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Emma Frost's Submission


Emma Frost was on her knees, her wrists chained together behind her back, her ankles similarly chained and then connected to her wrists. A further chain was attached to a silver collar around her neck, that chain was linked into a metal ring in the cell's wall. Other than that the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club and erstwhile leader of the X-men was completely and utterly naked and completely and utterly helpless. And the usually hard bitch was scared too, a most unusual state for her.

The worst thing was that she knew exactly where she was and in who's demonic clutches she was trapped in. The Black Queen of the all new Hellfire Club was Emma's worst nightmare and all the more so given she was now bereft of all her former mutant powers.

Red really was her unlucky colour. After all it was the work of her rival Madelyne Pryor ( aka The Red Queen) that had discovered the in hiding Wanda Maximoff (erstwhile Scarlet Witch) and Wanda had easily been manipulated into depriving Emma of all her mutant powers just like had happened to so many mutants on 'M' Day.

Emma gave a shudder as the bleak desolation of her incarceration washed over her once more. She shrugged that feeling off however, and began to once more try to force her mind to rediscover her mutant powers. She concentrated as hard as she possibly could for as long as she could until it felt like her brain would split in two and she had to stop, panting in her bondage at the intense mental exertion. There had been nothing. She had no residue of her former powers whatsoever.

From a dark corner of shadow in the cell came a low laughter that grew steadily into an almost insane cackle of malevolence. The Red Queen, Madelyne Pryor emerged from the gloom in all her magnificent glory. She was clad in a scarlet rubber bodice that covered her nipples and her pussy and very little else. She tottered on four inch narrow heels in thigh high red boots. Her long mane of flame coloured hair cascaded down her back and shoulders and she held a vicious looking long, thin knife in her right hand as she crossed the stone floor towards the captive.

"It's no use Emma, it's all gone now. You've got no powers at all. Poor, deluded Wanda made quite sure of that. You're no longer a mutant, just a frail human. Just a dumb blonde bimbo, it's a role tailor made for you."

Emma bit her lip, making a supreme effort not to retort in kind. A slaging match would not serve her well in this situation.

"What is you want Madelyne? You must know Scott and the rest of the X-Men will find me quick enough."

The Red Queen smiled wickedly and ran the blade of the knife she held along the palm of her hand, not quite cutting it.

"But my dear Emma, why ever would they be looking for you?"

As she posed the rhetorical question Madelyne transformed herself into a complete facsimile of the White Queen herself. Everything was perfect, the long red hair changed colour to Emma's blonde, Madelyne's breasts grew a couple sizes and her slutty red outfit morphed into a slutty white outfit that Emma regularly wore.

"No one is looking for you Emma, not your precious Scott and not the X-Men. In fact I would say Scott Summers isn't missing you one little bit, he's getting the best sex he's ever had -- every night!"

"You bitch!" spat the real Emma Frost and she tried to get up but her chains held her in place easily.

Madelyne just laughed again and turn on her heel, her white cloak fluttering behind her.

"I'll give him your love while he's fucking me dear, I'll be back later with a special surprise for you"

And with that she was gone. Emma waited a moment before dropping her head and fighting hard not to sob with frustration. She had never felt quite so helpless in her entire life.


The day dragged beyond belief but when Madelyne did eventually return Emma was not to enjoy it. It could have been any time of day or night to the captive White Queen, there was no natural light in this deep dungeon under the Hellfire Club. The gate to her cell banged open with a loud metallic clang that echoed off the stone walls. Emma lifted her head slowly and through drained, emotional eyes watched as her nemesis came towards her once more. She was back in her Red Queen Dominatrix garb but this time with one very significant addition - a massive red dildo was jutting out from her crotch!

Emma could hardly miss the large plastic member as it pointed straight at her and her clear blue eyes focused on it to the exclusion of anything else. Madelyne grinned, this was going to be more fun than she thought. She came right up to Emma and lowered herself to her knees before her. She grabbed Emma's hair and pulled her head up so that their faces were just inches apart. She grinned maniacally and in a shocking move for Emma then began to kiss her full on the lips, her tongue forcing its way into the blonde's surprised mouth.

She was even more taken aback when Madelyne spat something warm and sticky deep into her mouth. The evil redhead peeled off at that and watched amused as Emma coughed and spluttered and tried to spit the substance out.

"Not recognise the taste sweetie? You should do, it's your lovers cum! 'You' gave him a little parting gift of a blow job and Scott reckoned it was the best one ever, his words, not mine!"

She fairly cackled as she delivered this bit of information and Emma retched on the sour taste that had invaded her gullet.

"Y-You fucking bitch!"

Suddenly Madelyne flared round, all mirth disappeared from her demeanour. She was a wild looking woman when angry like Red Sonja but without the mercy.

"No Emma you are the bitch! To be correct you are MY bitch. Here let me show you."

Emma was helpless in her bondage as the Red Queen circled her malevolently stroking that crimson plastic cock as she did so. She moved like a cat playing with a helpless mouse and got right behind her foe before dropping onto her knees.

"Don't you want to beg Emma? Beg me not to do this? No? Oh well I wonder which hole I'll use, I wonder?"

There was never any doubt in Madelyne's mind which hole she would fuck, it would be the ice cold blonde's arsehole that would be fucked just then, it just had to be. She shoved herself forward so she was nice and tight to Emma's slim, sexy body and was delighted to find the blondes heart beating too fast, fear kicking in. She deliberately peeled Emma's bum cheeks apart and prodded her plastic phallus forward to poke rudely against Emma's tight, puckered asshole. She paused for a moment, letting Emma wallow in her helplessness before lunging forward and shoving her dildo right into the White Queen's shit hole. Emma grunted and exclaimed at the unwanted invasion. To make it all the harder and even more humiliating Madelyne reached forward and grabbed Emma's long blonde hair and pulled back on it hard as she plugged her from behind.

"That's it, I'll fuck you like a dog. You are nothing compared to me in power or looks, Scott will be mine now and forever!"

Madelyne was loving every second of this and it was not long before she was rocking back and forth in a steady rhythm , pumping her dildo in and out of her captive, and closing her eyes and relishing the eroticism of this sexual domination. She blocked out the grunts and moans Emma made with each hard thrust into her but when another person suddenly made a coughing noise to interrupt the action Madelyne came very quickly to her senses. Both the Red Queen and the White Queen looked up to see Selene, the Black Queen standing over them, watching the hot action with a most amused look upon her face. She was dressed in the most revealing of black outfits and sneered at them both as she spoke down to them.

"I see you entertaining our guest in your own special way Madelyne, how nice for you. Emma, good to see you after all this time, and especially in your correct place in life -- on your knees before your betters!"

Emma winced as Madelyne slid the dildo into her arse once more while Selene addressed her, she said nothing but the look she shot her former rival was one of pure, unadulterated hatred.

""But Emma I have to tell you that you are not just here to be Madelyne's personal sex slave. No, I have a far more important task for you. Tomorrow you will kneel before me at the meeting of the Hellfire Club and you will renounce your claim over the White Queen title, and more than that you shall pledge your mind, body and soul to your new Mistress, me!"

"Like fuck I will Selene! I have to pledge that under my own free will not your mind control, the others will know you are controlling me and my words and actions will be rendered meaningless!"

Selene smiled down at her.

"Oh I know Emma dear, I know. But you will do it under your own free will, otherwise things could get very uncomfortable for you."

"Like hell I will you bitch!" spat out an enraged X-Woman.

"Madelyne dear, as Miss Frost is so potty mouthed perhaps you could stick something suitable in her mouth to keep her quiet while I demonstrate to her exactly why she will submit to me willingly tomorrow."

The Red Queen took her cue alright and with an audible pop pulled her dildo direct from Emma Frost's ass and moved around to shove it in Emma's surprised mouth. She was tasting her own asshole and it was hardly the most thrilling prospect. Selene smiled as she watched for a moment and then went to work with her high powered mutant abilities.

In an instant the cuffs around Emma's wrists had turned to cold, hard ice. In swift succession her manacles and collar also turned to ice. Then ice sprouted over Emma's nipples to envelop her plentiful breasts in a clear, cold layer. Last there appeared ice at Emma's pussy, in her hole and then around her waist almost like a chastity belt made entirely from mice. Emma shuddered the sudden chill that covered her body but could not dwell on it too much as Madelyne continued to fuck her face vigorously.

Emma did not have time to give her ice bonds much thought immediately as Madelyne was busy fucking her mouth with much the same gusto as she had the blonde's arse. When the red head finally withdrew her, by then, saliva coated red plastic dick from Emma's mouth the chill suddenly became more apparent to her.

Madelyne casually wiped her dildo in Emma's normal pristine hair and turned to leave.

"Well Emma, hope you have a good night and you know what? I rather hope you don't do what Selene wants tomorrow because I'm sure I'll enjoy getting the chance to punish you afterwards"

And with that the erstwhile Goblin Queen left, leaving Emma Frost trapped in ice and unable to do anything about it seemingly. With the others gone Emma was able to fully appreciate the gravity of her situation. Beforehand, with her full mutant powers she would have been able to free herself from this easily. But now, no matter how hard she concentrated mentally or pushed physically, she could not budge her bonds. The ice was not like normal ice either, not as freezing cold certainly, but it was chill and certainly uncomfortable, she would struggle to get any rest that night. Especially with the thoughts swirling in her head.right then. She thought of Scott with his ex pretending to be her, she thought of what tomorrow would bring and being forced before the council of The Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club! The very mention of that organisation brought back so many memories, mostly bad, but however she was with them now she still thought of herself as its White Queen. The thought of relinquishing her title in such a humiliating fashion was totally appalling to Emma.

So as she wriggled and writhed in her frozen bonds all these thoughts and fears plagued her and she got no rest whatsoever.....

The irony of Emma's situation was not lost on her, the woman known by many as the ice queen and as a cold, hard bitch trapped and held in bondage by the very substance she was comparable to and literally named after. She struggled some but it was immediately apparent that the ice was unbreakable and Emma had expected no less. Selene was a powerful mutant, comparable to Emma's former powers and she had known that escape from the ice would be unlikely.

She started the night as determined as possible however, that she would not accede to Selene's demands. For one thing Emma's pride would never allow her to bow to such a humiliating demand, there was no way she could allow herself to submit in such a fashion to her hated rival Black Queen of The Hellfire Club. For another though, she was well aware how ruthless Selene was and worried what her fate would be once her usefulness to the Black Queen had passed. In more ways than one it was to prove to be and uncomfortable night for Emma Frost.

By the morning Emma's resolve had weakened somewhat, she was struggling not only with her incarceration but her total loss of powers and there was a part of her mind that did wonder if her submission might be the best course of action. She was shaken out of her thoughts as her ice bonds suddenly dissolved from her and at long last all her limbs were free. As she shook them and felt the sweet release of her wrists and ankles Madelyne strolled into her cell.

"Don't get any smart ideas Em, those chains are off for as long as this audience before the council of The hellfire Club lasts but the minute you do anything stupid they will be back, harder and colder. Here put this on and I'll walk you to the Council."

She had thrown a black leather collar to Emma and after some deliberation the blonde X-Man decided to comply. She wrapped it around her neck and did the buckle at the front of her neck.

"Not tight enough bitch!" snapped the Red Queen and she strutted over to tighten it two more holes.

Emma's arms were still too stiff to protest and Madelyne's next move was to fix a leash to the collar and jerk it hard.

"Right, my instructions are to walk you in there like the low down dog you are, so get crawling Miss Frost, you're about to find out your true station in life!"

In her scanty red PVC outfit she made quite the sight as she walked on her high red heels and led a cowed white Queen out of the cell and along a bleak, stone corridor. Neither woman saw a pair of furtive eyes watching them from the shadows. Marvel Girl could not quite believe her eyes.....


Shaw could hardly hide the smirk from his face as he watched Emma Frost enter before the Council. They had a tangled long past but these past few years he had despised what The Hellfire Club's former White Queen had become. To his eyes she had become a sad mockery of the woman he first knew, the desperate, stab anyone in the back to get ahead bitch that had risen so quickly through the Club's ranks to such a lofty position had been replaced by something truly abhorrent to Sebastian Shaw. - a respectable, decent moral crusader for mutant kind, one that played the political games necessary to keep everyone happy. A travesty of what she was and what she could have become.

He turned to his left and nodded at Selene. This would be most interesting indeed.

Madelyn walked Emma right into the centre of the Gothic style room and stopped before Selene, nodding respectfully before removing the leash from Emma's collar and retreating back to take her own place in the Council. Emma steadfastly refused to look up at all the faces that must surely be trained upon her. All those people looking at her as if she was the most insignificant person in the world. Of no importance at all anymore, and the worst thing was that without her mutant powers she pretty much was. All these individuals and characters that she had known (and been superior over) for all these years watching her crawling before them like some kind of dog. It was more than she could stomach.

Selene was sat on an ornate throne, on a platform by the side of Shaw's own throne. She put down the goblet she had been sipping from and leaned forward to look down at her once hated rival. She was smug beyond belief but felt justified in this gloating, this was truly a great moment for her.

"Well Emma, here we are. At last you have found your true position in life -- at my feet. Let's not waste any more of the Council's precious time, I believe you have something to say?"

Those words hung in the air for the longest time. Emma Frost knew she was in a hopeless situation, against people with powers and strength that dwarfed anything she could muster. She knew that any defiance would be nothing more than prolonging her incarceration here, and empty gesture that would just delay the inevitable. But still she had enough spirit left to look at the sneering, preening face of her age old enemy, The Black Queen, and stand up to her one last time. She remained on her hands and knees and her voice, when it came was as cold and hard as all those years before when she ruled as the White Queen of The Hellfire Club with no feeling for anyone but herself.

"Fuck you Selene, fuck you and everyone else here. I will not submit to you! Not now, not ever! You can torture and abuse me all you like, I will not submit or surrender my title, certainly not of my own free will!"

There was a hushed silence. Then Selene and Sebastian Shaw burst into loud, forced laughter.

"I think that is $10,000 you owe me Shaw, I told you she would rebel at the last."

"Indeed my Black Queen, however, we do not have all week for this ceremony, when we do it for real tomorrow she had better comply."

The assembled group burst into laughter and Emma's cheeks burned with annoyance. This had just been a run through, the real ceremony was to be tomorrow. Madelyne took great pleasure filling her in with this information as she re-attached the leash and walked her back to her cell. Half way back to the cell Selene caught up with them.

"You thought you were so brave, so clever Emma, didn't you? I knew you would not cave so easily. We will need to use harsher measures to convince you to submit to me before the Council tomorrow."

"Fuck off! There is no way I'll submit! No way!" spat out as frantic White Queen.

Selene slapped the kneeling blonde hard and addressed her cohort.

"Madelyne. I trust you can convince this bitch that she should do as I say. Do whatever is necessary. Whatever. You can flog the bitch to within an inch of their miserable life if you so desire. Be sure not to damage her face - yet. You can ruin her body if you wish but make sure her face remains in tact for the ceremony tomorrow."

These were cold, hard words spoken with the ring of truth to them, she was not bluffing. The Red Queen grinned from ear to ear and her evil mind was already working out things she could do to Emma, there really was no depths to her depravity and there was quite the spring in her step as she led Emma back to the cell. Selene meanwhile sensed another listening to them....


A mere twenty minutes later and Madelyne was ready and primed to begin her breaking of the White Queen. Everything was set up perfectly. Emma was tied, by her wrists, to an overhead bar and her legs were tied to a spreader bar. The blonde was completely exposed and could be accessed from any angle to any part of her body. On a table beside her Madelyne had laid out all the items she was going to use (all the ones so far that is, her furtive imagination was constantly thinking of new ways to torment Emma). The table was full -- a blow torch, a series of scalpels, a self heating poker, a cattle prod, a pair of scissors, various heavy nipple weights, a bull whip, a flogger, a couple of belts, a cane, a riding crop and more besides. Emma's immediate future did not look good at all.

Emma tried to ignore the items but Jesus! A blow torch! And Madelyne was doing her best to make sure Emma knew just how sick and sadistic she really was.

"I'm going to hurt you Emma Frost. Hurt you in ways you can't even imagine. You will be begging to go through there and submit to Selene and I won't let you until the very last moment."

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