Emma Ch. 08


When Charlotte returned from work and saw the two girls writhing about entwined together on the carpet in front of a sex video the television, she at first assumed that it was Emma and Harriett. After all, when only two women were making love in the flat it was usually only those two. When that happened, she usually hid herself in the kitchen to prepare some dinner, only venturing out when she judged the two had exhausted themselves. However, as Charlotte reflected, it couldn't be Harriett having sex with Emma, as it was only last night that she and Emma and a few of Harriett's other friends had seen her off at the airport. Harriett had started working on a new television series which involved her being filmed making love in exotic parts of the world. Her first destination was Cambodia, at one of its premier luxury holiday resorts. From all accounts this was a fairly demanding job involving group sex and the opportunity to practice her newly acquired lesbian skills.

No, as Charlotte soon became aware, the woman who was giving Emma such obvious pleasure was Penelope, a friend of Harriett's who'd visited several times before. Penelope was a very skinny girl whose breasts were almost all nipple and whose groin was slightly hollowed out. Charlotte could almost see the bone of her buttocks through the flesh as it pumped in tune to Emma's cunnilingus.

Penelope's flushed face emerged from between Emma's legs, her lips raw and red from exertion. She saw Charlotte and smiled welcomingly before returning to Emma's crotch. Emma had reason to celebrate. She had finished her research for Harlot TV and made her recommendations of what programs to buy and which to emulate just in time for the station to receive its fourth X. This had been very fortuitous timing, because she had now become the default spokesperson for the now more responsible station, which was even now in the throes of renaming itself in a way which better reflected its new status.

Emma had been interviewed on the countless manifestations of the media, and her appearance as a serious woman with an uncompromising policy of naturism had acted as a very strong advertisement for the station. She had been interviewed on mainline television, national newspapers, several magazines and innumerable organs of more specialist interest in sex entertainment. She had now been seen by more people than had ever watched the station, though in some cases she'd only been filmed or photographed from the waist up. In one or two instances, including a television station which claimed the moral high ground, she could only be seen from the shoulders up. In all her interviews she was free to express her own views about the role of sex television and of naturism as a philosophy of life, and indeed she got the distinct impression from her employers that the more polemical her views the more they were appreciated.

Charlotte smiled weakly at Penelope and then shyly made her way into the kitchen to busy herself over the cooker boiling vegetables and unfreezing a pre﷓prepared meal. She sat on the kitchen stool waiting for the food to be ready, thinking about her own rôle in the changes that had taken place. While she was there, Penelope came in, still naked and reeking of the shared sweat of her own body and Emma's. She sat down on another stool and chatted to Charlotte about her own job which was not in the sex media, although she aspired to it, but as a clerk for a large supermarket chain.

"Why is it you never make love with Emma and Harriett?" she asked suddenly. "I've asked Emma and I know it's not because you don't find women unattractive."

This question unbalanced Charlotte. Why indeed had she never been involved? It just hadn't happened. That was all. She didn't know why really, and she certainly envied everyone else who'd made love to Emma. Charlotte shook her head sadly.

Penelope stood up from her stool and put her naked arms around Charlotte's naked body. Charlotte felt the heat from her skin before it touched her, and almost burnt her. "Oh! You poor dear!" simpered Penelope kissing Charlotte tenderly on the face. Then, (Charlotte wasn't too sure how), she and Penelope fell to kissing full on the mouth, their tongues actively entwined. Charlotte's tongue trailed round Penelope's teeth and her throat felt the thick mass of Penelope's tongue deep inside. Then, Penelope's hands gripped into her buttocks and Charlotte shyly encompassed her slender bony waist.

This didn't last for long, when Penelope announced she had to return to Emma ﷓ and in any case Charlotte's food was ready. Penelope left Charlotte alone with her vegetables and thoughts. She felt excited by the attention she'd just received, but she also felt peculiarly guilty of a kind of disloyalty to Emma.

For the rest of the evening, Charlotte sat in her bedroom reading a novel she'd recently bought, frightened as always of going into the living room where she might perhaps be invited to film the two girls making love or, as with Susan, just to watch in a rage of envy. The hours passed, with Charlotte feeling somewhat disorientated from the affection Penelope had expressed, until it seemed late enough for her to go to bed. She wandered to the bathroom to clean her teeth, and knew she wouldn't meet either of the girls there, as she could hear the familiar rocking of Emma's bed.

Charlotte returned to bed, and pulled the sheet over her naked body. As so often, she gently stroked her body as she settled down, asking it if it was interested in masturbation. Although clearly excited, her body wasn't going to be satisfied by anything like that, so Charlotte rolled over on her side and faced the wall.

Several minutes later, Charlotte heard her bedroom door open, and then a body tiptoe silently across the room towards her bed. Perhaps she'd been secretly expecting it, but she wasn't too surprised when she was joined by Penelope's skinny and smelly body, still moist from sex. And it wasn't at all long until she found herself rolling around and writhing with her incredibly hot and bony body. As she pulled at Penelope's long thin nipple in her teeth, Charlotte smelt Emma's own body emanating amongst Penelope's own smells. Well, she thought, if you can't experience Emma's body first﷓hand, it was probably better to experience it second﷓hand.

While Penelope's expert fingers lubricated Charlotte's cunt, she was considering that, yes!, this was the first time with a woman. She'd always considered herself a lesbian, but one who'd always loved women from a distance. And now, as Penelope's tongue descended down her body to join her exploring fingers at the vagina, she was now to know what it was really like. In some ways it was like making love with a man, but the smells were different, the body was different and the expectations were different.

"So that's where you are!" Charlotte suddenly heard. She started and withdrew her face from the buttock she'd been licking while supporting herself on Penelope's legs. "This is being really very deceitful!"

"Sorry, dearest?" wondered Penelope who jerked her head out of Charlotte's pubic hair to look directly at Emma who was standing by the open door, and although only her silhouette could be seen was almost certainly frowning.

"I've always thought I was honest and open with you," Emma continued crossly, "but then you steal my lovers from my bed. Why couldn't you have just asked and joined in in the normal way, instead of sneaking off with them behind my back."

"Don't worry, Emma my love," Penelope apologised, "I'll come straight back to bed with you." She disentangled herself from Charlotte's red hot body, which was burning as much with humiliation as with lust. She let herself out of Charlotte's room, pausing only to peck Emma on the cheek as she went out.

"So, this is how my best friend treats me!" exclaimed Emma bitterly. "How could you do it! How could you be so ... so ... underhand and deceitful!" She turned round abruptly and left Charlotte's room leaving only the memory of her departing bum for Charlotte to masturbate furiously to.

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