tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 04

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 04


"Diane sure picks her time to take a holiday," said Chas Dingle as she locked the door of The Woolpack.

Her barmaid, Alicia Gallagher answered, "You can say that again, I thought they would never leave, still good for business, you must have made a few bob today."

A coachload of tourists, visiting the Dales had descended on Emmerdale's village pub and had stayed the night.

"Pour yourself a large one, you've earned it." Said Chas as she took the till drawer, bulging with notes to the office safe.

Alicia took a double shot of vodka, added ice and tonic and called "what do you want to drink?"

From the distant back of the pub, came the reply, "a very large glass of red, please"

The two settled onto a bench seat in the pub, clinked glasses and toasted their health.

"Don't you have a babysitter for Jake?" queried Chas, Jake being Alicia's eight year old son.

"No he's with his dad for a few days, so I am fancy free tonight, pity I am to knackered to do anything."

Chas looked at her employee. Nice looking girl, about 30, liked to show off her figure, her boobs were amazing and nearly always on show. Long slender legs enhanced by the mini-skirts she favored. Killer heels, which Alicia had now kicked off, completed the picture.

"How's your love life?" asked Chas

Alicia looked at the older woman and replied, "Ask my lover," said Alicia, displaying the middle two fingers of her right hand. "These are the nearest thing I have to a cock now, and it's bloody frustrating."

"Join the club, I haven't had a good shag in ages," said Chas, lying, as she was having an illicit affair with her nieces boyfriend, but Alicia was not to know.

"What about David? You share a house, isn't he interested?"

Alicia laughed, "Still moping on about that sister of mine. I would fuck him every day, but no, it's all about Leila.

Both quietly sipped at their drinks when Chas said, "What about girls, ever tried?'

Alicia was taken aback, "No, never tried, though I did have a fantasy about a teacher in school, but I was only 14, schoolgirl crush I suppose. You, have you been with another woman?"

Chas took a long drink and then said. "Once, I was in the army in Germany, we went on a weekend trip to Berlin and got roaring drunk on Schnapps and beer. I was sharing a room and a bed with another girl.

I woke in the middle of the night and she had her hand down my pants fingering me. I pretended to be asleep as she carried on. In my drunken state, I just lay there. Eventually she withdrew her hand, but then very erotically sucked her fingers coated in my juice. Next morning, neither of us mentioned a thing, and a few days later she was posted home. I never saw her again, but will never forget her."

"Wow, I never had you down as a lezzer; I thought it was cock or nothing for you."

Chas smiled at Alicia and said, "It was once, years ago, I was drunk and had my pussy violated, I did nothing but lay there and enjoyed it. So I am not a lezzer, OK?"

"Sorry boss, didn't mean to upset you, another drink?

As Alicia got up and walked across to the bar, Chas could not help but admire the young woman's body, and a thought entered her mind, wondering what Alicia Gallagher, looked like naked.

As they drank, they fantasied about their favorite celebrity men and what they would like to do to them sexually.

Both were quite merry and aroused when Chas required the bathroom urgently.

As Chas emerged from the toilet stall, she washed her hands and gazed at the image reflected in the mirror. She saw a woman approaching forty. A strong hard face, topped with a mane of black hair, the colour her own not from a bottle. She ran her hands over her large, natural breasts and felt the nipples harden as she stroked them. God Alicia was hot and she couldn't get the image of the girl out of her mind.

Alicia entered the Ladies and used the toilet. She emerged and saw Chas applying some lip gloss. She couldn't explain what happened next. Simply she coolly walked over to her boss and took Chas's hands in hers. They looked into each other's eyes and slowly moved their mouths together, lips meeting in a deep and sensual kiss.

Chas maneuvered Alicia round so the younger woman was leaning on the vanity unit. Then she kissed her again, her tongue seeking Alicia's as both women experienced lesbian kisses for the first time.

As they kissed, their hands ran over the others quite substantial breasts, causing the nipples to harden within the fabric of their bras.

The broke the kiss and smiled at each other. Chas then took a handful of Alicia's hair and ever so gently tilted her head back, exposing soft skin of her long smooth neck. Chas licked and then kissed that skin, sending shivers of delight through Alicia's body.

Chas ran her hand down Alicia's body, squeezing a breast on the way to the hem of her mini-skirt, touching the skin before the hand re-traced its route, all the time during this caress, the two women continued to feast on each other's mouths and tongues.

Alicia then placed her hands around the bottom of Chas's skirt and hoisting it slightly began to caress the backside of her boss.

"How did you know I love that" Chas whispered into Alicia's ear. Alicia responded by again forcing her lips onto Chas's and exploring her mouth with her oh so eager tongue.

"Are you sure you have never done this before?" asked Chas as Alicia's hands now stroked the skin on Chas's back.

"Quite sure, I never dreamed it would be as good as this, you are so smooth, so soft, and so fucking sexy, I love it."

Chas lifted her left leg across an Alicia's hand was soon running up and down the leg while Chas caressed her right breast and their mouths worked together in a frenzy of lip and tongue action.

Chas lifted Alicia's top and caressed her breasts, through the flimsy material of her bra. Then moving her hand down, placed it between Alicia's legs and began to slowly rub.

"Oh god, I like that" gasped Alicia, "I have always loved my pussy being played with."

They kissed for a long while, Chas's hand still rubbing the increasingly wet fabric of Alicia's pale blue panties. Then Alicia took Chas's hand and guided it into her panties, gasping as another woman's fingers found her pussy lips for the first time. Chas instinctively slid her finger into her and began a most satisfying penetration of Alicia's pussy.

Alternating between kissing Alicia's neck and mouth, Chas continued to probe deep into her barmaid, who was giving off low moaning sounds as her orgasm approached.

Chas removed her fingers and offered cum soaked digits to Alicia, who eagerly sucked the juice of her orgasm from her lover's fingers.

"I haven't come like that in years, you sexy bitch" said Alicia as she came down from the orgasm and started to kiss Chas deeply again.

"I must admit I enjoyed it as well, something I thought I would never do, bring another woman off with just a couple of fingers.

Then Chas lifted Alicia's top, revealing a pale blue bra of very flimsy material. The girl's large hard nipples were clearly visible. Chas buried her face in the ample cleavage, before gently biting on first the left then the right nipple, through the fabric.

Then trailing her tongue down across Alicia's hard flat stomach, she poked her tongue into the pierced belly button and then slowly kissed her way back to Alicia's waiting lips.

Lifting Alicia onto the unit, Chas began to grind her hip into the region of Alicia's pussy. The younger woman responded by grabbing Chas's arse cheeks and pulled her closer, as they kissed deeply, she experienced her second orgasm.

Chas helped her down; taking her hand she said "Time for bed" and led her through the pub and upstairs to her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Chas lay Alicia on her large double bed. Her legs apart showing her damp panties, her top pulled right up revealing the matching blue bra containing breasts just waiting to be kissed and sucked.

Chas slowly removed Alicia's shoes and kneeling on the bed took her right leg and brought the foot up her mouth. She then began to suck very softly and seductively on the other girl's toes.

"I have always had a thing about toes being sucked, mine usually, but this is my first time with another female. You don't mind, do you?"

Alicia's soft moans, her eyes shut in ecstasy gave Chas her answer.

Chas licked the big toe, then took each of the others between her lips slowly sucking them as a really turned on Alicia, massaged her own breasts, her mind racing with the thoughts of what else her boss had in store for her. Chas repeated the exquisite treatment to the toes on the other foot.

Then placing herself between the splayed legs, Chas again found Alicia's mouth with her and the two women kissed hard and long, tongues entwining in a frenzy of lesbian lust.

Chas lifted herself into a kneeling position and slowly lifted the red knitted top she was wearing. Alicia gasped as Chas quickly removed her bra, exposing her large breasts to her lover's eyes for the first time.

Chas massaged her breasts and simply said, "Well?"

Alicia smiled up at her and replied, "They are magnificent, real or silicon?"

"Real, you cheeky mare, always been my best asset, driven men wild for years, now it's your turn." With that she lowered herself and began kissing Alicia again.

As they kissed Alicia slid her fingers over the side of Chas's breast, feeling the soft tissue of another woman's breasts for the first time, she liked it.

Alicia had loosened the zip in Chas's skirt and was trying to slide it off. Chas moved off the bed and slipped out of the skirt. She was left standing there in just a tiny red thong.

"Turn round" ordered Alicia. As Chas turned Alicia crawled across the bed and began to kiss the plump cheeks of Chas's arse, sliding her tongue over the smooth skin.

Chas knelt on the bed, while Alicia took her breasts in her hand and began to kiss the large red nipples, which instantly became stiff under Alicia's probing tongue and soft lips. Alicia continued to kiss and lick the twin orbs as naturally as if she had always given pleasure this way, not for the very first time.

Chas reached down and lifted Alicia's gold sparkly top, saying, "You have far too many clothes on."

She took the straps of Alicia's bra and pulled her face forward into the chasm between her breasts, where Alicia again began to kiss the soft skin. As she did so, Chas reached behind her and undid the clip on Alicia's bra and very slowly removed it. Taking another woman's breast in her hand for the first time sent shivers of delight through her entire body.

The two kissed again, this time breast was crushed against breast, hard nipple against hard nipple bringing both the most intense pleasure.

Chas laid Alicia on her back, gazing at her breasts rising and falling with each breathe. "God, you are fucking gorgeous and those boobs, wow."

Alicia was wearing a black mini-skirt which Chas quickly removed quickly followed by the pale blue panties. Alicia was naked.

After more kissing Chas moved down and began to suck hungrily on the beautiful pink nipples of her barmaid. Alternating between the right and left breasts, then to the neck and lips, Chas's mouth was a smooth object of sheer pleasure.

Alicia said "Get naked with me; I want to see you naked."

Chas obliged by slipping off her thong. To Alicia's surprise, Chas, unlike her who kept it trimmed in a natural triangle, had shaved off all her pubic hair; her pussy lips were clearly exposed.

As they kissed, Alicia could not resist the temptation to slide her hand down and began to rub between Chas's legs, not inserting fingers, simply rubbing over the pubic mound and below. Chas was in heaven as she sucked hard on Alicia's tongue, which was playing wonderful games inside her mouth.

Chas then lifted her body over Alicia's in such a way that that their pussy's could rub together, the soft lips coated with the fluids they had created, were sliding over each other, bringing both women to the point of orgasm.

They came at the same time, both screaming loudly as their joint venture paid off with a climax that rocked them through ever square centimeter of their bodies.

"Fuck me where did that come from?" said Chas, finally regaining her breath.

"I don't know, but I know it's the best for years, if not ever." Replied an equally breathless Alicia.

"I didn't think that was possible without a cock inside you, just goes to show, you don't need a man?" said Chas.

Lying side by side, they played with each other, breasts, nipples and pussies were all rubbed with the gentle caresses of exploratory fingers.

Recovered, Chas rolled onto Alicia and began an intense bout of kissing; tongues dueled inside their mouths as the fought to give the other the ultimate in girl on girl kisses.

Chas moved down and took Alicia's left nipple between her lips. Slowly her tongue began to swirl around the nub of pleasure as it hardened beneath her touch.

Caressing both, Chas licked over the soft yet firm contours of Alicia's breasts, her tongue sweeping across the flesh as she brought moans of delight from the other girl.

"God they are so wonderful, just perfect." Said Chas before taking the breasts into her hands again, nipping the nipples between her teeth, an act the brought squeals of delight from Alicia.

Chas moved down and spent some time licking in and around Alicia's pierced belly button, another act that brought immense pleasure to both women.

By this time Alicia was really aroused and now desperately wanted Chas to lick her pussy. She gently placed her hand on the top of Chas's head and with little force pushed her down to the object of both their desires.

Chas needed no encouragement and moved down. She moved her lips over Alicia's pubic hair and then onto her inner thigh. Slowly she let her tongue slide over the soft skin up to the knee. She repeated the journey several times, each time getting closer to Alicia's hot, wet and now oh so suckable pussy.

Chas in a really low and very sexy voice asked, "Do you want me to lick your pussy?"

"Oh yes, please, now, please now"

Chas had always loved cunnilingus; several of her men had actually been quite good at it. But this was different, this time she was the provider of the pleasure.

Likewise Alicia loved to have her pussy sucked and licked and she was eagerly awaiting Chas's tongue to enter her most personal place.

Chas hesitated at the lips, taking in the musky aroma coming from within Alicia. Then she slowly allowed her tongue to lick along the puckered outer lips, sending shivers of delight through Alicia, before gently parting the lips to expose the pale inside.

She began to lick, savoring the smooth skin and slightly sweet taste of this wonderful woman's vagina.

Holding hands, fingers entwined, Chas licked slowly up and down the length of Alicia, who was in another place altogether, her body racked with pleasure as Chas continued to do the most magical things to her.

Chas could sense Alicia was near to coming again and increased the attention she was giving to her clitoris.

"Oh my god, yes, there, yes, oh my god, yes, yes, yes."

Alicia came, her juices coated Chas's lips and she took fluid into her mouth. Seconds later, the smeared lips were on Alicia's as the younger woman tasted herself on Chas's lips.

They kissed, then Chas again started to kiss and lick Alicia's breasts, she couldn't get enough of the sexy barmaid.

"Turn over; I want to kiss your arse." Chas commanded Alicia was only too eager to comply.

With her body slightly raised and her legs apart, Alicia felt Chas's tongue begin to move slowly across her backside. It felt wonderful.

Chas licked all over the tight twin cheeks before licking the pussy, fully exposed to her and then moving up to the small hole of Alicia's anus and planting small tip of the tongue licks in that place. This was new to Alicia and she loved it.

With her own finger on her clitoris and Chas's tongue slowly licking her pussy and anus, Alicia came again. Chas did not break her rhythm as Alicia's body shook with the intensity of her orgasm.

Alicia lay back, arms spread welcoming her lover into them. Chas obliged.

Chas was now on her back with Alicia straddled across her. Alicia reached down and soon her fingers were very active within Chas's pussy as Chas played with her breasts.

Alicia finger fucked Chas until the boss woman came, screaming out loud as her climax roared through her.

It was a night of sex they would never forget.

Later, wrapped in each other's arms, snuggled warmly beneath the duvet, exchanging kisses, Alicia asked. "Would now be a good time to ask for a raise?"

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