tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 07

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 07


"Oh shit, that's all I need," said Charity Sharma to herself.

She was driving to Leeds for a business meeting when the local radio station gave the news that the route she had planned to take was closed due to a major traffic accident.

Luckily being born and bred in the area, she knew all the short cuts and a very rarely used local road was coming up in about a mile.

She accelerated the new Mercedes her husband Jai had given her for her birthday and in a few minutes was turning into the little used side road.

She remembered fondly the great sex she had with Jai when she rewarded him for the gift. She swung the car around the twisting road, it was great fun and Charity was really enjoying herself. However she did not anticipate a rather sharp corner and found herself struggling to keep control as the car slid sideways and collided with a small tree. Unhurt, she climbed out of the driver's seat and surveyed the damage. A bent wing and a front wheel at a really funny angle did not look good.

She pulled out her mobile phone and was dismayed to see she could not get a signal.

The road was really out of the way and never very busy, she had no alternative but to walk back to the main road, or somewhere she could phone for help.

The high heeled shoes and natty business suit with a very tight skirt did not help as she walked down the road.

Then she heard the sound of an engine in the distance. "Thank you god, please let them be coming this way" she pleaded. The sound grew louder and Charity's hopes began to rise with the ever increasing sound.

The black BMW pulled in behind her car and the driver stepped out. Charity let out a groan. "Oh no," she said as her cousin and former lover Cain Dingle stood with his hands on his hips and a large smirk on his face.

Charity and Cain went back a long way. First cousins, they had first had sex in their early teen years. Charity had given birth to Debbie at 13, so though only in their late thirties, they were grandparents. The relationship had always been very volatile, but incredibly passionate and very sexual most of the time.

"Well, well Mrs Sharma what do we have here?" he asked

"Can you fix it for me, or get me to a place where I can get a phone signal?"

Cain walked around the car, shook his head and said. "Needs a tow truck, new wing, new bearings, going to cost hubby a pretty penny."

Charity replied "It doesn't matter about the money, can you get me to a phone?"

"I can, for a price."

Charity knew that look on his face and immediately guessed what the price would be. "No way" she said.

Cain started to walk back to his car. He opened the door and said. "This valley is about 3 miles long, if you set off now you should get a signal in about an hour and a half." Then glancing at her shoes said "Better make that three hours walking in them." He climbed into the car and started the engine.

Charity was caught between a rock and a hard place. She surveyed her options. Either walk 3 miles in impossibly high heels to reach a place where she may get a signal, or a quick fuck with Cain and be on her way within the hour.

She had sworn never again to go near her cousin, but smiled to herself and remembered what an artist Cain was when it came to sex. She stepped into the road in front of the slow moving car, raised her hand and then after retrieving her laptop and briefcase, climbed into the passenger seat.

Cain gave her that cheeky smile, the one he used when he had got his own way with her.

"Better make this quick, I have to be in Leeds at two-thirty, looks like a train now, unless."

"Don't push your luck darling," said Cain as he accelerated down the road.

Charity's skirt had ridden up as Cain's hand dropped onto her knee, then upwards towards the junction of her thighs. His finger ran along the fabric of her panties and he was pleased to note they were a little damp.

Cain drove for about 2 miles before swinging off the road and down a dis-used farmers track.

Charity guessed their destination. "Why you old romantic, you." She said as Cain pulled to a stop outside an old ruin of a barn.

"You remember then?" Cain asked as they got out of the car.

"A girl always remembers her first time, god is it 25 years ago?" said Charity.

The cousins had cycled to this remote ruin one summer afternoon all those years ago, stripped naked and made love. It was the first of many times until Charity fell pregnant with their daughter Debbie.

Cain pulled her towards him and kissed her hard. She responded as she always did to his assertiveness by sliding her tongue into his mouth, seeking his.

She thought to herself that what she was about to do was so wrong, but she had been unable to resist him for as long as she could remember.

Cain slipped her jacket from her shoulders and began to caress her breasts through the fabric of her blouse and bra.

As much as Charity hated cheating on her husband, she could not resist Cain when he was in this mood.

He started to pull at the buttons on her blouse, but Charity stopped him before he could rip them off and slowly and seductively unfastened her blouse and dropped it on the seat.

Cain buried his head between her breasts, kissing and licking the swell and cleavage. As he did so, Charity reached behind and released her bra. Cain immediately took as much of the breast as he could into his mouth. His tongue working the nipple to an amazing hardness within seconds.

While Charity had always loved her breasts played with and massaged, the business woman in her took over and she needed to be in Leeds for the meeting. The only way was to satisfy Cain as soon as possible.

She twisted round and sat in the driver's seat of the BMW. Cain smiled. He knew that look on her face and turned towards her. She reached for the belt on his jeans and slowly undid it. The zip on his fly was eased down. Charity's hand slid into the opening of his boxer's and she grabbed the flesh that was so familiar to her touch.

She pulled his cock free and began to rub the skin with her practiced hand. Almost instantly he became erect and Charity took the head into her mouth. The feeling was so familiar. From the first time as a young inexperienced girl all those years ago to now, she loved the feel of Cain's thickly veined penis in her mouth.

She took his full length, she licked up and down the same length, licked and sucked on his balls and then sucked some more. She loved giving head to her cousin again after such a long time.

Cain was equally happy. From that first blow job Charity had given him at 13, he had lost count of the number of woman who had fallen for his bad boy image and swallowed his meat and the accompanying fluid. But he had to admit Charity was right up there with the best of them. He never tired of looking at that blonde haired top bobbing away as his cock slid in and out of her mouth.

As much as Charity was enjoying being reacquainted with Cain's cock, she was aware that time was marching on if she was going to get to her appointment in Leeds.

She stood, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She was wearing black lacy panties which she slipped off. Cain noticed that she had shaved off her pubic hair and was bald as a baby down there.

"I guess Mr Sharma likes the young look does he?" Smirked Cain.

Charity opened up the rear door of the car, lay on the back seat and said, "Are you going to fuck me then?"

He did not need asking twice.

Charity lay back on the rear seat, spread her legs and waited for the familiar sensation of Cain entering her. As he did so her mind flashed back to that first time. She thought he would split her in two with something that big, but after the initial thrust had taken her hymen, she lay back and enjoyed it, she had enjoyed being fucked ever since.

As Cain thrust into the familiar pussy, he to thought about that first time, how he had told he she was his first but lied, his sister Chas had given into his charms weeks before.

Now with Charity urging him on he increased the effort to satisfy her. He had always had the knack of being able to keep going for ages, much to the delight of his many lovers, but not for the one on the receiving end at the moment, he knew she was in a hurry and wanted him to shoot his load into her and get it over with.

"Oh my god I had forgotten how good you are, come on make me come, fill me" Charity was doing all she could to finish him off, but Cain just maintained his steady rhythm pushing himself deep inside his cousin.

Charity had her first orgasm, a nice warm feeling racing through her body. She relaxed slightly but Cain just carried on pushing home his cock into her now extremely wet pussy.

"Fuck me harder you bastard." Shrilled Charity as orgasm number two hit her. She thrust her hips upwards encouraging Cain to finish, but to no avail. He just kept up the relentless rhythm with a large smile on his face. Normally Charity would have loved him or any man to be able to control himself in such a way, but she needed to be in Leeds by 2.30.

"For fucks sake Cain, just blow your load, I'm in a fucking hurry here."

"How romantic." He replied, and then added, "Where do you want it?"

"I don't care, just get on with it."

Cain increased the speed of his insertions and was soon almost ready. At the point of ejaculation he pulled out of Charity's pussy and sent a stream of his jizz all over the clean white blouse on the floor of the car.

He stood and pulled on his trousers.

Looking down at the semen soaked blouse, Charity said, "You bastard, this cost me sixty quid and now it's ruined."

"You said anywhere, that seemed as good a place as any." He laughed as he handed her the black panties. "Better get these on if we need to get to Leeds in time."

"You're taking me then?"

"Least a gentleman can do for a lady in distress."

He climbed into the driver's seat and sped off down the road.

In the back Charity was wiping the fluid off her blouse with the only thing she had, her panties. "I will have to go commando to the meeting now." She said.

"Give him a Sharon Stone flash and you are sure to get the contract."

An hour later, Cain pulled into the car park in Leeds.

Charity made her meeting just in time. The suggestion of Cain's worked and she walked out with a new contract.

To her surprise, Cain was still waiting in the car park.

"Thought you might want a quickie on the way home." He said.

"Fuck off, you horny bastard, I've rung Jai, he is picking me up."

"Well until the next time then." Said Cain, as he started the engine.

"There won't be a next time; today was it, you and me over, get it?"

Cain laughed and said "If you say so."

They both knew it wasn't over.

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