tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmmanuelle 2200 Ch. 03

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 03


The second Orgasm

(The Unusual)

The substance of the bubble was now emitting a low frequency vibration. She did not feel this directly, but it was adding to the overall feeling of sexual well being. Over her breasts, her back, her belly, her buttocks, her legs, deep between her thighs, even between her fingers and toes, the nano fiber strands within the 'jelly' were in contact with the entire surface of her skin.

Constantly it moved and slid over and against her, forming new circuits, delivering new sensations, to new areas, analyzing the feedback from its' receptors attached to her and learning what was the best way to sexually stimulate the human body in its' 'possession'!

Using this technology not only was it able to stimulate the nerves, but also to actually alter it's own composition and form many different devices, and bring these to bear on her undulating and highly sensitive and excited body.

There had been no pause in the 'massage', the Orgasmatron simply carried on with the purpose of it's program, to give even greater pleasure to the girl. Emmanuelle was reclined back within the bubble, her legs spread wide and a little raised, but without discomfort, her back slightly arched and her arms away from her sides.

"Ooohhhh! Aaaahhh! Oh no!" The pleasure gloves were gone. But that did not stop the perverse sexual thoughts running through her mind. She was slick with sweat and the aphrodisiac spray, and probably with her own juices. Yet something different was now happening to her breasts and between her wide open thighs. Within seconds it felt as if there were dozens of tiny mouths nipping and pinching the soft flesh of her breasts, and the even softer flesh of her vulva. Her labia was nipped and tugged, pulled apart and stretched in many ways at once. But no sensation was given to her clitoris. Emmanuelle tried to move away but the sensations stayed with her. She had no control of what was happening; she was being moved by the bio electro muscle stimulus from the Machine. It could do whatever it wanted with her now. The tiny mouths were not painful; in fact she realized that the feelings were deliciously 'different', and very pleasurable. Especially when they did move onto her already distended nipples and engorged clitoris, she actually shuddered as the double sensation rushed through her.

The Orgasmatron could, and would, deliver every imaginable sensation, pleasure or pain, each more intense and unique than the one before. Now it was deliberately very slowly driving her to her next climax, subjecting her to different and unique pleasures. Very slight pain, in the form of the tiny pin pricks over her breasts made her nipples, already infused with blood, as hard as diamonds, and even more sensitive. Then a warm caressing on the backs of her thighs and buttocks produced involuntary spasms in the muscles of her legs, and they jerked without her control. Her ears were caressed with warm air; her neck was stroked with electric fingertips whilst the undersides of her breasts were very lightly scratched. Then she was kissed by the softest mouth imaginable. It was more than naturally warm, in fact very warm but not hot.

The lips trembled and moved as an equally 'hot' tongue gently played with the inside of her lips. The mouth moved across her cheek to her ear and the lips gently nuzzled and kissed as the tongue probed and licked. Then the magic mouth moved down her neck over her breast to suckle on her right nipple, first pushing with the tongue then sucking with the lips. Then while this was still happening, she was kissed on her mouth again, trembling hot lips, probing hot tongue, caressed her mouth like never before. The second mouth then moved to her ear to repeat the movements of the first one and she now had two mouths suckling her nipples. "OH! ... OH God!" Now there was a third equally agile mouth on her belly, hot and wet, the tongue probing her navel, lips pulsating on her flesh. Sliding down over her shuddering belly .... OOHH, AAHH!

She had no need to, but she tried to raise her hips and widen her thighs as the third mouth traveled further down. She tensed and held her breath as the hot lips and wondrous tongue parted her labia and latched on to her clitoris.

The three incredible 'magically' versatile mouths worked in unison on her body, sometimes all sucking together, sometimes not, but applying all the possible variations, changing constantly so that each variation was an erotic surprise. The pleasures rippled through her, making her undulate and squirm in unison to her moans and gasps. Then suddenly the mouths were joined by slippery warm hands and fingers, caressing her everywhere, moving her arms, moving her legs, stroking every part of her. Each touch and caress magnified by the liquid coating her body. Higher and higher she climbed, the pleasure in her body building. The sensual nature of the feelings was now replaced by a more deliberate sexual intent; she was now very near to yet more massive pleasure and intense ecstasy!

Yet she was deliberately kept on the edge of this second orgasm for many minutes. She cried out with each rise in pleasure, she moaned with basic animal lust, she gasped with each change in sensation, she tried to move her body to bring on the climax, but the sensations had no real focal point. It was useless; she was completely at the mercy of the Machine. She was trembling, writhing and jerking with pleasure shocks; she was out of control with the pleasure driving through her.

Then as the lips and hands slowly left her, there was a strange and tangible focal point of ecstasy, centered somewhere below her navel but above her throbbing clitoris; she felt it move slowly around her flat belly, not as the gloves and lips had done. There was no weight, no slippery things, just a feeling in her flesh. Almost as though something inside her, just under her skin was causing a pin point of pleasure. Seemingly directed by each change in sensation, it was as though a small area of her flesh was not actually vibrating, but somehow she felt a pleasurable Hot Spot. Such was the unusualness of this feeling that she could not help but focus on its' movements. Emmanuelle groaned, as much out of frustration as of pleasure, anticipating the next movement of this 'hot spot' of focused stimulation.

She so much wanted her next orgasm. She held her breath, concentrating, trying to will the 'spot' lower down. But it moved to her side and she squirmed the opposite way. Then back to the center of her belly. She pushed against it but to no avail. Then it was moving slowly higher, to the area of her breasts, and they trembled with this new feeling.

First her right, then her left breast was the center of its attention. It circled each nipple in turn, and then slid down to concentrate on the underside. Then there were two concentrations of pleasure one on each breast, running around, across and over her sensitive flesh, then both her nipples were the subject of this most unusual and unique erotic concentration. This was something she had never experienced before and it added to the exotic nature of what she was feeling. It was as though there was a soft caress that she could not feel as touch, only as pleasure.

As she concentrated on this so very different feeling her body had remained quite still, only the areas under stimulation trembled, and she had no control over that.

The centers combined again and began to slide back down her rib cage, lower, slowly downwards, meandering across her flat stomach, making the muscles flutter, "OOOHHHHHH!" Then even lower, over her Mons and between her open thighs. Circling around and then over her vulva: her soft flesh jerked, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH"!!!! Then lower still, to circle around her anus and between her buttocks, "OH! UGHNN! OHH!". Then slowly deliberately sliding upwards between her labia again, which separated and twitched as 'IT' passed over and beyond the entrance to her vagina. Her clitoris visibly spasmed as the Magic circled around it several times. "OH! .... OH! .... OH MY GODDD"! She drew in sharp gasps as it started down again. Then without actual physical penetration the erotic hot spot moved as it felt to penetrate her. First running around the entrance to her vagina then the 'sensation' started into her!.

She could not draw breath, she strained her body to catch every incredible second as the feelings gained momentum and she began to spiral out of control. 'IT' moved deeper and then seemingly upwards to her G spot, moving around and around her insides to caress that super sensitive spot again, and again, and again.

"YES! ... YES! ... YES! ... OH MY GOD! ....... YESSSS!"

Then, as though struck by lightning her entire pelvic region erupted in violent muscular contractions as the second Almighty Orgasm literally exploded within her. She contorted then stiffened as white hot pleasure raged through her sexual organs.

Nothing at all had penetrated her, but this time so intense was the pleasure she could not help but scream with each contraction of her pussy. The Orgasmatron had learnt even more, and the fierce spasms in her vagina were spread to her anus and gave her new perverse delights like never before. What was truly amazing was that the touches, the caresses, the tingles, the pleasurable feelings all over her soft compliant body did not cease, but carried on throughout this second fantastic Orgasm. She screamed out in ecstasy for many many long seconds.

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