral had been there, not how big it was. And the attorney general could claim that once the corral disappeared, the land use changed for that part of the lot. The law wasn't clear on whether it could be applied to only part of a parcel of land.

Emily faced a glass wall with a spectacular view of downtown Los Angeles spread out beneath them to the right, in plain view of an office building across the street to the left, close enough that anyone with a telescope and a corner office could see her. The sunlight glistened on her blonde pubic hair and the shadows of the pink nipples on her small but pert, firm breasts made them look twice as big.

If Emily was right, the lot, less than three-quarters of a city block, was the only place in California where prostitution was legal! In the middle of a city of 3 million and a metro region of 7 and a half million, half of them male, half of them of legal age, 23% of them horny at any given time. Nuszsaecker appreciated that they had discovered a potential goldmine. But taking advantage of this secret would not be easy.

First, they would have to buy the hotel discretely, without tipping off the owners or anyone else to their plan. They needed Nuszsaecker to provide the money but he couldn't be the purchaser -- the prospect of the world's richest pornographer buying up a rather seedy-midtown hotel would draw attention. Deidre could do it, though, without anyone giving it a second thought. After all, her nightclub was just across the back alley. It was a successful business, it made sense to diversify the investment, and she always needed a place for her dancers from out of town to stay. (And a safe place for her dancers who got frisky with their customers to go after work.) Then they had to refurbish the old hotel because it was so run-down. If they were going to turn it into a sex destination they didn't want to be shut down by the public health department for unsanitary conditions. Nuszsaecker would have to pay for that, too.

So it was decided. Nuszsaecker would front the money, Deidre would make the purchase, Emily would broker the deal with her new real estate license, and Kurt would lay the groundwork for the battle. And a battle it would be!

As soon as open prostitution began, the hotel would be raided, for sure. There couldn't be any code violations or anything else that could be used as an excuse to shut it down. The case had to be purely about legal prostitution. Once the legal battle started, this totally unexpected defense would catch the prosecutor by surprise. Who ever lost the first round would appeal for sure. They would win, of course, and at the end they would have the only legal brothel in the largest state in the Union! An entire six-story hotel for sex! Emily had visions of walking down the corridors naked. Deidre had visions of different floors of the hotel devoted to budget, mid-priced, and luxury tastes and rooms devoted to varieties of kinks and pleasures. Kurt had visions of arguing to the California Supreme Court and winning, becoming the most famous sex industry lawyer in the country. And Nuszsaecker had visions of parlaying his porn empire millions into commercial sex billions.

As the meeting broke up, Nuszsaecker leaned over to his chief financial officer and whispered "Buy up the entire block of storefronts facing the hotel and as much of the block on the same side of the street as you can. We'll use 'em for porn shops, adult theaters, titty bars, and an erotic art museum. Maybe a dessert shop with high-priced coffee they can go to afterwards before the drive home. We'll make money before, during, and after they fuck!" The CFO nodded and said nothing. That business plan would compete directly with Deidre's nightclub if the historical record did not show that the lot included the VIP lounge.

"Emily -- you're a genius!" gushed Nuszsaecker. "A fucking exhibitionistic little genius! And you've got great tits!" Without asking, he reached over with both hands and tweaked her nipples as he stood there. Emily blushed because she thought her tits were nothing special, as nice, bright pink, and bouncy as they were, and the nipples, now left pink and erect, were a bit longer than usual but not that big. Deidre, twice her age, had the spectacular tits, with wide dark pink areolas and long, sensuous fleshy nipples. Deidre had everything there was female and the experience and maturity to use it: estrogen in motion. Watching Deidre at the strip club was to see the mature body as perfection, a study in the art of femininity and grinding. Next to her Emily felt like an awkward virgin.

"Well, it was nice meeting you!" Emily lied. "Thanks for letting me get comfortable!" She uncrossed her legs and raised up to get off the table on the side where her clothes were folded neatly on a side chair. She left a fog of moisture on the cool glass of the table top, condensed from her warm humid bottom parts.

"Not so fast, foxy one!" cried Nuszsaecker. "Don't you want a little tour of our offices before you leave?" He was staring while she swung her legs to get off the table, which she couldn't do without giving him a great view of her pussy.

"Sure!" said Emily. "I've always liked your magazines, especially the gynie shots in Hot Twat." It sounded sarcastic but actually she said it to please him, even if it wasn't true. For her own erotic pleasure she much preferred the photo shoots of romantic couples in exotic places featured in another of his magazines, Classy Fornicators Internationale. She moved toward her clothes.

"You don't need to get dressed!" Nuszsaecker admonished. "Lots of people walk around our offices without clothes on. The models, the studs, new talent doing auditions. Some of our production girls go topless to make the new girls feel like they fit in. Hell, half our male staff walk around with their dicks out because it's more comfortable when you have a stiffie!" "Stiffie?" Emily thought. She hadn't heard that word since high school. "So why don't you stick around for a while longer and I'll get Randy to show you around. That guy who came with you, too." He stepped out into the outer office to get his assistant. Then he stuck his head back into the conference room. "Oh, and Deidre, could you stay for lunch in my private dining room? I want to go over a few things with you."

Deidre smiled. More like he wanted to come over a few things with her, using his cock. She had sex with him about three times a week these days, sometimes on this very table because Nuszsaecker liked to fuck in places where he felt in control. She knew Nuszsaecker was horny as hell because he had told her that his trophy wife wasn't putting out anymore. She guessed that what that really meant was that she had cut the old goat back to twice or three times a day. He was also mad that his wife didn't bear him a son and heir, he had told her. Well, she couldn't help him there -- even if she had wanted to get pregnant at 45 she had had her tubes tied long ago, when she first figured out how profitable it was to be promiscuous and that rich guys didn't like condoms.

Nuszsaecker came back in the conference room, followed by Karlo, Deidre's bouncer, who had been waiting outside to drive her back to the club. Karlo's face broke into a wide grin when he saw Emily naked, again. He towered over her little frame and she felt protected but also a little intimidated around him. He had watched over her at the club a couple of nights ago, when she got carried away. But she didn't know how she felt about him. She didn't know how he felt about her. She had no idea who took her clothes off and tucked her into her bed so carefully that night.

"Emily," Nuszsaecker said, "my secretary is calling Randy, my publishing assistant, and he's going to give you and Karlo a tour of the place while Deidre and I ... discuss some things." He patted the young woman on her naked ass.

"I hadn't planned to stay," Deidre lied, "but business is business. I think you'll find that putting up the financing for expanding our VIP room will be a wonderful investment!" Deirdre knew she wasn't fooling anyone in the room but saying it in front of people put a little pressure on Nuszsaecker to cough up more cash. She had got the idea a couple of months ago of letting private investors, meaning Nuszsaecker, lend her money to develop the club and paying them back what would be a tiny fraction of the increased profits. That way, she didn't have to tie up her own money and Nuszsaecker could pretend to his wife that she was a business partner. Kurt and Nuszsaecker's staff had already left.

A young man in a cheap black suit and a skinny tie rushed in, a bit flustered. He stopped when he saw Emily and turned red in the face, which struck Deidre as unusual. A pornographer's right-hand boy should be used to naked women, she thought. She knew perfectly well that she herself was about to get laid but she wondered if they were setting Emily up for something, too. Well, she hoped Emily would enjoy whatever she got more than she was going to enjoy hers.

"Hi!" the young man said, not waiting for Nuszsaecker to introduce him. I'm Randy and I understand you would like a tour." Deidre noticed that he had an erection in his pants. "Let's take the back elevator, because it's 'clothing optional'." As they left, Emily looked back and saw H#'s secretary gather her clothes and put them in a gray wooden box. Nuszsaecker obviously had a routine for making nudity in his office easy. Karlo was behind her, towering over her, and she knew he was looking down at her tight little ass. Nuszsaecker saw how Karlo looked at Emily and decided not to pat Emily's ass again.

They walked out the rear door of the conference room and through Nuszsaecker's private suite into a back corridor with a single elevator door. The marble floor felt cold on Emily's bare feet and it was cool now that they had left the sun-drenched conference room. She was completely aware that her nipples were hard and sticking forward. The elevator only went to floors connected to Nuszsaeckers business, so there was no risk of encountering a casual visitor. Still, it felt deliciously free to ride in the elevator nude with two clothed men.

The elevator reached the 14th floor and the door opened on a beehive of activity of attractive young people. Some were carrying props, like big dildos, some had cameras, some were already made up to perfection and were waiting for their shoot, others were carrying bits of scenery for sets. But everyone they saw was exposing themselves. Some of the women were topless, some completely nude, and a couple were clothed on top but bottomless. Many of the men walked with their dicks hanging out of their pants. Randy said that they all did this, sexual performers and production staff, to make everyone feel equal, welcome, and comfortable. Emily felt right at home! The elevator door closed again because they were going up to the 16th floor first.

"Excuse me," said Randy, "but I hope you don't mind. I'm a little uncomfortable." He unzipped his pants and pulled out a respectable penis and two golf ball-sized balls, which he let dangle from his fly. "Ah" he said with a sigh of relief. "That's much better."

The doors opened on the 16th floor and they got out. Karlo looked at Emily, who shrugged because she knew what he was going to ask. "Well, when in Rome..." he said, unzipping himself and pulling out his equipment. Emily got a good look at his big, thick, long, and hard cock and big, peach-sized balls in a long wrinkly scrotum for the first time. Karlo was hung. When Randy walked, his dick bounced. When Karlo walked it swung up and down like a hammer.

This floor was for the business and production offices. This corridor was quieter and there weren't as many fully naked people. Most of the female staff wore revealing clothes or no blouse but they all kept their jackets and skirts or pants on, on this floor. Still, some naked porn stars were there, signing contracts and picking up their checks. Porn stars like to stay naked all the time and they spend hours by the pool, even when they aren't working or waiting for the pool cleaning boy.

There were offices and conference rooms on each side. Randy was conducting the tour. "Here is the story room. Here our writers prepare the copy for the photo shoot, based on interviews with the model and what we want to say to our readers. We check every detail in the model's biography to make sure it is accurate, even down to measuring her bra size ourselves and sometimes the length of her pussy lips. Then we put up a story board that shows the views and pictures we want, in order to tell the story, for example a seduction scene in a dentist's office. The model and the photographer are like an actress and director, fulfilling an artistic vision. They do the photo shoot and then our photo editors take over. Sometimes we just have to use an airbrush -- we try not to because we want to keep the photos honest and real. But sometimes there is a scar here or a pimple there, and every once in a while a fly gets in the picture."

They past the offices of the finest magazines in porn: Top Heavy, Strung up and Whipped (a quarterly), ClittyLicker, and her favorite, Classy Fornicators Internationale. They saw the calendar division, which was already at work compiling 1981, and the paperback book publishing branch, famous for its most recent best seller Bend Over and Spread for Success. Then there was the business journal division, including Massage Parlor Management and the American Review of Sexual Econometrics, with its advisory board of distinguished scholars in the field. Emily was impressed with all the tables and graphs, especially the input put-out curves.

The 15th floor was home to the movie division. It even looked like the offices of a major studio, with agents shouting pitches to producers in the lobby and piles of thick scripts. Randy described the process for them. "Our producers screen hundreds of scripts a year looking for just the right combination of eroticism and camera appeal. Our intellectual property group reads the finest porn in the English language, and some in French and Romanian, to find the best material for our small but elite group of in-house writers. Then we hold auditions for the lead parts, with our own contract stars going first. That can take weeks while we try to find just the right actor for the role in looks, speech, acting ability, and especially anatomy. Sometimes a role will require a particularly big dick or a vagina with long lips. If there's anal, we have to find an anus that people will want to look at for half an hour. We cast the minor roles from our own contract players: we have hundreds of volunteers willing to be extras for the crowd scene in return for a year's subscription to Grope! Next year we'll be moving the shooting and production to our own studios out in a place called Chatsworth, where we took over the old Pair'nmount Studio complex. But until it's ready we'll still be shooting movies here." Emily noticed that Randy's cock had been standing straight out for half an hour. He must love his job.

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