tagNonHumanEmmi & Her Monster

Emmi & Her Monster


I woke up to rainy cloudy day, all warm and snuggly under my bedcovers I fought the urge to stay in bed. But after a few moments I shrugged out from between them. Padded to the bathroom to relieve my screaming bladder, and to wash my face. I stood gazing at myself in the mirror, I was about five or more pounds over-weight and I could tell. The small lumps of fat that covered my hipbones made me grimace... if only I could get those off then I could live with my self image.

My dark green eyes stared back at me as my long lashes fluttered, my tangled messy brunette curls were from last night's lovemaking with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was much older then myself, but I was madly in love with him and we had been together for over a year. He was likewise just as crazy about me, his love and praises were what got me through the day. I was a mere 5'1" tall and proud to be a natural shorty.

As I finished brushing my teeth I turned to one side and stretched upwards, pooching my breasts and butt out. The C cups were perky and my nipples hardened as the cold air finally got to them, the simple stainless steel captive rings glittered in the sunlight that was peaking threw the bathroom window. According to the recent Women's Health magazine that I had read earlier in the week, I had a pear shaped body, smoothing my palm over my average flat tummy I toyed with the triple-slave belly ring. Yes sleeping in the nude was an amply practiced ritual with me and my boyfriend, although sometimes I did wear one of his t-shirts.

A heavy sigh escapes me as I walk back into the bedroom to put some jeans and a wife-beater tank on, then I wondered into the kitchen to re-heat a cup of coffee. I noticed that the laundry basket was full so I took a few sips of my coffee then went downstairs to put the first load of wash in.

Once that was going I returned upstairs to let the dog out and to wash the dishes that had been left over from the previous evening. My thoughts turned to one of my secret fantasies, the thought of being taken by some strange type of monster made my cheeks flush and my nipples became hard. A medieval monster, like a centaur or even a dragon, it made my pussy drip and clench with need. My bf knew of my fantasy and tried to find me porn that reflected it, but there wasn't much out there that you didn't have to pay for.

My mind drifted as I let my imagination run free. Maybe a unicorn or a changeling, the ideas were endless since I was a Tolken and Lewis fan. Ooooo or a minotar, a gyphon, or even a werewolf. My pussy was pulsing now and aching to be filled as I heard the washing machine buzz, signaling that it was time to change it over to the dryer.

I started the dryer and put the second load in the washer, and as I turned around to see if anything needed to be straightened up in the basement I gasped aloud. For there standing a few feet from me was a minotar!

I blinked not believing my eyes as I ran them up and down the magnificent creature. It was more then apparent that it was a male, since his loin cloth didn't do much to cover up is massive cock and balls. I pinched myself in the arm to try and wake myself up, had I even gotten out of bed?

I winced as I blinked yet again, but the thing wouldn't go away, magically disappear into thin air. I seemed to be frozen in shock, I could not hear or feel anything other then just stare at this giant creature that was standing in front of me, it seemed to be staring at me just as intensely.

He was a beautiful specimen, most of his body was cover in a thick long hair, it was a lovely white and light-grey color causing it to appear somewhat silvery in nature. A big muscle toned man's body with that silver hair made me wonder if it was as soft as it looked. His neck, head, and face were that of a large handsome wild bull. Big, intelligent amber eyes met my gaze as I looked him over. Two gleaming black horns protruded from the top of his head, curved inward forming an upside down L shape, I could barely make out it's ears from beneath his heavy hair. His snout was a black color as well.

He held a staff in one hand and a sheathed sword at his side. I noticed that his eyes were studying my body just as I was his. Somewhere in the confused, frightened part of my mind, I managed to begin calming down. He hadn't attacked me, yet, so he must not want to harm me. I wondered if he could speak. What did he want with me?

"Who are you?" I asked in a soft timid voice.

There was no response, not even a grunt or growl. It was more a sense, a feeling that began to spread threw me. A sensation of peace, and curiosity. He snorted and offered me his hand, I didn't move. The thing seemed to get a tad impatient as he blew a sigh threw his mouth, glancing up towards the sitting area in the basement. I followed his gaze and began to understand what his intentions were. I nodded and walked past him into the downstairs living room. The minotar followed me and I could feel his emotions as I took a seat on the couch. The creature sat awkwardly next to me, I could feel his body heat and the scent of his furry coat.

"So what do you want?" I asked, I couldn't take my eyes away from the obvious manhood. The minotar gave a nod of his head in my direction, he then carefully rested his staff against the side of the couch.

"I can scent you, young female." his voice was deep and had a gentle bellowing tint to it. A sound that made me feel safe and comfortable.

"You can scent me?" I asked trying to hide the fact that I understood. My eyes fluttered from my folded hands to his masculine form.

"I'm here because you wished me here young one. And I can smell that you desire me." stated the bull.

"Um... well you may be right but I'm only daydreaming, I don't believe that you are real." I stuttered... "What's your name?" I added as I watched him stand up and move closer to me.

The minotar snorted as he grabbed my hand and swiftly rested it on his groin.

"Does this feel fake to you? My sweet human. I am Thorne."

I gasped and tried to pull my hand away but he held me firmly, his eyes drilling into mine, I could feel his hard length just beneath his cloth. He was massive and had large heavy balls to compliment his girth, that much I could feel. I relaxed, I suddenly didn't want to resist this experience. His heat, his voice, his scent.

"My name is Emmi." I said softly.

"Do you want to see me?" Thorne asked, curiosity and love in his voice. I nodded timidly.

"May I touch you?" I asked.

"Yes Emmi, I know I am very new to you. But don't be afraid I will not harm you." his deep tenor voice washed over me as I stood up and began to bury my hands in his fur. He felt warm and so soft, his scent was a rich musky odor that smelled of pine and wild flowers, and earth.

"May I touch them?" the bull asked, his eyes riveted on my breasts as I explored his chest and stomach.

"Oh please do, they like to touched softly and fondled." I explained. I felt the heavy hard muscles beneath his fur. Thorne ripped my tank and jeans off with a gentle flick of his enormous clawed hands. All 5'1" of me was laid bare to his monstrous gaze. My bejeweled nipples stood hard and needy, my pussy was hot and wet.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." he groaned as his eyes and nose took in my scent and my looks. His big hands cupped my breasts so softly, they squeezed, and curiously inspected my nipple rings. I gasped and groaned with pleasure as he explored my delicate orbs. My pussy was dripping. I took off his loin cloth and hitched in a startled breathe. He was the size of a giant and he wasn't even hard yet.

"What do you think? Do you like me?" Thorne asked as his palms smoothed down my body.

"You are huge! But I'm so needy. Can I play with you?" my mind was swirling, I wanted him so much but could I even take that massive dick into my tiny pussy?

I knelt and began to stroke and lick at his cock. It had a long thick shaft and a bulbus crown, two large balls were set at it's root, his soft fur surrounded all of him. The organ itself wasn't completely smooth, it was also covered in a very fine tiny fur, like velvet, the skin worked just like a human man's. He got harder and harder still, the thing growing in my hands, I was so turned on as I began to suck on the engorged head. He tasted musky and rich, I was enjoying myself while his deep murmuring groans encouraged my actions.

Thorne removed his sword and caressed my face while he pinched and flicked my nipples.

"Do you want me to take you Emmi?" his voice was heated and lustful. I raised my eyes to meet his intense gaze and nodded. He picked me up and place me on top of one of the shelves on the wall to get me to be angled with his massive cock. He stroked himself for a while and then brushed the head against my soaking wet lips.

He truly did feel like velvet, but the tiny fur felt even softer, my vagina tried to grip at him as he teased me. I glanced up at my minotar.

"You want me inside don't you little female?" his hot wet breathe caressed my entire body.

"Yes oh yes please pleeaase!" I panted. With a grunt the monster began to push his big throbbing dick into my small wanting pussy. And ohhhh he was big, too big, but I screamed from raw pleasure as he began to suck my nipples and flick at my clit while he pushed in.

"Ahhhhhgoddd oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh!" I screamed, bucking against him, making him impale me even faster. His own snorted moans told me that he was in just as much pleasure as I was.

Sucking and licking my nipples felt so good as he finally got himself all the way in, I felt stuffed beyond belief, like I might break at any second but as I enjoyed his other teasing I began to relax, feeling my walls begin to squeeze upon his massive cock.

"Ohhhh Emmi, that feels heavenly." He murmured into my breasts, he began to move gently, pumping in and out of my ever gripping vice. My warm juices coating his velvety shaft, making him slicker. I sunk my nails deeply into his fur holding on and rocking with his own rhythm. Thorne growled harshly with delight and began to kiss me on the lips, his big curious tongue invading my mouth.

Faster and harder he fuck my little body, as I groaned and bucked with pleasures beyond belief. Suckling my nipples to make me orgasm as he pounded me, I was groaning and screaming at every thrust he delivered me.

"You are my slave Emmi, I will come to you as often as I please." he grunted out, his thrusts getting even more violent, quicker.

"Yes, yes, yes, YES!" I cried out as he impaled me.

Suddenly he came, a groaning growl escaped his lips as he buried his fat dick deep inside me and filled my womb with his hot sperm.

We lay there for what seemed like hours, breathing, and resting.

I moaned as I felt him harden again, while he was still buried inside my body!

My pussy needed a rest but I looked up into his amber eyes, and they told me everything. I really was his slave and he wasn't finished just yet.

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