Empty Morning


Feeling the morning light cascading over her body through the tall arched window of her bedchamber, Arwen lazily awoke, twisting catlike to slide her arm over her husband. Her soft hand slid over to his side, and her eyes narrowed in ire as she felt only the tousled bedsheets, and no Aragorn. Sitting up, elven body covered only in a thin nightgown, she saw he was not in the room, his sword also missing from its hook on the wall. "Again...indeed," she murmured dryly, rising from the bed.

After performing her morning wash, and donning a tight blue gown with a white waist sash, she padded over and opened the door to her chamber. The guard outside, Tobias, a sturdy muscular man came to attention, gripping the ridiculously ceremonial hauberk in his gauntleted hands. Arwen smirked, the tips of her ears pinking as she saw him watching her out of the corner of her eyes as most of the burly castle guards did, though he was one of the poorer ones at hiding his desires.

"Where say is my attentive husband?" she quipped, irritated at her inability to keep the venomous ire from her voice.

"He left on a hunt earlier this morning, my Queen," Tobias returned, daring to half turn his head to look at her, being rewarded by seeing her body covered only in the thin silks.

"Lovely...fetch me some wine then, I'll keep my own company this morning it seems," Arwen curtly ordered, before spinning on her heel and returning to her chambers. Sitting in front of her studio, she primped herself, combing out her long dark hair, though for what reason other than boredom she had no idea, it couldn't be to impress her absent husband.

Rising to meet the knock at the door, she let the guard enter, and snatched the wine bottle from his grasp. "Thank you guard, that is all," her eyes meeting his, but seeing him looking anywhere but back into her own. Biting her lip, she saw his gaze raking over her body, in the crude manner that humans do, the way that Aragorn did when she first charmed him in Rivendell. "How dare you look at me like that?" she softly remarked, snapping the guard from his musings.

"Ahh...my apologies, milady," bowing slightly, then adding "Perhaps if milady would wear more when her husband wasn't about...," then going quickly silent.

Arwen's cheeks pinked, no one having spoken to her in such a way in ages. "How dare you suggest such a thing. I'm not some sort of barroom hussy," her breath coming faster underneath her gown, breasts rising as she endured this outrage.

"Of course not ma'am, my apologies," the guard returned quickly, having no desire to find Aragorn's wraith visit him.

"That's better, though doubtfully sincere," turning to leave, her hair swinging out and brushing his arm. "You can return to your duty, you've done quite enough here," slinking back to her bed with the wine bottle.

Bowing, sweating into his armor, the guard quickly left, shaking his head at his foolishness, but taking a last long look at his elven queen before going back to his post. Arwen lounged on her bed, sipping the wine and thinking of the guards rude remark, and how it made her feel.

Tobias stood outside the door, mind drifting between nothing and thinking of Arwen just on the other side of the wall, boredom and idle fatigue claiming him as it tended to do at this hour, when he heard a small crash from inside her chambers. Snapping alert, he quickly went inside, seeing Arwen by her window, bent over and cleaning up glass from the broken wine bottle. "Are you all right my Queen?" Tobias intoned as he went over to assist her, his eyes falling on her luscious slender ass, her arched back as she picked up the pieces.

Arwen looked back at him, reaching down for more of the broken bottle, her long dark hair hanging down. "I'm fine, the bottle just slipped," picking up another piece before turning back to see the guard standing behind her, his eyes once again on her body. Straightening up, she pointed at the remains, "Clean that up if you would."

Nodding dumbly, Tobias began picking up the pieces, glancing now and then over to Arwen's legs as she stood near him, her gown brushing his arm. "At least you weren't cut milady."

"No I wasn't...do be careful yourself," watching him, watching her. The guard tossed the shards in the trash bin, then returned to her. "Is that all my Queen?" his eyes again dropping to her perky breasts.

"Yes, I think so," Moving closer, her breasts just barely touching his rough armor, she asked playfully, "Don't you deserve a reward for your risky assistance?" The guard being so close to the object of his desires, only nodded, but having nothing to say. "What would you like then?" Arwen asked, almost in a purr.

"Nothing..." the guard stammered, looking finally at her pretty upturned face, aching to grab her.

"You are quite a value then," she added with a smirk, before moving closer and giving him a small kiss with her soft lips, moving back to see him staring intensely at her. "For your risk...," she whispered.

Tobias licked his lips, the taste of the lovely elf driving him mad. Before he could stop himself his hand slid up her side, cupping her breast, holding it, feeling the soft globe, huffing under his chainmail as he finally touched her the way he had long wanted to.

Arwen gasped, but didn't move to stop him, her nipple hardening in his large palm. "How dare you...," she murmured, pressing closer, a wicked thrill going through her body.

"I'm sorry my Queen...Arwen...," Tobias mumbled, helpless as his other hand took her waist, pulling her against him. With a moan she wrapped her arms around him, smelling his sweaty human body through his armor.

"Very foolish...you could lose your head for this...," she purred, feeling his hands grip her breasts tighter in response.

Nodding, but helpless, and losing control, his desire for her gorgeous elven body making him crazy, he put his fingers into her hair, pulling her head back and kissed her hotly, licking inside her mouth. With a moan Arwen hungrily returned the clumsy wet kiss, sucking on his tongue, slender fingers tugging at the straps to his armor. Tobias held her tightly, breaking the kiss and pulling at her gown, dragging it down her shoulders until her breasts fell out against his mailed chest. Squirming to free herself, Arwen pulled her arms out, the gown barely hanging on at her waist. "Arwen I love you...," the guard growled as he rubbed her bare breast, feeling the satiny skin and stiff hot nipple.

"I know...," panting she felt her hands moved lower on him, until one of her hands was placed between his legs, feeling the guards stiff hot bulge through his leather pants. Arwen shivered and rubbed the heavy member, squeezing it, pressing against it, feeling how hard it was for her.

Tobias nearly lost it, the feel of Queen Arwen actually massaging his manhood, making his cock throb in his pants. He quickly moved her hand away, holding her by her wrists as he half dragged the nearly naked elf to her soft bed, pushing her gently back onto it. He stared at her lying stretched out, breasts exposed, gown half up her thighs, the top bunched at her waist. He'd rape her if he had to, he couldn't stop now.

Arwen lay panting, watching in excited lust as the burly human guard unbuckled his leather pants, quickly shucking them off and revealing his long stiff shaft to her hungry gaze. She could see the angry member leaking and jerking as he stepped from his pants, crawling onto the bed, pushing her legs to the sides of him as he pulled her gown higher. As Arwen felt her gown lifted, she tossed a glance to the bedroom door, horrified not only to see it unlocked, but even slightly cracked, the reminder of the terrible risk she was taking washing over her.

She forgot quickly about it as the Tobias lay over her, kissing her mouth and guided his hard prick to her tiny elfin quim, shuddering in lust as he dragged the leaking shaft up and down her slit. With a desperate thrust, he found her sweet opening and plunged himself inside her, moaning loudly at the satiny feel of her pussy around him, finally being inside his lovely elven queen. Shaking and pressing her down into the bed, he savored the feel of her around him, his balls tight to her mound, looking down to see her eyes open wide, mouth agape. Tobias fought not to explode inside her from just being in her snug pussy, his hands moving up to hold her breasts again, squeezing them. He felt her slender legs snake around him, pulling him in tightly to her wet hot pussy, her giving off a deep moan, squeezing on him inside.

"Gods...Arwen...," he groaned, then drew back, thrusting in and out of her with desperate need, feeling his cum rising after the first heavenly stroke. Knowing he couldn't help it, he didn't even try, thrusting quickly and hard inside her, a hand going into her hair as his cock throbbed and started shooting his hot cum inside her sucking pussy.

"Yess...yes...," she hissed lustily, feeling him thrusting and then spraying into her, the wild adulterous act making her so aroused. She pulled tightly with her legs, gasping and pushing her clenching pussy at him as he spurted, his uncontrollable lust making her own desire grow. Each hot thick spray of his cum going in her making her feel even more wicked and wanton, grinding at him, coaxing him. "Don't stop...," squeezing him for his cum, loving how it felt inside her.

After many amazing moments Tobias slowed inside her, staying hard and deep in her pussy, unable to pull out of her heavenly glove. He stared down at her slim naked body under him, kissing her mouth, tasting her lips, knowing he only satisfied himself but not caring one whit, still too obsessed over actually fucking his lovely Arwen. "I need you...," he said into her mouth as he slid his tongue between her lips, dragging his shaft back and thrusting it in hard again.

"Take me, please...," Arwen purred, wrapping her arms around him, arching and grinding her hungry elvish pussy at him as he started to thrust into her wet quim. She felt his cum gooey and slick inside her, making her pussy tingle hotly as they started rutting against each other. She clenched and squeezed herself hard, pulling him into her, smelling his sweat that stuck to her body.

"Oh Arwen...Arwen...," Tobias groaned, moaning louder as he jammed harder inside her pussy, the sight of his Queen under him, bucking as he moved inside her making him want to get deeper in her. He gripped her dark hair, sucking on her neck, thrusting madly inside her, feeling her wet walls gripping his shaft like no woman ever had.

Arwen tossed her head about, moaning softly as this desperate human took her, slowly hearing his loud moans as he slurped on her neck and pounded into her hot pussy. With another glance at the door, she knew they were being far too loud, and gripped his hair, pulling his mouth to hers, kissing him deeply to silence their passion.

Tobias licked deeply into her mouth, over her tongue, thrusting wildly as his cock swelled in her again, pulsing and throbbing before he started cumming deeply in her once more. Arwen felt him tense, and gripped him tight, the second gushing of his cum into her pussy being too much for her, and she whined into his lips as she came over him, her pussy tightening wickedly over him and making him grind in tighter as he showered her inside with more of his steaming cum.

As he slowed, still buried in her, he rose up to look down at her lusty face, dark hair clinging to her in strands. He started to pull out but she would have no such thing. Pushing on his shoulders she rolled over, keeping him inside her as she straddled him, lifting up with her bunched gown still on her, draped over their joined bodies, breasts hanging free.

With a wild look down at the sweaty male under her she started to rise and grind her slippery wet pussy onto him, but only took a few short bounces when the sound of horns reached her ears... Her eyes flew open. "Aragorn...,", she gasped, hearing the horns that signaled his return to the castle. Tobias stared up at her, fear grabbing him but helpless inside her body. With an agonizing jerk, she lifted free of him, standing and tugging her gown back into place. "Go...hurry...," feeling the thick cum trickling down the inside of her thighs, knowing she'd soon be greeting her husband with the spendings of another man inside her.

Tobias lumbered off the bed in a daze, pulling his pants on, becoming more aware of his terrible position but still lost in lust for the lovely elf. Once dressed she half pushed the heavy guard to the door. "Go...," shoving at him. Tobias stopped at the door and grabbed her, gripping her by the hair and kissing her hungrily, whispering into her mouth, "I'll see you again Arwen."

She returned his kiss deeply before wrenching herself away, and with a valiant shove herded him out the door, leaning against it panting, a naughty smile crossing her lips as she thought about the hot encounter, and already blaming her negligent ranger for it entirely.

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