tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmpire of a Thousand Universes Ch. 02

Empire of a Thousand Universes Ch. 02


*Author's note;

After the first chapter, some readers have questioned the science in this story, which surprises me since I didn't think I'd have to explain "String Theory" to Sci-Fi readers. Remember this isn't science, it's science-fiction, and if they had waited for a few more chapters they would have had their explanation.

Well, I'm no Astrophysicist, but here it goes.

Dr. Michio Kaku, the renowned physicist, and author is the co-originator of String Theory, and he believes that there might be not one, but an infinite amount of universes in the multiverse. He also believes that some day we might be able to explore these parallel universes.

According to Dummies website:

"In string theory, the multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one; many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes. A variety of different theories lend themselves to a multiverse viewpoint.

In fact, most scientific models that show, after the big bang, only one universe being created result in either a universe which collapses into nothingness instantly or expands into a vast sea of nothingness. This offers some evidence to prove that the multiverse, with many parallel universes, may exist.

Of course, this is only a theory, and one that has plenty of holes in it, but less than fifty years ago black holes and exoplanets were still only theories. Now they are considered as fact.


Chapter 2

House Kleet

Hendrick Kleet Sat at the banquet table drinking the last of the cider in his great pewter stein. The huge drinking vessel had been forged specially for him since he could find few steins that could fit his large hand, and it was made from pewter since no ceramic, porcelain, or glass goblet could stand up to the abuse from the man. Hendrick knew plenty about abuse.

Being well past midnight, there were few people left in the Kleet's great hall; The Bear-cave, the bear being the main symbol on their coat of arms. His mother and sisters had excused themselves hours before, and the Emperor's envoy, who was still there on his marriage mission, was passed out in a chair.

That left few in the great hall with all its banners and hunting trophies; Hiendrick, his father Baron Adolph Kleet, Adolph's younger brother and Hiendrick's uncle, Wolfgang, and Hiendrick's hunting and drinking companions Boris and Clyde.

"Look at him, that asshole, envoy from that ridiculous Emperor of ours, he can't drink worth a damn," Adolph chortle.

"These assholes who call themselves men ridicule us for our cider," Wolfgang added. They think we are women because we don't drink ale, but look what happens to them when they have only a few steins, they pass out like young boys who haven't a hair on their balls."

Boris and Clyde laughed hysterically at this while Hiendrick sat glum-faced, the only change on his bearded visage came from the effort it took for him to reach across the wide table and grab the pitcher of cider.

"What the hell is wrong with you, you big galoot?" Adolph said to his only son. "You think I was asking you to marry the swineherd's daughter."

Why must I marry this beast? At least the swineherd's daughter has big teats."

"You know why he doesn't want to marry?" Wolfgang spoke up. "Because if he did he would have to give up that harem of his."

Again Boris and Clyde could be heard snickering in the back of the hall.

With that, Hiendrick shot his uncle a look and a sneer.

"Don't be eyeballing me, boy, I'll tear you apart," Wolfgang shot back. Hiendrick was big, but his uncle was just as big and known for being a merciless fighter.

"It's about time you put aside these childish ways. I need a grandson, not another bastard mouth to feed," Adolph said to keep the peace.

"I don't think you have to worry about that, Baron," Boris spoke up from the back of the hall, his jowls and long gray hair quaking as he laughed with Clyde. "He can't knock them up by fucking them in the arse."

"Very amusing," Hiendrick growled. "But I don't think you'll find it amusing when I throw you in with my prize bull and watch him fuck you in the ass." Boris stopped snickering after that, but he could hear Clyde and then Wolfgang starts laughing.

"You're not really buggering these poor girls, are you?" The Baron grimaced. But Hiendrick didn't answer, and only grinned.

"Oh God's," the old Baron cussed under his breath. "I'd have thought you'd of learned a lesson after that problem with that nun."

Hiendrick shrunk from his father's chastisement. He didn't regret what he had done, he only regretted getting caught, and he only got caught because at the time he was intoxicated.

"Well," Wolfgang spoke again. "It serves these nunneries right for letting such a good looking wench become a sister of the holy order, and then not locking her away in a nunnery somewhere. In my day we didn't have pretty maids becoming nuns.

"The Archbishop didn't see it that way," The Baron snapped back. "I had to pay a king' s ransom to keep this galoot out of prison."

"Uncle's right, father. You should have seen the body on her. I couldn't help myself." Hiendrick was encouraged by his uncle's statements.

"Don't tell me that, shit for brains, you wouldn't have seen her body if you hadn't ripped the frock off of her."

"That's not necessarily true, your lordship, Boris spoke up again. His drinking had obviously loosened his tongue, getting him in more trouble than he knew.

"How so?"

"Well, she took her frock off willingly." Boris' attention was aimed at the Baron, and he didn't see the furious stare Hiendrick was giving him.

"And why would a Holy Sister do that?" Asked the Baron, his interest piqued by this new bit of information.

"For money. Money for the poor."


"She and the other sister came in the tavern begging arms for the poor," Boris said hesitantly. He was now quite aware of Hiendrick's stare. "And your young lordship told them that if one of them bared herself, he would give five gold pieces."

"You did what?" The old man barked. The Kleets were only religious because propriety necessitated it, but the old Baron knew it was folly to embarrass the church.

"Father, I was drunk. I wasn't responsible for my actions."

"Then what happened?"

"Well, as you know..." Boris started to explain but the Baron cut him off.

"Not you, you horses ass, I'm asking my son."

"Father, really, I don't exactly remember."

"You answer me now boy, or I'll have you strung up and whipped, and don't think I won't do it."


"Hiendrick," his father stood up and roared.

"All right. All right. Yeah, I did say something like that, but I didn't force her."

"At your bidding, a nun disrobed so as to sate your wanton lusts. A nun!"

"Well they didn't do it at first," Boris butted in again. "The two nuns argued about it for a while, but then the younger and prettier one declared that with that much gold they could buy enough grain to feed the orphans for a whole winter, and if the gods wanted her to bear her body to the whole world she would do it just feed one child for one day."

"And you raped and murdered this girl, this saintly young girl?"

Hiendrick started to speak, but his father cut him off. "Enough! I don't want to hear another word from you. I will deal with you in the morning. All of you leave my sight."

He didn't even see or hear Boris and Clyde leave, they parted the hall that fast. Hiendrick himself sulked off feeling that he was being persecuted, and Wolfgang slowly rose.

"You knew this, Wolfie?" Adolph asked as his brother stood by the table.

"Some of it."

"What am I to do with him?"

"What you should have done months ago, beat him to within an inch of

his life."

"I Can't. I have to marry him off to that Trieste girl so as to please the Emperor."

"That's if the Emperor lives long enough. He ain't exactly a spring chicken."

By the time the fury inside him cooled down, Heinrich had already exited the manor by the back entrance, and was standing outside in the dark, though his fists were still clenched in response to his father's accusations. He took a few deep breaths, and the cool night air further helped him collect his composure.

He knew his father was right, but he was still too immature and unable to accept his responsibility in the affair. Truthfully, he felt put upon by all of these allegations.

The fact was, he never remembered hurting the girl. Sure he raped her, but the last thing he remembered before he passing out that night, was that she was still alive and lying next to him. When he awoke some time later in the night, she was still lying next to him, but she had the rope around her neck and the black ligature marks on her throat.

He was just as appalled as anyone who would have come upon the scene that night. He had never killed a woman, and the only men he ever killed was in battle, and they weren't even men.

It was true that he could be an angry drunk, and in his cups, he had given many a man a cruel beating, but he always stopped at the point when the man lost his ability to defend himself. The object of a fight was to win, not to punish. Killing this girl would have been punishment beyond the pale. It just wasn't like him.

He straightened up and headed towards the small guest house behind the manse where he had taken up residence, having eschewed his family and the great house when he was still a boy. He preferred to live alone. He still took his meals in the Manor, but in the kitchen with the cooks, and usually eating their peasant food which he found more to his liking than the fancy food his mother and sister ate.

Now as he walked to the guest house, he saw a figure standing by his front door. It must be brother Horn he surmised, and on closer inspection, he saw that it was. The corpulent brother was easy to spot in his brown ropes.

"Good brother," Heinrich said as he approached.

"My Lord," brother Horn responded guilty. "I have brought you another. I hope she pleases my Lord."

"I don't know, brother. I'm not sure I'm in quite the mood."

Brother Horn stood there incredulously. Heinrich Kleet had never refused such an offering, and the brother wondered if he was still going to get the usual fee.

Heinrich saw the question in his eyes and responded, "Oh don't worry you sap. I'll take her, and you'll get your gold too. God's forbid you don't get your commission."

"Oh thank you, sir. It's for the church you know."

"Yeah, yeah." Heinrich knew some of it went to the church coffers, but he also knew the lions share went into the brother purse. Still, it was an ingenious scheme he had thought up, paying the holy brother to bring him, young destitute girls.

It was a win-win situation, the brother got his fee, the girls got a few coppers for their services, and Heinrich got an endless supply of ass, disease free.

For Heinrich had three stipulations concerning these girls; one they had to be eighteen or older (after all, he was a dog, not an animal), two, that they are attractive (and why not?), and three, that they are virgins. The last part was more from a practical point of view than a personal preference.

"You'll get your money," Heinrich said to the brother as he opened his door and started to go in. "When we settle up. And this one better be a keeper. The last one you sent me was all skin and bones."

"I'm sorry your lord, but as you know I don't have the time or money to fatten them up before I bring them to you. They are homeless peasants after all."

"No excuses, Friar," Heinrich used the wrong term purposefully, and then he closed the huge solid wood door.

The guest house was dark, but on his entrance, the foyer lit up and so did the stairs going to the second floor. His bedroom was on the second floor and that was normally where Brother Horn would leave the girls.

Lately, he had actually gotten tired of these girls. At first, it was great having a fresh-faced girl provided once or twice a week to sate his lusts, but now it just seemed to be the usual stuff.

The girls would normally be about eighteen to twenty, of various shapes and sizes, some with brown hair and some with blond, and they were invariably petrified beyond belief.

The fact that they were virgins and would soon be deflowered by the Lord of the Manse tended to put them ill at ease, and some would actually fight him rather than give it up willingly, though Heinrich couldn't imagine why since they would be paid the normal fee. It was something about the fact that they would now be seen by the men in the surrounding villages as spoiled goods.

Well, Heinrich mused as he climbed the stairs on the way to his bedroom, he couldn't help that.

The second floor lit as he ascended the top of the stairs, and as he made his way to his bedroom he noticed that the door was ajar and there was humming coming from inside. This was novel, he thought.

The sound got even louder though as he neared he made no attempt to hide his approach. He pushed his door open, and there lounging on his bed, propped up by all of the pillows the maids insisted on decorating his bed with, was a woman.

She was probably about his age or just younger, which wasn't the norm, and she laughed as he walked into the room rather than cowering in fear like most of the young girls who normally graced his bed.

She was long and slender with jet black hair, and she was wearing an outfit he had never seen before. It was a black, silk body suit, almost sheer with all of the important spots darkened so that you could barely make out her breasts and pussy.

"Good evening my Lord, " she said with a giggle. "I was starting to wonder if you were ever coming to bed."

"Excuse me?" Heinrich barked back, more out of surprise than anger.

"I was to be your evening's pleasure, wasn't I, or did I misinterpret what that priest was alluding to?"

"Yeah," Heinrich said feeling his way through this unexpected conversation.

"Then, is there a problem?"

"I've never met one of Brother Horn's gifts that have come so willingly."

"To the bed? Oh, I'm an old hand at the bed."

"So you aren't a virgin?"

"You would think so, right? But no. I was the property of an old businessman, Mr. Bogue, and when I say old, I mean old. He had women about so that people would think he was still...viable, but he was as slack as a garden hose."

"And I should believe that?"

"Believe what you like, but if you want proof, you can bring any doctor, any midwife-bot, and they are welcome to examine me. That priest, brother what's his name, had a bot examine me just this afternoon."

"And how old are you?"

"I will be twenty-one on my next birthday, my Lord. If it pleases you."

Heinrich though about sending for one of the maids who were sleeping back in the attic in the Manor, but then he knew if Brother Horn had her examined she must be for real.

"What's that your wearing?"

"Do you like it?"

"Yes. It's nice."

"It's one of my own. This was the type of thing we would wear for Mr. Bogue. He never touched us, but he liked to look at us."

"And what happened to Mr. Bogue?"

"He died. I would have like to have gone to his funeral, but his family didn't think that that was appropriate. His daughters didn't approve of his girls."

"This will be interesting," Heinrich said feeling lust for the first time in weeks.

"For both of us. Remember, this will be my first time."

"Yes, I know."

"Also," she spoke, but this time without a smile on her face. "It will cost you more than a few coppers for my first time."

"That's the deal."

"Really?" She said and then proceeded to get out of the bed.

"Where are you going?"

"Like I said, it will cost you more than a few coppers."

"How much?"

"Ten gold."


The girl started to get out of the bed again, but this time, she made it to the floor.

"Okay, okay. Ten gold, but you better be good."

"Oh, you've never had anything like me," she replied and sashayed seductively towards him.

As this vixen came closer, he noticed that her body suit became less opaque and more translucent, so by the time she reached him he could easily see her tits through the thin material, though her nipples looked darker than they should.

He started to take off his cloak, but she stopped him. "Let me do that for you master. I will do everything for you," she said undoing the chain at his neck and then pushing the heavy material off his shoulders to slough off onto the carpeted floor.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"They call me Caprice," she smiled a devilish smile as she proceeded to unbuttoned his tunic.

"Caprice. I like it."

"You will like more than that," she said as she ran her hands into his tunic to rub his now bare chest. Soon his tunic was off and then she disposed of, first his belt, ripping it off with gusto, and then his pantaloons, before she gently pulled his cock from his undergarments.

She stroked him lightly with her long slender fingers, and he reasoned that this girl had done this before.

"You like that?" She asked breathlessly.

"And you tell me you're a virgin?"

"It's a wondrous thing, being able to bring a man to orgasm, without him ever having an erection." She smiled that devilish smile again, and as she did, he felt a strange mix of desire and jealousy.

But before he could realize that his rival was a dead man, Caprice dropped slowly to her knees, and without ever losing eye contact, she proceeded to kiss and lick the underside of his raging hard cock.

"You have a very handsome cock," she said staring at it. "I've never seen such a cock."

"Thanks, I guess," he replied, and though he knew it was foolish, it made him feel more desirable knowing that she liked the look of his member.

"What is it you want?" She asked as she held his shaft in her hand and she brushed the head of his cock with her red swollen lips.

"God's, you know what I want, woman. Put it in your mouth."

"Not yet," she said as if she had a plan. "First I need to tease you a bit."

"Tease me at your own peril, you sorceress."

"Ha!" She laughed. "Will you strike me now?" And then she laid little kisses over the head of his cock before finally parting her lips and releasing him from his torture.

"Crippy," he yelled as she took him deep into her throat, deeper than any woman has ever taken him. "God's," he swore.

"And you mean to tell me that you learned to do that on a flaccid old man."

She stopped what she was doing, but used her saliva that was left on his cock as lube and continued to stroke him. "As a young girl, before Mr. Bogue purchased me, I used to practice on dried sausages, but I never used one this big."

"Liar," he laughed at her flattery. He knew he was no larger than average.

"Did you want to discuss this some more," she scoffed. "Or shall I proceed?"

"Oh yes, proceed, by all means."

"I thought as much," she said with an attitude, and then she was back on the knob.

He had never had a blowjob like this. He was usually forcing the girl to perform, and moreover, only as foreplay, but now, as she deep throated him, he was convinced of two things; one, that this girl was something special, and secondly that she was going to succeed at something few had been able to accomplish, and that was to bring him off simply by using her mouth.

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