tagGroup SexEmma's Pool Party Ch. 03

Emma's Pool Party Ch. 03


Once again, I had found myself in hot water with Carmen. She had phoned me earlier in the day, demanding I come to her house at once. I had asked her the reason, but she had hung up on me before I'd even finished my sentence.

Carmen was my boss, and we had quite a history together. Although we had not had sex, she was aware of my sexual exploits, and had an affinity for capturing them on camera. A case in point: Carmen's friend Gina's teenage daughter was staying with her for the summer. Her name was Emma, and I had enjoyed a wild orgy with her and three of her female friends the previous weekend while Carmen was away on business. Incidentally, I had also enjoyed a rather interesting threesome with Emma and her mother some weeks prior. During the course of last weekend's events, it was discovered that Carmen had put a hidden camera in the bathroom of her house so she could watch Emma in the shower--alone or otherwise. Me and the girls gave Carmen quite a show.

It occurred to me that this may have been the reason Carmen had summoned me, but it was doubtful, since she was aware of my weekend orgy with Emma and her friends, and I was certain she had watched the video, probably while pleasuring herself with her many sex toys. Regardless of the cause, I was apprehensive about our meeting. Carmen could be quite intimidating, especially when she was angry, and I had no desire to be on the receiving end of her rancour.

I reached her palatial home and rang the doorbell. The tone had barely finished ringing when the door flew open. Carmen's cheeks were red, and her long black hair fell around her face in a slightly disorderly manner. Her brow was knit, and her dark eyes regarded me sternly. Her jaw was set, and her large chest rose and fell rapidly under her snug white t-shirt. She wore short jean shorts, exposing her long, well tanned legs. She grabbed my arm and pulled me inside.

She led me to her kitchen and spun around quickly, her breasts wobbling. She was not wearing a bra, and her nipples were faintly visible, poking through the fabric of her shirt. I tore my gaze away from her impressive bust to look at her piercing auburn eyes.

"How did you get it?" she asked.

"Get what?" I replied, clueless.

"The video. How did you get it?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, Carmen,"

"Don't be an idiot. The video from last weekend: how did you get it and who did you give it to?" she spoke insistently.

"The video? I didn't "get it" at all. I presume it's saved somewhere on your computer, which I haven't touched," I said honestly.

Carmen held her glare for a few moments, then brought her hand to her brow.

"... then how could..." she said quietly, almost to herself.

"How could what? What's going on? Why did you call me here?" I asked, exasperated.

The doorbell rang. I looked at Carmen, who seemed lost in thought. I turned and walked to the door. As I opened it, I heard Carmen say, "Wait!"

It was too late. I pulled the door open to reveal a tall, thin, attractive red-haired woman of around 35. She had high, lightly freckled cheekbones and brilliant green eyes. She wore a white summer dress with a floral print, which cut low across her modest but perky breasts. Her lips were pressed together and her fists were balled. Upon seeing me, here eyes widened and her arm mechanically sprung forward to point at me accusingly.

"You!" she shouted, her face nearly matching the colour of her hair. "It's you!"

Suddenly, Carmen appeared beside me, pushing me out of the way and facing the visitor.

"Michelle, please come in. We'll discuss this inside," she said, taking the redheaded woman's wrist and pulling her into the house.

As Carmen pulled her past me, she glared menacingly at me, her jaw clenched. I shut the door and followed the women.

"What is HE doing here?!" the woman demanded, shaking with rage.

"Michelle, please. Sit down, will you? Let me explain," soothed Carmen, leading Michelle to a stool in the kitchen.

"No I will not sit down! Explain to me this instant what this man is doing here!" shouted Michelle, pushing Carmen's hand away and pointing at me again.

"I asked him to come over so we could discuss this like adults."

"What is there to discuss?! This man took my innocent daughter's virginity and made a sex tape of his filthy orgy with her slut friends right here in this house! YOUR house!" cried Michelle, stamping her sandal-clad foot for emphasis.

"Wait... Amy is your daughter?" I said, rather unwisely.

Michelle's head snapped in my direction so quickly that her long red hair flew out around her head. She spun and charged at me screaming, her hands like claws reaching out to tear my eyes from their sockets. Fortunately Carmen acted quickly, swinging her arm around Michelle's waist and arresting her momentum. Michelle continued to swipe the air in front of her.

"You fucking bastard!!! I'll kill you!" she bellowed.

Carmen pulled her into an adjacent hallway as I prudently backed away, not wanting to be torn apart by this fiery woman. I heard a hurried and hushed discussion from another room down the hallway as Carmen attempted to calm Michelle down. I wiped my brow and leaned against the kitchen counter to collect myself.

It was obvious that Amy's mother Michelle had somehow seen our sex tape. I didn't have much time to consider how she had acquired it, however, as the doorbell rang again. I felt it wise to let Carmen answer it, but was also slightly worried that Michelle would take the opportunity to launch another attack at me. I stayed put and listened.

"Hi honey, come in," said Carmen.

"Are the other ladies here yet? I assume they got the same frantic call from Michelle. It's lucky I was in town this weekend."

I recognised the second voice. It was Emma's mother Gina. She was a tall, curvy brunette with curly hair, long eyelashes, and massive natural tits. I had not had sex with her at the mother-daughter threesome, but mostly used Emma to tease her. I had not seen her since our sexual encounter due to the fact that she lived out of town.

"Michelle is here. The others are likely on the way over. Why don't you go to the kitchen for a minute. Michelle is a bit hysterical and I'm trying to calm her down," Carmen said quietly.

"God... she's such a prude, isn't she?" I heard Gina say.

"Shhh! Go to the kitchen," hissed Carmen.

"Is Emma home?"

"No, she's out with the girls. I don't think any of them know about this yet. Now give me a minute and we'll talk."

I heard the clicking of high heels on the tile floor, before Gina appeared in the kitchen doorway. She wore tiny pink shorts, probably too young for her, although she was about the same age as Michelle and Carmen. A tight grey spaghetti strap tank top with an incredibly supportive push-up bra barely contained her enormous bosoms, which bulged over the scoop neck. She stopped when she saw me, then smiled widely, approaching the kitchen counter and putting her handbag on it.

"Well hello there handsome," she said in a sultry voice. "Now I know why Michelle is so worked up," she chuckled.

"I just got here. Look, I uh... I hope you're not upset about--" I started.

"Oh don't be silly. Carmen sent me the video early this week and I've been watching it constantly," Gina said, brushing her long curly hair over her shoulder. "You are quite the stud, aren't you? It's just a shame you didn't film everything."

She apparently had been told that I had put the camera in the bathroom, and not Carmen. I doubted she would have been ok with her friend secretly taping her daughter in the shower.

Gina approached me and pulled me against her, putting her hand on the front of my shorts to squeeze my member.

"So when do I get my turn to have this beautiful cock inside me, hmm?" Gina muttered in my ear.

I could feel the swell of her breasts against my chest as her hand gripped my cock through my shorts and stroked it firmly. I reached behind her and cupped her full ass cheeks.

"I would fuck you right here on this kitchen counter if there wasn't going to be an angry mother's convention in the next room," I joked.

"Mmmm, I'd like that," said Gina, leaning in to kiss me.

Just before her lips met mine, the doorbell rang. Gina sighed.

"That'll be the another angry mum. I'll get it," she said, releasing my hardening cock reluctantly and swaying her hips as she exited the room.

I waited, and listened.

"Sadira, Helen. It's been a while," I heard Gina say.

"Hi Gene. You look good," said a high voice.

"Thanks hon, you look amazing, as usual," Gina returned the compliment. "Come on in, the other two are in the lounge room."

"What's this all about? I missed Michelle's call and she sent me this frantic text. I just happened to be having tea in the area with Helen, so we stopped by. I hope it's not serious," said a soft voice with a mild middle-eastern accent.

"No, honey. It's a storm in a teacup if you ask me. But you know Michelle..." said Gina exasperatedly. "This way."

I heard the women enter and make their way to the lounge room through the front room. Carmen came down the hall and beckoned to me.

"You'd better be here for this. Don't worry, I'll protect you from Michelle," grinned Carmen.

I followed her down the hallway.

I entered a large room with a couple couches, a large television, and bay windows facing Carmen's back yard and pool area. Michelle was sitting in an armchair near the tv, and the two two ladies stood together near the adjacent leather couch, while Gina sat opposite Michelle on another armchair. The ladies were chattering excitedly as I approached, but all conversation came to a halt as I entered the room.

Michelle attempted to burn holes in my head with her eyes, then quickly looked away in anger, crossing her arms and legs. Gina smiled at me, stealing a glance at my crotch. The other two ladies stared openly at me. The one on the left was short and shapely with shoulder-length blonde hair and a fringe. She wore a tight sleeveless white top and a red wrap around skirt with flat sandals. Her face was round, with big red cheeks and blue eyes. Her breasts were gigantic, pulling her shirt material taught across her chest. She blinked rapidly at me, then smiled with a hint of lasciviousness in her eyes.

The woman on the right was brown-skinned, with black flowing hair just past her shoulders. She wore a loose off-the-shoulder light blue low neck dress which hung beautifully from her large, round tits. I guessed from their perfect symmetry, bulging curves, and high perky nature that they were surgically enhanced. She wore a belt around her curvy waist, and exposed a large amount of her long, lean brown legs, which led to her small, heel-clad feet. She seemed equally taken with my presence and smiled a smile identical to her companion.

"Oh, hello!" said the blonde. "Carmen, you didn't tell us you had a friend over," she added, not taking her eyes off me.

"He's my colleague, Helen--"

"He's a sleazy prick!" shouted Michelle.

The dark-haired woman looked annoyed. "Do you mind telling us what this is about, Michelle? Your message suggested it couldn't wait."

"I'll do better than that, Sadira--I'll show you!" barked Michelle, jumping from her chair and rummaging in her handbag.

She retrieved a small object and plugged it into the tv. She grabbed the remote and switched on the television, mashing the buttons.

"Oh for goodness sake! Make this thing work, Carmen!" she ordered, unable to get the display working.

Carmen looked annoyed, but finally obliged, taking the remote from Michelle and pressing a few buttons. The screen lit up with a shot of Carmen's empty bathroom.

"Skip ahead!" commanded Michelle.

Carmen pressed another button and the video skipped forward until quickly moving bodies were visible. She played the video, which showed Amy and Emma sitting on the edge of the tub, their legs spread. Holly and Aysha were kneeling in front of them, busying themselves with shaving the girls' pubic hair. I stood between the girls, my engorged cock stuffed into Amy's cheek as she sucked my knob eagerly.

A stunned silence pervaded the room. Everyone watched the video, not daring to even breathe. In the video, I popped my dick from Amy's mouth and swung it across to Emma's face, her hand gripping my long shaft as she took my cock between her lips, her cheeks sucking inward as she fellated me.

Michelle watched the scene, then turned challengingly to the others in the room, looking at them each in turn. I looked at Gina, whose hand obscured her mouth, attempting to conceal a naughty grin. She seemed to be enjoying Michelle's visible discomfort. Helen's eyebrows were raised, and Sadira's mouth was making an 'o' shape. I looked at Carmen and swore I could see her nipples harden under her t-shirt as she watched the erotic action.

"Well??!!" blurted Michelle, throwing her hands outward towards the women. "What are we going to do about this?!"

Gina spoke first. "'Chelle, I know it seems shocking, but our daughters are adults. They're going to explore their sexuality."

"Oh really? And you're ok with this?!" Michelle said quickly, pointing at the screen. "His penis is 'exploring' your little girl's mouth and you're barely batting an eye!"

"I realise no mother wants to see this sort of thing, but it's a reality," Carmen chimed in.

Michelle turned on Carmen.

"I see. So it's a 'reality' that you set up cameras in your bathroom to record unsuspecting teenagers?" she accused.

"I--" Carmen stared.

"No, it wasn't Carmen. It was me. I put it there when I was doing work here a couple weeks back. I was hoping to catch Carmen in the shower and stuff," I said. "I didn't know it was Emma's bathroom."

All heads turned towards me.

"So how come in the video you say "is this a good enough show for you, Carmen?", if she didn't know about it?" demanded Michelle.

"I was going to show her. She was pissing me off at work and I was going to show her the video to make her mad. I never did... I just said it in the heat of the moment."

I looked at Carmen.

"I'm sorry, Carmen. I hope you can forgive me," I said, hoping I sounded sincere.

"You're apologising to HER?!! You violated our daughters! You should be apologising to us!!!" Michelle shouted furiously. Her green eyes almost glowed with fury.

"Excuse me, but they're all adults, and they all consented. They knew about the camera. In fact, they practically forced themselves on me. You've obviously watched the video; do you see any indication that what they were doing was not completely voluntary? No! They loved it!" I said, getting rather heated myself.

At that very moment, Amy could be heard on the video clearly saying, "I... I want you in me."

This was too much for Michelle. Once again, she launched herself at me in a fit of rage, but Carmen had plenty of time to intercept her and push her back into the armchair.

"Calm down, Michelle! Act like a grown up for Christ sake," urged Carmen.

"Are you not angry? He put a hidden camera in your bathroom!" Michelle said, sounding exasperated.

"No, I'm not angry. We have an... interesting relationship." Carmen looked at me, appearing thankful that I took the blame for the camera.

"Wh--what about you two? You haven't said a word between you!" Michelle said, turning to Sadira and Helen.

Helen was still staring at the screen (the girls and I were walking out of the shot at this point), her fingers touching the side of her neck gently. Her nipples protruded through her tight white top. Sadira looked at me, her cheeks flushed.

"Well, they're not kids anymore, Michelle. I kind of agree with Carmen and Gina. Getting involved with this will just drive them away from us and make them more secretive," offered Sadira.

"Wha... I... but... Helen, what about you?" stammered Michelle.

Helen was still stroking her fingers along her neck.

"Helen!" cried Michelle.

"What?! Oh, I'm sorry hun, I was miles away. Frankly I don't see the problem. You can't shelter your daughter from her own sexuality. She should explore and discover what she likes. Holly and I are share these things with each other. I think it's healthy," finished Helen.

"So you knew about this?" said Michelle.

"Oh, heavens no. I mean, we don't tell each other EVERYTHING."

There was quiet as Michelle looked from one person to the next, incredulous.

"Ok... right. So you want your daughters to explore their sexuality. But what about this sex tape? I found it on Amy's computer. Who knows who else he's shared it with?! It could be all over the internet by now!"

"Michelle, I promise I have not shared this with anyone except for Emma. She must have given a copy to Amy. Trust me; I don't want this video getting out either," I said, trying to allay Michelle's fears.

She eyed me, assessing my sincerity. It appeared as though she believed me, as her face softened subtly. She brushed a lock of hair from her forehead and tucked it behind her ear. She took a deep breath and calmly stood. She stepped towards me and I took a cautious step back. She put her hands up, indicating her benevolence, and approached me, addressing me directly, her piercing green eyes searching mine.

"I must admit, I am very surprised by these ladies' ambivalent attitude toward their daughters' sexual escapades. However, I suspect the girls' fathers would have a significantly different reaction."

She cocked an eyebrow menacingly. Sadira stood and walked up behind Michelle, putting her hand on Michelle's arm.

"Honey, none of us want that. I think we should keep this between us," she said.

"Yes, that would be for the best," echoed Carmen.

I breathed a sigh of relief.


I looked to the direction of the voice. It came from Helen.

"No, I'm with Michelle. I think we should tell their fathers."

"Helen! No... it would destroy them. Not to mention that the girls would never speak to us again," said Sadira.

Even Michelle seemed surprised, yet she remained silent.

"Maybe, but perhaps Michelle is right. Something has to be done to prevent this happening again," said Helen calmly.

"No, please. I'll delete the video. I'll get the girls to delete it too. I'll--"

"--No, I'm afraid that's not good enough. The damage is done," she said, cutting me off.

"Helen--" Carmen began.

"--No, Carmen," retorted Helen, standing up and approaching me, taking a place next to Michelle. "He needs to be punished," she finished, grinning sadistically.

I began to understand what was unfolding. It was obvious that Helen cared little about the video, or her daughter's slutty behaviour. On the other hand, she knew that Michelle had a valid threat against me. She was intending to use this to her advantage.

She reached out and touched my chest with her open palm.

"So... what do you say to that, sweetie?" she asked me.

"Helen... I'm a reasonable man. Maybe we can reach some kind of arrangement," I hinted.

The women looked on curiously.

"Perhaps. Maybe you should take your shirt off while we negotiate the terms," Helen said, poking my left peck through my t-shirt.

Michelle gasped and Sadira raised her eyebrows. I heard Gina guffaw from her armchair to my right.

"Helen, what on earth...?" Michelle said.

"Oh darling, surely you're not that naive. We've got him right where we want him. It was you who made the threat. I think we should have a little fun with him while we decide his fate," replied Helen.

"I like it!" Gina said, crossing her long legs. "Go on then, take it off."

Helen put her hands on her hips and Sadira was smiling to herself, avoiding eye contact with Michelle who looked at her friends in bewilderment. I quickly pulled my t-shirt up over my head and dropped it at my feet, displaying my firm, toned, but not overly muscled torso. I took care of my body, and was proud to show it off.

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