Emily's Home - Ginger's Out Ch. 11


Reenie laughed so hard I worried about her arm a little. (Silly huh?) When she recovered, she said, "You are so precious. It was a kiss babe. She's not tryin' to get in your panties. She knows who we are and is totally cool with it." The pizza delivery put an end to all that. We took our drinks and purses and sat at the bar. Georgia joined us when she could. On a Tuesday evening in early May that was often, and it prompted me to ask Reenie a question.

"You used to play softball. Didn't you tell me you played at West Point? Do you still play?"

Her eyes widened with every question and the smile broadened at the same time. "You remembered. God, I love you!" She kissed me. "Yeah, I do. There's a Police League for both men and women. I've played for a couple of years but this year isn't going to happen. I'm pretty pissed off about it too. What about you?"

What about me? "Well, I'm cute, kinda, I guess."

Dumbfounded, she stared at me for a moment, then laughed so hard she had to put her head on the bar. Georgia walked by and stared. I grinned as I shrugged. Reenie grabbed for a cocktail napkin to wipe her eyes, still laughing, kissed me and said, "You're nuts, ya know that? That may have been the funniest thing anyone's ever said to me in my life. Where on earth ... how." She called to Georgia, saying, "You gotta come hear this." Georgia strolled over and Reenie said, "We were talking about me playing for the Police League softball team. I asked Ginger if she played." She looked at me and said, "Tell Georgia what you said."

Whatever I'd said was blurted without thinking. Chagrined, I said, "I haven't got a clue."

The two of them stared at me and each other. Reenie said, "She said 'I'm kinda cute I guess.'" Oh yeah, I think that was what I'd said.

Georgia shook her head, patted my hand and said, "Poor Ginger." I have no clue what's going on with that girl of mine. She's got the giggles or something, cuz she started laughing again.

I said to Georgia, "Would you please ask whoever's here to take whatever they want of the pizza. I've had enough and I think laughing girl here has too." Laughing girl glared at me; Georgia and I started laughing. What a night!

On the way home I told Reenie that I wanted to call my sister. On the couch, her head was on my lap while we talked. I gave Jenny the update on my honey's injury. I wanted to talk about the prom but Jen wasn't having any of that.

"That can wait. She's going to be okay?"

"She's seeing the doctor tomorrow morning. The wound is fine; we've cleaned it as instructed and changed the bandages. There's no blood so everything seems to be okay. She's taking her meds. I guess we'll know more tomorrow." When I told Reenie I was going to call we agreed not to mention any possible disciplinary action from the incident.

"Okay, well, you have to be relieved." I looked down at my blue eyes and smiled.

"Yeah, it was a little scary there for a bit. So how did it go Saturday?" Long story short – fantastic! And there was more.

"Are you and Reenie coming to Megan's graduation?"

Startled, I asked, "Um, this is the first you've mentioned it Jen. When is it?"

"No way Ginger, I know I told you before." No you haven't. "It's Saturday the 26th. Oh, and I almost forgot. Patrick will be home by then." Oh my god. I hadn't seen my nephew, their oldest, in forever.

"Well, if there was any doubt about us coming, it's gone now!! Hold on a sec." I had to check. "Reenie, you probably heard. Jenny wants us to come to Megan's graduation." I told her when it was. She had to go look at the calendar.

When she came back she said, "I'm off on that Saturday. I'm also off on Thursday the 31st and June 1st."

"You okay with meeting my sister and her family?" I was pretty sure I knew the answer.

"Sure, this is as good a time as any. We won't be the focus of attention and it'll be a nice atmosphere. We gonna fly?"

"We'll figure that out later. Let me talk to Jen." I did. "We have a few things to figure out but yeah, we'll be there. Thanks for the invite."

"If I did forget I'm terribly sorry. I hope it doesn't mess up any plans you have." I smiled. "What about the house? What's the latest? Are you having an open house?" She got me with that.

"I guess the only thing I know is our decorator said she expects the rest of the furniture to be here by the middle of the month. So far only the bedroom and kitchen furniture has been delivered, along with some other stuff." She laughed.

"Interesting that you decided to have those rooms delivered first, big sister. Does Reenie like the bedroom set?"

"Ask her yourself." I handed the phone to a suddenly pale Reenie. "Go ahead lover, introduce yourself to Jenny."

She covered the phone and said, "I hate you!" I snickered and blew her a kiss. "Hi, it's Jenny right? I'm Reenie, thanks for inviting us." The rest of it was cute. They seemed to do just fine. A very relieved redhead handed me the phone.

"Hi. Well I guess we have some scheduling of our own to do." I smiled as I thought of it. "I promise to let you know as soon as we set a date." She groaned; I laughed. "It's okay Jen; we'll figure it out and see you at the end of the month."

I told my honey about my nephew. "I haven't seen Patrick in five years. Geez, he was Terese's age, fifteen, when I last saw him." I was embarrassed. "I could hardly believe how grown up the girls were; Pat must be a hunk at twenty."

Reenie asked, "Who does he look like?"

I had to think for a moment. "He got his mother's coloring, a fair complexion. His hair is brown like David's and his eyes are brown like Jen's." I paused, adding, "If I have this right, he's going to graduate next year. Damn, I forgot to ask Jen about that."

"I'm sure you'll talk with your sister again. You can ask her then. This should be fun. I'm looking forward to it."

I was so happy Reenie felt that way. We talked about whether to drive or fly for the graduation, about our housewarming, and about making a list. Reenie laughed when I pulled out 'the notebook' and went through some of the names. I told her to be sure to add her names to the list.

"Is that an order?" My blues were twinkling.

"Uh, hmm, sorta I guess. You don't mind do you?" One arm or not I knew she could take me – not that I'd mind. Wink!

The giggles hadn't gone away completely it seems. "This is fun! I get to boss you around because you enjoy it. I have no idea what to do with this 'you' but I'll be thinking about it." The inferno on my face that had started as a blush spread as my lover talked. But I knew my smile gave voice to what I couldn't say.

The blues smoldered as she said, "Time for bed Ginger. You need to be fucked!" I did ... and she did!!

Tuesday, May 15th – Yay, the last of the furniture is being delivered tomorrow. We'll have a fully furnished house to live in - our own little castle to call home. As it happened, Reenie has today and tomorrow off too!! And date night was last night. Wink. More on that in a minute.

Reenie's doing very well. We went to the doctor's appointment on Wednesday the 2nd. Dr. Adelson was very nice; she told us we'd done a fine job caring for the stitches and changing the bandages. She wanted Reenie in the sling until the next appointment, which she wanted at the end of the following week. It all worked out great; Friday the 11th was a day off for Reenie and they had a late afternoon appointment available. The sling wasn't necessary and Reenie's meds were for fourteen days. Dr. Adelson didn't see the need to renew them. Reenie was overjoyed to have the use of her arm, which she demonstrated rather vigorously that evening. We stayed the night at the crash pad; it was closer to her station.

Work was fine. Jodi had told everyone about what happened. Everyone was very kind and asked how she was doing when I came back after the doctor's appointment Wednesday. We actually got the Guys and Dolls together that afternoon and wrapped up the project the next day. No, they didn't have Friday off. But we did have a fun lunch!

Reenie and I had agreed that Sunday would be our last day at the crash pad. We had talked about taking the girls out to dinner to thank them for having us at the crash pad. Reenie reacted strongly.

"Ginger, you're making it sound like they did us a favor. I live there with them. We're all friends. Sure they took care of me when I was injured and you were at work. But that was how we lived before ... us." She had a point there.

"Can we make them our first dinner guests?" Blue eyes sparkled as she gave me her gorgeous smile.

'That would be fabulous! Absolutely." That's how we wound up at the club Sunday night ... after we stopped at Smashburger. If you're laughing, good; I was as well. But she's so cute how I can say no? Even though I brought it up, I let Reenie tell the girls.

"We'd like to invite you both to the house so you can be our first dinner guests."

Georgia smiled; Candy was ecstatic. "That's awesome! Thank you so much. What can we bring? Do you know when you want us to come? Didn't you say you have a..." Georgia swatted her on the arm. "What?"

"Slow down blondie! The furniture's not there yet. Reenie's not even living there full time right now." We're still not sure about that. "And I bet Ginger doesn't even know how to fill the hot tub, let alone all the other stuff that goes with it." Oh my god, she's right! Poor Candy; she was so excited. It was as if Georgia had stuck a pin in her balloon.

"It's okay Candy. You're excited for us and so are we." I looked at Georgia. "Geez, you're more right than you know. I haven't given the hot tub much thought. I've gotta find somebody to check it out and tell me, um, us, how to take care of the damn thing." What happened next was hysterical. Reenie reached into my purse and pulled out my notebook. She grabbed a pen from Candy's blouse and wrote a note: 'hot tub.' The other two just stared. Reenie handed Candy the pen and put the notebook back in my purse ... all of it very nonchalant.

Georgia surprised me by asking, "What was that all about?"

"Reenie thinks my notebook is hysterical. I write myself notes about little things I don't want to forget. She thought it would be cute to beat me to the punch and do it before I did." The other two looked from one of us to the other.

Candy was the one who finally spoke. "You two are creepy in love."

I took the hand with the ring in mine and laid it on the table so our rings were visible, then put my arm around the woman I love. "And what exactly is your point?" Reenie laughed and kissed me. It was a minute or so before the kiss ended.

"Are you two gonna get married?" We stared at Candy, then at each other. I'm not sure which of us was more surprised.

"Uh, geez, it's like ... um, I have no clue." Reenie looked as shocked as I felt. I looked at our friends and said, "Reenie asked me if I would wear a promise ring. I said I would if she would." She nodded. "But marriage ... geez, we really haven't ..." I looked at Candy. "Where did that come from?"

She looked at Georgia and said, "We've talked about it. You two are so obviously a couple that it would be something that might have come up." She shrugged. "I didn't mean to embarrass either of you."

Reenie looked at me, a smirk on her face, and said, "Are we a couple?" The other two laughed.

I heard my voice catch as I said, "You goddamn better betcha we are lover!"

Georgia shocked us when she sang (badly), "And they call it puppy love." Oh my god how we laughed!!

Candy added to the laughter when she opined, "I don't think a very Mormon Donny Osmond had two lesbians in mind when he sang that song."

Reenie deadpanned, "Is that on the playlist here?" That did it!! There wasn't much of a crowd on a Sunday night and those who were left just shook their heads as they heard us laughing. What the hell. We pulled some tables together and made a night of it with some of the other regulars. Why not, right? No, I haven't talked much about them. This whole thing has taken on a life of it's own as it is!! But Candy, Georgia and Reenie knew many of them and, over the months, I'd gotten to know them as well. Know as in 'Hi, how are ya, what's new?' Shrug. You know what I mean.

I'm not sure this is relevant other than to explain Candy and Georgia. Saturday was the night they both worked at the club. They took turns tending bar and dancing the rest of the week. It was only because they had chosen this Sunday to work together, though it wasn't really needed, that the four of us were able to share a very intimate, funny night.

Reenie had to work Monday. Well yeah, so did I. We had to leave even though the night had turned out to be something way beyond our wildest expectations.

We undressed, took our turns in the bathroom, and lay on our sides, entangled in each other. It was slow and sweet that night. We whispered and giggled about the night as fingers roamed idly over familiar terrain. The passion was always there, the igniter never clear but never far away. Tonight? There was a moment, as we kissed, when Reenie locked her fingers in my hair and pressed herself to me, that lit the flame. She wanted to lead and I was all too happy to let her.

I sighed with pleasure as her fingers and mouth skimmed my flesh, teasing here, taunting with a hint there, leaving a wet trail in other spots. She took her time as she often did. Some nights that was just what I needed. I can't explain it but I have tears thinking of those nights and shivers thinking of that night. Do you understand?? I was teetering between pleasure and frustration when she turned into a frenzied demon. I surrendered without hesitation as she tore me up, loving every bit of me, quite literally, from head to toe. What I remember most of all was how thoroughly she loved me, how she left me breathless, shivering, and totally spent.

Date night was Monday as I mentioned. We had dinner at The Pub and saw an interesting movie – 'Dark Shadows.' It's a very unusual story with a pretty amazing cast. Johnny Depp was fabulous. We really enjoyed it. We went home after the movie and sat on the patio, enjoying the gorgeous evening. Tara, in her usual fabulous fashion, had made sure that the patio furniture was delivered early enough that we could do what we were doing. There was a lot to talk about.

"Last night was fun wasn't it?"

Reenie looked at me, a smirk on her face. "Which part?"

I laughed and said, "Georgia is right, you are impossible. It's always about sex with you."

She deadpanned, "And that's a problem because ...?" Hmm!

"I'll change the subject." She laughed. "I asked at work today. I didn't think we'd be the only ones who would have a hot tub, but it appears that we are. I have to call Rita tomorrow and see if she can help." Reenie nodded.

"The furniture is being delivered tomorrow and Wednesday. When do we want to have Candy and Georgia over?"

"I don't know. Should we do it before the graduation or wait till after? And the same for the housewarming party ... we had talked about waiting till the end of the month for you to move in full time. You still okay with living here and at the crash pad?" I thought about it for a second. "I guess that sounds silly, but there are things like driving to work to consider so I thought I'd ask."

"No, I get that. I'll figure that part out ... pretty much already have. You brought your clothes back yesterday. I left mine there." Reenie paused for a moment. "I guess I gotta say this, honey. It's kinda scary thinking about doing this full time. I've never loved anyone like I love you and I've never lived full time with someone other than the girls. And that's much different than us." She shrugged. "Is it okay that I said that?"

"Well of course it is, baby. I was married a long time, so I know what it is to learn to live with all the little things that make a full time relationship 'work.' There's going to be a period of adjustment for both of us. Yes we see each other just about every day, but it's not the same." I had gotten up as I talked and sat on the edge of her chair. I kissed her and said, "I love you. This will work! We'll have our bumps along the way but it will work." She smiled.

"Did I mention I love make up sex?"

"What? Do you wanna start a fight just so we can make up?"

"And what if I do?" I could kinda see her eyes as they twinkled.

"You'll do or say anything to get in my panties huh?" She grinned and pulled me to her. And that about wraps up my tellin of our Monday night!!! It was completely unfair of her too. She had Tuesday and Wednesday off. I didn't. It made for a fabulous, extremely passionate, and very late night. Ginger: worn out.

I needed a good night's sleep after what my fabulous redhead did to me Monday night and Tuesday morning. I yawned all the way to work. Goofball called me every half hour or so, bouncing off walls excited as one delivery after another came. I love her!! Tammy laughed - Reenie was yelling so loud I had to hold the phone away from my ear. I had the phone on speaker for about five seconds until ... oh never mind! Jodi smiled as she set some papers on my desk and left.

I thought I'd walk into a lust-filled inferno. Instead, the blues were dull with pain. When I asked, she said, "I got my period this afternoon." Oh! That might explain the whirlwind (floodgates opened remembering!) last night. I have to admit that I was disappointed. For all I whine about it, is there a better kind of exhausted than what we do to each other??

We went out to dinner. Nothing fancy, just dinner. "I called Rita. She told me to look on the side of the hot tub and on the water heater to see if there's a sticker for whoever the company is that put in the hot tub." Reenie perked up at that!

"That's great! You do the water heater; I'll grab a flash light and check for a label." We stopped and bought a flashlight on our way home. Ginger: shaking her head. The things you don't think about till you need them! I found a label on the water heater for a company in Huber Heights! Yaay! We ran a very hot tub, loved each other gently, and slept well.

Wednesday was fab. I called the hot tub (pool and spa) company, talked to a very nice young dude, explained ... our situation, and scheduled an appointment. Check! I also called Jenny.

"Hey you, how's Reenie?" I had to think about how to answer that.

"She's fine thanks. Her arm is nearly back to one hundred percent. The doctor cleared her to return to work after last Friday's appointment." I smiled. "By coincidence, she had yesterday and today off which worked out great for the last of our furniture. She's giddy with excitement." I got up and closed the door to my office. I thought it might be a good idea.

"I don't understand. Is there something I don't know?"

"Yeah, she was in the military for a while, then joined the Dayton police. She's never been in a home like ours and has never had furniture like we have. It's really kind of ..." I choked up a bit.

"Geez, Em, this one really has a hold on your heart doesn't she?" Still unable to talk at the moment I nodded.

It took a while but I cleared my throat and said, "Yeah, she does Jen. She asked me if I would wear a promise ring." I smiled remembering. "She cried when we bought them. And she bitched at me for paying for both of them."

"Wow, this is really serious huh?"

"It's pretty funny actually. Her roommates asked last Sunday if we were getting married. We both nearly keeled over in shock." I was glad I had closed the door. Jenny was quiet.


"Jen, don't worry. We told the other two it was way too soon to think about that. Just last night we talked about living together full time and all that comes with that." I smiled thinking about last night! "There's a long way to go." I had a thought. "Have you and David thought about how the kids will react to meeting Reenie?"

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