tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale meets Corrie Ch. 01

Emmerdale meets Corrie Ch. 01


Cain Dingle sat in the departure lounge at Manchester Airport. Though he played the hard man and never shirked from a confrontation, the one fear in his life was flying. Not the actual flight, just take off and landing.

He sipped at the Jack Daniels and coke, his third, and glanced nervously at the departures board, dreading the time his Barcelona flight would be called.

He was going to Spain to exchange the proceeds of his last "bit of business" which involved a stolen Aston Martin, now safely in a container bound for North America with new documents. Cain's cut had been £25,000 which he was intending to spend on some very good forged Euro notes, available in Barcelona, then make a killing in Bureau de Change outlets back in the UK.

His eyes swept the lounge. There was the usual mix of passengers. Families going on holiday , business men, a hen party and a group of football fans bound for some god forsaken hole in Eastern Europe.

Then he spotted a very attractive young lady, seemingly on her own, browsing in the duty free shops.

Cain placed her in her early thirties, nice slim body, dark hair and smartly dressed.

He thought to himself, "I wouldn't mind a few hours in the sack with that," as his eyes bored into the girl following her around the shops and lounge.

The flight was called. Gate 37. Cain swallowed the last of his drink and with trepidation started to walk to the gate. To his delight the young woman also started towards the same gate, still alone.

On board the aircraft, Cain had a window seat in the mid section. After fastening his seat belt he was pleased to see the girl heading in his direction. Stopping at his row.

"37a," she said, checking her boarding pass with the seating plan.

She then tried to lift her quite large piece of hand luggage into the locker, but it was to heavy.

With a huge smile she asked Cain, "I couldn't trouble you to help me with this could I?"

Cain did not reply, simply undid his seat belt and easing past, his hip touching hers, lifted the bag effortlessly into the overhead locker.

"Thank you kind sir," the girl said

"Would you like the window seat?" asked Cain.

"Thank you, that would be lovely".

After settling in, Cain said, "are you travelling alone?"

The girl replied, "yes, this was supposed to be a girlie weekend with my mother, but she caught a bug and can't fly, so rather than waste it, I decided to see what Barcelona can offer a single girl."

"Lots and lots, I should imagine," said Cain, "I know the city quite well," he lied, as he had never been before, "perhaps we can meet for a drink and a bite to eat."

"Yes, that would be nice, thank you, sorry I didn't catch your name,"

He extended hid hand to hers and shook it. "Dingle, Cain Dingle."

"And I'm Tracy, Tracy Barlow."

The plane took off and once at cruising height Cain relaxed and when the drinks trolley came around, he had another Jack Daniels and bought Tracy a vodka & tonic.

"Married, single or divorced?" Cain asked.

"Divorced, with a daughter, Amy she's seven , going on seventeen."

"My Sarah's seven as well, I know what you mean." replied Cain, "oh by the way Sarah is my granddaughter."

"No, you are to young to be a granddad." said an astonished Tracy

"I fathered Debbie, Sarah's mum when I was fourteen, Debbie had Sarah at 15, so I was a granddad at thirty."

"Wow, now that's a first for me." said Tracy

"What is?"

Tracy leaned over to Cain and pulled his head down. Their lips met in a long passionate kiss.. When it ended. Tracy whispered softly .

"I've never been fucked by a granddad before."

Cain smiled, placed his hand between her legs and said "you don't know what you've been missing."

Once through the airport they jumped in a taxi and headed for Cain's hotel.

After checking in, they kissed furiously in the lift up to their floor.

In the room, Cain threw Tracy on the bed. He undid her slacks and pulled them off her. Her white cotton panties were already moist as Can pulled aside the material to reveal her pussy lips, glistening with sweet female moisture. He roughly pushed two fingers deep inside her. Tracy gave a little cry of pain or pleasure, it was hard to tell.

Cain withdrew his fingers and loosened the belt on his jeans, pulled down the zipper and stepped out of them. Lowering his boxer shorts he revealed his erect cock to Tracy's eyes for the firs time. She was amazed. It was a good eight inches, thick and heavily veined. She wanted it inside her.

"Fuck me you bastard, fuck me now and fuck me hard." screamed Tracy.

Cain obliged her.

He pushed the huge member into her pussy, ramming in as far as it would go. Tracy wanting more, wrapped her legs around him and urged him to push deeper.

This could not last and Cain after a few minutes, shot his load of semen, deep inside Tracy's pussy.

As he withdrew, he took his now shrinking cock and wiped the wet end over Tracy's belly, leaving smears of sticky fluid.

He got up pulled on his shorts and jeans and said "I have a bit of business to sort out, I will be about four hours."

Before Tracy could speak he said "if you want more of that, plus some little tricks I know, hang around, if not your hotel is not far away, and oh, its been nice meeting you."

With that he walked out of the door.

"Arrogant bastard" said Tracy "If he thinks I am waiting around here for him. Then he is absolutely right. I want more of that.

Cain returned three hours later, business transacted and a good few forged Euro notes in his bag.

Undoing the door to his room, he did not know if Tracy would still be there. He was delighted to see she was not only there , but she was laying naked on the bed, one hand caressing her breasts, the other between her legs, fingers slowly moving in her pussy.

"Sorry, couldn't wait any longer, so I started without you," she said in a very sultry, sexy voice.

Cain stood at the foot of the bed, not moving. "I'm hungry, want to get something to eat?

Tracy took the outer lips and pulled them apart, revealing the pink inside of her pussy, "Why not eat this." she said.

Cain needed no second invitation, he climbed onto the bed and instantly buried his head between her legs, his tongue snaking inside her, tasting her femininity for the first time.

Tracy was loving the feel of his mouth and tongue in her pussy, his stubble rubbing seductively against the soft skin of her upper thighs.

His tongue found her clitoris as his fingers began to probe deep inside her. This combined with the half hour of masturbation before he arrived, soon had Tracy's body preparing for her first orgasm.

"Oh yes, yes you bastard, there, there, that's it, oh yes, yes." she cried loudly as her orgasm raced through her body.

As Tracy lay back, recovering, Cain started to undress. Removing his T shirt, Tracy saw\he was well made, with just a trace of a belly, but quite fit in her eyes. Of course she had already seen what he hid in his trousers, but was still impressed when the big cock, standing proud and erect from his groin, was revealed.

He lay next to her on the bed, leaning over and kissing her, his tongue instantly seeking hers as their mouths merged into one.

Tracy's hand slid around the contours of his erect cock, her fingers slowly moving the skin against her soft palm, until he was rock hard.

"Your turn." said Cain, indicating with a nod of his head toward his groin.

Tracy was only to eager to oblige. She slid down and took the bulbous end between her lips. Slowly she swallowed as much of him into her mouth as would fit, before even slower, letting it slide out again. As it left her mouth she took it back into her hand and ever so slowly licked all around the rim several times, before again deep throating him.

She then took him out of her mouth and very slowly licked down the full length of him. Arriving at his balls, she took first one and then the other into her mouth, sucking hungrily on the tight orb of flesh.

Licking her way back up his shaft, Tracy again took him deep into her mouth, the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her throat. But she loved giving head and this was one cock she was going to savour, not that Cain, on the receiving end of all that pleasure was going to complain.

Tracy continued to pleasure him for a a while, thinking that he must come soon. Most guys she'd given this kind of blow-job to, had by this time either filled her mouth or come on her face or body, but not this bastard. When she looked up at him, cock still embedded in her mouth, he just smiled and said "carry on darling, you're doing just great." As instructed she carried on sucking and licking Cain's monster.

Eventually Cain lifted Tracy's head from his groin and he motioned for her to sit astride him. Tracy taking the still rock hard cock in he hand, slowly inserted it into her wet and waiting pussy. Inch by inch Cain entered her until the whole length of him was embedded deep within her. Tracy leaned forward and placed her lips on Cain's as their two bodies began to undulate in the supreme act of love between man and woman.

Tracy felt another orgasm approaching and ground her hips even more to bring forward that wonderful release. She was amazed that after all the oral and intercourse sex, Cain had still not come, or showed any signs of doing so, he was a wonderful lover.

Then almost as if on cue, as Tracy came, Cain erupted deep inside her, his body rigid as his seed continued to pump into the girl he had met only hours before.

They kissed, Cain still inside her but now shrinking fast as Tracy felt a trickle of his juice run out of her pussy and down her inner thigh. She placed a finger into the white sticky fluid and scooped a large glob onto it. Then smiling down at Cain, placed the finger in her mouth and sucked and swallowed his jizz .

Tracy wrapped herself in Cain's arms, feeling satisfied and very content and was soon in a deep sexually enhanced sleep.

She awoke to a lovely sensation. Cain was tracing patterns over her breasts with the tips of his fingers. Her nipples were hardening under his touch.

"Morning," said Cain, before bending his head and taking an erect nipple between his lips and sucking on it, flicking at the bud with his tongue.

"Mmm, that's nice," said Tracy

Cain slipped his hand down, through the nicely trimmed pubic mound and found her wetness.

"So's that." said Tracy with a little husky voice.

Cain spread her legs and easing himself onto her body, inserted his long hard member deep inside and began to fuck her in the old fashioned missionary position. Tracy wrapped her legs around him, meeting him thrust for thrust until she came. Moments later, Cain removed himself from her and ejaculated all over her pubes and belly, before rolling off her.

Tracy climbed onto him and gyrating her body over his, smeared his belly with his own juice.

"Mucky cow," he sad with a smile, "now we need a shower."

Even Cain could not get an erection again so quickly, so they contented themselves with kissing and caressing each others bodies under the jets of hot water.

They eat breakfast outside a chic café, Cain paying with his forged notes, getting good ones in return.

They did touristy stuff during the morning, including a visit to the cathedral. Here Cain added et another first to his sexual experiences.

In a quiet alcove in the building Cain pulled Tracy into an unused confessional. Quickly undoing his jeans, his erect cock was standing proud as he pushed Tracy's head down into his lap. She took him between her lips and began to suck. A few minutes later Cain had deposited a load of cum into her mouth. She licked off the residue and Cain adjusted his pants and exited from the confessional, quickly followed by Tracy.

"Forgive me father for I have sinned. I have just been sucked off in church." he whispered into Tracy's ear.

They called in a smart jeweller. Cain bought a necklace for a thousand "forged" Euros'. Crossing the road, they enjoyed a coffee, until the assistant who had served them left for lunch.

Tracy then went back, saying she hated her "surprise" gift and could she have her money back.

Insisting on a refund in a different denomination of note, Tracy walked out of the shop with a thousand "good" notes. Result.

It was a very hot day. After lunch Cain said "what do you want to do now?"

Tracy adopted a pensive look before answering, "a nice afternoon of fucking and sucking would be nice."

Cain sighed and replied "well there is not a lot else to do in this heat, so I suppose its an option"

Tracy looked amazed, she had offered him a session of unbridled sex, any man would jump at the chance, but Cain was a one off, but a bloody sexy one off.

"You are a bastard aren't you?" said Tracy rather angrily.

"If you say so." replied Cain casually, "do you want to fuck or not?"

"Of course I do, but your still a bastard."

So they went back to the hotel and Cain spent an age, covering every inch of Tracy's pussy with his lips tongue and fingers, bringing her off several times in the process. Tracy then sucked Cain's cock, trying desperately to get him to come in her mouth, but the mans power of resistance to her best efforts defied logic.

Eventually he did come, but after a conventional "doggy style" fuck. As he withdrew he splattered his jizz all over her arse and lower back.

Both collapsed and fell asleep very quickly.

It was seven o'clock. Cain stood on the balcony of his fourteenth floor hotel room and took in the magnificent view of the city. The sun was sinking in the western sky as Barcelona prepared itself for a Saturday night.

However the view that Cain appreciated most was the full head of dark hair obscuring the sight of his penis moving slowly in and out of Tracy's mouth.

He was surprised therefore when a voice came from over the partition separating the balconies.

"Beautiful view?" said the unseen voice.

"Yes very nice, very picturesque." answered Cain, trying not to convey the excitement in his voice as Tracy continued to pleasure him.

"You get some great experiences here." continued the voice from the neighbouring room.

"I can imagine." replied Cain. Then whispered under his breath, " like getting sucked off while trying to have a conversation with a stranger."

Tracy in a mischievous mood, took him out of her mouth and smiled up at him, before adding to his conversational discomfort by again taking him deep and sucking even harder.

"Well the city delights await," said Cain, almost on the point of coming in Tracy's mouth.

The voice from the next balcony said "have a good one."

At that point Cain shot a load of hot semen down Tracy's throat. She looked up opened her mouth and showed him the sticky fluid, swimming around, before swallowing the lot. She then took the still erect cock and, sucked off all the remaining cum, swallowing that as well.

Both laughing, wondering if the guy next door suspected, they showered and prepared for their last night.

Cain was splashing the "dodgy" cash. Fine food and wine at a top restaurant, pocketing the "kosher" change. They then went onto a club, before returning to the hotel about 2a.m.

Once inside the room, Cain grabbed Tracy and kissed her passionately. As they broke the kiss Cain said "strip for me, slowly seductively, sexily, strip for me."

He sat in the easy chair, obligatory Jack Daniels and coke in his hand watching Tracy begin her striptease.

She unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor. Kicking it away, she danced around him, running her fingers through his hair. Next the flimsy bra was removed, her breasts plunged into his face as she gyrated her body in his lap.

The tiny thong she wore, left nothing to the imagination as flung it aside an stood naked, except for her shoes.

"Now lay on the bed and play with yourself." commanded Cain.

Tracy lay down, her hand quickly between her legs, fingers working furiously inside her soaking pussy.

Cain reached into a bag and produced four pieces of ribbon. Taking hold of Tracy's feet, he secured them to the bed posts, quickly followed by her wrists.

"Untie me, I don't like to be tied, I like to have some control, please untie me." pleaded Tracy.

"Tough," was Cain's reply.

He lowered himself onto the bed and surprised Tracy by very gently kissing and sucking her toes. He ran his tongue along the soles of her feet, something new to her but very erotic and ticklish.

He then kissed up her legs, his stubble scratching on the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Then changing \from smooth to rough, he entered her sharply with four bunched fingers. Although she was very wet, the suddenness of the action caused her pain and she cried out.

"Bastard, that hurt." cried Tracy.

Not replying, Cain continued to work the fingers inside her pussy. Tracy was no longer complaining but whimpering with the pleasure he was now supplying.

Cain removed the fingers and placed them in front of her mouth. "suck your own cream, bitch." he snarled.

Tracy eagerly drank in the sweet juices of her own pussy from the hard, callous fingers of her car mechanic lover.

Cain reverted to gentle and covered every available inch of Tracy's skin with tiny little kisses, his tongue flicking first at the hard nub of her erect nipples, then across her belly and into the cavern of love between her legs. Tracy lost count of the orgasms this treatment had provided.

Cain then straddled her, placed a pillow under her hips and casually pushed all eight or nine inches deep inside her.

For the next few minutes he simply rammed as much of his meat into her pussy as he could. No tenderness no love, he did not care a jot for her feelings he just fucked her , hard uncaring fucking.

Tracy on the receiving end was enjoying every thrust. She was crying out more in ecstasy than pain, but all the time, she was loving the feel of this mans rock hard penis, deep inside her.

As was his talent, Cain did not come. Withdrawing from her pussy, he moved up and offered his cock to her mouth. Eagerly Tracy began to suck on the engorged organ.

She moved her head to meet his thrusts, the tip of him, pounding into the back of her throat as she gagged at the sheer size and hardness of him.

Eventually even Cain had to give into the inevitable. As he came he withdrew from her mouth and covered her face with hot, white, sticky love juice. Still unable to move Tracy let the fluid slowly trickle from her face, into her hair and onto the pillow.

Cain undid the ribbons. Tracy rubbing her wrists and ankles to get the circulation going said "you are an out and out bastard, you think you are gods gift to women, you make me sick."

Cain lay back on the pillow a big smile on his face and said "I also make you come, over and over again" pausing he continued. "And I bet you will look back in a few days time and think , that's the best sex I ever had, those few days with that bastard of a Yorkshireman."

With that he rolled over and was soon asleep.

Tracy lay, listening to the rhythm of his breathing, reluctantly agreeing that of the many times she had been fucked in her life. By a long way, he was the best. The Bastard.

They awoke early, it was Sunday morning, Tracy's flight was at noon.

Cain assumed his gentle side, they made love for the final time. Facing each other, Tracy wrapped her legs around him as he ever so slowly moved his cock inside her. They kissed a lot, something that had been missing from the previous nights sexfest.

And when he came, Cain slowly withdrew and simply said "thank you, for a wonderful three days."

As they dressed and Tracy packed her luggage. She asked "shall we keep in touch.?"

"Fuck no, no way." exclaimed Cain. "its been fun, but I never want to see you again. " He walked over, kissed her on the cheek and thrust a fifty Euro note in her hand.

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