tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEmmerdale the Next Generation Ch. 05

Emmerdale the Next Generation Ch. 05


Priya Kocheta stepped out of the shower and wrapped a soft white towel around her.

She entered her bedroom and let the towel drop to the floor. Opening the wardrobe door, she looked at her reflection in the full length mirror.

Jet black hair, though she had noticed a few silver strands lately. Strikingly beautiful face, displaying her Anglo Indian heritage, with full lips, that always suggested to the male of the species, a certain sexual act.

She stroked her full, very shapely breasts, with their dark brown nipples, then slid her hand down to the perfect triangle of black, crinkly pubic hair that guarded her most intimate place.

Long, slender legs and beautifully proportional feet, with exceptionally long toes, completed her inspection.

"Joe Tate, you don't know what's going to hit you." She said aloud to herself.

Priya had been working as Joe Tate's personal assistant for a few months now. The young, handsome and ever so fit millionaire had bought Home Farm, the family home when he was a youngster.

Priya was a single mum, her husband Rackesh, having fled after embezzling money from the family firm. The father of her daughter Amber was the local hunk, David Metcalfe.

Priya was very horny, she hadn't had sex in months, and listening to her friend Tracy's account of the sex filled encounter she had with Dr.Cavanagh, made her even more so.

She decided to try to seduce her boss. The one problem in the plan was that Joe was absolutely besotted with Debbie Dingle. He worshipped her and she had recently accepted his proposal of marriage. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and by god was she desperate. Her vibrator was almost worn away and her fingers were tired of trying to work their magic on and in her pussy.

"The interviews for the Donaldson development are tomorrow, have you got everything organised?" Said Joe as he popped his head around the office door.

"Yes, everything is in place, all the arrangements have been confirmed and the interviewees are in accommodation at the B&B or in hotels in Hotton. "replied Priya.

"Well done Priya, there will be a nice bonus for you at the end of the month." Said Joe

"Thank you, that would be lovely" she replied with a smile.

Then to herself under her breath, "I could give you a nice bonus too."

The following day, a procession of people arrived and departed again, after presenting their proposals to Joe, for a chance to be involved in a new development he was financing in Leeds.

Priya had been her usual efficient self, greeting the interviewees as they arrived, introducing them to Joe, then after 30 minutes, saying goodbye, and informing them that if Mr Tate, wanted any further information, he would be in touch. The last person to arrive was the only female on the list. A striking lady, dressed in a very expensive business suit. Hair, makeup and overall style was perfect.

Priya perused her CV. Mrs. Darleen Hamilton, Age 39, CEO of Hamilton Logistics. Her list of qualifications was impressive and wide ranging.

"Welcome to Home Farm." She said in her best business voice. "Mr. Tate will be with you shortly, would you like coffee, or tea perhaps."

The woman replied in a sort of mid Atlantic accent, "coffee, black no sugar, would be good, thank you."

Joe Tate then appeared from his office and greeted the visitor with a big hug. "Darleen, great to see you again, you look great, come through."

They disappeared into Joe's office and Priya noticed that he had slipped his arm around the lady's waist.

Priya began to tidy her desk and prepare to leave, when she had an irresistible urge to see what her boss and Mrs. Hamilton were discussing. She pressed her ear to the door, but couldn't hear anything. "Strange," she said to herself. She listened for a couple of minutes, still no sound of voices.

Exiting by the kitchen door, she made her way around the house to the window of Joe's office. She couldn't reach the window, so went to the garden shed and brought out a set of step ladders.

As she carefully ascended the ladders she was shocked what she saw through the window.

Tom was sat in his large black business chair, his trousers and black boxer shorts round his ankles. Mrs Hamilton was on her knees in front of him, her head in his crotch, and his very impressive penis sliding in and out of her mouth.

Priya was transfixed, her boss, so infatuated as engaged to Debbie Dingle was enjoying a blow job, administered by one of his potential business associates, who was very good at the art by the look on Tom's face.

Reaching into her pocket, Priya took out her smart phone and quickly turned on the camera function and began to record.

As Priya continued to film the action, Mrs.Hamilton stood and removed her pants and panties. She then straddled Tom and grabbing his penis, slowly lowered herself onto the column of rock hard flesh.

Priya was fascinated by the scene before her and was soon, very turned on. She lifted the hem of her dress and slid her hand down inside her panties and was soon masturbating, her eyes never leaving the pair copulating in the office.

Unfortunately, with one hand holding the phone and the other rubbing her pussy, Priya overbalanced and fell with a clatter from the steps.

The commotion this caused disturbed Tom and Mrs.Hamilton, and rather comically with his trousers around his ankles, Tom waddled across to the window.

"Priya, what the hell were you doing," he yelled, as he opened the window.

She could only laugh at her predicament, sprawled on her back, her dress in disarray, revealing some rather sexy underwear.

"Get in here, I want to see you, right now," he said angrily.

Priya dusted herself down and made her way sheepishly back into the house.

Tom was waiting in the office, with a now fully dressed, Mrs.Hamilton by his side.

"You realise, that I have to fire you?" He said.

Priya took out her phone and started to play the video of Tom and Mrs.Hamilton. Without saying a word, she walked over to him, showing the image of him and Mrs.Hamilton.

"You could fuck me instead." She said in a low, very sexy voice. She was so turned on, that without thinking of the consequences she pointed at Mrs. Hamilton, and said, "she could join in too, that might be fun."

Joe smiled and looking over to Mrs.Hamilton said, "well Darleen, what do you think, fancy a threesome?"

"Not tasted pussy for a few years, might be a nice change," said Mrs Hamilton. Then added, "the fact that she is fucking gorgeous, helps."

Joe pulled Priya to him and for the first time, they kissed.

He then said, "sorry girls, got some calls to make, see you upstairs soon," then went on, "why don't you two get acquainted."

Priya took the older woman by the hand and together they climbed the stairs to Joe's bedroom.

On entering the bedroom, Priya pulled Mrs.Hamilton to her and kissed another woman for the first time in many years.

They broke the kiss and Mrs.Hamilton, said "My name is Darleen, pleased to meet you," and pulled in for another kiss.

Stepping back, Darleen turned Priya and slowly pulled down the zip of her dress and eased it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She then proceeded to kiss the smooth brown skin of Priya's neck and shoulders, while her hands cupped her full breasts through the flimsy material of her bra. Priya's nipples immediately hardened. Darleen then slid her hands down until she reached the top of Priya's panties, then eased her hand under the fabric and her fingers combed through the crinkly pubic hair. This combined with the kisses Darleen was planting on her neck, sent Priya's head spinning in a way, she hadn't experienced before.

Priya turned and after kissing Darleen, removed her jacket, followed by her expensive blouse, which revealed a white, lacy bra, with the swell of Darleen's breasts tantalisingly close.

The pants soon followed, which left the two women in just bra and panties as they fell onto Joe's king size bed.

After a few tentative kisses, they began to kiss more fervently. Hands exploring skin, and tongues, painting pictures of passion on its mate in the other mouth.

Priya was experiencing full lesbian sex for the first time. She had a crush on a girl at her boarding school, but had never gone beyond kissing and on one occasion, a caress of her naked breast.

Darleen, on the other hand, had much more experience, and led a far more open life sexually, while in her native New York. However, Priya was going to be her first girl, for about ten years, and boy was she looking forward to it.

Surprising herself, Priya took the next step by moving her lips from Darleen's and trailed small kisses down past her neck to the swell of her breast. She eased the strap from the older woman's shoulder and pulled down the lacy fabric, to reveal a beautiful deep pink nipple, already hard, even before Priya had touched it.

Touching another woman's nipple for the first time was a real turn on for Priya, as she used just the tip of her finger to roll the rigid nub, under it.

She longed to take it in her mouth and wasted no time in doing so, attaching her full lips and flicking the nipple with her tongue. She then caught the nipple between her teeth and gently nipped it. This slight pain brought a large sigh from the American lady on the receiving end of Priya's ministrations.

Priya got more adventurous and started to trail tiny little kisses down Darleen's body. She poked her tongue into her belly button, something she loved to have done to her. Then continued down until she reached the panties.

Darleen was emitting a wonderful musky odour which Priya found so erotic and she moved down and began to lick Darleen's pussy, through the material of her lacy panties, adding to the wetness with the saliva from her mouth.

Then pulling the flimsy material aside, saw the object of her desires. Darleen was completely hairless, smooth skin emphasised the pronounced outer lips and without hesitation Priya licked the pussy of another woman for the first time.

As Darleen squirmed at the attention Priya was giving to her, a phone rang.

Unseen by Priya, Darleen had her mobile phone by her side.

"Hi honey," she said, quite nonchalantly. Then continued, "still negotiating, Joe Tate is one tough dude, going to take longer than I thought. "

Priya found it hard to believe, here she was with her tongue doing magical things to the woman's pussy, yet she was having a quite normal conversation with, presumably her husband.

Darleen continued, "Might have to stay over, depends on what happens in the next hour, almost at a point where Joe will decide to go with us, or not."

Putting her hand over the phone, Darleen said to Priya, "that is soooo good darling, please rid me of those damn pants and really get your tongue and fingers in there."

Astonishing as the scenario was, Priya was only too happy to oblige and pulled off Darleen's panties and as Darleen spread her legs, got her first sight of her pussy at close quarters.

She licked her own fingers, before inserting two of them into Darleen's most intimate place and soon followed that with her tongue finding the bud that was her clitoris.

The first touch of the tip of Priya's tongue on her clitoris made Darleen flinch, but the professional business woman, unperturbed just carried on her conversation.

As Darleen began to grind her hips towards Priya's mouth and fingers, her voice became a little more shrill, so she ended the call by saying, "Oh hi Joe, sorry sweetheart, Joe's back, must go," then ironically in view of the things happening between her legs, "love you too."

Then suddenly Priya heard a sound behind her, followed by lips applied to the soft skin of her arse. Joe Tate had joined them.

Much as Priya was enjoying eating out Darleen's pussy, the touch of Joe's lips around her own, coupled with the slight scratching of his stubbly beard, was something else.

Joe eased her panties down, eased her onto her knees, while not breaking the contact she had with Darleen's pussy, he inserted his penis into her wet pussy.

"Oh god yes," exclaimed Priya, breaking her mouth from Darleen. The feel of Tom inside her was incredible, it was the first thing to invade her vagina, apart from her vibrator, in months.

Joe slid effortlessly in and out of Priya's pussy, until he was ready for a twin blowjob.

Joe lay back into the bank of pillows and watched as Darleen took him deep into her mouth, while Priya sucked his right ball. As Darleen's rhythm intensified, Joe slipped his hand over her arse cheeks, and began to stroke her pussy lips, while the other hand stroked the soft brown skin of Priya's arse.

After a while Priya moved up and kissed Joe, tongue against tongue, while Darleen continued to suck hungrily on his cock.

"My turn," Priya said, before kissing Darleen, then the American lady handed over the throbbing cock, which Priya eagerly accepted and took it deep into her mouth.

For several minutes, both girls took turns on sucking him, for just a few seconds, before sliding it back to the others welcoming mouth.

They changed positions and Darleen got on all fours, her pussy an inviting target for Tom's cock as it hovered just outside the wet entrance to her sex. Priya was half sitting, half laying in front of Darleen, who was leaning in and planting tiny kisses on her lips.

As Tom began to move into Darleen, she slipped her hand down to Priya's pussy and began to rub, gently. Darleen gradually increased the friction on the pussy as Tom's thrusts into her increased.

Priya had her first orgasm as Darleen's fingers finally sent her over the top. Darleen wasn't finished however as she bent down and began to lick Priya's pussy, which got the girl started on the next climax. All this while she was still being fucked by Tom's big cock.

They changed positions again, Darleen was still being fucked, but now she was straddled over Joe, his cock even deeper in her pussy. Priya was sat over his face, his tongue weaving magic circles in her pussy. To make it even more erotic, the two girls alternated between kissing deeply and nipping at each other's nipples, as they were being penetrated by penis and tongue.

Joe decided it was time to fuck Priya again, and after getting the girls into a 69 position, he entered Priya from behind, while Darleen, on the bottom, began to lick her pussy. When Darleen inserted a finger into her butt hole, Priya came almost immediately.

She had some incredible sex in her life, but the sheer magnitude of these two and what they were doing to her was on another planet.

Just when she thought it couldn't get any more pleasurable, she leaned forward and began to lick Darleen's hairless pussy. Teasing the very pronounced lips with her tongue, before sucking them as far into her mouth as possible.

When it seemed that Joe could last forever, he came, deep in Priya's pussy. As Darleen watched from a very close position, Joe's sticky white cum began to slowly ooze out of the vagina. Darleen eagerly licked out the fluid and then transferred most of it over Priya's brown arse with long sweeps of her tongue

Exhausted, the three of them lay still on the bed. Joe with his arms around the girls.

Finally he broke the silence.. "Well Mrs. Hamilton, I think you may have just won your company a contract."

"On the merit of the presentation I hope, and not just what happened." Darleen said, with a smile.

He replied, "of course it was, though this was great fun." Then he added "and you Mrs. Kotecha, have earned yourself a nice bonus, and a raise."

Priya dressed, leaving Joe and Darleen still in bed and beginning to get sexy again, she admired the stamina of both of them.

She picked up her daughter from David's and after bathing the youngster and putting her to bed, she rang her friend Tracy Metcalfe.

"Tracy, you will not believe what happened at work today."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/18/18

So fucking hot

Omg so sucking fucking hot pure fuck lust, would just love to be the cock with these two sexed up cunts. Just love watching girls making out then sucking and fucking them both, getting absolutely drunkmore...

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by Anonymous09/15/18

joe becomes tom for awhile part way down, other than that great story

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