tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmmanuelle 2200 Ch. 05

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 05


The fourth Orgasm

(Mind Control)

Emmanuelle was amazed she could take such stimulation. She was still panting, she was still gasping for breath, but nowhere near exhausted. In fact the Orgasmatron was now mixing more oxygen with the air so that she could physically carry on. It was not going to stop yet! Also now that it could control her mind to a certain degree, it was subliminally keeping her wanting more. There was no way that she was satisfied. She couldn't really imagine what was going to happen next. She steeled herself, and then deliberately tried to relax. But that was impossible in the state she was in, but what was possible was to continue to enjoy the wonderful time she was having, and she did.

Although the Bubble had allowed a little respite, that was deliberate. The actual 'climb' to sexual bliss could be as important as the moment of release and it would now concentrate on once again raising her to the same high plateau of sexual excitement it had raised her to before. Maybe even higher.

The caresses to her skin began again, different manipulations of her labia and clitoris were applied, movements over her breasts, across her belly, up and down her arms and legs. Now there was no letup in the attentions of the Machine as it continued to caress her and stimulate her nerves.

This time the physical intensity was much more gentle. The level of pleasure was still incredible, but there weren't the frantic movements of the screwing she had just experienced. There was a new sensuousness to the feelings; a darkly erotic passion began to envelop her, somehow slowing down the trembles, the fluttering, and the spasms that were once again running through and over her. It was different, it was also a little frightening, and it was almost as though she was in the clutches of a BDSM Master. There was no pain, or was there? That sting on her buttocks, at the same time as a soft caress on her belly, that pinch on her nipple at the same time as a soft kiss on her lips. The way her chin was raised so that her neck could be subjected to a biting sensation. Her legs were forcefully parted as the insides of her thighs were gently slapped. She was losing control again!

Where was this leading, she did not relish being hurt. Not that she wanted it to stop; she welcomed each new feeling, sensuously moving her body to each touch or caress. Expressing her delight with almost animal grunts and when a new sensation hit her, quiet screams.

The bio stimulation went on for several more minutes, as she lay horizontal in an almost relaxed position, as though on some soft cloud that was bearing her to sexual heaven. Her level of excitement rose, soon she was once again in a state of sexual bliss.


She started to jerk, to writhe, to squirm, and to undulate to the 'music' of Sex. The Orgasmatron was playing her body once more. She could feel the beginning of the inevitable slide into ecstatic oblivion; she was going to orgasm again.

Then incredibly, with a sudden shock, she realized there was no physical feeling at all, nothing was touching her, she could not feel her body at all. She floated without sensation, her arms were positioned at her sides, and her legs were almost closed and relaxed. However before this could have any adverse effect on her incredibly high state of excitement, there was somehow in the very center of her mind, a bright spark of sexual pleasure.

No bodily sensation, no kisses or caresses, just somehow mental ecstasy. She did not actually see images, did not know why she felt this new excitement, but her sexual arousal move up another notch.

By using the contacts so carefully placed on her temples and neck, the Orgasmatron was stimulating the very pleasure cortex of her brain. Pulses of soft energy directed into the correct brain lobes were creating the most amazing feelings. She was in sexual heaven. The machine increased the cortex energy a little and the spark in her brain turned into a bright white light of lustful passion that was slowly gaining in intensity.

Her body stiffened. She went rigid!

A little more power and she began to lose coherent thought; all she could 'think' was pleasure.

The Orgasmatron had switched to direct brain stimulation.

Then a change in the frequency and even more strength brought the energy stimulation even higher, almost to maximum.

The result on her was astonishing! She did not really move, she did not shake and her body remained almost still. But specific areas of her flesh began to tremble slightly, erogenous flesh fluttered, her legs trembled, her toes curled, her fingers twitched. Nipples were as engorged and as large as possible on her shivering breasts. Goose bumps broke out across her shuddering belly and incredibly on her spasmodically twitching sex.

The white light in her brain grew brighter and a tremor ran through her from head to toe. Now she was at the point where even the Orgasmatron could not, without hurting her, stop a bodily reaction to these incredible stimuli. The tremors increased, the shudders became more powerful, and there were spasms in her legs and arms. She began to uncontrollably cry out! Quietly to begin with, then with increasing volume, as the brilliant star in her mind continued to pulsate, "AAAHHH!" "AAAHHH!" Then.. "AAAHHH!"

Her thoughts were now pure ecstasy. Then the Star became Nova and an orgasm blossomed in her mind. She did not physically cum; there were no vaginal contractions, no spasms, just total sexual euphoria deep in her brain. It was the very best result of an enormous orgasm, experienced only in the pleasure centre of her brain.

Then before she lost all rational thought, the physical feelings and stimuli came flooding back. Her body began to quake from head to toe, shake and jerk as the physical sensations were returned to her. The rest of her mind could not quite comprehend all the different stimulation being administered so quickly, and even though it was only short minutes ago since that last incredible fucking, that had almost blown her away, once again she was overcome with a massive physical climactic release.

The physical climax was better than before, more powerful than before, stronger than before, longer than before. It was incredible, beautiful delirium. She was not being possessed by a man, she was not being manipulated by a skillful female lover, yet this was the best climactic sex Emmanuelle had ever experienced. As she bucked and contorted in the Bubble, the muscle convulsions she felt in her lower body stimulated her pleasure nerves to the very extremes of ecstasy. Her labial lips were actually snapping as she forcefully ejaculated her sexual fluids. The surrounding flesh of her cunt shuddered; such was the force of the contractions in her vagina and pelvic muscles.

Her whole body was racked with spasms. Maximum physical nerve pleasure flooded in to her brain receptors and the resulting scream was almost shocking to hear, so sexually primeval it would have excited even the most frigid listener.

But on top of all that physical sensation was the blinding rapture in the pleasure centre of her brain. There was nothing to compare to this double passion of mind and body. She was completely overwhelmed with sexual bliss.

Even when the brain stimulation was eased off, her orgasm continued for many more wonderful convulsive seconds

Eventually she returned from what was ecstatic heaven. Not really knowing what had happened, only knowing that she had never imagined that she could feel so much Pleasure. It was more than pleasure, it was more than ecstasy. Even now as the after shocks rippled through her she could not form thoughts to describe the Sexual Bliss.

She knew the next one could break her. She tried to speak coherently.

"Please!" "P-p-please!" she gasped. "I want everything this time, inside me again, all of it, all over me again. I need fucking again! Do everything now! Make this the last, the best ever. Please!"

The Machine had learnt all and everything about her sexual responses. It had been manipulating her body for well over an hour. It knew where to administer for the best effect the electro stimuli to each and every pleasure nerve in her beautiful, fully open, and compliant body. There was only one purpose now. It was going to take Emmanuelle to the very pinnacle of Sexual Sensation, hold her there for as long as her body and mind could stand it. Then launch her into Orgasmic Bliss. She would have the most powerful, prolonged and intense POLY- ORGASMS possible.

The switch, that meant everything that could be done would be done, was pushed. There was no way to stop the Orgasmatron now!

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