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Enchanted Meeting


Their eyes met as he walked toward her. She smiled, genuinely pleased at what she saw. He was handsome, more attractive than his picture portrayed. His silver hair neatly in place, he carried himself with an air of authority. Years spent in the corporate world, orchestrating business deals and managing dozens of employees.

"Hello," he said extending his hand as though greeting a new client. "I've been looking forward to meeting you." He pulled out the chair opposite her and sat down tucking his long muscular legs under the tiny table.

"And I you," she responded fidgeting with the corner of her napkin, trying to keep her gaze steady and the butterflies in her stomach from doing laps.

"Have you been waiting long?" His gaze seemed to singe her skin as he spoke. "I'm sorry I'm late, the traffic was horrible."

"No, not at all, I just got here myself." She hoped he wouldn't see through her little white lie, but wondered if the pink rising in her cheeks would give her away.

"I'll have what she's having." He said, glancing briefly at the waitress that had approached the table. "Would you like another?" His amazing blue eyes setting off a sizzle in her that no amount of iced tea could douse.

"No, thank you. I`m fine."

He nodded at the waitress and she left, only to return seconds later with his drink.

"What? Does this chick have wings, or is she as drawn to his masculinity and charm as I am?" She thought to herself.

"Thank you," He said as she set the beverage on the table, his eyes only leaving her briefly to address the waitress, then returning to her. "I'm so glad you suggested we meet today, this is the only day off I have for the next two weeks."

"I'm glad we could finally meet too, I have enjoyed our chats."

"Tell me more about who Jennifer is?" He said, again penetrating her with his dangerously intense blue eyes.

"I'd rather hear about you, my life is rather boring. Yours seems so exciting." Just sitting in such close proximity to this deliciously attractive man was making her squirm with desire. Worried her cheeks would betray her yet again, she tried to shift her thoughts to something a little less tantalizing.

"Well, there isn't a lot to tell, I worked my way up from the mailroom and now I own the company." He said chuckling at his own joke.

"Are you ready to order," The waitress was back again staring hungrily at this exquisite gentleman across the table from her like he was the only patron in the building.

"I think I'll just try the buffet." He said, this time not even taking notice of the woman standing next to the table.

"I I'll have the same," she stammered enjoying the intensity of his gaze.

Unfolding himself from the table, he stood and waited for her to move. Guiding her gently to the buffet offerings at the far end of the room, he handed her a plate before taking one of his own.

"It all looks so lovely," he said, his eyes on her, not the food attractively spread before them.

"Yes, it does," she replied trying not to let her cheeks get any darker pink than they already were. "Very yummy."

After filling their plates they returned to the table. "You didn't take much," he said settling in.

"I'm not very hungry," again the crimson rising in her face.

Finishing with their plates, the waitress again appeared from out of nowhere, "Will there be anything else," she said again not taking her eyes off him.

"No, I think we are fine, thank you, just the check." His command filled the room. Turning his attention back to her, "what would you like to do now?"

"It's such a beautiful day; would you like to take that walk we talked about?"

"That's what I was thinking," his smile dazzled electric.

"I have to change my shoes first, there is no way I'm going to be able to walk a park in these." She stuck her foot out to show him the heels she was wearing.

"No, probably not." Picking up the check, he paid and they walked toward the exit of the mall. "Where did you park?"

"Over there," she gestured to the far end of the lot. They walked together toward her car "Well, this is it'" she said pulling her keys from her purse and unlocking the door. "I'll be just a minute."

"No hurry," he said leaning casually on the rear fender. "You came prepared." He watched as she exchanged her boots for runners.

"I did. We talked about maybe going for a walk after lunch, so I brought them just in case." Standing up she was now three inches short than she was in her heels. Locking her car again she said, "Where are you parked?"

"Right over there," He pointed to a vehicle parked two rows over and one car down from where they stood. A few short strides had them next to his SUV. Unlocking her door, he went around and got in the driver's side. "You will love this place; it's my favourite of all the parks here."

"I'm sure I will," she replied, again trying to get the butterflies in her stomach to settle.

At the park, they pulled into the last spot vacant and got out. Taking her hand he led her across the open area to the tree line and a small foot path that took them deeper into the parks shaded trails. The warm breeze ruffled her hair and causing her to shiver.

"Are you alright?" he asked turning to face her.

"I'm fine," barely getting the words out before he dropped a gentle kiss on her lips. Leading her deeper into the recesses of the park. The trail followed a quietly babbling stream they occasionally caught sight of below them.

At the end of the path he stopped, pulling her into his embrace. "I've been waiting to do this since I saw you sitting there," he said dropping his lips to hers and kissing gently. "Mmmm, you taste good."

Leaning back against a sturdy spruce tree, he pulled her body close to his, her length resting against his, sandwiching him between her and the tree. Kissing her again, her arms went instinctively around his neck, her hands stroking his perfectly coiffed hair and the back of his neck. Using his tongue, he teased her lips insistently to get them to part. At the touch of their tongues she felt a bolt of lightning shoot from where their mouths connected to the hidden spot behind her pubic bone. A wanton moan escaped her throat as she returned his ardent kisses. Thrusting and parrying with their tongues, they created an intimate dance. Their lips tasting, their mouths sucking, their teeth nibbling.

His fingers playing with her hair and tickling the back of her neck, tracking slowly down her back leaving goosebumps in their wake. She shivered involuntarily when his skin met hers under the low cut top she wore.

Turning her around, he now had her pinned between his muscular frame and the tree. Running his firm tongue over her teeth and tickling the roof of her mouth. Again a quiet moan escaped her lips. She couldn't resist this man's contact; he left delicious trails of molten skin where ever his fingers or mouth touched.

His lips moved across her face to her jaw and down the side of her neck, his hand slipping effortlessly into the neckline of her blouse to stroke the delicate alabaster flesh of her breast. Squeezing gently, another moan escaped her. He was pushing her higher than she had ever been and she was enjoying it. Releasing the breast from its confines he flicked his wet tongue across the jutting nipple, sending a firestorm of sensations through her core and weakening her limbs.

"Yeses. Mmmm. Yeses." Her mind sinking deeper into the sensations he was creating within her.

Drawing patterns down his back, pressing hard enough with her nails, for him to feel her desire through the thin material of his shirt. He ministered to her breast and nipple pulling it into a deliciously painful stiff peak.

Returning to her lips, his hands made light circles on her ass through her clothes, pressing his body into hers, she could feel the hard length of his stiff cock against her and it made her even more excited. She wanted him inside her, but knew it was too soon to ask. She could feel the wetness building, dripping from within her, soaking her panties and jeans. His intentionally light grind into her pelvis sent her over the edge in a scream he had to muffle with his own lips.

Flushed and panting, she ran her hand down his hard length, feeling it quiver beneath the fabric of his jeans. Wanting to release his member from its confines, knowing she shouldn't, she only ran her hand firmly down the front of his trousers. Leaving him collapsed against her, breathless and spent.

Holding her close, he planted light kisses across her lips and down her neck, his breathing slowing returning to normal. Both feeling weak, they sat on a fallen log regaining their strength. Holding her hand he lightly, he traced circles on her palm, leaning in occasionally for a light kiss.

"Are you ready to walk back?" he asked quietly

"I am." Her lips swollen and her skin glowing from the afternoons delight.

Taking her hand he led her back up the path to where his vehicle sat the lot now almost empty.

"Are you hungry?"

"Thirsty." She replied as he open the back hatch of his jeep and produced a watermelon.

Producing a pocket knife he sliced open the melon offering her the choice heart, the sweetest and juiciest part of the melon. The cool of the fruit bathing her tender kiss bruised lips was delicious. Finishing the tasty fruit, he bent to lick the remaining juice from her swollen lips. "Mmmm, you taste good."

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