tagMatureEmpty Nest Cumback Ch. 07

Empty Nest Cumback Ch. 07


My Audiologist Needed Some OJT

This started out as an older man's sexual fantasy and only fantasy, but slowly evolved into a real life experience that I'm sure many other men in my position would only dream about.

Shana is a 34 year old audiologists who recently fitted me with hearing aids. She is married to her college sweetheart, a geologist for a major oil company. Shana is tall, willowy, and in my opinion very feminine, but not especially beautiful, well built or overly sexy. She is from a very conservative background. Her father is a Baptist minister- enough said.

I learned all these things during weekly appointments with her to adjust my aids she recently sold me. We talked about movies and good restaurants in addition to our family lives. My wife and I have been married many years. I did not address the fact that she has put on weight and does not feel attractive or sexy- sooo our sex lives have all but disappeared. I still love her dearly but I do get really horny and don't want to go the call girl route.

With Shana, I feel some really strong chemistry. Maybe its because of her youth, outgoing positive personality and apparent interest in me. I do know the only way to find her true feelings is to definitely take it very slow. After all, she is my audiologist and if I read her wrong and offend her I am in big trouble. Initially, we were strictly professional. She seems to enjoy our weekly appointments or "dates" as she described them. Shana is also evidently a very touchy, feely person. On my first examination she placed her hand on my thigh. Just an innocent move- I couldn't know for sure. Since then she often greets me with a hand squeeze and lately has led me in to examination room by the hand. I pretend to give these actions little thought but inside it's a different story.

Finally I decided to go for it.

"Shana, you have helped me so much and I've taken so much of your time, I'd like to return the favor. How about meeting for lunch as a token of my appreciation?"

At first she just looked at me then said "Why Denis, that would be so sweet of you. You have become one of my favorite patients. I also consider you a friend and would love doing lunch with you." Her response made my loins tingle but knew I must remain cool. Our relationship will continue to be a work in progress.

Our initial out of the office date was at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Shana had a 1½ hour lunch break so we had time to relax a little. Since she had appointments that afternoon she refrained from margaritas but I did manage a couple.

"Tell me more about yourself, Shana. You seem to really enjoy your profession. You also appear to have a pretty busy life without much time to 'stop and smell the roses.' Do you and your husband save time for yourselves?"

"Well I do really enjoy my work especially since Brad, my husband, is also very busy and I don't like being home alone all that much. I do wish we could spend more time together."

Now the margaritas were beginning to work. "Please don't take this wrong, Shana, I'm not trying to get too personal but do you and Brad really have a good active personal life if you get what I mean? I found that most important in your thirties. Even at our age, Janis and I seem to really come together after some pleasurable intimacy. Without it I tend to be up tight and frankly not that happy."

I could tell my bluntness may have gone to far. Shana avoided eye contact and seemed very uncomfortable. It seems I had blown it!

But then, "Denis, I really don't know why I am willing to discuss my personal life with you. Maybe its because we have become friends and I have always wanted someone outside the family to talk openly to. I love Brad dearly. He has so many good qualities including adoring me and always catering to my needs- except one. His, you know, 'personal interest' in me seems nil. We 'get together' maybe once every week or two and its very routine."

"Okay, what do you do? How do you let each other know when its time? How do you prepare? What do you physically do and what about afterwards?"

"Denis this does not seem right discussing these particulars. I really am not comfortable the way this conversation is headed."

Silence, then I apologized. "I understand Shana, At my age it's hard to not to get right to the point. Politically correct I'm not. Sorry.- What good movies have you seen lately?"

A little more silence then she started in. "We just go to bed, one thing leads to another, he gets on top and in a few minutes its over. We then kiss, say how much we love each other, and that's pretty much it."

She seemed at first totally embarrassed by this confession but then somewhat relieved.

"Shana may I help?"

She nodded tentatively in approval but obviously very skeptical.

"Since your both so busy you must create the right conditions. This is what I want you to do. When he's busy at home or watching TV you should get his attention by dressing provocatively, caress his head or arm, and rub the back of his neck. Suggest a little wine and some soft music when you return. That should get his motor running. Then leave and take a relaxing bubble bath. From what you said about Brad, he would not go for the real sexy lingerie, garter belts or spiked shoes. I am the same way so what I would suggest would be some good perfume, a sexy silky, thigh length wrap around robe with some really sexy transparent panties barely covered by the wrap. The key here is to tease him. Men love it and it really increases their libido big time."

"You should be a tease but also take the lead. This will be new for him too. Wine, music, teasing, touching, and foreplay will do wonders."

"Ready for more?"

"Denis, I can't believe your telling me this but continue. Why stop now?"

"Your missionary love making position is fine but variety is the key. Try you on top or doggie style or on your sides or how about oral or anal?"

Shana hesitated then responded " I am intrigued by different positions but have never though much of oral or anal and would be afraid to try. One or both of us might be totally turned off or embarrassed."

"Shana, Janis and I do it all except the anal. and wow!. The only way to know is to try."

"You've given me so much to think about. Bottom line is I'd like to experiment but I should be comfortable with any new technique before springing on Brad."

"Hum, are you saying you want a little OJT?"

"Well I guess I am. I know I'm not a real beauty so if your not turned on or have 2nd thoughts being married..."

"First Shana let me assure you, you are an extremely feminine and sexy woman without trying to be. Let me put it another way. During one of your early examinations, it' was good you were not checking my pulse. When you place your hand on my leg, you did a real number on my heart beat! Second, I really don't consider this cheating as I'm in not in love with you, we can both learn from this and we are both in love with other people. Look at this as an advanced degree in love making."

"This is a win-win situation. Hopefully you will be awakened to the importance of good intimacy with your husband and I will be rewarded by helping you and yes, exploring and enjoying your beautiful body thereby invigorating my own marital sex life."

"Denis, I didn't know my hands on your thigh affected you and thank you for reassuring me I am attractive to men. Guess I really needed that"

Lunch break was over. We briefly squeezed hands and she informed me tomorrow she has no clients the last two hours and has time for a 'training session'.

Wow, my fantasy is going to happen!

I told her to bring that robe, panties, some good perfume and I'll handle the wine. We'll rendezvous at the nearby hotel at 3PM. Shana must be really unhappy with her sex life to 'experiment' with someone old enough to be her father but I do believe this chemistry thing is working both ways.

The next day, after checking into Room 177 at the Holiday Inn Express, I set up the wine and tuned into a mood music radio station. I was fully dressed not wanting to push to hard. The knock on the door caused a familiar tightness in my stomach.

There she was, still dressed in her conservative working dress, leaving everything for my imagination but hopefully that will soon change. We held hands and I kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"You look positively normal and that's why you ooze with sex appeal-all your mysteries so well hidden."

"Denis, remember, this is only as a training session. I do know with men visual is very important but please go slow. I still am not sure I am doing the right thing."

"Okay, my favorite audiologist, lets have a little wine then you change into something more comfortable I assume you brought in that bag."

The music and wine seem to loosen her up. We sat side by side on the king size bed. After some more small talk she gave me a peck on the cheek and disappeared into the bathroom.

My heart was pounding with anticipation and no Viagra was necessary.

Shana shyly stepped into the room. A blue shorty silk wrap appeared to be all she had on but I knew different. The wrap was open just enough to finally reveal some inner swelling of her now free small well shaped breasts.

Shana had very short stringy dark hair. Her facial features were on the sharp side and even barefooted she was almost 6 ft. She would be classified thin and not really built but when you put the whole package together and visualizing what else was hidden by that wrap, she was so enticing.

We stood facing each other and awkwardly groping for words.

Finally I said, "Well let the class begin."

Hand in hand we stared into each others eyes. I then took her head in my hands and gently kissed her lips for the first time. After recoiling slightly, she finally kissed back. My penis was rock hard and throbbing. Stepping back I removed my shirt.

Shana then got the idea, untied her wrap and stood there before me. For the first time her beautiful tits were mostly exposed. They were still partially hidden by the open wrap but well shaped, very suckable, and ready for action.

I took one in each hand feeling Shana's initial defensive movement back.

"Denis, they're not very big."

"Shana I can't wait to taste their sweetness- they are perfect size."

"Oh, do you need to do that? I don't want to get carried away."

"It's okay, we must both get in the mood for this to work. Just relax. I definitely won't do anything you object to- promise."

After stripping down to my silky boxer shorts (with a huge bulge in front) I sat down on the bed, pulled her over and began massaging those tantalizing twin peaks. She seemed to be accepting so I then pulled her closer and began taking turns sucking and tonguing each. Her now nipples were so hot and hard. I could almost get a whole tit in my mouth.

Shana meanwhile was pretty much a non participant. She seemed so mechanical. Then as my sucking increased she began to softly moan, rock a little, and began pushing my head further towards her body. I now suggestively stared at her see-thru bikini panties. Her pussy lips teased my visual stimulation with its mysterious slit partially hidden by the transparent and moistening panties.

"Are you okay ," I asked.?

"Oh yes, I can see where this foreplay is important. Oh yesss I'm okay."

Next my tongue slowly traveled down her slender body enjoying her tightened stomach, belly button and finally matted pubic hairs.

"Still Okay?"

With no response I began blowing softly on her pussy area.

She now let out a gasp, grabbed my head and urged me on.

"Denis, this feels so good, it's all new to me. Brad never..."

I now positioned myself with her essence of sex only an inch or two away. Her female aroma was so intoxicating. I kissed her now wet panties then slowly removed them. Oh god, she was the ultimate innocent sex goddess.

With that, my tongue briefly found the inner folds of her frothy, moist cunt. But then I decided to tease a little, stood up and motioned for her to lie back on the bed.

What a beautiful sight. Wish a camera was available.

Shana was now finally seemed totally relaxed, lying on her back, feet drawn up to her body and pussy totally exposed. Her arms were over her head, eyes seemed glazed over, and she appeared to be nodding "yes."

"All right girl, your first lesson is how good it feels to have a guy go down on you."

I slid between her waiting legs, cradled her ass in my hands, and with pure pleasure, dove into her hot cunt consuming all her sweet tasting pre cum possible while also devouring the 'hot' inner core of her love nest including its protruding clit.

Suddenly she was bucking and screamed out "Oh I'm really coming for the first time!" That's hard to believe being she has been married over 5 years! With that she pushed my face into her throbbing cunt, shuttered, and obviously had her virgin climax.

After things cooled down I motioned for her to sit on edge of the bed. Standing facing her, I slowly removed my soaked shorts revealing a neglected cock that has not been this hard or throbbing in a long time. Shana seemed mesmerized by the sight.

"You penis is only the second one I have ever seen in that condition."

"Shana, you now must learn how to satisfy your man orally, are you ready?"

"I don't really think I want to do this but guess I can at least try."

"First take my cock in your hand, kiss it, lick the shaft, then slowly and tenderly suck it into your mouth. Please no teeth!"

After much hesitation her hand finally grasp my shaft and pumped it a little. Now she worked up the courage, pulled it to her open mouth and began to orally fuck me. I could feel her tongue, the heat, and sucking as at least half of my cock disappeared into her mouth. For a first timer she did great. So great I wondered if this was her first time. I was about to lose all control.

I had to pull away and explained she now had a choice. Either give me a hand job to climax or take my load in her mouth.

She decided on both. At my urging she began to jerk my cock faster and faster while positioning the tip at her open lips. It didn't take long. I experienced that wondrous feeling of an explosive climax as a big load of cum ejaculated into her waiting mouth.

She looked up wantonly, cum dripping from her mouth, and said, "Oh Denis, you have taught me sooo much. I can't wait to try this with Brad."

At that point I smiled then passionately kissed my cum off her lips, tasting the result of our 'training session'.

I mentioned anal and other positions but of course I was through for the day.

She said she could handle the different positions herself with Brad but wasn't sure about the anal.

"No problem, Figuring I would be out of commission when the anal option came up, I took the liberty of bring along an aid.

Obviously Shana had never seen a dildo before and gasped as she sized it up noting it was not overly big.

"I would be more than happy to give it a try. Are you willing?"

"I've heard it hurts, will you take it REAL SLOW and stop if I say so?"

At my urging she now crouched on her hands and knees on the bed exposing her so inviting bung hole. I applied a lot of KY jelly.

After instructing her to keep her head on the bed and ass way up, I first introduced the fake cock to her by sliding it up and down her crack, then tenderly pushed the tip slightly in her ass.

Shana let out a cry of pain and pleaded no more. I told her to totally relax and take a deep breath. As she took that deep breath, I suddenly plunged the cock in past her sphincter muscle.

Her sudden cry of pain went to a cry of pleasure as I worked the cock back and forth in her virgin ass. Now I pulled it totally out then plunged it back in- time and time again.

Shana was in another world. She was in total ecstasy, breathing heavily, and mumbling "Oh yes, so, good, please more , oh please don't stop."

Since my wife doesn't do anal, I also experienced a first and Shana said she promised, in time she and Brad would try.

Shana nor I will ever forget this day. She is well equipped to lead her husband into some really hot sex sessions. I will leave with a big smile on my face, knowing at my age I can still please the young ladies and anal 'is in'.

Wonder what my next audiology appointment will be like next month? Hearing is believing.

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