tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmma Watson Attends a Bored Meeting

Emma Watson Attends a Bored Meeting


Note- This is purely a fictional story that has no basis in actual events or persons. xxx


Acting in movies, or onstage, involves a lot of planning and discussion and interminable meetings. The best part for the actor is the moment the camera rolls or the curtain rises to the audience. For young Emma Watson the boardroom meeting was a colossal bore and she desperately wanted to leave and have lunch. Months of preparation is needed to make a successful feature film and Disney Productions took all the time necessary. Planning, crew employment, budget meetings, casting, the list went on.

The big room in the west of London was filled with production men and the like as they prepared for Emma's next big movie 'Beauty And The Beast Two' in which she had the lead female role. She was as pretty as a picture at the end of the long table as chatter filled the air and arguments bounced from one end of the room to the other. Dressed in a gypsy style off the shoulder top in a bold crimson and a pleated mini skirt in subtle pastel colour, she looked at the wall clock and sighed. Finally the main meeting came to an end but her agent asked her to remain to speak to two members of the costume department that needed vital information.

"But it's been three hours, I'm starved and bored."

Emma pouted and sulked in her chair as Mrs. Smith consulted her Galaxy Tablet.

"If we don't do this now," said the middle aged personal agent, "it will mean another meeting tomorrow morning."

Fuck that, thought Emma and resigned herself to another hour or two of tedium. As everyone left a pair of booted and suited young men joined her in the now large empty room and her eyes lit up. Having been in the company of older men and women this was something better.

"Hi, I'm Eric, and this is Jeremy."

Emma looked at the man who spoke and was pleasantly taken aback. Bearded and square jawed his smile lit up the room. Casually attired in a striped shirt and slim fitting blue jeans he held out a well manicured hand and took hers in his. Beside him with shoulder length fair hair was Jeremy in a Foo Fighters tee shirt and aged relaxed fit jeans with a rip in the denim here and there.

"Pleased to meet you." He said in an educated burr.

She shook his hand and held his gaze as he relinquished hers slowly. His green eyes distracted her momentarily and she smiled back demurely. He continued to consider her beautiful features, light brown eyes, arched brows and light freckles. Her wavy brown hair was brushed off her face and down her back in loose waves.

"Let's sit."

The three of them maintained a comfortable distance around the table as they examined a grey folder of drawings and designs. The Disney company had designed a unique tablecloth of Emma and the beast from the first movie and it had been spread out on the table top. So large was it that the edges came way down to the room carpet. Emma listened with a not too attentive ear as they related their thoughts and ideas for the movie, and she stared at the stitched cloth. She nodded politely as they chattered but her eyes were now mentally undressing the pair of handsome men.

"And in this dress you will attend a ball and apparently dance the night away."

"Oh, that's pretty." She said in answer to Jeremy and looked directly at him.

The young English actress had recently been researching online into female sexual pleasure and the advancement of erotic and exciting scenarios in the bedroom. She has an interesting idea and the corners of her mouth curled up.

"I could really do with a cup of tea, anyone else?"

"Good idea, I'll go get some."

Eric rose and left her alone with Jeremy and she quickly sat beside the twenty year old and leaned in close.

"So, you have a girlfriend? I bet you do, you're quite good looking."

"Yeah, well, on and off, she's away in Cambridge most of the time."

"Do you live together?"

"Sure, just off the Kings Road."

"Thing is Jeremy, I think you're totally hot."

In a heartbeat Emma threw her arms around the surprised man and gave him a quick kiss.

"Oh." He exclaimed.

They kissed again and this time their tongues rolled together. At the same time Emma grabbed his cock through his jeans and felt the outline of a sizeable rod. He jumped a little, more shocked than embarrassed and shifted on his chair. They kissed with more passion and with a growing boldness Jeremy put his hand to the hem of her short skirt. He moved it between her legs and only stopped when he got to her panties.

"Mmm, nice touch." She purred.

Emma began to rub his fly when the door opened and she ducked under the table, unseen by Eric as the long tablecloth hid her.

"Where did she go?" He said as he set a tray down opposite Jeremy.

"Ladies room, ho, wow!"

"You alright mate?"

Jeremy nodded and held his breath as he felt Emma run his zipper down softly and fish out his stiffening cock. It ached in response as her slender fingers ran lightly over the rippling organ.

"Never better." He said in reply as he squirmed uneasily.

He stiffened as Emma put her index finger on the very tip and peeled his foreskin back and pop the head in her mouth.


"Fuck yeah!" He said in an unnecessary loudness to which Eric chuckled.

Jeremy was amazed at how her tongue found its way to the underside of his very erect shaft and teased it with agonising slowness. He grabbed his offered teacup which spilled into the saucer as his hand shook when Emma took his whole length into her warm wet mouth. He was rock hard in her mouth as her hand rested at the base and tickled his scrotum. Her head moved faster on his cock and he nervously grinned at his colleague who remained unaware of the scenario by his very feet.

"She's taking a long time."

"I imagine she's a bit shy around us." Jeremy suggested.

Shy, hah! The little minx had his hose in a tight grip as he was taken deeper inside her hungry mouth and sucked firmly. Who would have thought Emma Watson liked to suck cock like a porn star. Her tongue teased the engorged crown and Jeremy leaned back and let out a low moan.

"Tea too hot?" Wondered Eric.

"Yeah, hot, really hot!"

"What about that Emma, what a babe. She's got just the kind of lips that you would want around your cock, right?"

Eric grinned and mimed sucking on a big prick.

"You're so right man." Jeremy readily agreed.

As his bell end was captured between pursed and wet lips the horny guy humped up from the seat in a surreptitious way and sent the top half of his cock in and out of the narrowed oral channel. He dared to look down between his legs and saw Emma grinding her face to his groin with his jeans around his ankles. With a concerted effort she pushed down and drove his prick down her tight throat until her cute nose pressed on his belly. There came an audible sound as she gagged and Eric looked up from his folder.

"Was that you?"

"Er, yeah, I think I feel slightly nauseous, could you do me a favour and get some aspirin?"

"Alright, try to drink some more tea."

As Eric again left the room Jeremy gasped out loud and looked at Emma who had his entire length lodged at the back of her throat. She let him out with a splutter and she sucked in huge breaths of air.

"That was fun! You think Eric noticed?"

"Emma, you're nuts!"

"Quick, under the table, he's coming back."

"What! Why?"

Emma assumed her seat and Jeremy ducked under and he was shoved between her legs as she raised her skirt up to her hipbones. She held her legs wide open in a clear indication for him to do whatever he so desired to her aching pussy.

"Oh, Emma. Where's Jeremy?"

"He said he needed to freshen up." Emma said with a slight lump in her throat.

"Here, have some tea." He offered.

Emma peered at the bearded young man, as unseen by him her panties were gradually drawn over her thighs and down to her sling back shoes. Her shapely pins were felt up with hands running along the outsides from knees on up. Then Jeremy moved inwards to the innermost softness and settled at her downy haired muff. Excited she parted her legs wider and brushed her hair over her shoulder.

"Hot in here, don't you think?" She uttered breathlessly.

Emma fanned her heated face as her thighs and exposed abdomen were peppered with a trail of kisses that left a tell tale smear along the way. She covered her mouth to stifle a moan as the man under the table got closer and closer to her steaming pussy mound. In turn she raised her hips off the seat in order to encourage him to attend to her weeping quim.

"Want me to open a window?"

"NO! That is don't bother." Emma feared her secret tryst may be discovered.

Jeremy plunged two fingers into her velvet like cunt and started to rub vigorously, curling his fingertips upward inside her. Emma grabbed onto the arms of the chair and twisted her bottom on the seat. Then, when his thumb brushed her hard clit she was unable to supress a squeal.

"Oh fuck!"

She clamped her hand to her mouth as she almost gave the game away.

"What's that?"

"I'm so sorry, I just remembered it's my dads birthday."

His eyes narrowed as he looked at her. Her top had slipped a little on the right side and the top of her delectable breast was quite attractive to view. A stirring in his jeans made him cross his legs in an attempt to hide his embarrassment. Under the table Jeremy held her thighs down in a firm grip as he used his tongue to lick up and down her succulent slit, lingering at the top where he lapped at her clit. She squirmed and bucked as he worked wonders on her exquisite muff and she panted hard as she became lost to her unbridled pleasure. Her back arched from the actions of his delicious, exploring tongue which wriggled inside her pussy entrance, and her head moved from side to side. "You seem a little fidgety Emma."

"Just excited about the project, that's all."

"Would you care for a biscuit with your tea?"

"Thanks but no, I had a nibble or two already."

Emma bit her lip as Jeremy's teeth grazed her pussy lips and nipped at her hot quim.

Just then Eric's mobile phone twittered and he took a call.

"Yeah, right. Sure."

When he hung up he stood and spread his hands.

"That was my boss. Jeremy and I need to go downstairs for an update. If he comes back let him know."

"Will do." She uttered quietly as her legs came together on each side of the mans head.

Eric left and Jeremy emerged from under the table.

"Man, I was just getting close too." She told him.

The long haired man adjusted his clothing and made for the door.

"It shouldn't take long." He said hopefully as he dashed off.

Emma was left alone and she stood up in the empty boardroom and put her discarded panties in her purse. Too aroused to quit now the English rose unzipped her short skirt and eased it off and kicked it aside. Naked from the waist down she sat back down and put her left leg up on the table. Her left hand made its way to her damp mound and cupped it as she licked the fingers of her right.


Her index finger ran over the outer lips with a teasing softness, so soft she could barely feel it. She parted her labia and pushed two fingers inside her insatiable slit and moved them in and out. Her butt rubbed back and forth on the chair as she pumped her cunt for all she was worth, imagining one of the guys cocks was inside fucking her. Her right leg trembled as she stroked herself faster, and she became so lost in her own reverie that she did not hear Eric come back in.


Her eyes snapped open as she saw the bearded hunk of a man stare at her masturbating.

"Where's Jeremy?"

"He's a little busy at the moment." He said with eyes like saucers.

"Good, that gives us a chance to get to know each other better. Wanna fuck me?"

At that Emma stood and offered her rear up as she faced the table and placed both hands on the top. In her little experiment she wondered who would get caught out by the other as she teased them wickedly. The sight of her bared bum was too inviting for the red blooded male and he dropped his jeans to his feet and stepped behind her. He spat in his right palm and applied his saliva to his knob and stepped forwards one pace, just as she widened her stance. His hands smoothed out over her dreamy hips and down the outside of her lithe thighs and suddenly he pulled her back to his groin.

"Ooh, so manly!"

His erection rubbed at her backside and he delighted in her lower body grinding into him. Just five feet six in her shoes the rangy man loomed over her as she turned back to look at him, desire written all over her face. She remained silent as she breathed in softly, the anticipation was almost unbearable as her pussy was swiped by his stiff cock and she rubbed to and fro on his thick shaft, wallowing in the welcome feel of his organ. Her lips were parted and moistened as he tortured her by avoiding penetration, grinding his hips up and down her curvy rear.

"Eric, please put it in. I'm simply dripping for it."

True enough, her soft curly pubes were glistening in the harsh light of the large room as he coiled himself and entered her with a single thrust. Emma moved to the table, her cunt skewered on his rock hard cock and she screamed with approval and relief.

"Yes! Fuck, yes!"

Without a moment to ponder Eric began to pump her with rapid and brutal stabs of his love rod that quite took the petite beauty's breath away. Her head went back and her hair whipped in his face and he flinched slightly. Already Emma felt her legs get weak and Eric pressed up against her to give her the extra balance needed to remain upright.

"Oh my gosh!"

Emma bucked and moaned and clawed the table as he placed his right hand in the small of her back and pushed her flat to the table top. Her face turned and her cheek touched the surface as he increased his thrusting once more and really gave it to her. He leaned forward and she felt his hot breath on the nape of her neck as he twisted inside her cunt. As he banged on her butt with his strong thighs his big balls slapped on her peach of an ass. He slowed up and gave her deep and lengthy strokes that made her put her fist in her mouth.

"Fuck me harder!"

Just as she spoke the door opened and Jeremy returned to the room.

"Quick, behind the screen."

The two half naked lovers moved with haste to a life sized poster of her and the beast from the first movie at the far end of the room. Emma slipped behind the 72 by 36 inch poster out of sight of the long haired costume artist and Eric joined her as she bent at the waist and grabbed her ankles.

"Put it back in." She chuckled and Eric held her by the waist and began to fuck her again from behind.

From Jeremy's point of view all he saw was Eric's head peer from around the back and his left shoulder. "What are you doing?"

Eric coughed as his boner vanished inside Emma who hung onto the cardboard image, bent almost double, her heels dug in the floor. The poster flopped and wobbled as she bumped at the back of it and she swayed from the energetic male's hammer thrusts.

"I was just, you know, er, looking for my keys."

"Don't stop." Emma whispered at the sudden absence of cock thrusting.

"Is someone there? Is it Emma?"

"I think the game is up babe." Said Jeremy who withdrew his shiny cock from a disappointed Emma.

Eric emerged from behind the poster looking sheepish and with an erection that poked out of his mass of pubic hair. He was closely followed by Emma whose red top was rucked up to her medium sized tits and nothing else below.

"Fucking hell! You've been with Emma! But she was sucking my cock not half an hour ago!"

"Guys, guys, relax. I was just having fun. And we're not through yet."

She skipped to the long table and patted the top as she hopped up and dangled her legs over the edge.

"Jeremy, to me."

The eager young man stripped his jeans off and wanked his cock to stiffness and came between the girls opened legs. She tugged her top off and revealed her pert breasts for the two virile men to enjoy. Moving to the table she pulled up a chair and sat herself on the edge with her shoe up. Jeremy moved first and stood between her open legs and hitched them over his elbows at the knees.

"Give me that bone lover."

Emma cocked her head down and held his long shaft in her left head and fed it to her inviting cunt. He slipped inside to the hilt and started to move his butt, driving his cock into her with strong strokes in her clutching pussy. Emma kicked her legs in the air as she raked his back, squealing like a banshee.

"Go, go, go, yeah!"

The young woman was insatiable as she and the long haired man moved together in a frenzied pace. He changed tack and fucked in and out hard, then paused. In and out and pause. Emma shrieked as she humped up, driven insane by the sweet sensations possessing her dripping pussy. Just as she neared her peak the sweating man pulled out.


Eric took his friends place and leaned over and kissed her boobs and neck as he rubbed his hands along her inner thighs. He put his face to her left breast and bit on the nipple and Emma wilted from his sensual touches. Now he was naked she loved his toned body and hard prick that poked her right leg. He wasn't as big as Jeremy but he was much thicker and her pussy splayed out.


He aggressively pulled her legs up in the air and she wrapped them around his waist. He thrust inside her half way and paused, then rammed in all the way, his meat causing sublime friction to build her inevitable climax. Fucking her with feet planted firmly on the floor her bod was practically off the table and her back was arched. They kissed as he pumped in and out hard and fast and he put his hands under her ass for the extra leverage.

"Team work."

Again they switched and Jeremy slid Emma along the table top on her ass and began to give it her some more. He raised her knees up to her chest and pushed in deeper, exciting the slender beauty beyond words. She was so wet from all the wild sex that his cock slid in all the way to his balls.

"I just love a good fuck!" She purred as she squirmed on the table.

I'm fucking Emma Watson thought Jeremy and she's a cock loving crazy little minx! Who would have thought the sweet and innocent one was simply gagging for it. Emma would have agreed if she knew what the man stuffed in her adorable muff was thinking, it felt so good getting fucked by two virile men. She looked to her left as she was swivelled around and entered by Eric and basically used her as a fuck toy as he lifted her butt off the table and bobbed the lightweight up and down on his rampant pole. Jeremy looked on impatiently, eager to have her velvet like cunt around his aching prick.

"My turn, man." He spoke and was literally handed the girl over like she was a gift.

He held her up with strong arms and Emma locked her legs about his waist and draped her arms around his neck as she was hoisted into mid air. She was lifted up and down on his upright pole which slid all the way inside her with ease. Her face was buried in his shoulder as she rode on him and she whimpered with sheer ecstasy. Both of her legs trembled with fatigue from the somewhat awkward position, but then her thighs were seized as Jeremy throbbed inside her and shot his cum into her cunt. At the same time Emma tensed and she had her orgasm around his jabbing prick.

"Oh my!"

Eric had been jacking off with frantic jerks and he too was at his end and approached Emma as Jeremy backed off, his cock still dribbling. The bearded man stiffened and a stream of creamy white stuff gushed over Emma's elfin like face. She closed her eyes as the cum splattered her helpless face and painted her nose, lips and chin. As she recovered and was handed a Kleenex by Eric Emma sat up. Her face had been hosed and her pussy leaked from combined fluids of hers and Jeremy.

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