tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 08

Emmerdale Sex Stories Ch. 08


The Woolpack was very busy. A party on a day's outing to the Dales had called in for drinks, although Diane was pleased with the takings, she was really struggling to keep up with the service.

She was pleased therefore when Moira Barton came through the door. Moira was planning to have a few drinks after an exhausting day, trying to keep her farm going through some tough times.

"Am I glad to see you" said Diane "Remember how to pull a pint?"

Moira, who used to work at the pub replied, "I was looking for a quiet night, but it looks as if you need a hand"

"You're a star" said a grateful Diane as Moira got behind the bar began to serve some

Very thirsty customers.

After closing time, Diane after pouring herself a rather large glass of red wine went into the back to cash up the very substantial takings, leaving Moira alone in the bar with Victoria, Diane's step daughter, who had been collecting and washing the glasses.

Moira and Victoria did not get on. This followed Moira's brief but passionate fling with Victoria's boyfriend Alex.

"Want a drink?" Victoria asked in a rather off putting way.

"A large whiskey, please, no ice" Moira was Scottish and enjoyed her counties national drink.

"Want malt?" Victoria asked, to Moira's surprise as she was partial to the smoother taste of the single whiskey.

Victoria dispensed the drinks and placed the glasses on the bar. Moira picked up the glass savouring the colour and smell of the malt whiskey and touched her glass on Victoria's which contained some concoction of her own making, but it was rather blue and looked very exotic.

"Cheers" they said in unison.

"Why did you steal Alex from me?" asked Victoria.

"How many times, you were not together, he told me you had split up, anyway it was just a bit of fun."

"For you perhaps, not much fun for me home alone with my vibrator while you had Alex inside you."

"Look it's in the past, let's let just be friends and get on with our lives," said Moira.

Victoria took a large swallow of her drink and said, "Ok, fine by me, want another?"

She stepped behind the bar and fixed two more drinks.

They sat facing each other on the bar stools and Moira was puzzled by the way the eighteen year old girl was looking at her.

Then Victoria broke a long silence by saying, "Fuck Alex" as she finished of her drink in one go.

Moira laughed and said "I think we both did that didn't we?"

Victoria laughed and said "You are alright you know, I don't know whether it's the booze, but I seem to like you."

With that she leaned forward and placed her lips on Moira's. Moira was taken aback, but had to admit to herself that she had enjoyed the feel and taste of Victoria's lips on hers, however fleetingly.

The moment was interrupted by Diane re-emerging from the back, to announce that she was going to bed and asked Victoria to lock up and set the alarms.

"Night" said Diane as she climbed the stairs.

The other two echoed the phrase and looked at each other, not knowing how they would react next.

Victoria took the lead. Kissing Moira full on the lips, mouth slightly opened and her tongue barely touching the older woman's.

Moira did not how to respond. She had never kissed another woman, but the taste of this young girl was so sweet she gave into desire and returned the kiss with some passion.

"Take me upstairs." Victoria whispered as she reluctantly slid her lips away from Moira.

"What about Diane?" queried Moira.

"Her room is at the other end of the pub, she will be fast asleep already, and we will be fin, besides I don't want to fuck Diane." Victoria said. Then with a sheepish grin asked, "You do want to fuck with me don't you?"

"Oh yes" said Moira.

They climbed the stairs and entered Victoria's bedroom. It was quite girly, much like the rooms of her two daughters, who were around Victoria's age.

When this thought entered her mind, she almost changed her mind but the sight of the young woman, sprawled on her double bed, quickly banished thoughts of Holly and Hannah from her mind.

Victoria had removed her jeans and lay on the bed, her legs splayed wide, the tiny pair of white panties catching Moira's eye as Victoria held her arms out to welcome her new lover.

Moira lay on top of Victoria and pressed her lips against the young girls. Victoria opened her mouth and allowed Moira's tongue to slide into it. They kissed long and they kissed hard, Moira experiencing the lips and tongue of another woman for the first time. While Victoria had enjoyed lesbian sex with Amy, Moira was a wonderful kisser, who even with such early kisses was making her panties damp.

Moira sat up and eagerly lifted Victoria's black tee shirt over her head. She was wearing a two tone blue bra, against which her perfect teen breasts thrust awaiting release.

They kissed again until Moira trailed her tongue down Victoria's neck and across the swell of her breasts before lifting the bra up over her breasts exposing the twin orbs of desire to her mouth. Without hesitation Moira took Victoria's right nipple between her lips and began to suck gently until the nub was stiff.

She alternated her kisses between Victoria's breasts, neck and mouth, each one being met with a low moan of pleasure from the teenager.

Moira never having been with a woman was going on pure instinct and loved every second.

She lifted Victoria's legs and holding them by the calves began to plant hot, wet kisses on the young girl's perfect backside.

With her legs together, the white strip of Victoria's panties was pressed tightly into her pussy. Moira slid her tongue over the smooth skin of Victoria's arse and slowly began to trace the pattern of her lips through the soaking fabric of the panties.

She then pulled the fabric aside and after a moment gazing at the lips, placed her own on them and began to lick ever so gently along the pussy lips.

Victoria moaned softly as Moira slid her tongue effortlessly over her pussy lips, she reached down and ran her fingers through her hair, which Moira found very erotic.

Suddenly Moira sat up and began to tear at the button of her blouse. Victoria joined in to help and soon revealed Moira's navy blue bra. Very soon the pair were locked in a passionate embrace, their mouths working together to bring untold joy to both.

During the embrace, Victoria unfastened Moira's bra and as Moira traced light kisses from her breasts to her belly button, removed the bra and cast it aside.

Moira continued to feast on Victoria's breasts, sucking hard on the small nipples until they became erect under her relentless lips and tongue. She again sat up and unzipped her black skirt, revealing matching blue panties.

Quickly she was back between Victoria's legs, sucking her lips and inserting her tongue deep into the girl's pussy. Then just as quickly she moved up until her left breast was directly above Victoria's mouth. Taking the breast into her hand Victoria slid her tongue over the nipple and began to suck gently on the warm, soft flesh.

Moira enjoying her first experience of another woman sucking on her breast was also rubbing her panty clad crotch over Victoria's exposed pussy, bringing both to the point of orgasm.

Moira removed Victoria's panties and spreading the young girls legs quickly attached her mouth to the slit oozing with fluid. Victoria squealed loudly, her orgasm raced through her body as Moira poked tongue, fingers and lips against the sensitive lips of her pussy.

Moira removed her panties and immediately began kissing Victoria again, their lips and tongues creating magic within the other girl's mouth.

Victoria slowly eased Moira onto her back without breaking the kiss. Now on top, she slid her hand down Moira's body until it reached the older woman's, thick black pubic hair. Ploughing her fingers through the hair, she found Moira's pussy lips and inserted a solitary finger.

Moira gasped out loudly as the touch of Victoria's finger inside her reminded her so much of her late husband John. He had loved to finger fuck her as a prelude to some incredible sex they enjoyed. However much she had loved John, the smooth action of Victoria's digit was having more than the desired effect.

"Let me suck you" said Victoria as Moira opened her legs to facilitate the request. Positioning her body between the legs, Victoria gently placed her fingers on Moira's lips and parted them. The clitoral hood was exposed and the little bud of pleasure was visible and just aching for some tongue action.

Victoria almost buried her face in the morass of hair and lips, her tongue licking like a serpents at Moira's most private place.

For what seemed to both women an age, Victoria kissed licked and finger fucked Moira's pussy. She lost count of the number of orgasms she had enjoyed and was amazed that the young girl could have her mouth attached to her pussy, without seeming to come up to take a breath. Not that she was complaining as another orgasm raced through her.

"I want you on your knees; I want to kiss your arse" Said Moira as Victoria finally detached her mouth from her pussy.

Victoria was only too happy to oblige and knelt on her bed her arse in the air, her face buried in the pillow. Moira took the twin cheeks in her hands and slowly slid her tongue over the smooth skin. Her lips found the folds of Victoria's pussy and slowly she inserted her tongue inside.

Moving slightly she found the puckered anus of the young girl and had an irresistible urge to wrap her tongue around it. As she did so, Victoria let her finger slip into her pussy and she began to masturbate.

The combination proved too much and Victoria screamed loudly as she came in a long and very satisfying orgasm.

Moira turned the younger girl and lay on top of her, grinding her pussy, surrounded by the thick black hair against Victoria's. As they created friction in their pussies, their mouths were involved in a frenzy of kissing and tonging activity.

The final orgasm was mutual, both coming at the same time. Their fingers had been in the others pussy, working their magic until the big one, raced through them.

Lying back against the pillow, Victoria offered her come soaked fingers for Moira to suck off her own juices. Then she offered hers to Victoria who licked every last morsel.

A final kiss and Moira reluctantly left the bed, dressed and made her way back to her farm.

As she walked, she went over in her mind, every detail of what just happened. She liked it and wanted more.

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