Emily's Enterprise Ch. 06


Meanwhile Emily was getting very close to coming in real life but the movie was ending! She couldn't hold back, though, and just as the projector was turned off and the lights were turned back on, Emily braced her feet on the floor, pushed down, and screamed with massive orgasm that took her breath away! This time the audience saw her climax with the lights on and a beautiful sight it was. They gave her a second round of applause, for the movie and for the film. The audience seated closest to her caught a glimpse of the little wet smear on her thighs before she went to the ladies' room to wash herself.

Trixie started entertaining the men at that point but a stern look from Deidre reminded her that Deidre's own girls had claim to any money changing hands and that total nudity off-stage and sex in the club was strictly forbidden unless the parties involved got away with it. For the rest of the night, men complemented Emily on her performance both on screen and in real life and bought Trixie drinks, hoping to score with her outside the club. But the regular club dancers made out like bandits because the men were so worked up they turned to the regulars for relief in the VIP room.

Life continued more or less normally after that. Eventually Nuszsaecker sold the property he had bought around the hotel but still made a profit because the hotel upgrades had brought in business and improved the neighborhood. Kurt was now famous as well as successful and his law firm was turning away national business. Deidre bought the resort and moved the Islands. After auditioning Trixie, Nuszsaecker decided that she would do very well and set her up as his kept woman in a beautiful house in the Hills, conveniently on the way home from his office. Through Trixie, he got introduced into the Hollywood set and started financing legitimate movies. Karlo took over running the club for the new owner after Deidre sold it, at a huge profit because the customers were coming in droves -- it became the hottest place in the city because of amateur acts mixed with professional strippers and the sexiest VIP room around. The new owner, having made a down payment of one million out of her two, was Emily. Of course, Emily knew she would eventually settle down with Karlo and in the coming years they would make babies but not for a while yet. Owning the club meant she could strip and show off anytime she wanted and even fuck Karlo during business hours if she wanted.

Karlo took Emily home to meet his parents, who lived in a small town near Bakersfield. They loved her (who wouldn't love such a sweet and innocent girl?) but they both had the same concerns. During their visit, his mother, a tiny peasant woman from the old country, skinny with wispy gray hair with some blonde streaks still showing, pulled Karlo aside and said, "Karlo, sweet one. She's so sweet and little. Like a little dainty flower." She paused. "Are you sure she can keep up with you?"

Karlo looked down patted his mother on her head and said "Sure, Mom. She's really good in the sack."

His mother flinched and asked, "She doesn't have hips and her breasts are small. How is she going to bear you many children and suckle them all?"

"Don't worry about that, Ma. I'll give you a grandchild or two, just not for a while. When we do, she'll gain a little weight, fill out, and her tits will get bigger. In the meantime, sex with her is very nice."

His mother replied, "Then I'm very happy for you, son."

Not long after, Karlo and his father were alone in the garage working on his father's car when the older man said "Karlo, that girlfriend of yours is a real peach. She's cute as a button. Reminds me of your mother when I met her. But when you lived at home you were a breast man and she hasn't got much up top. You were a horny skirt chaser and pretty much ran through every stacked girl in these parts. Got one of them knocked up." (Karlo didn't know his father knew about that.) "Is she going to be able to satisfy you?"

Karlo grinned. "Yeah, well, she loves it and we do it two or three times a day. Big dicks run in our family, and she's a tight fit but, you know, even tho' she looks like she'd break in two, she takes it and comes back for more!"

The old man thought for a minute. "Is she a screamer?" He asked. "Your mother was back then."

"Yes, Dad. She has to put my shorts in her mouth to gag herself or she'd be screaming so loud people would come running." "Well, son, go for it and you have my blessing. Just marry her before you have kids."

"Thanks, Dad."

"Oh, by the way son."


"Take her out to dinner a little more. She needs to put a little meat on those bones and grow bigger boobs."

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