Emma's Pool Party Ch. 02


"Yes... fuck me. Fuck my tight little pussy," she whispered, undulating her body as I thrusted faster, penetrating her at an even rhythm.

"Come to this side, Em. It's a great view. He's really giving it to her," said Aysha excitedly, feeling the rhythm of my ass as I thrust up into Amy.

Emma came over beside Aysha and put her arm around Aysha's waist, running her other hand over her stomach and up to her perky tits. She bowed her head and sucked Aysha's nipple into her mouth, then let her hand fall between Aysha's legs. Extending her middle finger, she stroked Aysha's clit expertly, still suckling at her breast.

"Ooooh yeah baby, that feels good," cooed Aysha, still watching me fuck Amy.

Emma looked over to us, bending down to get a very close look at my dick penetrating Amy's teenage pussy. She then pushed Aysha against the glass beside Amy and crouched in front of her, shoving her face into Aysha's crotch. Aysha threw her head back and moaned loudly. She pressed her hands behind her against the glass and thrust out her chest. Her olive skin glistened with moisture as drops of water cascaded over her high breasts, sliding away from her erect nipples. I fucked Amy harder, enjoying the sensation of her pussy muscles squeezing my shaft as I plowed into her.

"Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Oh... it feel sooo goood..." Amy moaned, sliding her hands over my chest.

"Wow, you guys are really getting into it." Holly had come back into Carmen's bathroom, holding a variety of dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. "Look at you and Amy... you're really giving it to her. And Amy, I love the flexibility!"

I looked over to Holly, who was putting most of the toys next to the bathtub. She kept a particularly long translucent dildo, and re-entered the shower stall. She swung the dildo and smacked Emma's ass.

"Ooou!" cried Emma, turning her head.

"Get on the floor, girls. We're going to have some fun," said Holly, smiling widely.

Emma gently slapped Aysha's pussy lips then slid to the floor of the shower stall. Aysha followed, and sat facing Emma, legs spread wide. Emma moved forward, scissoring her legs with Aysha's. The girls leaned back on their arms and began grinding their bald pussies against each other. They moaned loudly as they writhed in the water, closing their eyes and enjoying the sensations. Holly knelt down and pushed them apart with difficulty. She sucked one end of the dildo, drooling over the tip.

"I want to get a better view of this," I said to Amy.

Without withdrawing my cock, I turned Amy so she faced the other girls. I put my arm under her leg as she leaned on the wall. I now fucked her pussy from behind, holding her leg aloft. Her tight ass looked perfect, taught, and round as I watched my shaft disappear underneath it, filling her pussy. She raised herself on her toes as I thrust into her, her arm reaching back as she put her hand on my stomach.

"Aaaah! Not quite so deep. I can't quite take all of you yet. Remember, you just popped my cherry. You're my very first fuck."

"Sorry babe, I'll ease off a little."

I held her hip with my hand as I thrust evenly, but shallowly into her. Her wetness facilitated the motion.

"Oooohhh... that's better. Aaaaahhhnnnn!" moaned Amy.

As I continued my thrusting, we watched the action unfold before us. Holly was rubbing one spit-soaked end of the double-headed dildo on Emma's pussy. Emma bit her lip as Holly pushed the dildo into her pussy, twisting it and coating it in Emma's pussy juice. She thrust it in and out a few times, then took the other end and slapped Aysha's pussy with it.

"Ooooh yeah, baby! Stick it in me!" said Aysha, wiggling her hips.

Holly forced the dildo into her, the bend in it straightening out as it penetrated her deeply. Holly looked up at Amy and me smiling, and licked her lips. She leaned over the girls' penetrated pussies and put her hand flat on the tile floor. With her right hand she firmly gripped the dildo and began thrusting it back and forth into Emma and Aysha's cunts. The girls were leaning back on their hands, their legs spread wide, and they were staring at the large dildo as it slid into them. The girls moaned as Holly thrust the dildo, her hand slapping first on Aysha's pussy, then on Emma's. Their breasts jiggled at each thrust, as beads of water cascaded over their tits, stomachs, and legs.

"Oh fuck you sluts look sexy getting fucked with that dildo," I grunted as I continued to fuck Amy.

The three girls on the floor looked up at me and smiled widely.

"I think your little fuck puppet is getting off on it too," said Holly giggling.

"Is that right? Amy, do you like watching your friends dyke out with each other?"

"Oh! Yes, I love it! I never thought I'd be into girls, but they look so sexy! Ahn!"

"I'm glad to hear it, baby, 'cause I'd like to lick your little pussy while it gets stuffed by his monster cock," said Holly sensually. "I'm sure you girls can take care of yourselves," she added looking down at Emma and Aysha, who pushed their groins against the dildo, forcing it further into them.

"We'll... ahh.. be ok sweetie," said Aysha, taking the dildo and thrusting it back and forth quickly.

Holly leaned over and straddled Emma, sticking her bulbous tits in Emma's face. Emma sucked her fat nipples while Aysha worked the dildo faster into their cunts. Holly moaned and moved her body upwards until she was pressing her bald pussy into Emma's willing face. Emma eagerly lapped at Holly's labia and clitoris, while Holly leaned forward and kissed Amy gently where her red pubes once were. Amy watched her intently as she moved her face down and placed her lips over Amy's clit.

"Oh Holly... oh wow...." breathed Amy, tossing her head back.

I could feel my balls slap against Holly's chin as she gave cunnilingus to her teenaged friend. As she tongued Amy's clit I could feel her brush my thrusting cock with her lips and the tip of her tongue. I squeezed Amy's firm ass cheek as I pounded her more deeply. Meanwhile, Emma was squeezing Holly's ass as she sucked her pussy. Aysha was eagerly thrusting the dildo between them, breathing hard and emitting an occasional moan.

I felt Holly's hand circle my girth as I pushed half my length into Amy's tight cunt. As I withdrew from my next thrust, Holly pulled my cock back, slipping it free of Amy's almost virginal embrace and popping it into her waiting mouth, taking it deep into her throat.

"Hey! I was fucking that!" complained Amy, looking down at the top of Holly's head while she sucked me.

Holly slurped spit from my shaft as she pulled it out of her mouth.

"You've been fucking him for the past ten minutes. It's time someone else had a go," replied Holly, jerking my dick.

"She's right," added Aysha, "her pussy might be tight, but we want some cock too!"

Emma chimed in from between Holly's legs, "Yeah, and we can give you the added bonus of fucking us in our assholes!"

Amy turned her body and put her hand around the back of my neck. She looked at me pleadingly, her leg still raised with my hand behind her knee.

"I could... I could let you fuck me in my ass," she said, tentatively.

The other girls broke out in fits of laughter. I smiled, but tried not to laugh, since Amy frowned and seemed offended by her friends' outburst of mirth.

"Awww, hun, you're adorable," giggled Holly, rubbing my dick along Amy's wet pussy lips.

Amy angrily pushed away from me and Holly and stood against the shower stall wall, crossing her arms over her small tits.

"Amy, don't be mad. It's just that... well... " I looked down demonstratively at my engorged, bobbing cock.

Holly stood up and pulled her wet hair away from her face, running her hands through her hair. Her breasts lifted erotically.

"What's he's trying to tell you is that his cock is much too big for your little asshole, Amy. He would tear you apart," said Holly, pulling her ponytail over her shoulder and squeezing water out over her tits.

Amy turned her head to the side, averting her gaze. Emma had pulled the dildo out of her pussy and stood beside Holly.

"Amy, she's right. We all had anal from him and it kinda hurts. Your ass is, like, so small. I don't think you'd like it," said Emma.

"Aysha's small too! But he put it in her bum!" protested Amy.

Aysha knelt in front of me while the other girls were distracted and stroked my cock with both hands.

"I've had anal before though. And it still hurt... at first. But god, was it ever good when he came deep in my ass," she giggled, then began sucking my cock.

"But... but..." Amy whinged.

"Amy, I've just fucked you for a little while, let's let the other girls have a go. If you really want me to fuck you in the ass, I think you should maybe try using a dildo there first, to see if you like it," I said, attempting to defuse the situation.

Amy remained obstinate, and looked away again, turning her body this time in an attempt to ignore us.

"Suit yourself, honey," I said. "Now, I want the rest of you sexy schoolgirls to face the wall and bend over. Just tell me which hole you want me to fuck," I finished, pulling Aysha to her feet and kissing her.

They obediently did as they were asked, presenting their full, round, teenage asses to me and looking over their shoulders, smiling. Holly was first, then Aysha, then Emma. I approached Holly and smacked her ass cheek with my cock.

"Oh! Hello big boy!" she giggled. "Fuck my ass, please!" She spread her butt cheeks wide.

I spat on my hand and rubbed it onto my dick head, then guided it to Holly's anus. With some careful pressure, my penis popped into her bottom, and I pushed into her rectum deeply.

"Oh fuck yes! God your cock feels good in my ass!" she shouted loudly, no doubt goading Amy, who turned her back even more.

I held Holly's wide hips and fucked her ass with deep, even strokes, enjoying the sensation of her buttocks clenching and unclenching around my member. I reached my right hand over to Aysha's ass and slipped two fingers into her pussy.

"Are you ready to take me, Aysh?" I asked.

"Fuck yes! I want it in my ass too!" she exclaimed.

I pulled out of Holly's bottom and stepped behind Aysha. I guided my cock to her puckered asshole and tapped my target with my fat dick head.

"Tell me how much you want my cock in your ass," I said, rubbing her perfect buttocks

"Please, baby, I want your huge cock buried in my tight ass!" cried Aysha.

I could see her fingers working feverishly at her clit. I squeezed my shaft and forced myself into Aysha's bowels, loving the way her anus immediately tightened on my girth. I squeezed her ass and sodomised her forcefully, pounding into her anal hole as she squealed with pleasure.

"Ooooooohhhh yeeeeeaaaahhh! I love it! I fucking love getting anal from you!" she moaned.

I reached my hands beside me and pulled Holly and Emma's bottoms in until they were pressed against Aysha's, hip-to-hip. My fingers wandered to their moist cunts, rubbing their clits. Emma had half-stood and turned to watch me, playing with her tits and licking her lips. Her eyes captured me, and although I was fucking Aysha's ass, it was Emma who was turning me on.

"Does her tight little ass feel good on your big cock, baby?" Emma asked me, her big brown eyes filled with unadulterated lust.

"God yes, her asshole is so tight. Are you going to let me try yours next?" I replied.

Emma held her tit up to her mouth and tongued her nipple.

"Of course. You can take my ass any time you like," she said. "But please be gentle. I'm still a bit sore from this afternoon."

I smiled at her reassuringly and pumped into Aysha's bottom a few more times before withdrawing and stepping sideways until my throbbing cock pointed at Emma's plump ass.

"Spread your ass for me, Em," I said.

She arched her back and did as she was told, putting her splayed fingers on her cheeks and pulling them apart. She exposed her anus to me, and I spat on it, rubbing my saliva gently against her butthole. I put one hand on top of her ass and the other gripped my shaft as I moved forward, first dipping my cock head shallowly into her pussy to gather some lubrication, then sliding it up and pushing it against her anal opening.

"Aaaah!" she cried softly, tossing her wet hair.

I pushed harder and watched her skin pull inward as her bottom resisted my entry.

"It's ok, baby, just relax. Let me in your sweet bottom," I said soothingly.

Emma moaned again, and pulled her buttocks further apart as her sphincter allowed me entry into her bum. I pushed slowly but firmly into her, savouring the sensation of her anal walls clasping my cock. I heard Emma whimper, so I stopped my forward motion, allowing her tender asshole to adjust to my size.

"Is that too deep, Em?" I asked, stroking my hand along her lower back.

"No, baby, it's good. I'm just a little tender from before. Give me, like, a second before you start fucking my ass."

Emma released her ass cheeks and I felt her asshole constrict on my shaft. I moaned with pleasure as she put one hand against the wall in front of her, and the other roamed to her impaled bottom, touching my dick, feeling how much was still exposed.

"God, you've got a big cock... " she said, as much to herself as anyone else.

I ran my hands over her ass cheeks, cupping and squeezing them. I reached under her and touched her wet pussy, stimulating her clit with my fingers. She moaned softly.

"Ok baby, stroke that dick in and out of my ass," she said, looking back at me.

I pulled my cock out first, then pushed it into her soft bottom. I heard her inhale sharply, but continued to push in half way, then repeated the motion. I developed a steady rhythm, careful not to go too fast. I moaned as I watched my cock invade her ass, and she responded by pushing back against my cock, allowing me deeper access into her bottom. I gave her anal for a minute before withdrawing my penis and shuffling behind Holly again. I began fucking her ass again, smacking it playfully as she giggled. I continued down the line of sweet, round, wet, teen buttocks, smacking my cock off their bouncy flesh, squeezing them, spanking them, fucking them. I lost track of time as I indulged in an orgy of anal heaven with the three young, sexy, nubile teenagers. We all moaned and groaned in our ecstasy as I pounded each ass in turn, the girls looking back at me, or kissing their partner next to them, or arching their backs and crying out as they masturbated their pussies.

I reached the end of the line, and stepped over to begin a new round of anal at the left-most ass. I placed my cock head against a small, tight anus and pushed hard. I heard a scream, and felt pain as my dick was refused entry into the tight sphincter.

"Amy!" I said, my sexual haze broken by her sharp cry.

It had completely escaped my notice that Amy had taken a position next to Holly, her hands pulling her ass cheeks apart, offering herself to me. I stepped back, and Amy rubbed her fingers on her asshole.

"Amy, what are you doing?" I asked.

"I.. I just wanted to try it," she replied, still rubbing her sore anus.

"I told you you wouldn't be able to take it, honey," said Holly, tying not to laugh.

Amy looked like she was going to cry. She must have felt very left out as I fucked her friends anally.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry, but Holly's right. You're just too small to take me without it hurting." I approached her again and put my cock against her pussy lips. "Why don't I just fuck your pussy for now. We can try anal another time, after you've had a bit of practice."

I pushed my cock into her, enjoying the warmth and tightness of her recently deflowered womanhood. Her eyes fluttered and her mouth opened as she took me inside. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes.

"Mmmmm... ok... ok, just fuck my pussy then. Oooohh that's nice," she moaned as I thrust slowly into her.

Holly stood up straight and pushed herself between Amy and the wall of the shower. She put her hands in Amy's long, red locks and pulled her face against her ample chest.

"Suck my tits while he fucks you," Holly said, looking down at her breasts as they pressed against Amy's rosy cheeks.

Amy put her hands on Holly's hips as her mouth found a nipple to suckle. Holly hummed her approval as I sped up my rhythm, holding Amy's narrow waist for leverage. Emma and Aysha had also stood and faced us, but while Aysha wore a lusty expression and pinched her nipples as she watched us fuck, Emma looked jealous and annoyed. She grabbed Aysha's arm roughly and pulled her from the shower.

"Come on, Aysh, let's go see what other toys Carmen has," she barked as they left the bathroom.

"Ooooouu! Somebody's jealous," commented Holly.

"I kinda feel bad," I said, still thrusting into Amy's tight hole as she drowned in Holly's bust. "I mean, Emma was nice enough to share me with you lovely girls, but I think she may be regretting her decision."

"Well I've got no regrets," laughed Holly, holding Amy's hair as she bounced her round tits against Amy's face.

I saw Amy's right hand move over Holly's hip and down between her legs.

"Ooooh, Amy! You're learning fast, aren't you?" said Holly, clearly pleased with what Amy's hand was doing to her pussy.

Holly closed her eyes and writhed against the wall as Amy nibbled on her breasts, her face crashing into the plump mounds like an ocean wave against boulders each time I thrust my manhood deep into her cunt. My hands wandered up her slender body to her small titties, cupping them and feeling her hard nipples on my palms. I fucked her like this for several minutes, the three of us pleasuring each other enormously.

Amy's breast-muffled moans became louder and louder, and I felt her moisture flow as she approached orgasm. She turned her head to the side, resting her cheek on Holly's bosom as she screamed, cumming hard on my cock. Her pussy clenched my dick firmly as I penetrated her sex, my cock sliding in deep. I pulled her nipples and saw her bite Holly's breast as her body shook. I bit my lip hard so as not to cum inside Amy's hot, convulsing pussy, but it was to no avail.

I felt my balls twitch and pulled my cock quickly from Amy's tight vaginal embrace. Holding Amy's hip with my left hand, I gripped my shaft with my right and felt my ejaculate rocket through my dick, spurting up Amy's back in a long, thick white stripe. She squeaked as she felt my load strike her skin.

"Aaaagh! Fuck yes!" I moaned as I pumped my cock, anticipating the next load.

My spunk exploded from my dick head, firing another thick stream of jizz which laced sideways across the top of Amy's tight buttocks.

"Oooooh! You're cumming on my bottom!" squealed Amy, still overcome by her orgasm.

"Yes, baby! Cum on her cute little ass!" Holly joined in, holding Amy's head firmly to her breast.

I jizzed again, spurting a wad of cream directly on her tiny exposed anus, and watched as it oozed down over her pussy lips. I saw Amy's fingers appear between her legs, her fingers touching my cum and spreading it on her cunt.

"Please give me more! Cum all over my ass!" begged Amy, breathing hard.

My penis responded by ejaculating on her left buttock and, after a few coaxing strokes, again on her right ass cheek. A final shot flew from my cock and landed on top of her beautiful ass, dripping slowly into the hollow at the small of her back. The last few drops fell from the end of my knob as I sighed, soaking in the pleasurable afterglow of my orgasm.

As Amy's orgasm subsided, she looked up at Holly and the girls shared a long, passionate kiss. Holly took Amy's fingers from between her legs and sucked them clean.

"You really came hard, Aym. I bet that felt, like, soooo good," observed Holly.

Amy only managed a weak nod.

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