tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmpress' New underClothes, The

Empress' New underClothes, The


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The Empress' New underClothes © Literocat 2013

Fresh out of the shower, I laid my damp towel on our bed and sat on it. With my semi rigid dick automatically in my hand, I watched my sexy Sue pick out her three bits of clothes to wear tonight. She stood at the edge of our bed wearing just a bright yellow towel wrapped loosely around her. It covered the tips of her tits down to barely below her freshly shaven, tempting twat. Her beautiful labia invited me to taste them each time her movements revealed them to me. After sucking down my drivel, I addressed my beautiful, sometimes shameless wife as she stripped away the towel. She wondered why I wasn't right there helping with her special bra and turned to catch me staring at her fascinating ass while slowly rubbing my stiffening cock. Hmmmm! After I helped her squeeze into her white, strapless bra by wedging my knee against her naked back then burying my impatient prick in her ass raphe, she carefully rearranged her tit flesh inside the tiny bra and stiffly slid the new dress over her head.

"Honey, that beige dress is so short, it will give you lots of chances to show off your great legs and probably more. For a change, the strapless top, despite being so low it looks like your nipples are almost out, should be secure. It's so tight, I see the bulging, bloodless skin line along the top, yet somehow your tiny tits are offering a delicious, tempting yard of cleavage. I'm impressed."

"Well, the cleavage is created by the shape shifting bra and enhanced by darkening in there with shadow. It's a popular trick though the top is painfully tight. I may have to loosen it to keep breathing. I hope you won't mind?!" She grinned knowingly at me. "As for the skirt part, I want to tease and then MAYBE show off my new silk panty. I think it is so special! I had to special order it to get something extremely thin and so lightweight that I can't even feel it when I wear it." She held it up with her hand inside. With a twinkle in her eyes and a thin, broad smile, "See? They really are not transparent, just a bit translucent. Daring, not slutty even if they are fully exposed - which they will NOT be tonight!" Yeah, right!

I'm very sure that isn't true. In fact, the crotch was cut much more narrow than her usual bikini. It was so narrow I had my doubts that, even in the best case, it could cover her lips. The legs had no elastic, presumably to prevent creases that would betray its existence. Fortunately, the waist did have elastic or it could not stay on her trim body. I could easily imagine the non-gusset easily slide to either side of her lips and leave her pussy exposed to all eyes. My dick pulsed. If, no when, her labia swelled, I wondered if the legs would slide off her lusty mound or slip between her lips, deep into her sweet crack. Pulse again! It's likely the whole thing would keep dropping an inch or so and leave a viewable gap between it and her swollen, wet lips. Pulse, pulse, pul . . . "STOP that! You can play with your weapon later."

Later finally came when a dozen couples arrived for a semi formal celebration of Steve's promotion. We only knew half of them, but his stunningly gorgeous wife, Laura, was with him. We shared a brief, moist kiss. Though I'd lovingly penetrated every hole in her body several times before, my dick still jumps to full attention every time I see her. Flattered and still denying she was all that hot, she pointed at my tented slacks and whispered, "Down boy! Maybe I'll give you a hand later." Then she pressed her palm against mini-me. I sighed, moaned and tried to keep my knees from buckling.

Steve gave Sue a long, wet, lingering kiss as she lifted a knee against him. The short, pleated dress lifted another inch which gave a clear view of all her thigh and an inch of well-rounded ass cheek. Steve slid his hand under the dress and stroked her soft ass as we all watched. She was off to a quick show even before having any drinks to blame. "Is she commando?" Laura asked. "In THAT dress?" I described the special order panty and how light is was and so very hard to detect. Steve craned his neck to look down her low top and even twisted a finger inside her bra. It didn't budge or flex at all.

Confidently, even proudly, I answered, "Sue didn't mention the loose silk weave it was made of, but I saw how much more than translucent is was. More than she knows, or chooses to know." I couldn't see the edging for the legs, but I was a few feet away this time. With her leg bent, the sheer panty would be pulled snuggly around her bare, smooth mound.

When Lou and milky Bev arrived, Sue kissed Bev deeply before repeating her sexy kiss and display with Lou. He too found her 'bare' ass and lifted the back of her dress higher while Frenching her. Bev came to me and quickly wrapped her tongue around mine. We shared a long, wet kiss as Laura watched a bit jealously. I slipped my hand under Bev's short skirt and under her bikini panty. After enjoying her firm/soft cheek, I wrapped my finger around her front and pushed into the foyer of her already wet pussy. She lifted a knee to allow me deeper access and slid her hand into my slacks. Laura watched the passion build and wondered aloud if she had been too conservative. Bev had her hand around my bare, stiff cock. I groaned and kissed down her neck, she hissed. With my teeth, I pulled her low V-neck shirt over one boob and turned her back to the room, bared tit to me.

Lou was still sucking Sue's tongue, but both hands were under her ass and her legs were around his waist. His hands covered and split her cheeks apart. How could we all be seeing her ass crack if her panty wasn't fully transparent? People were whispering and pointing at Sue's naked ass. Too late to block her, I reached in and scooped out Bev's big, still milky tit. Laura stood against me, mesmerized by Bev's big, perfect, leaky nipple as I sucked it into my thirsty mouth and drank again from her intoxicating, musty milk fount. Laura opened Bev's bra and briefly suckled her other nipple. She giggled and took another taste. Bev moaned. After another minute of publically sharing thin milk, we repackaged Bev's big boobs and turned to see Sue sucking face with our neighbor Mario.

"I take it you've sucked milk from these beautiful, firm, tall, tasty and absolutely perfect nipples? I'm so jealous!" As she licked her lips, I confirmed that since our MILKY MILF night, Bev has come by many times with and without Lou to supply milk for coffee or simple suckling and frequent three ways. He fucks Sue at will at work too with my awareness and consent.

"Laura, my love, you have nothing at all to be jealous about. Stay innocent and ignore my raving of how stunningly beautiful you are - face, body, mind and spirit. Just remember that I sincerely believe all that AND . . . I'm not the only one!" Before Laura could leap into my arms for a deep, wet kiss, Maria came to me, looked over the two beautiful women leaning against me and leaned in for a kiss. Our lips and tongues met and reminded me how sensual a kisser she was. Laura and Bev watched a moment, but when Maria wrapped her arms around my neck, they both giggled and lifted Maria's shirt and bra to her neck. Though now exposed to some, Maria ignored their antics, left her top up and continued to kiss me as the women sucked her tits. I'm loving this party, though I only still know only half the people here!

When Maria broke her kiss, it was the women who pulled her top back down - after pinching her nipples. I lifted one side up again and took a handful of beautiful boob before kissing and sucking it. "I wasn't going to miss out on this sweet thing!" I grinned. I put her top back down and ran to our bedroom. All three shortly followed. Pointing at the bed, I said "As I suspected, there it is. Look at its gossamer beauty. Its skin tone would make it hard to see even if she WERE wearing it. She left it to the last minute to put on so it wouldn't wrinkle and must have been distracted. Hmmmm, remember the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes? Well my Empress is showing off her beautiful new panty that she isn't wearing. I don't think I'll tell her since it's likely she'd rather show her pussy instead of the panty. Let's go watch."

When we got to the living room, we saw Sue serving everyone in turn an appetizer. As she stepped between every other person on the sofas, she bent with straight legs so her pleated skirt climbed slowly up, up past her toned thighs, across her bare ass cheeks, up past the small indent for her ass hole. And there it was! My wife's denuded bearded clam was completely, brightly, shamelessly, lustily displayed to the other half of the room. Most of the party had moved to or behind the opposing sofa to stare at my wife's naked, swollen, damp labia. Expressions varied from mouth-covered, to fingers pointing (some twisting in mid air) to lip lapping while others took photos. Laura went to warn Sue, but I held her back. "Let her have her fun. See how wet her pussy is? She's loving the exposure."

When she got to the third couple on the sofa, she 'dropped' a napkin. With barely an 'oops', she slowly bent all the way to the floor, legs still straight, and let her dress climb to her waist so all her sweet ass was also exposed. A female hand slid up her thigh, 'to steady' her. It was quickly joined by two male hands that went over her shapely, rounded cheeks. She didn't object. After a prolonged hunt for the napkin, she stood tall then went to the facing sofa and continued serving. The crowd behind that sofa moved behind the other one. When she served the second couple, she again 'dropped' a napkin and bent over for another show. There was no hesitation for the ten hands to slide up her dress and over her ass so it and her wet mound were again exposed. This time someone cupped her mound; I think it was Steve. Laura agreed and slipped her hand into my slacks, saying "Meat for the goose is meat for the gander!" She wrapped her hand around my bare, stiff cock and gently rubbed it. The room was very quiet.

Sue stood and straddled the leg of the last person on the sofa. With her legs spread and her pussy 'unknowingly' exposed, Maria slid up her tensed thighs and held her pussy. Everyone seated could see up her snatch to the narrow fuzzy strip above it. The rest subtly dropped utensils or just bent brazenly for a better look. FINALLY noticing everyone looking at her groin, she smiled and said proudly, "It's about time you noticed my beautiful, custom, unique, gossamer silk panty! You see how smooth it is and so light I hardly know I'm wearing it." She pinched the bottom hem at the sides and lifted her dress to her hips so she could show off her special panty. "There, you see how they don't even hold a wrinkle? They are supposed to look like I'm nude. By the tents on the men, I guess I fooled you! HA! Though I'm sure many men are inspired and aroused by the sight of thin panties alone and the camel toes they produce. These are so loose, there is no camel toe. Sawwry guys!"

She held the dress a bit higher and walked close to one sofa then the other one to show off her custom panty. As she walked, her small pubic patch and even her navel were visible. She beamed. She looked so proud of her special purchase. When she had completed her tour of all the seating, I cheekily called out "Honey, not all of us can see them, especially from any distance since they blend so well into you. Why don't you stand on a chair, or better two, so we can all admire them? Lou, help her up." She's always up for a dare. Laura elbowed me.

Two sturdy chairs quickly appeared at the edge of the room and the coffee table was moved aside. As Lou helped her step up onto the chair, her pussy appeared and gaped open for a few of us. The sweet, sticky ooze yielded abruptly and a low 'smack' signaled the parting of her labia. Lou nudged one foot to the second chair about a foot away so her feet were more than two feet apart. With her legs spread wide, I suggested that she just take off her dress so we could all admire her new silk garment easily. "You can leave the bra on if you like, but most of us have already seen you completely naked several times." Sucking her finger like a child, she thought about it as she scanned the spectators.

"I don't know why you want to see my panty again, but if I'm raising the stakes, I want every man here to lose his pants before I lose my dress. It's only fair." Four couples left, not knowing where this would end up, or maybe because they did. "And you ladies are losing your dresses next!" Four more men were dragged out of the party. The rest of us had quick help taking our pants off. I had three women drag mine off, then the briefs followed. My stiff cock pointed straight out under my polo shirt and Maria shared it with Laura. I looked around and confirmed that all the women left had already had their fingers and mouths in Sue's pussy. In fact, so had all the men, in addition to their cocks. I think Sue would have liked one new couple to stay and play.

Sue briefly watched MY women handle and honor my straight, stiff cock. Maria dropped to her knees and licked my bishop as Laura and Bev fed it to her. They unzipped Maria's top and slid the straps down her arms. Though the only 'stranger' to her, Bev unhooked Maria's bra and helped it fall away. Bev and Laura pinched and bit Maria's nipples on her beautiful, weighty tits. With all the men pantless and two dicks pointing stiffly out of their boxer slots, Sue asked Lou to pull her dress off. She raised it to her waist, again exposing her naked groin, and bent over so Lou could tug it off. Once off, she smiled proudly and spread her arms. The three men gathered close to her and felt up her thighs.

She bent over again, wiggled her hips and twisted a bit so her tempting ass flexed for us. She stayed bent over even when fingers spread her wet labia to expose her beautiful pinkness to the room. Was she still deluded about wearing her panty? Two, then two other fingers slid past her greased cunt. When two fingers evacuated, two female fingers replaced them. Maria had stepped over for a closer look and scent. The wet fingers found her small hole and circled it. Maria tasted Sue from her fingers; Mario did the same. They were the least familiar with Sue's taste and beautiful puda. In the next moment, Sue wondered if her new panty were already torn since fingers got inside her so easily. Pleasantly distracted by fingering fools, she didn't dwell on the question for long. I saw Steve spread her ass apart and easily slide a finger then two into Sue's willing ass. She quickly started gasping and shaking.

Maria came back to me and knelt with Laura who had my throbbing cock in her throat and her nose in my pubes. Bev knelt next to her and shared my meat while the three undressed each other. One by one, they stood to strip off their dresses and panties. One by one they exposed their glorious naked bodies and finally removed the last of my clothes. Sue shuddered in climax, but the three horny men didn't let her recover. Lou and Steve stripped while Sue watched. We're always impressed with Lou's big, thick, swinging stick. Mario stared at his naked wife as he stripped all his clothes off.

Steve laid on some clothes on the coffee table and Sue was placed on him in reverse cowboy position. She guided his modest cock into her steamy snatch and hissed as it slid in. She bounded and twitched on it several times before Steve lifted her by her hips and pushed her away a few inches. The others removed her bra, finally letting blood flow to her tits, and Steve lined up his greased pole with her ass hole. She dropped on it hard and he lurched. He guided her up and she slid down his rod. They both groaned. He slid his hands up to both tits and pulled her onto his chest while firmly pinching her perfect, tasty nipples. Lou draped her slim and sexy legs outside Steve's, opening her beautiful, puffy pussy wide and slid his big cock directly, swiftly into her with just a few frictional stutters. She howled at the intensity of two stiff cocks in her at once. Mario pulled her head back and roughly stuffed his cock into her last big hole, her gasping mouth.

Bev stood by me as Laura dreamily sucked me and I pinched Maria's nipples or let her suck my fingers. I tasted Sue on her fingers then lapped Bev's milky food bank. Her hot, swollen, humid, blonde pussy was next to my hand and I wanted to explore it again. I remembered the deepness of her folds and the luxurious, pliant textures inside and her very large clit button. Lusty sight unseen, I opened her clit hood and nudged her clit to full alertness. She squealed then moaned. I wanted to make all of these beauties cum and feel their hot pussies with my mouth and my cock. Was that too much to ask? Didn't matter!

I felt like the inverse of my wife. HER three holes were filled, and I was filling three holes. Maria put my hand back on her tits and wrapped herself around my leg. She stroked my hairy legs and ass then worked her fingers into my butt raphe. Too many distractions at once . . . gasping . . . yet I saw her push two fingers into her wet cunt. I focused on Bev's inviting pussy since it seemed Maria was going to get herself off.

Instead, Maria took her snatch-soaked fingers and, as Laura held my cheeks apart, snaked both fingers into my receptive rear hole. Just as I titillated Bev's G-spot, Maria found my prostate and milked it firmly. I gasped and futilely tried to delay my eruption. With my first spasm, I rudely pulled Laura's incredibly beautiful face against my pubes, sent my hand tremors directly into Bev's swollen G which made her erupt in a loud, shuddering orgasm and soak my hand. I instantly unloaded deep into Laura's maculate, warm, tight throat. When my vision returned several seconds later, I saw Bev on the floor on her back gleaming and still twitching; Laura was still staring blissfully up at me while small drops of my cream covered her lips and chin - I loved her even more, this paragon of perfection, when she happily catered to my will.

Maria had extracted her fingers from deep in my ass and was about to kiss Laura. She shocked me when she licked Laura's face clean, then deeply kissed her. She licked her teeth and they tangled tongues as we watched. I drooled again. I still wanted to make them both cum hard - especially my sweet paradox, the ingenuous seductress that was gorgeous Laura. I have to believe in polyamory since I'm in love with three women and in deep like with several others.

When I looked over at my wife, I saw Lou on his side on the floor, his cock spent and dripping; Mario gasping and holding his wilted dick; Steve still under Sue and pinching her hard nipples; Sue twitching and shuddering, her ass still impaled on Steve's cock, cum oozing from her stretched and reddened pussy, joining the cum running down Steve's stump from her ass. Lou staggered to stand then walked to her cum-covered face and fed her his wet dick. She sucked his thick, soft noodle to its base until it grew stiff again. In just seconds, he was ready to fill her mouth with his thick cream. She kept the tip of his cock close to her face and we watched him pump two more spurts of cum into her.

While we men needed a few minutes to recover, the women kept themselves primed and entertained. Gorgeous cherub Laura crawled to Sue and licked her pussy clean of Lou's sperm. Sue twitched and spasmed just four times before screaming in orgasm again and draining her nectar in Laura's mouth. As I caught my breath, I knew I couldn't cum four more times in the next hours, yet I hoped to feel all four of my favorite cunts squeeze my greedy cock. Maria introduced her tongue to the depths of Bev's wet pussy and Sue rolled off Steve and onto the floor. He rolled on top of her and parked his soft, soggy tool into the recesses of her cheeks before nodding off.

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