Emma Ch. 03


Emma was at home more often than she used to be, so she met Harriett much more frequently than before. Harriett's hours of work were determined by the demands of her job which varied considerably from both week to week and from day to day. Generally, Harriett was as likely to be at home during the day as in the evening or weekend.

Emma returned from visiting a video company she'd been investigating. This company made sex cartoon films which concentrated on a set of standard characters with rather exaggerated sexual characteristics. This included a woman with 80 inch breasts, a man with a twenty-four inch prick, a woman with buttocks she could bounce on and so on. Sex cartoons were able to deal with subjects which a Four X station would be able to screen with less worry than if they contained real people, but Emma was worried about the suitability of bestiality and child sex displayed in some of them. Her biggest concern was with the rape cartoons, where violent rape was somehow disguised as comedy.

When she got home, she was surprised to find Harriett in the living room sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands and to hear small sobs come from her. Harriett was normally so cheerful, so this was especially strange. Emma threw off Charlottes's overcoat, ran over to Harriett and put her arm round her shoulder.

"What's wrong?" she asked, studying Harriett's tear-streaked face.

"Nothing," sniffed Harriett. "Nothing."

"Don't be silly!" Emma said. "There must be something."

"It's work," Harriett admitted.


"You know that we've got this Three X rating and my work would have to change..."


"...and I've got to make love with a woman, and ... and now I've been told that I'm going to have to do it soon ... and I've been trying to say I can't ... but it's my job and I don't want to lose it ... but I don't know if I can ..."

"But you can make love with a woman can't you?" wondered Emma who'd watched so much lesbian sex on research videos recently and of course had also helped to organise such activities for breakfast television.

"Well no!" said Harriett. "I've never done so ... and I don't think I could ... especially with cameras on me ... I'm just not like that."

"Neither am I," sniffed Emma. "But I'm sure you can make love with a woman without it meaning very much."

"But it's different when it's with men. You don't know. You don't do it, but if you enjoy making love you can at least concentrate on that and not the cameras or anything ... and I'm going to do that soon."

"But Harriett ... I'm sure you can do it," said Emma reassuringly, hugging Harriett's shoulders. Harriett sniffed, but started weeping again.

"I don't think I can," she sobbed. "I can't! I can't!"

"Can I help in any way?" wondered Emma with a surge of affection for Harriett.

"In what way? You're not a lesbian!"

"Isn't that better? Perhaps if I'm not a lesbian, it'd be better. Perhaps we could pretend and perhaps it will be better for you."

"Do you mean make love with you?"

"Of course not!" said Emma, genuinely shocked. "But we could sort of masturbate together and feel each other. That's not sex. And I certainly don't want sex. But perhaps it'll make it easier for you when you have to do it at work."

"Are you serious, Emma?" said Harriett who had stopped crying. "You don't mind?"

"Well, it won't be sex, will it?"

"Shall I take my clothes off?"

"Of course," smiled Emma, who of course wasn't wearing anything anyway. Harriett quickly pulled off the nylon shorts and jersey she always wore. As Harriett removed them, Emma thought with a sudden jump in her breast that this was in fact the first time after all these months of living in the same flat that she'd ever seen Harriett naked. Even when she had a bath, she wore a towel around her. It was curious that Harriett must have got very used to seeing Emma and Charlotte without clothes. Emma had seen Harriett on television with no clothes making love, but somehow that was not the same as being in the same room as her. Harriett had a very athletic body, with medium to small breasts, a taut stomach, and slim buttocks and thighs.

"What do we do?" asked Emma uneasily.

"Touch ourselves," said Harriett. "Nothing more."

At first this was very awkward, as the two girls touched and stroked each others' bodies and occasionally kissed each other on the cheek or the shoulder. Emma put her head on Harriett's stomach and put her tongue into Harriett's navel. "That's nice," said Harriett appreciatively. More emboldened, Emma started licking Harriett's skin and Harriett reciprocated. They continued like this for ever such a long time.

"It's not making love, is it?" wondered Emma.

"We're not lesbians. How can it be?"

"Should we masturbate?"

"Only if it feels right."

"Maybe it does," answered Emma who placed her fingers on her clitoris and stroked and worried it while kissing and stroking Harriett, who smiled and watched Emma's fingers moving in and out, up and down. "I've never seen a woman do that before."

"I've only seen Charlotte do it, but I try not to watch."

Emma and Harriett were playing together for several hours of masturbating and stroking each other, kissing themselves, but nothing sexual, no tongue-kissing, nothing like that. They were still experimenting when Charlotte came home.

She stood at the door of the living room, still in her clothes which she'd not taken off and watched in growing horror as she established first what was going on and who the two naked girls were. She then released a cry of pain and sobbed uncontrollably.

Emma and Harriett hadn't noticed Charlotte arrive and were totally startled. They stopped what they were doing, and Emma ran over to comfort Charlotte. "What's wrong?" she asked trying to put her arm round Charlotte's shoulders.

"You know exactly what's wrong. It's me who loves you. I'm the one that loves you. I want to make love with you. I love you so much it hurts. But you make love with Harriett who can make love to as many people as she likes. I love you so much it hurts."

"But it's not what you think..." Emma tried to explain. "Harriett's just practising for her television program. Neither of us are lesbian, so it's not the real thing."

"So, if you're not lesbian it's all right is it?" sobbed Charlotte. "So if you love someone you are made to feel so frustrated that your heart aches with a hurt you can't describe. You think about that person every day, and your mood changes with every smile and rebuke of that person. You feel a pain that won't go away. But if you don't love someone, you can have sex with that person all the time."

"Don't be silly, Charlotte," rejoined Harriett. "We're not lovers and we haven't been making love."

"You're my best friend Charlotte," reassured Emma. "Our friendship isn't to do with sex. Nor is my friendship with Harriett to do with sex."

"It looks like sex to me!" sobbed Charlotte who ran into her room. She threw herself on the bed, and fully clothed she stayed there crying and sobbing all night. Harriett, who tactfully put her clothes back on, and Emma tried to console her but to no avail. "I'm the one who loves you," repeated Charlotte. "Why don't you return my love."

"But Charlotte, I'm not a lesbian. How could I love you except as a friend?"

A few days later, Emma was again at home wading through a pile of videos in the series of Hollywood Sex Classics. These were essentially old classic films such as Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, The Wizard of Oz and Citizen Kane which had extra scenes added to them to gain a Four X certification. This was achieved mostly by computer graphics and it worked by taking a scene in the film where there was any love interest and considerably extending it. So in a film such as Gone With The Wind in any scene where the two main characters might be kissing, the faces and other features would then be, by computer emulation, superimposed on footage of some porn actors and actresses indulging in full sex so that it would seem that Cary Grant, Greta Garbo or Lauren Bacall were the characters doing so.

In Wizard of Oz this produced a scene where Dorothy had full carnal knowledge of the Scarecrow and of the Wicked Witch of the North. Emma found all this faintly amusing. It was strange to see Humphrey Bogart having sex with so many different women. It was perhaps a little shocking to see the Seven Dwarfs take turns with Snow White or to see Luke Skywalker have anal intercourse with Princess Leia. However, for practical purposes the issue was really whether or not the films infringed any copyright laws - though in most cases the copyrights had expired many years before.

Emma had just got to the part in a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film where the two pulled off their clothes and fucked in front of some delighted onlookers when she became aware that Harriett had come in. "Hello," she greeted, "How's your day been?"

"Nothing special," Harriett answered coming over to Emma and putting her arms around Emma's shoulders in a friendly way. "What are you watching now. Not more Tap Dancing with dicks?"

"I'm afraid so," laughed Emma turning her head round. She was a little surprised to see that Harriett wasn't wearing any clothes, but she supposed that perhaps with both Charlotte and she being practicing naturists Harriett had decided to discard her clothes. Neither of the girls had made any comment about their recent intimacy, although Charlotte was still fairly upset. Couldn't she realise, wondered Emma, that making love wasn't the same as being in love? It's one thing, she was sure, to be intimate with someone and another for it to have any real significance.

"I'm sure Ginger Rogers wasn't as expert as sucking pricks as in this film," commented Harriett.

"You should see what Dorothy gets up to with the Tin Man," Emma responded.

"Look at Ginger's cunt. She's a genuine redhead. And I don't mean what's going in and out of her cunt."

"Is there a difference between pubic hairs and other hairs?" wondered Emma.

"Well," commented Harriett, "your hair's a sort of mousy colour but your pubes are just a little bit darker." She put her hand into Emma's thick mass of pubic hair and started pulling and stroking it.

"What about yours?" wondered Emma taking her eyes from Ginger and Fred fucking and screaming, and looked at Harriett's somewhat thinner bush of hair.

"Have a good look," smiled Harriett guiding Emma's hand into it. The two girls stroked each other's groins for a moment until Harriett made bold to kiss Emma full on the mouth. Emma pushed Harriett off.

"Don't!" she admonished.

Harriett smiled coyly and then said: "Wasn't it fun the other day? I'm sure it'll help me in my work."

"Haven't you had your lesbian session yet?"

"Not yet. It's been postponed for a couple of weeks - but I can't say I'm sorry."

"Why's that?"

"Well," smiled Harriett shyly, "you're still my only experience. I'm just as much a virgin as you."

"Don't be silly."

"Don't be silly yourself!" responded Harriett putting her mouth to Emma's again.

This time Emma didn't push Harriett off, but as the two girls' intimacy gradually grew Emma wasn't at all sure at which stage the activity stopped being one of playing and became one where there was a sense of seriousness and urgency to it. Certainly, she loved holding and feeling and licking Harriett's very fit and muscular body. She loved the little freckles around Harriett's nose and the other slightly larger ones speckled over her shoulders. She loved the feel of Harriett's fingers as they probed in and out of her cunt. She loved the moistness of the feel of Harriett's own cunt as her fingers went in and out.

"OOh! OOOHHH! OOOHH!" she gasped as Harriett's tongue worked around her clitoris. She pushed her tongue deep into Harriett's mouth and relished the taste of her own cunt on Harriett's tongue. The two of them struggled with their mouths pushing hard against the other, their fingers frantically working at the other's clitoris. After Emma's first orgasm, the intensity was so severe she couldn't imagine it could ever be matched. But it was only moments later when Emma gave vent to a scream she just couldn't contain. And then another. And then another. She only became distantly aware that Harriett was also making rather a lot of noise. And then as their slippery bodies slid against each other the two gave a great shuddering at the same time with such intensity that they had to push each other off.

They lay back looking at each other. This isn't real sex, Emma said to herself. I don't go after women and I'm not in love with Harriett. But she enjoyed it nonetheless.

"We must do this again," commented Harriett smiling in a way that seemed both very silly and funny and impossibly endearing.

"How about now?" responded Emma leaning forward and running her tongue round Harriett's much swollen clitoris.

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