Emma Ch. 45



Emma was delighted that Tanya had become a frequent visitor to her suburban home. She had come to love Tanya’s body, although she wasn’t so sure how well she loved or even knew Tanya’s mind. But there was nothing about her that seemed anything other than the perfect lover: always devoted to her, passionate in bed, and the only person outside of work with whom she could discuss her job. She hadn’t realised just how much difference it made to have someone to talk to who was as passionate and informed about television management and programme production as Tanya was. She bubbled with so many good ideas, and Emma was pleased to do whatever she could to help further the television career of someone who she had come to view as her protégé. She spoke to producers and other executives about Tanya’s beauty and her television presentation skills, based, she was sure, not just on her affection for the girl but also on an objective appraisal of her abilities from the many times she’d watched her in the Harlot TV studios. She was aware that her reputation for quality production and her famous naturist and vegetarian credentials gave her judgment rather more weight than the opinion of many others.

While Emma did what she could to further Tanya’s career, her lover seemed not only incredibly grateful (expressing her gratitude for each new appointment or pay rise with the most passionate lovemaking), but she never seemed satisfied. On the one hand she expressed the opinion that Emma was seeing too much in her modest talent, and that she really did not deserve her good fortune. On the other hand, it was invariably Tanya who would put the seeds in Emma’s mind of another area in the Harlot TV hierarchy of presenters where her skills could be even better used. Emma loved helping Tanya’s career. And she loved the rewards she gained from her assistance when the two of them retreated to Emma’s large bed and she could enjoy once again that slender frame, the perfect torso and the skills of a lover who nonetheless was carefully not to indulge in any of Emma’s rougher sexual practices.

“I don’t want to appear in front of the camera covered in bruises,” she explained. “That would be most unprofessional. As I’m sure you agree.”
Emma agreed sadly, but the quality of the other sex they enjoyed together was passionate and raw enough, tiring her out and leaving her waking up every morning with the sweet smell of sweat and vaginal discharge. Sex with Tanya was addictive, and Emma was addicted.

Emma was concerned about how Maisie would view her new lover. She spoke to Maisie about it on one of those several nights in the week when Maisie was at home and Tanya was elsewhere. She reminded Maisie of her own sex life away from Emma with her own other boyfriends and girlfriends, not to mention the sex she so often enjoyed in front of the camera. She was secretly pleased but also worried by Maisie’s brief show of jealousy. It was satisfying that her younger lover was still so desirous of her, and enjoyed the passionate lovemaking that followed their discussion as she reassured the girl that her love for her was in no way displaced by her love for the older woman, however beautiful she was.

She expressed her concerns about Maisie to Tanya and was pleased when her older lover suggested that the three of them should make love together as a means of ensuring that Maisie would not become more jealous and see her as some kind of a rival for Emma’s love. “After all, it’s clear to me that although you are first in my affections, she is first in yours. And I wouldn’t like to be responsible, however unintentionally, in any lessening of her love for you.”

And so it was that Tanya and Emma invited Maisie to make love as a threesome in Emma’s bed. Maisie readily agreed. She enjoyed her conversations with Tanya, and had heard from Rochester what a good lover she was. In fact, she knew that Rochester was still depressed about Tanya leaving him for Emma, which actually made her feel the more keen to get to know Tanya better. She found Emma’s other lover very beautiful, and of course she’d become quite accustomed to seeing her naked around the house. She knew that Tanya was not really a naturist, but she was aware that Emma preferred nudity in the home. Maisie loved the sight of Tanya’s trimmed vagina, the long slim legs and the way she would sit on the sofa, a broad toothy smile on her face as she listened to Maisie talking about the pop groups she listened to, the films she watched and the other people she worked with. In fact, Tanya seemed tremendously knowledgeable. In fact, even though it was Tanya and not the boy who had brought the relationship to an end, she was curiously solicitous as to his welfare and was remarkably sympathetic about his apparent heartbreak.

As all three girls were already naked, there was very little prelude to the girls’ first lovemaking together. Maisie was escorted between the two older, taller women, an arm from each around her shoulders and around each others’, and her arms around their waists. And then into the tastefully restrained decor of Emma’s bedroom, onto the large bed where Emma and she had spent so many nights together, her arms around Emma, and Emma’s tongue between her legs. Maisie lay down, slightly nervously, as she always was when she was about to make love with someone new and different, and enjoyed the attention of the two older women as they stroked and kissed her, their show of affection for her punctuated by displays of love towards each other. Emma’s mouth opened with a slight gasp and plunged her lips onto Tanya’s lips, while her hands traced Maisie’s breasts. And then the mouth transferred itself to her own crotch, while Tanya’s tongue entered Maisie’s mouth. It tasted so sweet, the teeth nibbled gently on her tongue and lips and her body shivered with the massaging of four hands as they trailed around her thighs, round her buttocks, around her back.

Bit by bit, the lovemaking became more intense. Maisie began reciprocating the love shown her with more passion. Her tongue licked the smooth folds of Tanya’s vagina, while her eyes explored the gorgeous contours and the evenly tanned flesh of Emma’s older lover. Meanwhile, two tongues and two pairs of lips explored and probed her own vagina and anus. And then fingers entered and explored, while Maisie pushed in as many fingers as she dared into the forbiddingly perfect orifices of Tanya’s lower regions. And, inevitably, spasms and tremors of orgasmic pleasure rose and crashed and rose again, as the passion became ever more urgent, ever more daring and ever hotter and sweatier.

From then on, those evenings when both Tanya and Maisie were at home became nights when with Emma the three girls enjoyed nights of passion which both Emma and Maisie found they came to enjoy more than those nights when there were just the two of them. Indeed, for Emma, sex with Maisie had actually become more frequent now that Tanya was around. She almost felt guilty on those nights when Maisie was visiting her friends or staying with her mother, and on which occasions only she and Tanya made love together. It was those nights, however, when Tanya and she would talk about Tanya’s career and how, with Emma’s help she was getting more responsible and lucrative production roles and taking a more starring role in the television shows she co-hosted, or was even the sole presenter. Emma felt proud of her role as Tanya’s mentor, although she guessed that other presenters and producers on Harlot TV, no doubt equally as talented, resented Emma’s part in Tanya’s career tangent.

However, Emma needn’t have felt guilty about Maisie’s absence from these nights of passion. Tanya had taken to watching Emma’s other lover at work, as Maisie was pleased to see. She always preferred it when someone who loved her took a direct interest in her work. The sex on screen was always the more passionate, her sexual techniques the sharper, knowing that either Emma or Tanya were in the wings watching her.

After one show, as Maisie left the studio, wiping the rich smelling cream of semen from her chin and lips, she was surprised to see Tanya waiting for her just outside her dressing room. Normally, Tanya kept a discreet distance, perhaps waving at her or smiling encouragingly, but not normally to be found in the areas reserved for the stars. She ran up to Tanya, crumbs of semen baked on the back of her hands, and kissed her lover full on the lips. “What did you think of my performance? Jimmy Ratchet was great, wasn’t he? I just didn’t know I could get so much dick in my mouth!”

Tanya trailed a hand over Maisie’s bare shoulder and an arm around her waist. She smiled at Maisie. “Just looking at you made me feel hot!” she said uncharacteristically. “That’s why I thought I’d wait for you here.”

“Really!?” exclaimed Maisie. She knew that Tanya was a good lover, but she’d never thought that she actually loved her. She always thought that it was only because of Emma that she and Tanya ever enjoyed making love together. She studied Tanya’s trim figure: the waist as always uncovered from marginally below the hips up to just above the heave of her apple-shaped breasts. Those classic curves! That clear golden skin! And the smile: teeth so white, eyes so libidinous (if faintly calculating), and the cheeks puffed out by the broadness of her smile. Tanya gently squeezed one of Maisie’s sweet round buttocks, and her face and mouth descended onto Maisie’s.

“Shall we?” she asked.

“Here? In the corridor?”

“No, silly! What have you stars got private dressing rooms for?”

Maisie knew that in her case it wasn’t really for dressing. She wore very few clothes on set, and those that she did covered very little of her, and rarely any of those assets which most people kept hidden. However, it was here that her hair was combed and brushed, make-up discreetly applied on her face, nipples and the rest of her. After a show, Maisie normally just cleaned off whatever stickiness and sweat was still clinging to her body, before picking up the shoulder bag where she kept her music player and headphones, and what few clothes might be necessary should she venture into the streets outside the television studios. This time she knew that the dressing room would be serving quite a different purpose, as still hugging each other, Tanya pushed open the door and the two of them rolled into its confines.

Maisie looked at their reflection in the wall-length mirror as they cuddled by the door. Tanya so much taller than her: taller indeed than most women. The serpentine curves of her body against Maisie’s slender frame. And then as Tanya eased down her shorts and unclasped her top, the full uninterrupted view of Tanya’s beauty. Still the most beautiful woman Maisie had made love to. More beautiful even than Emma, whom she so dearly loved.

The girls clung together and fell onto the floor and rolled around on the carpeted floor together. Tanya’s tongue probing into the crevices of Maisie’s vagina, her hands grasping her buttocks, her fingers insinuating themselves into her arse. Maisie groaned and moaned, unable to compete in the artistry of lovemaking, surrendering herself to Tanya’s tongue, teeth, fingers and flesh. Sweat poured down her chest, her nipples shone in the harsh neon of the dressing room lights, her tongue ached from its exertions in Tanya’s own crotch: the taste of Tanya’s vagina rich in her nose. And then back against the mirror, with Tanya pushing crotch against crotch, the two of them standing. Maisie moaned and shook her head, vaguely conscious through the spasms of ecstasy shaking through her frame of her lover examining her own reflection in the mirror with a curiously dispassionate vanity.

Tanya pursed her lips and tenderly kissed Maisie on the cheek and ear. “We must do this again,” she said.

“We must! We must!” gasped Maisie, as Tanya gently eased herself down her body, her tongue trailing down her face, throat, breasts, stomach, and finally to where it was somehow most at home, slobbering and prodding about in Maisie’s crotch.

Their sessions of lovemaking together without Emma’s knowledge or prior consent became more frequent. Maisie looked forward to those occasions when she and Tanya met at work, and even at home there would be times when Emma was in another room or working late that the two of them would exchange kisses and caresses. And sometimes, when it seemed that Emma would never find out, more passionate sessions.

There inevitably came the occasion when Tanya invited Maisie to stay the night with her at her flat with the excuse that Rochester, Maisie’s one-time co-presenter, was also visiting. This was an opportunity that Maisie couldn’t refuse. Much as she loved the attentions of her female lovers she also enjoyed the rather different passion and the very different sex that a male lover provided. But she and Tanya colluded, on Tanya’s suggestion, to hide the exact nature of their separate nights away from Emma.

Maisie enjoyed her night with Tanya. Her flat was different to Emma’s house. So much closer to the centre of town and all its attractions, and the decor was so different from Emma’s. None of that ethnic furniture that Maisie thought so tacky, none of those rugs and cushions which made Emma’s home so miscellaneous and inconsistent, and paintings and pictures more figurative and somehow more urban. And sex with Rochester as great. He had the sex skills of a practised porn star, as he now was since he’d got a part as the difficult nephew in the new soap opera, Connecticut Square.

It was clear that his prick felt more at home inside Tanya than inside her, and he kept trying to grab more of Tanya’s attention than hers, but Tanya would have none of this. She only allowed him inside her once Maisie was fully satisfied. She loved the taste of cock, she loved its thrust in her groin and she loved the feel of Rochester’s body against her. She joined Tanya as the two of them took his erect penis in their hands and their two mouths worked at its stiff length, their two moist and dripping tongues touching against the other, and their lips parting to allow both tongue and prick to enter. However, Rochester was less than pleased as, the lovemaking progressing, Tanya’s tongue and mouth found its way to Maisie’s crotch more often than it did to his own, however tumescent and however much he clearly needed it.

Emma was not sure when her idyllic menage à trois became less idyllic. It was certainly after the board meeting where Emma proposed that Tanya should take a senior position within the Harlot TV hierarchy in a role at least as senior as her own. She was surprised by how readily her proposal was accepted by the other members of the board. She’d somehow imagined that there would be more opposition, particularly as Tanya’s rise had been so meteoric, unlike her own and unlike that of most of her colleagues. She was also taken aback by how strong the support was amongst the male majority, not suspecting that Tanya was quite capable of petitioning on her own behalf both in the bed and out. It was scarcely unanimous. One or two members protested that Tanya’s administrative skills hadn’t yet had the opportunity to mature, and others that as a presenter she was good, but not really that good. However, they all concurred when the oldest member of the board, who was at least in his sixties opined that whatever else Tanya was she was a good fuck, and anyone as good a fuck as her deserved to get on in the organisation.

Emma began to notice that her lovemaking sessions with Tanya only ever happened with Maisie: she and Tanya never made love alone. And, reluctantly, she was aware that the passion that Tanya showed for Maisie was exceeding that she’d ever shown for Emma, and indeed that the passion she expressed towards Emma was less than it had been: even in the deepest throes, even when dildos were deep inside either of them, even when Emma was orgasming in the delirious, unfocussed, helpless way that came on her when she was most taken away by the exertions of sex.

And there were the increasing numbers of evening when she was alone. When both Tanya and Maisie were elsewhere. She might have suspected they were together, but Maisie had, anyway, often stayed away from home at night long before Tanya became a significant player, and she readily accepted Tanya’s explanations that her increased workload was taking up her evenings. But even when only Maisie was there, and the two were embracing in her bed, there was less of the old passion.

Maisie herself was becoming aware, at first vaguely and then more acutely, that her relative passion was becoming greater for Tanya than for Emma. Tanya was so much fun to be with. Always showering her with gifts like the CDs which although sometimes a bit off the mark generally approximated to her taste in music. Something which Emma had never done. Such an accomplished and uninhibited lovemaker. Never afraid of taking Maisie out to night clubs and restaurants. For her, the nightlife of the city was so alluring and so much fun. Whilst Emma, however much they’d love each other, had never been so fun. She was always so serious, so protective of her lover and young ward. And with all those weird eccentricities, like naturism and vegetarianism. She could never imagine having such a wild time in a night club with Emma, as she and Tanya gyrated and boogied to the pumping dance sounds that thundered around her, and her uninhibited lovemaking under the flashing lights, not caring at all about the lascivious stares of the less bombed-out fellow dancers. She loved the feel of Tanya’s tongue on her naked body as the chords rose and fell on their emotional highs and lows, and she appreciated Tanya’s empathy on the come down as the effects of the pills and alcohol gradually gave way to the inevitable lows and hangovers.

Emma may not have known how much time her lovers were spending together without her, but she was noticing the change in her life more and more acutely. Her work began to suffer as her emotions conflicted with her business. She forgot to attend meetings, she missed deadlines, she made more and more mistakes. All the while conscious of Tanya’s increased presence in Harlot TV’s intercinine politics and her ever-increasing profile within the station.

And then, Tanya stopped visiting her altogether. And at work she was polite, but no longer intimate. Emma became more aware of the attentions she was attracting and encouraging from the more senior people in the Harlot TV hierarchy. She became accustomed to seeing Tanya kissing and cuddling other people. And even fucking them, as she discovered on a visit to Amelia’s office. It wasn’t just that she was having sex with her one-time lover that appalled her, but her unashamedness and the all too obvious intensity of their passion.

“Why don’t you visit anymore?” Emma challenged Tanya with an effort when the two met by chance at a coffee machine.

Tanya smiled. But distantly, with none of that affection in her face that Emma still remembered and cherished so well. “Oh, Emma! I would do. But work! You know how it is …”

Emma now knew for sure that she would never sleep with Tanya again. But at least she had Maisie to love. Even if she was out so many evenings these days. She was a little worried about her young lover. When they did meet, she seemed so tired and exhausted. And she never seemed to have the energy, or even the inclination, to share Emma’s ever-welcome bed. This was bad enough, but the next shock demonstrated to Emma how much she had lost what she had once had: something which had for a while seemed so perfect, and had swollen her with pride, lust and contentment. Maisie shyly but firmly announced that she was leaving her to live with Tanya.

“With Tanya!” gasped Emma. “I didn’t know that you and she were still … Or had ever without me … Tell me this isn’t true. You and she! What about me? I thought I was your lover. All those times you … What’s happened?”

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