Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 09


Tuesday with Kathy was great. We extended the sets. She was all over me about every little detail which was fine with me. This wasn't about ego. It's about strengthening my core and getting fit. Kathy was right. Tonight, for the first time, I could feel the difference. I could do the knee bend without touching my knee to the carpet.

I stopped and picked up dinner before Kathy. I called Jenny later. I caught her up on the news. There was Reenie, work, the house, the designer, shopping and the mammogram. She was worried but I told her we hadn't found the lump on our last exam. I promised to let her know the outcome and about progress on the house. It was good to catch up. We would set a date for them to visit. We exchanged I love you's and goodbyes. She didn't mention Janice so neither did I.

"I was wondering when you'd call!" Isn't Reenie the best? "How was your day?"

"I missed you. I had the second of our interviewees in today. She's very impressive; a good candidate. The two teams will merge tomorrow. If they finish Thursday I'm going to surprise them by giving them all the day off Friday."

"Oh that's just fabulous, Ginger. I can't imagine how excited they'll be."

"I know; I just don't want this to become an expectation, you know? I'll have to find ways to congratulate them for finishing ahead of schedule, but they also have to continue to do really good work."

"Ooh, the taskmistress speaks. I'm only teasing. I do understand. So what do you have planned for us tomorrow?"

"Umm, to be completely honest, today was so busy, and I had Kathy and called Jenny, I haven't been able to give it much thought. I'll come up with something. Is there anything you want to see or do?"

"I want rope to tie your hands and feet to stakes driven into the ground and let passersby ravage you." I laughed as she talked. I knew there was a wild child in my Reenie, but she was only kidding. I would have to think of something fun to do. We talked about her day. Nothing special was going on at work. Sometimes when she told me that, I wondered if she didn't want me to know; she knew it worried me. I promised I'd let her know when I heard from Tara. I think Reenie is as excited about the house as I am. We talked a while longer. You already know how silly we are together and how much in love we are so I won't tell you every last bit of what we said. I think that the promise rings are a lot closer to reality.

Wednesday, April 11 -- I asked Tammy for suggestions for date night. She asked if I'd ever heard of a site called ActiveDayton. No. Amazing isn't it? I went to my computer and called up the site. I found three pages of things to do on a Wednesday! Oh my god, there is something tonight called 'Clash of the Comics' at the Dayton Funnybone. How funny, it's at the Greene Town Center. It started at 7:30, which meant we could have dinner first at one of the many restaurants, then go to the show. How about that? From no clue to a great date night and - it was close so we wouldn't have to drive too far. Actually, I'd ask Reenie to meet me there. I sent a text to Reenie asking her to call when she could.

I walked to the small conference room and motioned for Deanna to come out. "Are you ready for a merge Deanna?"

"Oh yeah, Ginger, we were ready yesterday."

"Okay, let me check with Nick. Do you want to announce it or do you want me to?"

"No boss, this is your show; you do it." I smiled and headed to see Nick. When he came out I asked him the same thing.

"Yeah, I think so. Deanna's ready, right?"

"Yes, she is. I'm going to make the announcement to your team as long as I'm here. Then I'll tell Deanna's team and bring them in." That was okay with him. Jodi smiled as I walked past. She was as excited about this as any of us. Part of her job as my assistant was to act as unofficial go-fer, getting whatever reference materials or other things we needed to finish projects. I truly don't know what we're going to do when she goes on maternity leave. Think Radar on 'M.A.S.H.' -- she knows how to do and where to find so quickly it's scary.

"Townies, it's merger time." Cheers from the entire group; they packed up and headed to the big conference room. Once everyone had settled into chairs, I congratulated them all for the fine work they had done. "This has been wonderful. I've watched you all and I couldn't be more proud. I'll let the captains and Craig pull everything together and then everybody get busy and get this finished. I'll be ..." my phone rang -- Reenie "back just as soon as I take this call." I smiled and left.

"Hi babe; do you have a couple of minutes. I have an idea for tonight."

"Hi lover; yeah, okay, what's the plan?" I laid it out for her. She was completely surprised and excited. Reenie wanted to go back to The Pub -- the selection of beers. I laughed. That was fine with me. Could she grab some extra clothes for tonight and meet me at the restaurant around six? "Absolutely Ginger, that works great for me. Wow, you pulled a rabbit out the hat girlfriend. I love you; see you later."

The rest of the work day was fabulous. Sure, I joined everybody but I wasn't really needed. Actually, I did volunteer a couple of times to get fresh cups of coffee and water. For this first project I was more interested in letting everybody do their thing. I got a surprise phone call around four from Tara.

"I have some selections and some ideas that I want to share. When are the two of you free?" I mentioned I was seeing Reenie tonight and that she had a day off Saturday. "That's great. Why don't you call me tomorrow if that does work for you both and we'll set a time?" I agreed to do just that. How exciting -- I couldn't wait to tell Reenie at the restaurant.

As the day ended I asked Nick and Deanna what their thoughts were. Both thought they'd have everything wrapped up tomorrow. When did they want to do their presentation? They asked if they could do it just after lunch. Great, that's all set. Tammy hung around; she asked, I told her what we were doing. I gave her a hug and thanked her for the idea. She had to hurry -- tonight was their date night as well. No, she wasn't going to Funnybone -- we both laughed.

I had plenty of time to get to the restaurant and meet Reenie. I took my time driving and still got there fifteen minutes early. I asked for a booth and told the hostess to look for a gorgeous redhead with blue eyes. She smiled and led me to another part of the restaurant. Reenie!! Her back was to me; I thanked the hostess. I snuck up behind her and kissed her neck. She jumped in surprise and smiled when she saw it was me. My god she's beautiful! I slid in next to her.

I started with Tara. Reenie had a one word response - yes. She said she didn't care about the time. Whatever was good for Tara. I pulled out my notebook to add two things: call Rita -- painting and cleaning.

"Ginger, how did you find out about this comedy thing?"

"Tammy told me about the site." I laughed. ""There were three pages of things to do."

"Three pages on a Wednesday in Dayton -- I would never have believed that."

That's how date night started. Dinner was really good. Last time we'd been at The Pub it was for appetizers. They had a really good menu of pub-type food. I had the fish and chips; Reenie had the corned beef Reuben Panini, which was really good. She had her Smithwicks and told me to have a Bass Ale, which was better than I expected. The Funnybone was just as funny as you might expect. Ten comedians, two hours of laughter -- we had tears. You wouldn't recognize any of their names. Neither did we. We went back to The Pub for a drink then headed home.

Date night was more about 'us' than it was about lovemaking. And you know full well that we loved each other that night. It's amazing what a few days apart can do. We were tender, we were desperate, and we loved each other late into the night. Exhausted, satisfied, and body to body we slept.

Thursday, April 12 - I don't know how she does it but, on her day off, Reenie woke me. Her urgent mouth and fingers roused me from sleep. My fingers held her to my pussy as she sent me, screaming, into ... oh god, there's another. I bucked, gasped, groaned, and begged her not to stop. When she did, after it slipped away, we held each other.

I finally staggered into the shower. I had an important, busy day ahead. It would have to wait. Reenie wanted some. She whispered it in my ear when she joined me. I love my redheaded scamp and I showed her just how much. I turned her to face the wall and used her. Yeah, I was determined to have her spend and spent. My hand between her legs kept her from falling to her knees when I finished with her. My breath hot in her ear, she groaned when I whispered that I couldn't wait for Saturday. She was sound asleep when I kissed her and headed to work. I smiled a lot all day Thursday.

After getting coffee I called Rita. I asked her for help finding a cleaning service, explaining that we were meeting our decorator Saturday. "Absolutely Ginger. Let me see who's available and how soon." About painting -- "I'll call the bank but I don't think there will be a problem. My office made it clear you're likely to buy the house. I agree it's wise to ask." She had a question. "What did Reenie think about the house?" I smiled as I answered. She sounded genuinely thrilled.

Jodi told me the conference room was a beehive of last minute activity. Good. I asked her to ask Tammy, on the sly, to meet me to refill our coffee cups. A bright smile and nod -- she gets it. I thought about something. I knew she didn't have the education or training but Jodi might be the perfect addition to the team if and when. She knew what we did and she knew all of us. Like she said, she'd been here for four years. There's something to be said for osmosis.

I asked Tammy, when she meandered in, how she felt things were going. I got a big smile and two thumbs-up. "Ginger, you and I have been here a while. What you've done is just ... it's hard to explain. We've had so much fun, worked so well together, and now that the two teams are together, there's this friendly competition to complete the task today. I think it's going to be brilliant. I just know you're going to love the presentation." Wow! How cool is that!!

After lunch the group gave me their presentation. Their story board and the rest was simply the best I'd seen in my time with them. Yeah Ginger, there's good and bad in that -- you were part of that group. And yeah Ginger, you're their boss and suggested the team concept and the rest. I waited until I was sure they were finished. It really wasn't a speech so much as a thank you. I have to tell you -- I had tears. My people had outdone themselves. Was it the new team concept? I wasn't really up for digging that deep today.

I walked around the room, shook each hand, offered congratulations and thanks, and stunned them with the announcement that they had Friday off, with pay -- not vacation time and not personal time. If there was ever a doubt about the 'team' concept their reaction left no doubt. Hugs, high fives, laughter, and some tears. I met Tammy's eyes and motioned. She followed me to my office. I needed a conduit, so I explained I didn't want this to become an expectation. She understood and would pass the message along. She hugged me in thanks.

Jodi came to say goodnight. I told her to enjoy her day off. She looked stunned. "Jodi, you're a team member too."

I called Reenie -- how was her day off?

"I slept till eleven thanks to you." I smiled. I asked what she was doing. "Not a whole heck of a lot. Why? What's up?"

"Well, it's your day off and I'm about to leave work. I wondered if you wanted to spend some time with me." I smiled as I said it -- I knew what the response would be.

"I got my period today and the cramps are murder. You have Kathy tonight." Damn! With all the happened I'd forgotten about that. "By the time you're through it will be sort of late for dinner. How about we meet after work Friday babe? We can figure out what to do after that. Saturday, after Tara and Kathy, will be ours to spend together any way we want."

Well isn't that special? "I'm sorry you're not feeling well Reenie. I guess you're right. It's probably better for you to lay low tonight. I'll find out from Tara how long she thinks she'll need with us, then decide about the time. I'll text you and let you know okay?"

"Yeah, that's perfect. I'll call when my shift ends and let you know how I'm feeling. Maybe we can have dinner. You liked the Boulevard Haus right?"

"Oh gosh yes! The food was wonderful. That sounds like a plan. Well, I better figure out what to do for dinner. You feel better girl! I love you and I'll talk to you tomorrow." Shit, shit, shit. I know what bad cramps are like. I thought about what to do for dinner. I hadn't been to Sweeney's since I'd moved to the InTown Suites. I had the trout with dirty rice and cottage cheese. Absolutely perfect; great food, not too much, and I didn't have to rush to get back and change. The workout was wonderful, I read for a while, and though I missed my honey, I did enjoy the quiet evening.

Friday, April 13 -- Yeah Friday the 13th is today. That's not why I gave everybody the day off. I never have understood the whole phobia about that number. Anyway, since I was going to be the only one in the office I slept in, dawdled, and had breakfast. It was kind of odd to have everyone gone. I went through old files in my desk, deleted a lot of old emails, and caught up on some intra-office computer stuff that I hadn't had time to get to. There was one I did read. Apparently P&G has joined a growing list of companies blocking access to popular media sites because they slow down company's computing capacity. Interesting.

Reenie!! "Hi babe, how are you feeling?"

"Are you at work Ginger?"

"Yeah, I am. And yeah, I'm totally bored."

"You're a goof. You gave everybody the day off and you went in?"

"Well, my honey is working. I'm not going to sit around the cave all day. How are you anyway?"

"Better thanks. I'll be fine for dinner."

"Oh good. You're so sweet to call and say hi. I suppose you have to go huh?"

"Yeah, I probably should. I have a suspect to collar. I'll see you soon okay?"

"Okay. Thank you so much. Oh my god!" My redhead had her cell phone closed as she rounded the corner to my office with a big grin on her face and her handcuffs swinging on her finger. "What on earth?"

"I knew you'd be here ya goof." She walked into my office and sat on the corner of my desk. "So I called in for lunch and thought of you." We both laughed.

"So what are you going to do ... cuff me and have your way with me?"

The blues danced mischievously. "You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, you'd take advantage of me, especially in your condition! That is so not fair."

She grabbed me out of the chair, spun me to the wall and kicked my feet apart, grabbing my hands and pulling them behind my back. She had me cuffed before I could say her name. "Reenie!"

"Do you have any contraband, anything that can stick me ma'am," as she patted me down, spending a little too much time on certain areas. (Wink)

Okay, I'd play along. "No officer. I'm clean."

"I think your record and the complaint we received warrant a more thorough search." She spun me around, unbuttoned my blouse and slid it over my shoulders. She lapped at the valley between my breasts, then rose and kissed me. I loved it. She knew we'd be all alone. I kissed her back. She looked hot in her blues and I knew what treasures the unflattering uniform hid. I blushed when she went for the belt and zipper of my slacks.

"You slut, you're ribboned! I think I'm going to have to see what you're hiding behind those panties." She bent and licked at the soft, now soaked skin between my legs. I moaned. She stood, took her night stick off her duty belt, slapped it in her palm and let it slide over my breasts. "Do I need to use this baton to make a point with you, ma'am?"

"What kind of point officer? I'm really not in much of a position to resist."

She slid the night stick between my legs. My eyes closed and I moaned; she had it at just the right angle to hit my pearl. Reenie leaned in to kiss me and used her night stick and her hips to excite me. "Oh god Reenie, you're going to get me off." She smiled as I gasped the words into her mouth. "Oh fuck, ohhhh ...." My excitement at seeing my lover and the way she teased me sent me into it all too quickly. Oh god, it was so fucking good. I felt her mouth on mine, her fingers toying with my nipple, and that damn night stick pleasuring me. I felt the heat of my orgasm blow up inside me as her hips and the round wooden instrument of pleasure pressed against my sex. I let her take me; yeah, like I had a choice, cuffed and pinned against the wall. I felt tears well up in my eyes. My Reenie loved me.

She held me close after it slid away. I was naked, vulnerable, and felt totally safe. Okay, not so naked but you know what I mean. Reenie pulled the bra over my breasts, buttoned my blouse, and unhooked the cuffs. I zipped and buttoned my slacks and the belt and tucked in the blouse. "Now that you've had lunch officer, would you care to have lunch with me?"

Reenie threw her head back and laughed. She hugged me and laughed. She ran her fingers through my hair, over my body and laughed. She kissed me and said, "Lover, I have to go. I'll let you do whatever it is you're going to do and see you for dinner. What time are we meeting Tara?" Good grief. With a morning full of nothing, I'd forgotten to call.

"Shit, let me call her while you're here." I hit the speed dial. "Hi Tara, it's Ginger Butler. Reenie and I are okay with whatever time tomorrow. How long do you think you'll want to spend? Two hours? Okay, does 12:30 work for you? Do you want to do this at the store or the house? The store ... okay, that's great. See you tomorrow. You too. Bye."

"Cool, so we see her at 12:30, you have Kathy at three and the rest of the day is ours. I'd better go." We walked to the elevator. She looked at me. Her eyes shone with love. She kissed me, smirked, tipped the bill of her cap, and got into the elevator. "You have a good day ma'am." I waved as the door closed. I stood and stared at the elevator. I knew, without knowing, that Reenie had planned the whole thing the moment I'd told her everyone had been given the day off. That's just like my redheaded scamp. I thought about how she 'taken' me. She knew I liked being restrained, that I loved being told what I could and couldn't do. This was as far as she'd ever taken us. I loved it.

I could take my time with lunch. I drove to Smashburger. Yeah, the name still gives me the giggles. The food is yummy though. Their mushroom swiss burger -- can you believe anyone puts mayo on a burger? Gross! I told the very cute server that. Audrey scrunched her nose and agreed. I had the BBQ, bacon, and cheddar burger. It comes in two sizes: smash and big smash. I kid you not! I've got the giggles sitting here typing it. I asked Audrey if I could buy a pint of 'smash sauce.' Ginger: plotting. She said she would check with the manager. Apparently it's not for sale. However, the manager thought it was an interesting idea and would send a note to the higher ups. I left a decent tip.

Back at the office, keeping very busy doing absolutely nothing; I couldn't remember if I was to call Rita or if she was going to call me. I checked my little notebook -- damn. So I called her. Yes, I could paint and yes, she had a couple of choices for cleaning services. When did I need them? I told her we were seeing the designer tomorrow. It didn't make a lot of sense to have the cleaning service in until the furniture was close to being delivered. She agreed. Did they work Saturdays? Yes, one of them did. She thought there were a couple more that did as well but they were not as highly recommended. I smiled to myself. This woman was worth her weight. I thanked Rita and wished her a great weekend.

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