tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmma Watson - Seduced by a Stranger

Emma Watson - Seduced by a Stranger


Note- This is purely fiction and does not reflect any incident or persons in real life.


Emma was between boyfriends and movies and as a consequence was mightily bored. The epitome of English grace and charm she had spent the best part of a week browsing the net researching advanced sexual fantasies and technique. She had a monthly blog on the website she subscribed to that looked at how to enhance sexual pleasure for females, and had dedicated her spare time there.

She had been intrigued by the notion of voyeurism and public sex with a complete stranger. The thrill of anonymous sex and the possible danger of being caught fired her imagination so much that she was unable to sleep that night. Having had no sexual activity in her life for at least a month the young actress had a strong urge to live the fantasy for real.


On the next available Sunday morning Emma woke early and drove off in her beloved three door Mini Hatch in fire truck red. She reached her destination which was the Blue Water Shopping and Retail Centre, situated several miles out of London. Circling the vast place she stopped in the larger of the car parks and sat in silence and foreboding as she considered her next move.

"Oh well, here goes nothing."

The glossy brunette stepped out and stood by her car, no one appeared to be out at the early hour as far as she could tell. She has tied off her light brown hair into a sleek side parted pony tail, a few loose waves of which graced the side of her elegant neck. With a cerise gloss on her dreamy lips, and sultry smoky eye make up she would have turned any male's eyes her way. Dressed down in a showerproof Aquascutum mini trench coat with epaulettes and waistband, she had slipped on a pair of red patent leather stilettos with pointed toes. The four inch high heel was designed to lengthen her lithe bare legs.

"This way I think."

The chic twenty six year old strolled off looking effortlessly stylish toward the House of Fraser store on the remote corner of the centre. The sun had risen and various birdsong could be heard along with the constant thrum of generators. The store had an enormous glass window display and Emma peered at the clothing advertised as being on sale.

"Oh, that's pretty," she thought as her eye was drawn to a floral summer dress.

As she looked closer the reflection of a car caught her eye and she spun around to see an idling Ford Focus about fifty feet away. Her heart skipped a beat and her belly flip flopped as she nervously tottered up and down outside the closed store with one eye on the car. A male shape could be seen in the driving seat and Emma fingered the pack of three condoms in the storm flap of her coat and bit her lip, an insatiable lust for danger chilled her spine.

"Shit, he's getting out." She frowned.

The compact beauty froze in mid step as the stranger came toward her. At least six feet tall in his black leather derby shoes, he had sleek dark hair with a curl that dropped over his left brow untidily. A hint of six o'clock shadow on his lantern jaw gave him a classic look of masculinity. He must have been at a function all night and still wore his single breast tuxedo with precision cut trousers. His burgundy bow tie was undone and hung on the left side of his collar.

"Hi." She said, a little embarrassed about her appearance in front of the well dressed and handsome stranger.

He remained silent as Emma gazed at his sharp features and darling hazel eyes. Instantly attracted, the petite young woman could feel her cheeks burn as she blushed in his looming presence. An overwhelming desire to touch him gripped her and she dug her hands deep into her coat pockets to avoid undue disappointment.

"Do you, er, that is, when does the store open?"

She gave her best smile as he simply shrugged his shoulders and rubbed his square chin, his eyes glued to hers. A slight gust of wind lifted the tiny hem of her trench coat and his eye line was drawn to the quick flash of her creamy white thigh that came and went. Likewise, Emma lowered her stare to the left side of his well pressed pants and swore that he was semi hard.


Emma stuttered as her heart hammered in her chest and a sexual tension hung heavy in the air. Her thick lashes fluttered as their eyes met. Before she could say another word she was pulled into him close and he gave her a wet, passionate kiss that literally took her breath away. She returned the kiss that lasted a full minute and she relaxed into his solid chest in complete surrender, her shoes on tiptoe. He tasted faintly of Scotch and cigar smoke as he released his hold on her, only to spin her around to face the store window.


Emma gasped as she was held around the waist by two strong arms and the nape of her neck was gently nibbled and nudged by his nose. Her eyes closed in bliss and she rubbed her thighs together in anticipation of what may happen next. His lower body bumped at her from behind and the unmistakable bulge of his burgeoning erection was quite obvious.

"Well girl, this is what you wanted." She thought to herself.

The mans hulk towered over her diminutive figure as he deftly undid her waist belt and slipped it out of the little loops. One button, two, and then three were popped on the front of her coat as she tilted her head back into his face, smothering him with her fragrant locks.

"Hah!" He exclaimed as he discovered Emma was nude under the coat aside from skimpy panties.

Emma writhed in his grip as he caressed her flanks and widened the gap of her coat so that the morning breeze made the pointy nipples of her medium sized tits agonisingly erect. She turned her face away from him and he peppered the side of her face with butterfly kisses, her ponytail gently falling to one side. Two hands slid up her ribs and then she stifled a moan as his right hand groped her right breast and thumbed the rock hard tip.


His body still felt pressed tightly behind her as his tongue went inside her left ear and swirled around lightly, his thumbs moved across her taut nipples at the same time. Her legs parted and he got the message and slipped his left hand down the waistband of her white panties. Emma sucked in air as the breeze gave the backs of her bare thighs goose flesh. Her downy curls were brushed gently by a light touch of the mans fingertips and she thought she might very well swoon.

"Don't stop,' she whispered as her legs moved inward and trapped his hand.

Emma sobbed quietly as his hand sawed back and forth along the slit of her damp pussy, making her knees buckle. He slowly withdrew his hand and she looked down between her legs to see her sodden underwear matted to her vulva. The stranger paused in his ministrations and Emma took this as a signal and with his help she let her coat fall from her enchanting naked form. He took one step back and she bent at the waist and tugged her panties all the way to her red heels and stepped out of them.

"I feel so alive," she thought and looked from right to left to survey the immediate area.

Still no one. Her lover shed his jacket and dropped it on the floor by her mini coat and hugged her from behind once more. Emma placed the palms against the pane of the big window and threw her arms behind her to grab onto his head. He trailed one hand across the plain of her flat tummy, slowly moving lower. Now her sloppy wet cunt was fingered with a renewed vigour and the English rose began to quiver as two fingers slipped into her soft, aching slot.

"Oh my gosh!"

She could not see but imagined the hunk to have a wicked grin as he pulled his hand from between her open legs and presented wet digits to her mouth. Without thinking she pursed her dreamy lips and sucked her own juices greedily. Once dry he returned to her heated muff and his middle finger vanished into her tight and moist flesh.

"Yesss!" She hissed and ground her hips in a seductive circle on his probing digit.

His left hand moved between their bodies so that he could run his palm over the smooth and rounded buttocks of her perfect ass. Her own hand held his on her pussy and pressed him harder to her twat. Emma enjoyed a delicious tingling that set off the chill down her spine as he found her over sensitive clitoris, and she wallowed in the exquisite friction.

"So...good." She muttered.

Her pussy began seep fluids freely and her cunt became a hot, sticky groove as his fingers stroked the hard bump of her clit. A long drawn out sigh emanated from deep down in her throat as she was rubbed harder and faster hastening her impending climax. Emma gasped and then shrieked as she came and her legs shook so much she had to be held up by his strong grip.


Now she turned to face the stranger once more and kissed him long and hard. They broke and he looked into her face. Her heavy eye shadow belied her tender years as he unbuttoned his white shirt. Emma went onto her knees on the stone floor and rubbed his impressive lump that tented his trousers. Then she drew the zip of his fly all the way, her eyes never leaving his. Her small hand went inside the hot confines of his trousers and retrieved his stiff cock. Once freed it stood straight up like a white pole of steel, topped off with a tapered glans. She held it at the base and his erection appeared longer than it probably was. Emma was no expert but judged him to be the proud owner of a seven incher.

"There it is." She smiled as she gave him a few hard rubs.

As he looked down at the erotic sight of his big boner in her tiny fist he let down his trousers and boxers down to his shoes. The gentle morning breeze felt cool on his exposed butt and balls as Emma moved closer until his knob was only an inch from her pretty face. A ripple of excitement went through her and she was unable to prevent a slight trickle escape her quim. Her lips parted and accepted his cock head into her mouth as she pumped his veiny shaft.

"Feels nice." She noted in between sucks.

Her hand moved over his abs and felt the hair that went from his groin on up. Emma bobbed on her stilettos as she sucked and pumped for all she was worth, occasionally licking his shaft with salacious licks of the thick stalk. Smooth skin stretched tightly on his straining erection and he groaned which pleased Emma highly. She paused for air and traced out slow lines along the underside of his thick shaft before resuming stuffing him back in her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed and his big head poked out of her left side in a lewd fashion. She kept a tight grip on the base of his cock and made sure he couldn't push in hard and make her gag.

"Huh!" He grunted as he held her head in an attempt to face fuck the petite actress.

"No!" She protested and he ceased his humping.

Satisfied Emma tickled the red hot top of his steel hard prick with just the tip of her pink tongue and bathed it in her spit. Her tongue drove the guy crazy as every inch of his cock was covered with flicks and licks that threatened a premature ejaculation. Sensing his plight her hand went inside her pocket and retrieved a condom wrapper and she tore it open with her teeth, and he took it and slipped it on his rigid pole. They hugged and his rod pulsed against her satin soft belly.

"OH!" She squealed as she was pulled up to her feet and turned to the window.

Another look left and right confirmed no other person was present and Emma felt relief and a little disappointment at the lack of danger of being discovered. As she leaned up against the window the stranger spread her legs apart with a subtle move of his right leg and pushed his cock up at the crevice of her pert bottom. As her cute nose pressed against the glass she screamed with surprise at the shape of a man inside the store!

"Wait! It's a man!" Emma stood transfixed and her heart pounded.

Ignoring her alarm he savoured the view of her heart shaped bottom with the pink centre and plunged up inside with one forceful thrust. The lunge into her very wet pussy pushed her at the window and caused her to move onto the pointed toes of her shoes. With both hands on her hips the man pushed in again hard and the lightweight Emma was almost lifted off the floor.


He pulled all the way back until only his cock head was inserted and Emma looked down under herself to look at the incredible sight of his knob just in her exposed muff. She saw his legs with the fine hair tense as he moved forward and sighed heavily once his magnificent tool rode all the way in to the hilt. Emma melted as she was completely filled, and when he started to move finally she gasped from the primal fuck.

"I feel so stuffed," she thought as he speeded up his thrusts.

Each time he entered her his bare hips and thighs smacked on her rounded posterior and she fought to stay balanced. The sun went behind a cloud and Emma could make out what appeared to be a window cleaner inside the store. As she opened her eyes wide she saw him open mouthed with his hard on in his fist! Her body humped to and fro with her fingers spread out on the pane as the new stranger pressed his nose to the window for a better look at her being fucked.

"He sees us!"

Emma felt an exhilaration at the voyeur watching her intimate act and as the cleaner nosed the inside of the window she made obscene licks with her tongue on the outside of the glass. Then she turned her face left as the man behind her withdrew his hard cock and left her pussy gaping. His face met the back of her neck and he nibbled her skin with hard teeth leaving her gasping for air. Then he bent at the knees whilst holding her upper thighs and proceeded to lick her sticky slot from behind.

"So nice." She purred as he deftly flicked her outer labia before delving inside the sweet insides.

Emma moved closer to the window and squashed her tits against the glass and the cleaner feigned licking the hard nipples on the other side as he wanked his cock furiously in his sweaty hand. Her legs spread wide as a tongue circled all around her pussy with a teasing brush on her clit that drove her insane. She never imagined anything could feel so good as she thrust her fist in her mouth to stifle a scream. Then he poked his thumb into her anus and jiggled it in and out as he tongued her.


The two hands that massaged her cute buns slid up to cup her perky tits as he stood up once more. Emma knew what was coming and took in a sharp intake of breath. She had leaked so much love juice that a line ran down her right thigh to her shapely calf. "Fuck me, you devil!"

His hard shaft of flesh shoved up inside her as he pulled the tiny woman towards him and buried himself in her snug wet hole. He settled his hairy groin at her cushion of an ass and he began to fuck her with a driving force that made her catch her breath. Emma rocked her hips back and forth in tandem with his relentless hammering, the throbbing of his tool rippling through her great intensity. A warm feeling spread down her spine as she was jerked back into him, each hard thrust made her hands slam on the glass.


The hard stabbing cock felt bloated and thick in her seething tunnel as it was ravaged over and over and her impending climax built and built. His muscular thighs tightened as he plugged up her with rotations of his hips and Emma wheezed as his legs slammed against her round ass.

"Gonna, gonna cum!" She murmured.

The stranger held her waist loosely and began to pull back from her frothing cunt before ramming back in all the way. Emma jerked and shuddered as she achieved her climax and he also withdrew as he felt his balls spasm. He ripped the condom off just in time to pant her backside with several spurts of his cum. She slid down the glass slowly as her body quaked from her orgasm.

"Wow!" She whispered as her legs shook.

At the same time the cleaner sprayed the window as he too had his orgasm and Emma licked the outside of the window pane in a pretence of licking his white cum. The sunlight altered her view and her vision of the panting cleaner vanished as he withdrew back further inside. Emma straightened up and fingered her sticky buttocks and noted the used condom on the floor by her heels. She turned around, naked save for her stilettos and discovered her virile young lover had returned to his Ford and was already leaving.

"That was different." She smiled to herself as she picked up her and panties.

She hurried to her Mini and opened the glove compartment to clean herself up. Looking into the mirror she saw her ponytail had become loose and her eye makeup was smudged. Emma Watson began to imagine who the man was. Married? Returning home from a party? Looking for danger and a quick fuck in pubic? Had he even spoken a word? She gave a rue smile and started the motor. On reflection things had turned out rather well.


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