tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 05

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 05


In a remote part of Home Farm Estate, the owner Declan Macey was collecting his rent from the estranged wife of the ex- vicar, Laurel Thomas.

They were in the front seat of the estate's 4X4 and Declan had his tongue gently lapping the smooth skin of Laurel's neck as his hand caressed her naked breast.

Laurel was short of money and Declan had suggested that she should pay the rent "in kind" so for three months they had climbed into the 4X4 driven to this secluded spot and had sex.

Declan had a very active sex life with his live in lover, Katie Sugden, but the sessions with a very frustrated Laurel were a bonus.

Since her split with her husband and the brief lesbian experiment with Nicola King, her best friend, Laurel had been starved of physical sex and was beginning to enjoy the illicit meetings with her landlord.

On their second encounter, Declan had asked Laurel if next time she could wear stockings and a suspender belt, something she had not done since her teenage years. Now she felt a thrill as Declan's hand ran across the smooth nylon up her leg and then began to caress the soft skin of her upper thigh.

As he did so, he moved his mouth from her neck and kissed her long and deep, his tongue finding hers and they began a sort of dance of passion with wet flailing tongues.

Declan's hand reached the damp fabric of her panties and pulled them aside effortlessly sliding a finger into her wet, welcoming pussy.

Laurel moaned lowly and simply said, "Oh yes" as his fingers probed the soft flesh inside her.

Declan lifted her right leg over his shoulder and eased himself down between her thighs. Holding back her panties, he quickly begins to suck on her puckered lips, thrusting his tongue inside her, his hand tweaking a nipple already hard in anticipation of the passion she knows is coming soon.

Laurel was feeling completely wanton, here she was her legs wide apart on the front seat of her landlord's car with him sucking her pussy and bringing her close to the orgasm that she knew was to follow his expert attention to her most sensitive areas.

Laurel's orgasm was one of the most enjoyable for ages; she came long and hard, filling Declan's mouth with the resulting fluid dripping between her lips.

Declan transferred some of her fluid onto her breasts and then her lips as he traced his tongue up her body.

Declan was wearing a suit, as he was supposed to be in a meeting. Laurel tugged at the belt on his trousers and as Declan sank back into the seat, unzipped his fly and reaching inside his shorts, lifted out his cock and began to stroke.

Laurel swung her body round, her arse pressing into the vehicles window she lowered her lips onto Declan's erect penis. Licking at the bulbous head her tongue lapping around the flesh as her hand continued on it's up and down motion on the rest of his now fully erect cock.

Laurel deep throated him, something he particularly loved her doing. Then her hand holding him, she licked down the length and took both of his tight balls into her mouth in turn. Then licking back up the shaft again took his full length deep into her mouth.

Laurel had discovered that Declan liked dirty talk while she licked him and so began.

"What's it feel like, a vicar's wife sucking your cock?"

Declan, in a state of pure pleasure could only mumble an incomprehensible reply.

"I bet that little bitch Katie, doesn't give as good head as I do, does' she?" Laurel continued, knowing she was sending her landlord crazy. "I bet she doesn't wear suspenders for you, to prim and proper, not little Miss Sunshine. You need a real woman to satisfy you, not some little tart from the village. I bet you wish the rent was due weekly, not monthly, then you could fuck me more often, you would like that wouldn't you?"

Mentally Declan disagreed with most of what Laurel was saying, Katie was very adventurous in her sexual favours, but the words coming from the mouth, now sucking on his cock again, were a turn on and he could only beg for more.

As Laurel continued to inflict the most exquisite pleasure, Declan again pulled aside her pink panties and inserted a finger into Laurel's soaking pussy. A second finger soon joined in and the Irishman began to finger fuck the woman, while she continued to suck hungrily on his now rock hard flesh.

Reluctantly, Declan lifted Laurel's head from his groin and said "Tree time."

Laurel said, "Good, my favourite" and reaching behind her opened the door and began to back out of the vehicle, but not before planting a sloppy wet kiss right on the head of Declan's still rock hard cock.

Meanwhile back at Home Farm, Katie has just stepped out of the shower and after drying herself slipped into a silk robe and began ironing the white blouse she intended wearing to the meeting with Declan's sister Megan at lunchtime in The Woolpack.

She phoned Declan on his mobile, but it went straight to voicemail. "He must be busy," she said to herself.

Declan was certainly otherwise engaged.

Laurel, now naked from the waist up was leaning against a tree, her skirt was bunched around her waist as a still fully dressed Declan, fucked her furiously from behind.

His hands alternated between cupping her breasts and smoothly running over the skin between her stocking tops and the twin cheeks of her arse, between which his rampant cock was still pumping.

Laurel, although hating herself for having to resort to sex to pay the rent, loved every minute of Declan forcing himself onto her. Ashley had been a kind and gentle lover, but the sheer animal magnetism of the millionaire business man was such a turn on.

As Declan started to come, Laurel quickly dropped to her knees and cupping his balls with one hand she

Began to rub vigorously with the other, until his load was splashing over her face. As he began to go limp, she took him into her mouth and sucked the last dredges of his cum.

Declan casually did up his zip, pulled out his mobile and within seconds was making business calls, while Laurel was smoothing down her skirt and replacing her bra she thought "Cold hearted bastard" then added, "But what a fuck."

Back at Home Farm, Katie was making final arrangements with Megan for lunch when Declan came in through the kitchen door. Although he had been making love to Laurel only half hour before, the sight of his young lover in the silk robe inflamed him.

He reached out and pulled Katie towards him, then turning her round slipped the silk from her and cupped her taut young breasts in each hand, his mouth finding the exact spot on her neck that he knew drove her crazy.

His hand slid down and a finger entered her. He took the finger and sucked off the moisture he had extracted.

Declan then released the knot holding the robe, which fell to the floor. Leaving Katie standing naked in front of him. A gentle pressure on her shoulder told her what he wanted next as she sank to her knees.

Quickly undoing his fly, she eagerly began sucking on his cock. It was something she loved doing especially with a man as well-endowed as Declan.

As Katie continued to suck him, Declan wondered if she could taste Laurel's pussy juice on the cock, which only 30 or so minutes ago was deep inside the vicar's ex-wife.

Declan's trousers fell around his ankles and after kicking off his shoe's he stepped out of them. Katie continued to suck him as he stripped off his jacket, shirt and tie.

Katie was covering every square inch of his cock with her mouth, tongue and lips until she looked up at him and said simply, "Fuck me."

Katie stood and then climbed onto the marble worktop, the cold material sending shivers across the skin of her arse. She spread her legs and reaching down pulled aside the outer lips of her pussy and waited for the moment of pure joy when her lover entered her.

Declan gazed down at the beauty before him. Blond hair, pretty face, slim but shapely figure, long legs, a neatly trimmed feminine triangle of blond pubic hair and those lips he could not ever get enough of. He sank himself deep inside her with one movement. Then withdrew until he was almost out, hesitated a second before again ramming his hard cock back into her oh so wet and inviting pussy.

Katie soon came, but Declan having fucked Laurel earlier felt as if he could last forever. He turned Katie and began to fuck her from behind, instantly creating another orgasm.

Finally with his stamina waning, he came, he came deep inside Katie as she wanted, he had found out she was not one for messy facials and cum smothered boobs or arse.

From the moment of his entering the kitchen, apart from Katie's request, not a word had passed between them.

They kissed and began to dress.

The two lovers were unaware that Declan's sister Megan had witnessed the whole thing through a concealed window she had discovered in the kitchen. Her lunch with Katie would be a little more interesting now.

Megan was Declan's younger half-sister. A tall striking looking brunette in her late thirties, she and Katie had not got on at first, but now they were much closer and almost friends.

The lunch turned into a boozy affair with much wine consumed.

As they contemplated another bottle, Megan casually asked, "Have you ever watched a couple fucking?"

Katie was taken aback and laughed, "We've all watched porn, so yes."

"No, I don't mean porn, I mean actually there, watching in the room."

Katie replied, "Why have you?

Megan smiled, wondering whether to spill the beans on what she had witnessed in the kitchen earlier. But she held her tongue and said, "Oh yes, when we lived in Singapore, it was so exciting, so voyeuristic, I could come, just looking."

Megan looked over the pub and spotted Victoria Sugden and her boyfriend Alex looking very hungrily at each other, teenage hormones raging. Whether it was the wine, or what she had witnessed earlier, Megan had a very naughty thought.

She walked over to the table the two teens were sharing and casually asked, "Do you want to earn £100?"

At 18 that amount of money was more than Victoria could earn in a week at Pollard's B&B.

"What do we have to do to get it?" asked Alex in his thick Liverpool accent.

Megan very casually said, "Just fuck, take Victoria upstairs to her room, strip her naked and fuck her brains out."

Both the teenagers laughed and said in unison, "Get lost."

A persistent Megan carried on, "Look you are going to fuck this afternoon, correct?"

"Well that was the plan," replied Victoria.

"So why not make some nice money while you enjoy yourselves?"

"What's the catch? Asked Alex

Megan swallowed and said," Me and Katie will be watching, no joining in, just watching."

Both laughed again and said "No way, never"

Megan replied, "£ 500, cash" and walked back over to Katie

"What was that about? Asked Katie.

"Just fixing up a little entertainment for later,"

Megan could see Victoria and Alex deep in conversation and knew they could not afford to turn down such an amount of cash.

Alex came over and said whispered in Megan's ear, "Vicky's bedroom, 10 minutes, OK."

Katie looked on as the two youngsters hand in hand left the bar and climbed the stairs.

Ten minutes later, Megan and Katie followed them, Katie still unaware of the plan.

She could not believe her eyes on entering the room. Victoria was on her back, legs spread wide with her boyfriend moving his quite substantial cock effortlessly in and out of her pussy.

She turned to leave, but Megan held her arm tightly and said, "Stay and enjoy."

Katie reluctantly stood next to Megan and though repulsed, found she could not take her eyes off the young couple on the bed.

Alex continued to fuck Victoria, who was responding very vocally, imploring him to do things to her that in turn, added to the voyeurism of Megan and Katie.

Katie could not believe that she was witnessing such an exhibition; even more unbelievable was that she was beginning to enjoy it.

On the bed, Alex had turned Victoria round and started to take her "doggy" style. Victoria's vocals became so loud; Megan and Katie were convinced that the customers downstairs in the pub could hear every sound.

Katie stood arms folded, still transfixed, but Megan had undone the button on her trousers and her hand was down the front inside, quite visibly masturbating.

Alex flipped Victoria onto her back once more, giving the two women a great view of her pussy. For a young woman, the two were both surprised at the amount of pubic hair she had, it was dark brown and very thick and extensive, as if she had never shaved or trimmed. In between the forest of hair, the pussy lips glistened with the fluid's already produced. Alex turned to the two, smiled and in one movement thrust his rock hard cock deep inside Victoria, causing her to scream out loudly.

A few minutes later, Alex withdrew and Victoria scrambled to her knees just in time for the first ejaculated fluid to splash onto her chin and drip slowly onto her breasts.

She took the cock in her hand and as the rest of his cum seeped out, rubbed the organ all over her face coating it in her lover's sperm. To finish she took him deep in her mouth, to ensure she did not waste a drop.

As the two teens fell back onto the bed, Megan casually withdrew an envelope from her bag and placed it on the dresser.

Taking Katie by the hand, she turned and left the room.

Alex and Victoria, still naked, opened the envelope and instantly started to strew the £20 notes all over the bed, rolling around on the cash, like two kids.

Outside, Megan asked, "Well?"

"I enjoyed it, it was so unexpected, and I see where you are coming from, if you will excuse the pun. It was a real turn on." Replied a very flushed Katie. She continued "I may go home now and fuck your brother,"

"Can I watch" said Megan with a laugh.

That weekend, Declan was hosting a party for some business associates. Megan used this as an excuse to go shopping for a new dress in nearby Leeds. She persuaded Katie to come along for a surprise.

After mornings shopping Megan took Katie to a top rated City Centre hotel for lunch. To Katie's astonishment, Megan had booked a room and lunch was to be by room service.

As the knock came on the door and the voice called "Room service" Megan said to Katie, "Quick into the bathroom, don't make a sound and just watch."

"But," spluttered Katie.

"No but's, just get in there and watch."

Katie hurried into the bathroom and left the door slightly ajar, giving a view of the room through a large mirror. What she saw astonished her.

At first Megan was talking to the guy who had brought the lunch trays. He was young, about 20 and looked slightly Latin, Spanish or Italian perhaps. He was dressed in the hotel staff uniform and looked quite attractive to Katie.

Then Megan put her arms around him and pulled him towards her in a kiss. The young waiter seemed to fight her off, but eventually after a few seconds began to kiss her with great fervor, their mouths moulding together as they worked frantically, one engulfing the other.

Megan was wearing a loose fitting skirt. She turned around and bent over the writing desk in the room, hitched up her skirt and invited the waiter to enter her from behind.

He quickly undid his zip and produced as nice a cock as Katie had seen in a while. Declan was large, but this Latino boy was long, thick and just dark enough to be really exotic.

He rubbed his hands over the cheeks of Megan's arse then probed into her pussy with a finger before inserting his long cock straight in up to the hilt, Causing Megan to call out, either in pain or pleasure.

As the waiter continued to thrust into her, Megan caught sight of Katie watching through the mirror and gave her a really big smile, as if to say "enjoying me getting fucked?"

Megan twisted her head and with her hand pulled the waiters mouth to hers again and they kissed. He maneuvered her round and as he sat on the chair, Megan impaled herself on his rod and began to move it rapidly deep inside her.

Katie instinctively undid the button at the top of her slacks and her hand slid down inside her damp panties. Her fingers were soon at work easing between her lips and stroking her clitoris as she gazed open mouthed at the site of Megan fucking the waiter.

Megan dropped to her knees and took the young man into her mouth. She started to suck and lick around the large purple head before swallowing most of the rigid flesh deep into her throat. Gagging, she withdrew the cock and licked her way down to the tight balls and lovingly sucked on them.

Katie was in such a state of arousal that she wanted desperately to run into the room and take the cock, now back in Megan's mouth into her own. But she resisted, knowing that Megan was putting on this show, for her to watch.

Megan stood and grabbing hold of the waiters erect cock, led him over to the bed. Katie had to adjust her angle to see the bed, but was soon observing Megan, her legs wrapped around his waist, urging him to fuck her as hard as he could. The young man was doing his best to oblige, his penis going like a piston in and out of the pussy until finally he tensed and Katie assumed he had deposited a large amount of his sperm deep inside Megan.

After a few seconds they climbed from the bed and straitening their clothes, kissed once more. Megan went to her purse and handed the waiter a £50 tip.

Katie thought to herself, "He must think all his birthdays have come at once."

Megan called, "You can come out now."

Katie emerged from the bathroom with a big smile on her face. "Megan Macy, you sexy fucking bitch. That was amazing, I have never been so turned on, I was working my pussy frantically and I came twice."

"Glad you enjoyed it, now how about lunch?" replied Megan "Oh and by the way, you now owe me one, I was thinking of Lady Rowena."

Katie looked at her in amazement. "You serious? Rowena is a rampant lesbian, everyone knows it."

"I know, and wouldn't she just love to get into the panties of her riding instructor?"

A flustered Katie said, "You're forgetting one thing, I am not gay, I've never been with a woman and have no intention of doing so."

"You know that Grey mare you are wanting, well it could be arranged, if." Megan said smiling.

Katie replied, "You think money can get you anything don't you?"

"It usually can, besides, you owe me and another thing, Rowena is very good, you will enjoy it."

"No way, not ever, no." protested Katie.

Megan just smiled and said, "We'll see."

Katie made love to Declan that night with great intensity, the images of his sister fucking the waiter always in the front of her mind as she experienced several very satisfying orgasms. However when she slept, her dreams were not of Declan, Megan or the waiter. It was Lady Rowena Huntley that filled her unconscious mind and kept her hand firmly between her legs.

Rowena had been receiving riding lessons from Katie for about two months after being introduced to her by Megan. She was the daughter of a landowner and quite an attractive blonde in her late thirties.

She had a lesson booked for today, which Megan reminded Katie of over breakfast.

As Katie was preparing the horses Megan came by and said, "I will be in the old gamekeepers hut, ride by there and entertain me with Rowena."

Katie was still very reluctant to comply, but that morning when dressing, had slipped on a sexy white lacy bra instead of the sports one she normally wore for riding and fairly flimsy panties instead of the "comfy" passion killers. Subconsciously she was ready to take the step into lesbian sex.

Rowena arrived in her flash sports car and greeted Katie with a kiss on both cheeks and a more than friendly hug.

As usual she was wearing a full dress riding outfit and as expected, and paid for, Katie was similarly attired.

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