tagSci-Fi & FantasyEnchanted by Promises Ch. 01

Enchanted by Promises Ch. 01


When a man turns 18, he will leave his home. This is the law of his world. There's no returning, no staying. If you do, you will die. Not from some supernatural cause. Your parents will kill you. The men leave to find a new home, while the women stay to wait for a man to find his home there. This is the law of the world. You may only have one child. Drinth followed this law. It was his eighteenth birthday, and it was his time to leave. His parents bid him goodbye with no care whatsoever. This is the way of the world, and he was no longer part of their family. His older sister said goodbye, with a tear in her eye, but she did no more. With this in mind, Drinth left. Left behind the past, to begin on a journey. A journey where he would find where he belonged.

Drinth looked at the road ahead of him. A metaphorical road, of course. He was currently looking at the vast forest which he had wandered up to. The trees stood tall, much like he did himself, or at least, he believed he did. He felt a gaze at his back, but he shook it off, as there was no way there was someone was following. His parents had completely forgotten his existence already. His sister had said her goodbyes, and there was nobody around them. He was sure that his sister would find a good man soon. With those thoughts, he stepped into the forest, no thoughts of turning back. As he walked further and further into it, he started to hear scuffles, and mutterings behind him. These sounds causing him to become bemused. Soon enough, he decided to stop, hide and wait for the person who was following him.


A slight scream reached his ear, and forgetting his already made resolve to keep hidden to find out who the person was, he came out and attempted to protect whoever screamed. Unfortunately there was nothing that he could see to protect this person from, so once he ran out he just stood there trying to work out what occurred. As he did this, he realised it was definitely a female scream, so the person in front of him must of been female, which seemed odd to him - women don't usually go outside their residences. This was due to the law of the world.

However, this was not the thing that caused him to freeze on the spot. No, what caused Drinth to lose all strength and motivation to move, was the beauty of this woman, who stood before his eyes. Her blonde hair flowed mesmerisingly down past her shoulders, and her bright green eyes seemed to pierce his very soul. But the most surprising thing, was not just her physical prowess - it was the golden light that seemed to shine off her, like something you'd read about in the tomes of the Goddess, within your historical archives.

"I am very sorry about that."

Her voice flowed into his head, sounding like a song, woven like a spell, and it almost caused Drinth to want to lay down on the spot, and sleep for eternity. But he couldn't, as he believed if he did so, the beauty in front of his eyes would never forgive him. And so he continued on blissfully feasting his eyes upon her appearance. He moved on from her face, to look at her body however he tried to keep it as fleeting glance as possible. At first he couldn't understand what she was wearing around her body, as when he looked, it caused a slight pain to his eyes. It was then that he realised that the clothes were truly made of the stars, and the figure which was before him, truly was a Goddess.

He got on his knees, as a sign of respect.

"I must apologise, as I am unaware of who you are, Goddess."

"Get up, my dear one, as it is I who must apologise to you."

He stood up before the Goddess, and listened as she began to tell a story.

"There once was a Goddess filled with pride, over the world she had created. Unlike other worlds, there was no chance of polluting the world with over-population, or creations of the title creatures living there. This Goddess showed off her prided creation to the other Gods and Goddesses she knew, and was happy that they were jealous. For they knew her world still allowed for free will, and the Goddess had never interfered with the world, and yet her world was perfect. However, what she perceived as jealousy, was not truly that. It was merely the Gods wanting to take care of their own worlds in the way that they chose. They did not wish to listen to the pride of a foolish young Goddess. And so, the Goddess continued her days watching her world, which was perfect. Soon she grew bored, and wanted more. But she didn't know what to do, so she sat around, thinking of something that she could do, never able to come up with something. And so, she chose to create a physical body for herself. But when she did, she made a mistake. The young Goddess who prided herself on creating a perfect world, made a mistake. When she made her body, she latched on to the closest creature she could that could manage to maintain her body with their soul. I say I must apologise, as it is you whose soul I latched on to."


Drinth had listened to the story the Goddess told with all he had, and was unsure of what to say. He did not understand why she was apologising to him. As a Goddess, did she not have the authority to control the world as she desired? But she had said it was a 'perfect world'. Did she believe that by coming to it herself, she had ruined it? He could not decide just what her purpose in apologising was, but he could be sure of one thing. When telling that story to him, she had revealed her own soul to him, almost as though attempting to repay him for the soul she was latching onto in the process of keeping herself here.

"Goddess, I do not understand. Why must you apologise?"

She looked troubled as to whether she should answer his question or not, then the look disappeared as she came to her final decision.

"As you surely know, the law of the world is the governing power within this world. Your soul is what binds you to the the law. However, when I latched into your soul, you no longer are bound by the law of the world you once were - rather, you are bound to the laws I myself follow. While this may come with some benefits to you, such as the use of magic, it also comes with many downsides. You will never have a child as long as you are bound to me, and you shall never age. You will come to know pain beyond that which any mortal has felt if I am harmed, and shall cause me pain if you are harmed. You and I are bound by this, as I am unsure if you will live if I separated myself from your soul now."

Drinth, who had seen the Goddess begin to cry as she told him the implications of being latched onto his soul meant, had begun to move to the Goddess and wrapped his arms around her, not exactly sure what he was doing. Trying to understand what she was saying, he realised he was no longer exactly human, nor was he anywhere near a God. He finally got why she was apologising to him, rather than demanding anything out of him. She was the pure Goddess, who believed in perfection. She had grown born of observing, and wanting to join her perfect world, had accidentally latched his fate to hers. She had destroyed her perfect world, by changing his fate. And so he decided.

"Goddess, I do not know your name. Nor do I know anything about the world of Gods and Goddesses. But this I promise; For as long as you remain with me, I shall bear no grudge against you, and I shall let no other being hold a grudge against you. Rely on my as you will, and I will ensure you, you have done nothing wrong."

As he said this, a green light enveloped the two, and as it did, the Goddess began to feel calmer, and Drinth began to feel as though he could do anything in the world. Then Drinth, with brimming confidence, moved his face to the Goddesses and kissed her on the lips. Not only did that happen, but she kissed him back. In his mind Drinth was actually extremely surprised about that, but he kept it to himself. No point in messing anything up now. The green light dissipated as quickly as it formed, however a green string of light, seemed to connect the two. It came from Drinth's hand, and it seemed to flow directly into the Goddesses a heart. The promise Drinth made could no longer be revoked, a permanent enchantment holding his fate to hers, causing not only his fate to be changed by hers, but her fate to be changed by his.

Then, the Goddess seemed to lose her thoughts of a Goddess, and was just a woman in the arms of her lover. She didn't mind though, as this was the man whose fate she had changed, and then had her fate changed by him. She was unsure of how this man, who should have been unable to complete such a feat had achieved it, but she no longer cared. All she knew is that she had to be with him for eternity, or for as long as their fate allowed. This was a man, who could take the purity of a Goddess. Or at least, he was to her. It did not matter what the others said anymore. All she knew was, she had to stay by his side. The more she thought about this, the stronger the string of light glowed.

She then began to slowly remove the shirt which Drinth wore. She did it carefully and slowly, as she wanted to be able to kiss him without interruption as long as possible. She finally had to separate from him, and removed the shirt over his head. He began to try to remove the clothing she wore, but then remembered it was not 'clothing', rather 'divinity replicating clothing'. She then dissolved the divinity surrounding her body to she the man whose fate was now shared all she had to offer.

Drinth then observed her body, taking in what he saw. She had a beautiful figure, and was not so thin as to be likened to a twig, rather she was just around perfect. Not extremely thin, but she was definitely not chubby. Her breasts were small, but rather than being extremely large, they were still big enough to satisfy him. He decided to take a chance, and licked one of the Goddesses nipples. She gasped, but did not do anything to stop him. He took that as the go ahead, as continued on licking her nipple, and then began to trace her other with his index finger. The Goddess let out a couple of moans, then stopped him and looked at him with eyes so pure that he realised just how lucky he was.

This caused him to almost go crazy, and he kissed her once more. He did so forcefully, and yet she did not complain. Rather she seemed happy just to go along with whatever he did. So, as he kissed her with more force than they were at the beginning, he got his index and began tracing her nipple once more. The pure pleasure of what they were doing was beginning to consume him, and he once again remembered that this was a true Goddess who he was with. He would be like this with the Goddess for eternity, forever entwined due to fate. It seemed to him that the dreary fate the Goddess feared he would end up with, would never occur. And so he pushed her down to the ground.

He had forgotten they were in the forest from the pleasure, but luckily they were on a grassed section, and no injuries occurred. He was expecting that he may feel some pain from this due to the side effects of being bound to the Goddess, but apparently this did not constitute to harm in the eyes of the bond. And so as she lay there, he began to lick one of her bare breasts, while fondling the other. Soon they were once again lost in the land of pleasure, and the Goddess was struggling to keep her breathing in order.

Then Drinth dragged his hand slowly and gently down her stomach, then her thigh, then reached down to her pussy. He got one finger, then calmly pushed it in, while continuing to lick her breast. He continued to use a single finger, and slowly pushed in and out, with a steady rhythm. After a couple more strokes, he decided that three fingers was possible. This rhythm continued on, as he placed two more fingers into the wet zone of the Goddess, and soft moans could be heard coming from her, the pleasure beginning to overwhelm her.

It was then that she decided that it was time, not wanting her pleasure to be fully controlled by Drinth. She stopped him for a few seconds, and removed his brown trousers. With that out of the way, it was obvious to her that he was definitely not just playing around with her, as she could see his manhood, which seemed impossible for him to control. Although it was not exactly large, Drinth had pleasured her so much that an average sized thing was of no consequence to her - well, in reality, this was the first time she had even thought of doing something erotic with anyone, so it would not have bothered her at all. He felt her pussy once more, and judging that it was wet enough for anything, he slowly placed his dick inside. He thought that something may stop him, but it went all the way in with no problems. Thinking about it, it wasn't actually that surprising. And so he began to thrust in and out, at and steady pace.

The Goddess began to pant and moan at the feeling of him being inside her, and was unable to think too rationally. Then Drinth, while still thrusting, placed his mouth over hers, and began kissing her once again, as she kissed back. There tongues interloping, they began to feel like they were the only two in the world, and their pace slowly started to pick up. Soon enough, Drinth was at his limit, as was the Goddess. There was nothing to worry about, however, as it was impossible for a Goddess to get pregnant. Actually, it was now impossible for Drinth to even make a woman pregnant. Although to some that may seem like a curse, it was actually a blessing - an immortal having children could cause so many problems with the words order.

Drinth finally released his load into the Goddess, and at the same time, the Goddess came herself. They were both surprised at how good they felt, and they stayed entwined, while still kissing. Soon, even that was over, and they simply lay next to each other, their breathing beginning to slow down.

"Goddess, do you have a name."

"Yes. My name is Aalia."

"Thank you, Aalia."

The two of them simply stared into the roof of the forest, where starlight could be seen coming through the small holes, showing them just how long they had been together. The two of them were now just holding their hands together, having spent time together, acknowledging the fact that neither regretted what had occurred.

However, the Goddess had a feeling that she would not be able to keep him to herself. But she found herself not caring about such a feeble matter, as even if he did take someone else, she knew he would never break his promise, and would always remain with her. So, let the future come.

In this perfect world of her own creation, she no longer could watch over it. And yet, she felt like for the first time in her divinity, the Goddess who believed her world to be perfect, saw the truth.

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