Empresses Desire


Eve's mind remains in one frame in time. The time she had unadmittingly fallen in love for the first time in her entire life. Fallen in love with a woman who carried her imagination to the extreme. Her mind stayed in that night of her life that she let eventually pass her by.


Livia's two guards entered the bed chamber bare from the neck down, by Livia's orders of course.

Alissa could her blood rushing with great speed at the knowledge of what was to come in the near time. Normally, she'd be reluctant to even let a man near her, but the way Livia had abused her had heated her up to the moment.

She looked next to herself at Livia and admired her perfect form. Completely naked and beside her. Well... not completely naked. She was however wearing those long red thigh high stalkings she normally wore. Alissa found herself drawn to Livia's appearance in those stalkings. The way she looked drove Alissa crazy with sexual rush.

Livia lay next to the young Amazon, her hands gently fondling at Alissa's tender breast.

"Mmmmmm." Livia moaned. "Looks like we're far from finished playing."

Alissa giggled before acknowledging as Livia playfully tickled at her bare stomach.

"We are more than ready to please you, Empress." Ace and Lucifer said in union. With of course a hint of excitment behind their voices.

Livia and Alissa both broke out into a fierce laughter at the eagerness of the two guards. Leaving them heaving and panting with tears.

Alissa who was now most certainly into the game, pulled Livia's lips against her own.

Breaking the kiss Livia whispered something in Alissa's ear, bringing a sadistic smile acrossed her lips.

Alissa seemed to slither down Livia's body slowly with kisses. Her lips pursing and puckering against Livia's flesh lower and lower.

The two guards were immediantly hardening when Alissa had reached Livia's feet and holding them in her hands lovingly, she gently layed kisses on them before extending her tongue slowly and ever so sensually suckled Livia's toes one by one.

Livia tilted her head back and began taking in a low moan as she felt Alissa's lips sucking away at her toes.

She then made a shudder as she felt Alissa's warm hot tongue slowly and caressingly move up her ankle, to her shin, slowly more seductivly up her thigh.

Rising from her knees, Alissa layed away from Livia. Their legs meeting each other from opposite ends. Slowly opening as both women began to come closer, closer still, until their pussies came in contact with one another.

Both Ace and Lucifer breathed harder as they watched both women, who's beauty could easily make them pass as goddesses, began rubbing their pussies into one another. Moaning and crying out as their pleasure increased with their fucking motion.

Alissa reached for the back of Livia's neck and pulled her face to her own. Their breath getting ragged and hot in each others faces before they gained the strength to suck their lips against one another. Locking in a fierce kiss as she screwed their crotches agaisnt each other.

Livia broke her kiss with a moan and looking over at the two guards, she found them doing what she loved watching them do.

They were both standing in the door way, stroking their cocks as they watched the scene of their Empress and her lover grinding pussy into pussy and getting off in front of them.

Alissa was too drawn in the sensation that was iching in her body to notice them for more than a moment. One thing in particualar that caught her attention, was a penis shaped apparatus on the floor, almost under the bed.

An idea seized Alissa's mind for only a moment before she felt her orgasm climbing through her body.

With an almost fierce roar, she lunged up and on top of Livia. Her thigh in Livia's pussy, and Livia's in hers, as they rubbed their bodies together passionately.

"Ooooh." Alissa groaned out loud as her pussy contorted and spasmed against Livia's thigh.

Livia was on the brink of cumming while Alissa was doing just that. She was almost wildly riding Livia's thigh as she was rocking in the intense orgasm that shattered through her entire body.

"Oh Gods!" Alissa calmed on top of Livia, warn out almost completely.

"Mmmmmm" Livia moaned. "You truly do belong to me."

"Sure as Hades, not yet." Alissa said as she reached down on the bed chamber floor, pulling the rug hard, causing both naked and satisfied guards to fall out the door.

Rushing as fast as possible with trembling legs. Alissa bolted the door. Thanking her Gods and Goddesses for the guards being as weak as she was momentarily.

"What in the hell are you..." before Livia could finish, she felt Alissa's back hand against her face, knocking her over, almost unconsious on her bed.

Alissa wrapped a blanket from the bed around her naked body, and jumped upon Livia's body.

"What are you doing?" Livia asked.

"You raped me, you almost let those monsters have me. Why the hell should I not be doing this."

Alissa's voice angry with vengeance burning on her lips.

Livia's lips was slightly bleeding as Alissa sat with her knees on Livia's shoulders, and an angry glare burning out of her eyes.

"Please... I just... I only." Livia was at loss for words.

"SILENCE!" Alissa slapped Livia across the face.

Remembering the penis shaped object on the floor, she gradually reached over the side of the bed.

Livia made an attempt to free herself, but Alissa's foot kicked across her face, throwing her off the bed and to the floor.

Grasping the oject in her hand, Alissa moved over the to moaning Livia on the floor. With her free hand, she reached for Livia's hair and gripped it tightly as she dragged her to the bed again.

Listening to the door, she heard nothing and figured that either the guards were knocked out or unwilling to go for help in fear of being caught without their duds.

"You are going to pay your retribution to me, Empress." The Amazon snarled at the cowering woman.

In all of her life, never did Livia allow herself to be dominated by any. Some how, she felt as if she could not possibly over come this one.

Alissa, moving fast and skillfully, tight a soft cloth around the penis shaped object, then around herself in a fashion that would make it look as if it were an extention of herself.

When satisfide that the object was in place firmly without going anywhere. She slowly stroked her hand up and down the length, laughing at what the picture must look like to Livia. A woman stroker her own "prick".

"What are you going to do to me?" Livia ask, though slightly knowing what was to become of this.

Holding Livia's arms down to the bed and forcing her legs apart. Alissa began to push the fake penis into Livia. Stopping when she felt something strange holding her from going further.

Livia was panting hard with wide eyes, as if in utmost fear.

In a sudden shock throwing itself through her mind, Alissa's eyes widened when the knowing came to her.

'It can't be true'. She thought.

As if knowing what ran through her mind. Livia answered her question.

"Yes, I'm still untouched there. I'm still in a single way, a virgin." she trembled with the object in her.

"How is that... but... why, how?" Alissa was at shock and dissmay. "YOU?!"

"I've invovled myself in many sexual encounters, but I've never allowed anything to touch me yet." she admitted.

The anger of being raped by this woman still seethed through Alissa's mind. She thought of the only perfect way of gaining her vengeance.

"No!" Livia begged. "No, please!"

"Silence!" Was the stern voice of the Amazon. "You will be Silent."

Livia roared out in anger as she reached and struggled against the Amazon. Though making a mistake. Seeing as Alissa was still buried in her. Livia's actions were causing the object to push harder into her.

Finally gaining a grip, Alissa held her down and with a firm but still almost gentle pump, she helped the prick finish its intrusion inside the empress.

Livia cried out and then tensed as she felt herself burst open inside.

Her eyes wide as her mouth as she made a failed effort to cry out again. Alissa holding still inside of Livia. Buried to the hilt.

"Ohhhh!" Livia groaned in pain.

In that sudden instant, Alissa could no longer deny as she looked into the eyes of this woman, her love for her. Though it had been quick, she had still raped her in turn for doing so to her.

Alissa gently held Livia's face in her hands. Feeling Livia's arms wrap securly wrap around her body.

"I love you, Livia." her voice sounded out before it could be held back.

Their lips warmly and romantically pressed into a union as Livia felt Alissa beginging to move inside of her.

She was being taken by the most perfect person for the job. She was losing her pain only a little bit by bit, but a pleasure was coming on into her loins.

Livia wrapped her legs around Alissa and held her tightly inside of her, moaning low as the two slowly made love to one another.

There might have been a fake object moving inside Livia, and causing her pleasure. But it was Alissa's intention and will that was bringing the Empress to a world of pleasure and excitment.

As they slowly moved together, body grinding ever slow gently into body. Their hearts sang a song most forgotten. They were not fuckers or even just plain mistress and submissive. They were truly now,...lovers.


Coming soon: A face from the past.


Sorry this story took so long to be submitted.

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