tagRomanceEnamored Escapes: Dreaming of Julia

Enamored Escapes: Dreaming of Julia


Author's Note:

Slightly slow, musing start about what led to certain night of amorous explorations with a dear friend, who became much more.


I feel like most of my adult life, and perhaps to a lesser degree some of the teenage years before that, I've been searching for something I couldn't quite name. Or, if I were to speak more honestly? It was more a matter of lacking the articulation while also lacking the tempering reality of experience.

At its most basic it was a desire for companionship, but speaking of searching for a companion or friend wouldn't do justice to the more inherent bond that was missing. No, this was a more painful absence than something so trivial.

Many times I would try to liken this absence to a longing for love. Yet as true as that felt? It didn't feel as though romance was the singular essence of what I was yearning for. Amore was at the core of what motivated me, but wasn't the totality of it.

Could it be something as simple as lust, then? No... As much as such pleasures may distract and dissuade they tend to be sweetest when paired with more than just carnal desire.

Companionship, love, lust... It had to be some combination of those three - which seemed a prospect that was as endlessly tempting as it was elusive. That sense of absence, at least, doesn't seem to be unique to me.

And that's what led to an evening of escapism with Julia...

We'd developed something of a routine by that point, spending Sunday evenings indulging in video games, smoking, and running random binges via Netflix.

In that sense it began with companionship. There was something in her countenance that was inherently warm and welcoming. Her personality and mannerisms naturally put others at ease, but more than that - there was a comfort & charisma in her speech. And her ability to quickly engage & connect with, well...anyone? It put much of my awkwardness & shyness at ease.

And as easy as it was for my eyes to linger on her form each time she'd run to the kitchen for a drink or seek something from her bedroom? It felt mostly innocent. True, my eyes found their way to her ass, her legs (those firm thighs), and her breasts with too much ease. But... I suppose it seemed a natural indulgence to look, but not as a precursor to action. Besides, I suspect few men (or women) would ignore the chance to admire her lithe form.

In time my thoughts began to grow past brief imaginings of how her body might look exposed, and into more vivid, salacious fantasies of claiming the pleasures her curves could offer. And therein we could see the foundations of companionship giving way to vivacious, blossoming lust.

On that note I imagine most readers are in want of details of Julia's appearance, yes?

Well... Every time I saw her, my initial gaze would linger on her eyes. They were an arresting blend of blue and grey, with just the slightest, rare flecks of green. And while they'd often reflect a sense of direction and purpose? For me, they always felt warm and inviting. To say they drew you in would be both trite and undeniably true. You wanted those eyes to fall on you and see some fraction of the purpose that drove her. To have those eyes see worth in you, and reflect desire back? It seemed the most a man could hope for.

And then there was the gentle, slightly-teasing smirk that would readily grace her delicate, pink lips. That heart-melting, knowing smirk was intoxicating. Some part of me had always hoped that it spoke to something we both wanted, however unspoken.

Her hair, brunette locks that were interspersed with lighter highlights, reached nearly a foot past her shoulders. There were times, times I hadn't spoken to her of, that I wondered what paradise it would be to bury my face in her hair. When I wondered of the pleasure of running my fingers through her hair while my lips fell to the gentle, inviting curve of her neck.

She stood at just shy of 5' 1", a moderate contrast to my unremarkable height of 5'9". Each embrace resulted in her head resting against my chest. There were times I knew she heard my heart flutter.

And then, of course, there were her legs and the inviting curve of her ass - perhaps her most lust-inspiring features. I can't rightly count the number of times I've let my gaze linger on either for too long, often to find that same knowing, amused smirk greeting me moments later.

Ah, and her breasts... She'd jokingly lament their size, but A or B cup - they fit her lithe form perfectly and drew the admiration of any lucky enough to see them.

Our habit had been to pick an online game, get a moderate high going, and transition into watching something we could stream until it felt time to call it a night. However, that night her frustrations about shoulder pain opened the door to a providing a rare, attentive shoulder rub.

She wore a thin, slightly loose t-shirt (grey, with an indistinct logo) with a pair of form-fitting jeans that accentuated every inch of her legs. From my angle behind her I could just make out the dark, navy-blue lace of her bra. Sitting together on her couch, her body pushed back closely against my own? The heat of both our bodies, even barely in contact, was enthralling. And the slight scent of her shampoo as her hair brushed me, gently, with each of her minor movements and adjustments? It was exquisitely alluring.

I can't claim to be an expert when it comes to massage, but I do have a fair amount of experience. When it comes to simple tasks like kneading out tension, soothing muscles with a gentle touch, and seeking out knots while lovingly endeavoring to work them out? Well, those tasks feel natural, and largely tied to reading the responses of the person you're caring for.

And the soft yield of Julia's flesh? The hushed moans and half-spoken words she quietly murmured in appreciation? The subtle movements of her shoulders and back, guiding my fingers to exact locations that longed for my touch? It all felt... Well, both rewarding and arousing. And I can't imagine she failed to notice my growing erection throbbing against her ass as the shoulder rub stretched on and on.

And then, suddenly, she pulled away from me. Some part of me worried she finally thought better of the direction this was heading, but the look in her eyes as she turned to meet my gaze? It seemed to invite much more than the limited explorations of her shoulders I'd attempted up to that point.

Together, in something of a desperate, mutual effort, we made quick work of...well, nearly ripping off her t-shirt and bra. Free of the lacy confines of those cups, I couldn't help but admire (and briefly fondle) her delectable breasts. And though she closed her eyes as though she was relishing my touch and want for her? Her own hands kept up the crucial work of striving to remove her jeans. Scarce moments later? The only pieces of clothing left on Julia's gorgeous body were a black, lace thong and ankle socks.

As much as I wanted to relieve her of those last, tiny pieces of fabric - her teasing, knowing smirk confirmed that was a pleasure denied just yet. Turning from me again, she guided my hands to her sides and the massage continued.

As my hands explored her sides, they would also briefly (and gleefully) explore her breasts. It wasn't an effort of rough, desperate fondling - but rather tender, increasingly confidant caresses. How could I not be mesmerized by their softness, and her slight/sharp intake of breath with each new touch?

Hearing no protests at my renewed explorations of her body, my hands dared to travel to her legs. First with efforts focused on kneading and relaxing the soft flesh I was so eager to finally touch. But...soon enough? My efforts were more matters of relishing the smoothness of her thighs than relaxing the muscles of her legs.

And despite my fears that she might withdraw from my attentions? I couldn't help but eagerly note how her thighs spread slightly as my fingers made contact with their firm-yet-yielding flesh.

I was hopelessly enthralled by the soft, sweet sounds that issued from her lips as my hands delicately traveled & traced their way along her inner thighs. Soon, though, my attention was a matter of devotion to the growing wetness and heat of her pussy as I rubbed her lovingly through the lace of her panties.

What had meant to be an endeavor of foreplay soon became something more, though. Feeling her hips begin to move in sync with my attention to her clit, and adoring every sound and sign of pleasure her body reflected? There was a vicarious thrill, knowing how close to the edge of orgasm I'd brought a woman who evoked such intense want and desire in me. I wanted her to cum, perhaps even more than she did.

And feeling her legs suddenly, rigidly tighten around my hand? Feeling her body shudder, and her breathing intensify? Losing myself in those last hungry, throaty moans she failed to suppress?

I can honestly say that in that moment my greatest hope was that she was sated. Yet, only moments later that hope was being eclipsed by a greater desire: that the forthcoming moments would revolve around claiming the endless joys her body could offer my own.

And as she turned to face me? Those eyes (already ever warm & welcoming) seemed far more expressive. In that instance they reveled in reflecting a more purposeful passion of nuanced hungers & wants. And there was nothing in me that desired to resist the pleasures or intent her gaze spoke to.

Her full, tantalizing lips were no longer graced with the teasing smirk I felt so accustomed to, but instead a knowing, inviting smile. I felt it spoke to the certainty of what would come next as the direction of our night seemed ensnared to our mutual desires.

Our lips met, briefly. But what I hoped would be an impassioned kiss was cut short as she quickly went to work relieving me of my own clothing: her hands tracing my shoulders and chest before helping to remove my shirt. And moments after the shirt was off? We were back in a close embrace. The varying pressure of her body against mine (and her lips against mine, as well) was a tender paradise. My arms encircled her, holding her close - but only one of my hands dared to brazenly grab her ass.

She pulled back from me, exhaling softly into my chest while her hair cascaded in the wake of her movements. The feel of the endless strands of her hair dancing across my chest with her every movement? It was, in its own way, more warming than the heat of her body.

It felt like we'd fell into a momentarily lull, and as much as I wanted to push forward there was a delicate pleasure in holding her in that embrace. In the ensuing moments it was her that pushed forward, not by pulling back - but by moving lower. Her agile hands began quickly working to unzip and remove my jeans, and as her eyes glanced up to meet my own? They sparkled seductively. In that instant removing my jeans & boxers became a combined effort, allowing my cock to spring free.

One of her hands, so soft & delicate, took a firm grip of base of my cock and began slowly, lovingly stroking. She'd trace the full length of my seven-inch cock, before slowly working her way back. And despite the slowness of her pace, the intimacy of her grip and attention worked wonders. Soon, though, her other hand was working to subdue her hair to one side - brushing it from the way.

Those eyes, normally brightly blue & piercingly grey, felt more darkly alluring than I could ever recall as they locked back on my own. Julia proceeded, noting every movement & moan she drew from me with her adept manipulations. But her attentions wouldn't long be limited to a simply stroking. Her mouth opening, and tongue tenderly, attentively caressing the head of my cock was enough to draw a single word from my lips.


Some sound, near to a laugh or chuckle, issued from her lips - but moments later they were wrapped around my throbbing member. It seemed as though that begging encouragement was sufficient to entice her into dedicated action. My fingers played with her hair, and while my hand didn't go so far as to guide her movements - it did follow the eager bobbing she adopted.

There were moments I delighted in watching the movements of her head in my lap, especially when she'd pause to tease me with just her tongue - glancing up to meet my gaze as she did. She seemed to adore the intensity with which I watched her, redoubling her efforts in response.

Still... As much as her every effort and movement enthralled me and her eagerness ensnared me? It was easy enough to simply close my eyes and let myself fall awash in the pleasure her affections and efforts provided. But before I could lose myself to those boundless pleasures, I thought better of such an ending.

My voice quaked slightly as I spoke, but from ripples of pleasure at her tongue's attention - not uncertainty.

"Julia... Stop, sweetheart."

Her tongue sadly left my cock, but she hesitated to pull back - looking up with expectant eyes. Something about her eagerness to take direction and offer pleasure was almost as seductive as the alluring beauty of her body.

"I want you on top of me, riding me until I explode inside of you."

In contrast to the sensuality of her smile moments before, there was a gentleness in the smirk that overtook her lips as she replied with actions. In moments she was on top of me, guiding my cock into her pussy's warmth & wetness. My eyes closed briefly as I tried to find my breath, but as she leaned forward? Her hands resting on my chest for balance as her pace began to slowly, deliciously increase? My eyes snapped back open, only to be greeted by Julia biting her lip tantalizingly as she watched my face react.

"Tell me how it feels inside me..."

Julia's voice was marked by sultry, seductive tones which felt like a reflection of the desire & intensity she inspired in me. My hands traveled from the smoothness of her thighs to her hips. Not overtaking her pace, but steadily increasing it while my mind struggled to find the words to answer her request.

"Like...heaven. Like everything I am is willingly lost to the heat of your body, and like nothing I am wants to resist it."

More poetry than literal, but incredibly true all the same.

"I'm so close, Julia... I-"

She leaned forward in response to those words, the weight of her hands on my chest forcing me back as she began grinding with an increased intensity. And as her hair brushed my chest, her eyes locked on my own? She whispered to me:

"Cum inside me..."

Whatever restraint I might have had was lost to those words, and my cock exploded inside her. Moments later? She was leaning into my chest, her head resting against my shoulder.

I didn't know what that night would mean, but I knew to my core that I longed for more of everything that she was.

And hearing her whisper into my chest, my heart warmed knowing that was a reciprocated desire.

"I don't want to wait another week for more of this."

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by Anonymous

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Suppose an update is due...

...I had a second chapter of this story in the works and near completion, but ended up abandoning it. This story was a rare instance of a piece based more in reality than fiction, and when I felt chaptermore...

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by Anonymous04/23/19

Sensationally and masterfully written.
Some of the best writing I’ve encountered.
Sensitive and erotic, but without a lot of
unnecessary and distracting vulgarity

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Second Chapter in the works...

...hopefully finished in the next day or two.

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