tagSci-Fi & FantasyEmpty Nest Cumback Ch. 06

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 06


Janis and I are getting along in years. We dutifully raised our family, then tried some "new stuff" regarding our sex lives- including another guy, another girl, a peeper, and a transsexual. We became very liberated experiencing all these sensuous encounters while still loving each other more and more. Our sex life was fantastic but as you get older things began to droop, expand, sag, and not work right.

We are to that point so have settled down to a good old monogamous sex life practicing many those erotic things we learned during our liberation period.

Please don't think of me as a pervert or dirty old man when I tell you what follows. Anyone in our position will understand if maybe not approve.

Whenever we signal it's a good night for fucking our routine is a shower and Viagra for me and for Janis, a sensuous relaxing bubble bath followed by some sexy lingerie and make up. Then some Neal Diamond, a little wine and a lot of love making.

Pretty routine but here is where I strayed a little. After a squeeze of her ass as she walked by after dinner and her reciprocating sexy smile I knew we were in for a night of fucking, sucking, and eating. Being already late I grew excited in anticipation.

I've always wanted to secretly observe my lover getting ready for our love making secession but have felt dirty or sneaky doing it without her permission. No more. Earlier I had opened our bathroom blinds just enough for a good view, plus left our bedroom drapes slightly open.

My bathroom is upstairs so as I left to shower I smiled "You are still the most sexy, desirable woman I know and I can't wait to proof it to you."

Janis purred, " Well I'll just take you up on that. Better have that cock of your ready for some real action...."

Immediately I was outside and slipped quietly over to the bathroom window. Janis is a "tub" girl. She was bent nude adjusting the water. I took a deep breath and felt that tight feeling in my stomach- observing a full ass and cunt protruding my way and her huge tits almost touchy the side of the tub. You have to understand. Janis is a very private person. She is really shy and isn't comfortable prancing around nude unless we are into deep sex. Also her figure has somewhat gone south and she isn't as proud of it any more although she still has a lot to offer. This all means a peak becomes more mysterious and exciting.

She now steps into the tub, adjust the water one more time, applies some bubble bath and leisurely settles down for a soothing bath.

First she explores her legs and feet. Then her hands travel through the frothy bubbles and between her legs as they obviously find her pussy and work slowly until finally she throws her head back and smiles. Next she cups and massages her large tits with bubbles everywhere and sucks each nipple softly as she admires them. I never knew a woman in private enjoys her own body so much! This was a true turn on for me. She was not performing, just doing what comes naturally in private.

After about 10 minutes of this she pulls the plug gets to her feet and grabs a nearby towel. Here again, I only got fleeting glimpses of a body I have enjoyed so many times but the intrigue and mystery was overpowering seeing her wet pussy with its matted blonde pubic hair and gleaming tits move in and out of my limited view.

After drying and wrapped in her bath towel, Janis walks into our dressing area. She now drops the towel and with hands on hips, studied her entire body with a wicked smile- knowing I am hot for it despite her body changes.

Next she slipped on her (my) favorite naughty very short blue silk wrap around robe which showed just enough to drive me absolutely wild. Passion perfume and plenty sexy dark red lip stick that hookers like, was next. After slowly brushing her soft blond her hair she was ready and believe me I was too.

As I quickly showered upstairs, I fondled and pumped my now growing cock and balls while thinking of that juicy, luscious pussy I was about to enjoy. As pre-cum lathered my hand I knew I'd better stop this premature masturbation or forget what waits for me downstairs. After putting on some sexy nylon black boxer shorts Janis likes, I was suddenly in the kitchen and pouring the wine.

With the lights down and soft music playing, we eventually put down our wine glasses. Janis slowly untied her wrap and stared directly at me as I slipped out of my silk shorts. I never tire of her inviting female body and she enjoys my still masculine stature with a fully excited cock ready for fucking.

As if on queue we melted together. My lips tasted her naughty lip stick, our tongues entwined, her wrap now open, tits crushed against my chest and my hard cock eagerly probed her bush. Her hands encouraged my head and my hands were busy with her soft ample ass. Her body scent was so overpowering.

"Oh god Janis, I want you so bad. You never stop turning me on. I need to taste you and fuck your oozing frothy slut cunt."

"Yes my sexy 'John'- I need you to explore my body, eat my hot pussy, then fuck it and flood it with your sex seed."

We came together, as so many times before, mouth to mouth and cock pumping rhythmically into her pulsating cunt. Too soon I felt my hot sperm empting into her.

Another night of sex over to soon. I could not control myself long enough for Janis to climax but she faked it well. I really did want to go on to totally satisfy her but just couldn't get it back up so soon....Going down was ok but I know she wanted a big stiff cock to take her that last step to a frenzied climax.

In the afterglow of sex we were entwined in each other's arms with me on top. My spent cock nestled against her soppy pussy and our lips melted together as one. I then began a moving downward tasting her delectable body.

Janis, thinking I was going to 'clean her up,' wantonly opened her legs and brought her heals up to her body. I was now only inches from that luscious, totally exposed, just fucked cunt. The female aroma was absolutely intoxicating – I lost what little control I had and teasingly kissed her puffy, cum covered pussy folds.

At that point came my 'little' surprise. Having placed a new toy within easy reach, I gently nudged this large cyberskin cock against her open cunt.

"I know your not much for toys but let's try this. You can always say stop."

Janis was still 'hot' and although surprised, didn't complain as she felt the hardness against her love box.

"Just be gentle," she murmured.

Now as I pushed this very realistic cock slowly into her vaginal entrance, she suddenly tensed up and gasped, "ohh god, it feels to big. It's not going to fit, please stop."

"Give it a chance, I'll be gentle. Your well lubricated and pussy's can adjust."

"Ok, but real slow..."

Slowly but deliberately I inched this massive cock into her over stretched cunt. She continued tensely groaning. Soon the pressure against her love button began arousing her sex further

"It feels to big, I don't know how much more I can take...."

"Lets try a little more, relax and try to enjoy," I quietly suggested.

With a deep sigh she raised up on her feet opening her cunt even more.

Now I pushed this giant sex tool in another couple of inches as her pussy appeared stretched to its limit.

"Oh, no more," she groaned. "Please stop. No wait, it's getting better, oh my god! Ohhh, yes, please, more- DON'T STOP!"

I was fascinated watching this huge cock disappear into her love channel. Janice was now trembling with pleasure.

"Do you want me to stop? I will you know."

"Oh Denis, no. I have never felt anything like it. You must keep going. I want to experience every inch if it's the last thing I do," she panted.

With short slow strokes and having to apply a lot of pressure, I slid the dong in and out and each time in- a little further. My cock is a standard 6 inches with an average width but this cock was easily 9 inches and massive in thickness. I also know that the other men she experienced didn't come close to this either.

"Denis, your right, the deeper the better. I feel totally consumed. I never knew what I was missing. Please go on, sooo goood- ahhh yes, oohhh, don't stop."

Now it was fully in. Sensing Janis was about explode, I began pumping this huge cock with a sense of urgency.

Janis suddenly spasmed, jerked up on her feet, let out a scream, and for the first time I remember, ejaculated her female cum in copious amounts.

Even at my age and condition this was just to much seeing her so pleasured. I slowly pulled those 9 inches out of her expanded cunt. It disengaged with a sucking noise as her female love juice began oozing out. Quickly my lips and tongue found her girl cum ozzing out of her creamy, swollen pussy and consumed all I could. It wasn't thick like man sperm but so tasty and so much of it....

After finally finishing my dessert I moved up to her waiting arms and passionately kissed my sexed up and ecstatic lover..

"Umm, I do taste so good." Janis cooed, as she tasted her own cum. We shared this sex nectar orally with a lot more mmm's. I did remind her that there was some man cum mixed in too....

Finally Janis closely examined her new found cybercock.

"I can't believe all of this was in my poor little pussy. It is sooo big and sexy," she purred.

Then as a true lover she took my semi hard 6 inches into her mouth and proceeded to award me with an earth shattering blow job I won't soon forget. There is something special about climaxing when not totally hard. The pleasure is even greater.

Janis had experienced the most total climax ever and I got to enjoy watching her do it not to mention the new sweet taste of that female cum. This monogamous stuff isn't all that bad...

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