Emily's Punishment


Today I am wearing a white long-sleeved satin blouse, a dark blue knee-length skirt, sheer black stockings and dark blue court shoes with 3" heels. My long, dark hair cascades over my shoulders and down my back. My make-up is perfect and I must admit that I feel fantastic.

There is a knock at the door. I pretend to be studying the report in the folder. Here goes!

"Come!" I say loudly.

The heavy wooden door opens and Emily enters. 19 years old, tall, blonde and fantastically good-looking, she closes the door quietly and walks over to my desk. Silently she stands with her hands clasped behind her back, waiting. I quickly sneak a glance up at her.

She's nervously looking at the floor. Emily always looks deliciously sexy in her school uniform; tight blue tank-top over a white cotton shirt that accentuates her full breasts, a scruffy striped tie, pleated navy blue miniskirt, black nylons and black ballet pumps. Her long brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

After making her wait for an age, I finally place my pen on the desk and close the report folder. I look at her. I see her vulnerability and I want her so much. I lean back in the chair, my face stern.

"So, why are you here, Miss Watson?"

Emily continues to look at the floor in silence. I know that this young woman is no stranger to pleasures of the flesh and, like her, I keep up the act.

"Well, out with it girl!" I say in mock anger.

"Miss Faversham sent me for punishment, Headmistress," she says nervously. Hearing her voice is a delicious experience and I remind myself to continue the charade. I lean forward.

"Punishment, Miss Watson? What have you done now? Nothing... sordid I hope!"

"I... I..." she stammers.

"Look at me, girl!

She obeys, sheepishly looking me in the eye. God, but she's beautiful!

"Well? Out with it!"

"I told one of the other girls to put her hand inside my knickers, Headmistress."

Oh! Was I was delighted with that! I knew that I could count on Emily to be deliciously wanton.

"I see. And whom did you instruct to carry out such a filthy deed?"

She hesitates a little before answering.

"Carole Phillips, Headmistress."

"I see. And did Miss Phillips do as you requested?"

There is a faint smile on her lips. "She did, Headmistress."

I sense that there is something else she wants to add. Maybe she wants me to extract the details, as though I'm interrogating her and she'll reluctantly reveal the information. Well, maybe I should oblige her.

I drum my fingers on the edge of the desk for a few seconds and then slap my hand down. She flinches. Good! I push my chair back and stand up, smoothing my skirt. I leisurely walk around the desk and stand at her side with my hands on my hips. I'm close. I can smell her perfume. She's breathing deeply, her full breasts gently rising and falling. It's driving me wild.

"Look at me, Miss Watson!" I demand. Emily's eyes slowly turn to meet mine. I pause, heightening the thrill of the moment.

"So why did you want Miss Phillips to put her hand in your knickers?"

She swallowed hard. "Because I had two fingers in her vagina, Headmistress."

This was getting better by the second.

"And where did this... depravity take place?" I asked.

"In the library, Headmistress."

Oh, joy! "And Miss Faversham discovered the pair of you, yes?"

"Yes, headmistress."

I can wait no longer; I have to make my move. I raise my hand and softly place it on her breast. She gasps, looking at me intently.

"Why is it that you continue to perform these vile and depraved acts? You must enjoy having other girls touch your vagina? Well? Do you?"

She hesitates again.

"Yes, Headmistress."

"My word, Miss Watson! You are a slut and a harlot! Well, Miss Faversham was right to send you here. Your behaviour is deplorable."

She's shaking slightly. I hope that she's as excited as me? I move my hand down and cup her breast, feeling its weight. I tenderly give it a squeeze.

"How many times have you've been in trouble for this sort of thing?"

Emily lowers her head again. She's watching my hand.

"Many times, Headmistress."

I begin to feel that familiar ache in my crotch; a twitch. I'm determined to have my way with her.

"And if I remember correctly, the last time you were here was because you had been caught masturbating during biology."

"Yes Headmistress."

I pause, allowing my voice to become calmer, more ominous.

"Obviously administrative punishment doesn't work. Perhaps I should try something else?"

I let the girl stand there for a few seconds. She bites her bottom lip. God, but this girl can act!

"Perhaps," I say sternly, "you should have the tables turned Miss Watson. If you want to keep fondling girls, you can fondle me. You will put your hand inside my knickers."

She looks at me, genuinely concerned. "Pardon, Headmistress?"

I lean forward, my mouth close to her ear. "Put your hand inside my knickers. Now!" I whisper.

Emily hesitates again. I glare viciously at her.

"Put your hand inside my knickers, right now you fucking little slut!"

Slowly, almost imperceptibly Emily turns to face me then reaches forward. Her fingers touch the fabric of my skirt and I feel myself twitch again. The thrill is growing. She gently lifts the hem of my skirt, revealing my stocking tops and black suspenders. My breathing is fast and shallow. Oh, the joy of it!

Emily's hands gradually move up, exposing my black satin panties that strain to contain my aroused sex. The skirt is now around my waist. I can't help it. A small smile crosses my lips as Emily's fingers caress my swollen mound. She then

straightens her fingers and slides them slowly, almost imperceptibly, inside the top of my panties. Her fingers grasp my enlarged organ and ease it clear of the satin. She looks at it and licks her lips. She knows what's coming.

"Oh, yes!" I breathe. "That's right you fucking little whore. Get it in your mouth! Suck it!"

Emily gets to her knees. Her head moves close to my crotch and with one hand she eases the skin back, caressing the engorged head of my penis with her tongue before sliding it into her warm, accommodating mouth. My legs tremble. Emily bobs her head to and fro, her hands stroking my stocking-clad thighs, her lips clamped tight around my shaft and her tongue caressing the underside of my glans.

I can only stand a few moments of Emily's ministrations before I'm ready to explode. My cock jerks in her mouth. Emily pulls her head away and opens her mouth wide. She grasps my fat cock in her hand and wanks it back and forth. I groan loudly, no longer holding back. Her hand works faster for a few seconds and then, suddenly, a great spurt of cum is fired against the back of Emily's throat. Dribbles of sperm hang like string from her lips and she eagerly licks them up Like a good girl. She noisily swallows my spunk and her tongue flicks out again, licking my wet cock clean.

"You are a great little cock sucker, Miss Watson. It's a pity that you seem to be fixated with other girl's pussies. Stand up, you little slut."

Emily obeys.

"I hope that you consider yourself punished. Remember that in future, any more displays of such a disgustingly sluttish nature will be met with a punishment similar to that which you've received today. Do you understand me?"

"Yes headmistress." She's looking down at the floor again.My, What a wonderful actress this girl is.

I ease my cock back into my panties and again smooth down my skirt. I cross my arms.

"You will wipe that cum off of your face before the other girls see you."

She does so. "Then you will leave this office and instruct that filthy bitch Carole Phillips to come to my office at once!"

"Yes, Headmistress."

Emily opens the door and leaves. I return to my desk, open the folder and await the arrival of the next pussy-hungry slut.

I smile happily.

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